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									“Universal Waste Systems large enough to service your disposal needs yet small enough to care!”

We are a local company dedicating to servicing our local customers.

Your Refuse Collection Is Changing

New Company Begins Collecting April 1, 2008 In North East Bay, North West Bay And Mountain

Who is Universal Waste Systems ??
• Universal Waste Systems Inc. has been servicing Los Angeles County since 1986. President Mark Blackburn has been in the waste industry for over 35 years, and is President of the Los Angeles County Disposal Association. • UWS has three operating facilities located in Pomona, Santa Fe Springs, and Los Angeles. Currently in negotiations to open our fourth facility in Canoga Park. • UWS operates a transfer station out of our Pomona Facility transferring over 65,000 tons of solid waste and green waste to local landfills per year.

• UWS is contracted to provide solid waste, recycling, and green waste service to over 15,000 single family homes, and is contracted with the City of Los Angeles to provide multifamily recycling to the entire San Fernando Valley collecting recyclables from over 60,000 units per week.
• UWS operates 15 commercial routes and 15 roll off routes every day through non exclusive franchise systems in Southern California.

Universal Waste Systems is large enough to service your disposal needs yet small enough to care!

Benefits to Area Residents

Universal Waste Systems 7-year Franchise
• Begins April 1, 2008
• Once a week trash, recycling, and green waste service • Collection days may change • Free Holiday tree collection services • Annual curbside clean-up events • On-call bulky item collections, 2 per year • Four special community clean-up events per year • Free Electronic Waste collection (No limit) on call • Roll out service available • 32 and 64 gallon carts available for residents that prefer smaller carts. UWS will begin taking order for cart replacements and additional carts on April 10th, 2008.

What it Means to Area Residents

Collection Rates
• All rates billed quarterly • Standard Service • Senior Discount Rate • Scooter Service • Backyard Service $100.08 / quarter $75.06 / quarter Plus $25.02 / quarter Plus $50.04 / quarter

- over 62, qualify based on financial need

• Residential Bin Rentals & Temporary Roll-Off Services
- 3 yd, 20 yd, and 40 yds, available on request

What it Means to Area Residents
Each Household Receives (3) 96 Gallon Carts
• CART COLORS AND USEAGE WILL CHANGE •One additional green waste and/ one additional recyclable cart FREE upon request • Additional containers on request for $5.00 per month







AUTOMATED Refuse Collection

Some Routes Will Use Automated Collection
• Faster and more efficient than manual collection • Reduces labor costs • Reduces injuries • Keeps rates stable

• Rear Loaders Used Where Needed • Recycling Routes Will Use Automated Trucks

Split-Body Recycling Trucks

One Truck for BOTH Yard Waste and Recyclables
• Special Split Body Design Keeps Yard Waste and Recyclables Separate

• Improves Service • Reduces Wear and Tear on Roads

Your New Collection Carts

What’s So Special About the Cart?
• Specially made to be compatible with collection truck • Manufactured by Schaefer Industries
- leading cart maker in North America

• Made to withstand years of use • Rolls easily to the curb • Tight fitting lid keeps out pests • Easily holds one week’s typical household garbage • Provided to homeowners by UWS FREE OF CHARGE

Your New Collection Carts

Do the Carts Belong to Me? • Carts are assigned to a specific address and
remain the property of UWS • Report lost or stolen carts to the Sheriff’s Dept. and call UWS, (800) 631-7016

Your New Collection Carts

What If I’m Disabled and CAN’T Handle the Cart?
• UWS can bring your carts to the curb for collection • Must certify disability, and have no able bodied person in the household • UWS will also assist disabled and elderly during annual clean up events and on-call clean-up events

Your New Collection Days

North East Bay and Mountain

Your New Collection Days

North West Bay and Mountain

What To Do On Collection Day

When and Where Do I Set My Carts Out?
• Set carts out by 6:00 a.m. on collection day, but no earlier than 5:00 p.m. the day before • Position carts in the edge of the street, with the wheels touching the curb • The handle and wheels of your cart should face your house • Please continue to place your carts in the current set out location • Retrieve after service, no later than 8:00 p.m.

What To Do On Collection Day

What About Bulky Waste and Other Trash?





BRUSH and EXTRA BAGGED GREEN WASTE Picked up four times a year, at no extra charge. Limbs and other brush must be cut and bundled in lengths not to exceed 4 feet, and weighing no more than 50 pounds. Call Customer Service to schedule a pickup, (800) 631-7016.

BULKY ITEMS Picked up twice a year, at no extra charge. please call our Customer Service Dept. to schedule a pick up. Items include furniture, mattresses, appliances, electronics, and tires.

