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instal active directory


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How do I install Active Directory on my Windo Server?

First make sure you read and understand Active Directory Installation Requirements. If you do using a computer that's not connected to a LAN).

requirements of that article you will not be able to set up your AD (for example: you don't have

Note: This article is only good for understanding how to install the FIRST DC in a NEW AD Do existing domain (How to Install a Replica DC in an Existing AD Domain on Windows 2000). Daniel's recommendations

TREE, in a NEW FOREST. Meaning - don't do it for any other scenario, such as a new replica

If you are looking to really master Active Directory (or other Networking skills), I strongly recommend that you try Train Signal. I've discovered company a few months ago and I always send people their way because the training is so good. You can see more HERE. Daniel Petri Here is a quick list of what you must have:          

An NTFS partition with enough free space An Administrator's username and password The correct operating system version A NIC Properly configured TCP/IP (IP address, subnet mask and - optional - defau A network connection (to a hub or to another computer via a crossover cab An operational DNS server (which can be installed on the DC itself) A Domain name that you want to use The Windows 2000 CD media (or at least the i386 folder) Brains (recommended, not required...)

This article assumes that all of the above requirements are fulfilled.

Step 1: Configure the computer's suffix
(Not mandatory, can be done via the Dcpromo process).

1. Right click My Computer and choose Properties. 2. Click the Network Identification tab, then Properties.

8. Accept the Database and Log file location dialog box (unless you want to change them
have performance issues in mind. Click Next.

The location of the files is by default %systemroot%\NTDS, and you should not chang

9. Accept the Sysvol folder location dialog box (unless you want to change it of course).

the files is by default %systemroot%\SYSVOL, and you should not change it unless yo

performance issues in mind. This folder must be on an NTFS v5.0 partition. This folde

GPO and scripts you'll create, and will be replicated to all other Domain Controllers. C

10. If your DNS server, zone and/or computer name suffix were not configured correctly y
following warning:

This means the Dcpromo wizard could not contact the DNS server, or it did contact it b back to steps 1, 2 and 3. Click Ok.

could not find a zone with the name of the future domain. You should check your settin

11. You do have an option to let Dcpromo do the configuration for you. If you want, Dcpro
the TCP/IP settings for the DNS server IP address. Click Next.

the DNS service, create the appropriate zone, configure it to accept dynamic updates,

Accept the default choice or, if you want, quit Dcpromo and check steps 1-3.

12. Accept the Pre-Windows 2000 compatible permissions.

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