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									Finding grant money to reach
         your goals
• We understand the need for creative financing
  as funds for projects like playground continue
  to be cut from annual budgets.

• Play is not only crucial to a child’s
  development, it can help them to understand
  the role that fitness and exercise play as they
  mature into adulthood. It is important that we
  find ways to fund these important projects, to
  keep the health and well-being of children in
  the forefront.
• GameTime continues to explore ways that we
  can assist our customers in sourcing the
  funds they need to offer new play
  opportunities for children.

• We offer a leasing program so that customers
  can apply for financing programs to help fund
  their playgrounds. We are also the foremost
  playground company in the research and
  advocation of grant funding.
• Billions of dollars in grant money is
  available annually.

• GameTime Grant documents can help
  you find the grant you need, as well as
  offer guidelines on grantwriting.

• Your local GameTime representative is
  happy to be your Grant assistant,
  offering tools to include in your proposal
  that will catch a funder’s attention!

              Start today!
    Tools/visuals we can provide to
  include with your grant application!
Price of installed unit
Benefits of product (longevity, fitness, etc. and how
these benefits meet the specifics of your grant
                Research tips

– Know the funder’s goals, so you don’t waste
  their time…or yours, writing a grant that
  doesn’t meet their guidelines .

– Many grant sites offer detailed information,
  online applications, and helpful tips.
Have you….

• Researched additional grants that may be
  available in your territory?

• The grant documents are the tip of the
  iceberg. There are dozens of grant sites
  with information about money available
  from the private sector.
How to search online
Limit search field to keywords.
Example, “grant minority school” will typically
return more valid search results than “small
school with minority population needs playground

Search engines key in on all of the words entered,
then return results based on search words found
in order.

Other search terms:
ADA grant, play grant, fitness grant, free grant
info, (your state) grants
Focus questions to ask
A grant application needs a focus, not just “we need
  a new playground” but:

• minorities, kids with special needs

• increasing fitness and health awareness

• Revitalization of underpriveledged or run-down

• Learning on the playground

• Replacement of dangerous equipment
What do funders look for?
Does the purpose of an organization or project
match the funder's interests?

• Is your organization well known in the community
and does it address an existing need?

•Is there evidence of financial sustainability beyond
the period of the actual grant?

Other considerations:
• Sound fiscal management
• A strong, involved board
• Committed volunteers and qualified staff
• A realistic budget
Who gets foundation grants?

 Grantmakers typically fund nonprofit organizations that
 qualify for public charity status under section 501(c)(3)
 of the Internal Revenue Code.

 These are organizations whose purposes are charitable,
 educational, scientific, religious, literary, or cultural.
 Their income cannot benefit private individuals, and
 their influence on legislation or political campaigns is

 Public schools, libraries, and other government
 organizations also qualify as public charities, although
 they usually have not applied for 501(c)(3) status.
Grants you should know
Carol M White PEP grant
• Promotes fitness in schools.
• Will fund equipment.
• Several playgrounds projects have been
  funded in the past, if a fitness twist is given to
  the application.
• $60 million available, $70 million for 2004.
• Bonus consideration given to Title 1 schools.
• Dates to know:
     Jan 20 - Senate votes on 2004 budget
     Late Mar - Applications available
     Mid May - Applications close
     Mid Oct - Recipients annouced
Ludwick Family Foundation

                 What they fund:
•   New equipment, equipment replacement and
    modernization, improvements to facilities, and
    educational materials.
•   Tangible items that tend to remain with an
•   Funds are granted twice a year.
•   Have funded playground rehabs in the past!!

JC Downing Fund

                 What they fund:

• Projects that enrich education, human
  development,sports and fitness.
• Fund requests a letter of inquiry before formal
  grant application is made.

Ronald Mc Donald Charity

                What they fund:
Projects that:
• directly improve the health and well being of
  children (ages 0-18 years.)
• Address a significant funding gap or critical
• Have long-term impact in terms of replication
  or reach.
• Produce measurable results.

Great source for both school and non-school
opportunities, go to homepage, then click Grant
Opportunities in the left column.

•Listed by Federal and state organizations.

•Further classified by grants with a deadline, vs no

•Also extensive regional listings.

•A great website to reference your customers to.
            Grants for everyone
• Funding Factory – Collect empty toner
  cartridges and cell phones to trade for points.
  Great, and often overlooked opportunity.

• Target School fundraising –Target stores track
  purchases charged to participating accounts,
  and distributes 1% in donations to designated
         Nomenclature of grants
Project Period - The period established in the award
document during which time funded activities occur.
Capital Support - Funds for construction, buildings
or equipment.
Challenge grant – Same as matching funds grant.
Donee – Grant recipient, AKA grantee or beneficiary
Donor – Funder, party making the grant to a donee.
Endowment – Funds to be invested in perpetuity to
provide continued support of a program.

We have a free Glossary of Grant terms available
to help take the mystery out of grant
                                                                 2-4 wks

                                    Grant money delivered to
                                                                 2-6 mos
                                  Finalists reveiwed, grantees
                                      chosen and notified        2-6 mos
Funding timeline 6 – 14 months!

                                   Grants reviewed by funder,
                                        finalists chosen

                                                                 3-6 wks
                                  Write grant/submit to funder

                                                                 2-4 wks
                                  Research grant opportunities

                                                                 1 wk
                                  Customer requests info
Let us help you make
   the first move!

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