Additional Collection Times
What Are the Bulky Trash Pickup Events?
• 2 Bulky Trash pick up days at no charge…Call for service

• Annual Curbside Clean Up Event
- You will be notified 2 weeks in advance - Unlimited amounts of bulky waste, including furniture, electronic waste, appliances, tires (limit 2 tires)

Additional Collection Services
Manure Collection Service Available
• Call 800-631-7016 For More Information

• Please call for service after April 15, 2008

What To Do On Collection Day

What Goes in the Garbage Cart?
• Typical household garbage

• Should be placed in plastic bags and sealed

What To Do On Collection Day

What DOESN’T Go in the Garbage Cart?
• Lumber, shingles, building materials

• Rocks and dirt • Batteries, tires, household hazardous wastes such as paint, motor oil, poisons and flammable liquids • Hot coals from barbecue grills • Yard Waste • Recyclables

What To Do On Collection Day
What Goes in the Yard Waste Cart?
• Only grass clippings and other yard

waste that will fit in the cart

What About Extra Yard Waste?
• Picked up four times a year at no charge

- brush and limbs cut in 4-foot lengths, bundled,
weighing no more than 50 lbs. Call for service

Recycling Tips

Why Should I Recycle?
• Save precious natural resources • Save landfill space • Reduce pollution • Save energy • Save money

What To Do On Collection Day

What Goes in the Recycle Cart?
• Co-Mingled Recyclables…No Need to Separate

• Cardboard and paper • Aluminum and tin cans • Plastic bottles • Glass bottles and jars Rinse all containers (Plastic, Glass and Cans) before placing in recycle cart

Recycling Tips
What PAPER Do I Recycle?

• Newspaper • Paper Board • Cardboard, cereal & cracker boxes • 6-Pack cartons • Brown grocery bags • Magazines • Glossy paper • Junk mail • Stationery and envelopes • High grade coated paper • Notebook / binder paper, all colors • Telephone books

• Plastic or wax coated paper & cartons • Frozen food boxes • Microwave food boxes • Wax cereal / cracker box liners • Books • Gummed or glued bindings • Paper towels, napkins, tissue paper • Adhesive backed or sticky notes • Carbon paper, thermal fax paper • Aluminum foil boxes • Fast food wrappers • Pet food bags

Recycling Tips
What PLASTIC Do I Recycle?

• All Plastic food containers marked #1 and #2 • Plastic bottles and containers – Shampoo – Detergent – Bleach – Milk – Soda – Water – Aspirin containers

• Plastic wrap • All wax laminated cartons / containers – Milk cartons – Juice boxes – Soy milk boxes

Recycling Tips
What GLASS Do I Recycle?

• Glass bottles and jars – Any COLOR – Empty and rinsed

• Ceramic pottery • Ovenware • Cups and dishes • Windowpane glass • Mirrors

Recycling Tips
What CANS & ALUMINUM Do I Recycle?

• Aluminum cans • Aluminum foil and trays • Tin cans • Bi-metal cans

• Aerosol cans • Cans with food remnants

Other Waste Disposal Concerns

What Are Household Hazardous Wastes? • Any leftover product labeled toxic or poison, flammable combustible, or irritant
• Bug spray, fertilizer, pesticide/insecticide, fungicide, herbicide, weed killer • Old paint (latex, oil or water-based), turpentine, rust remover, paint thinner, varnish • Motor oil and filters, gasoline and diesel fuel, auto body repair products, antifreeze brake and transmission fluid, lead acid batteries, metal polish with solvent • Cleaners, ammonia based, oven and drain cleaners, floor care products, window cleaners, aerosol cleaners, furniture polish, metal polishes and cleaners, tub, tile and toilet bowl cleaners • Televisions, computers, cell phones, other electronic items • Batteries,flourescent light bulbs, mercury thermometers, photo chemicals, lighter fluid, shoe polish, fiberglass epoxy, swimming pool chemicals, moth balls, glue • Beauty products, alcohol based lotions, isopropyl alcohol, medicine, nail polish and nail polish remover, hair dyes and permanents, products in aerosol cans

Other Waste Disposal Concerns
How Do I Dispose of Household Hazardous Wastes? • HHW Collection Events
– Call 1-888-CLEANLA – Sign-up for Email notices of upcoming events

• Online, • Permanent HHW Collection Centers are located in 5 locations throughout Los Angeles County. • Post reusable items on LACoMax

More Information

Important Dates to Remember

• Beginning of March Carts will be delivered
• Community Meetings February 27, 2008 • Community Meetings March 1, 2008 • Collection Starts April 1, 2008
When will Waste Management/GI Rubbish remove my old carts? • WM will begin collecting carts on April 1st. Please put your carts out

on your old collection date and they will be removed within 2 weeks. • If you have any questions regarding your old container please call (800) 675-1171.

More Information

Additional Information / Resources • UWS (800) 631-7016 • 1 (888) CLEAN LA • (800) 993-5844 (LA County Hotline)


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