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20 November 2009                             www.nhshighland.scot.nhs.uk/

                        HIGHLAND NHS BOARD
                      MEETING OF BOARD IN COMMITTEE

                              Tuesday 1 December 2009
                        (following the Open Board Meeting)
                       Board Room, Assynt House, Inverness

1     Apologies

2     Minute of Meeting of 6 October 2009 (attached)

      The Board is asked to approve the Minute.

3     Minute of Meeting of the Area Clinical Forum of 1 October 2009 (attached)

      The Board is asked to note the Minute.

4     MHD Project Regional Medium Secure Unit - Full Business Case
      Report by David Charles, Project Director on behalf of Malcolm Iredale, Director
      of Finance (attached)

      Please note that as the Full Business Case (FBC) is a very lengthy document only
      the Executive Summary is attached. The FBC can be accessed via the Chief
      Executive’s Department.

      The Board is asked to:

           Approve the Full Business Case for the North of Scotland regional Medium Secure
            Care Unit and to agree to its being submitted to the Scottish Government for
            authority to proceed to Financial Close.
           Note that the proposal is within the affordability criteria laid out by the Board
           Note that while there are provisions currently included within the NHS Highland
            Revenue and Capital plan, that these will require funding through savings.
           Recognise that the financial provisions are being built up over a period of time to
            reflect current placements, and that these resources will be required to fund the
            NHSH costs of the Medium Secure Unit when it opens.
5   Tender Waiver: Installation of MRI Scanner
    Report by Malcolm Iredale, Director of Finance (attached)

    The new MRI scanner is being ordered through national contract, but this
    arrangement covers only the equipment procurement and does not extend to the
    installation process. A single separate tender for the installation of the equipment has
    been taken from Philips, the equipment supplier and permission is sought for tender
    waiver with the acceptance of this single tender.

     The Board is asked to:

         Approve the tender waiver.
         Accept the tender for MRI installation from Philips

6   Other Competent Business

7   Date of next meeting
    The next meeting of the Board in Committee will be held on a date to be agreed.


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