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					Dominion Virginia Power

             Supplier Training

  Mary Edwards
  Walter Baker
  Randy Huffer
Phase - In

       Open Access
 Phase - In Residential
By geographic region                 Phase I

                          Phase II

                                       Phase III
    Phase - In Non-residential
                          Three Phases
                     First come, First serve
• Small business and worship sites (1/3 of accounts)
            – GS-1                  51,000
            – GS-2                  10,400
            – Worship sites            900

• Large commercial & industrial (1/3 of annual MWh)
            – GS-3                  3.4 million MWh
            – GS-4                  2.6 million MWh
 Supplier Information

• Mass List
  –   name
  –   service address
  –   billing address
  –   account number
  –   meter reading cycle
  –   rate class
  –   wholesale delivery point
  –   load profile category
  –   up to 12 months cumulative usage history
Supplier Information
                Mass List
 – Customer may elect to “opt-out”
 – Updated every 6 months
 – Available beginning November 1
    • Upon request until January 1, 2002
      (contact Supplier Relations)
    • On secured website after January 1, 2002
 – Format specified by VAEDT
 – Use the most current version
 Supplier Information

• Synchronization List
• IDR Historical usage
• Estimated system lambda
      Participation Status

                                RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS

                                 Phase 1 – Northern Virginia *

 Total Number of Customers Eligible to Choose            No. of Customers Who Have Switched

                 690,000                                                   0
             * Includes Central Virginia Customers who volunteered for the pilot program
        Participation Status


      Rate Class or           Total No. of Openings       No. of Customers Who            No. of Openings Still
  Equivalent Rate Class             in Phase I               Have Switched                     Available
GS-1 Customers
< 30 KW                              51,000                           0                         51,000
GS-2 Customers
30-500 KW                            10,400                           0                         10,400
Worship Sites                           900                           0                            900
Customers in all rate classes will be switched on a first-come, first-served basis until all openings are filled.
      Participation Status


                                                        Total Annual KWHs
       Rate Class or           Total Annual KWH          for Accounts that            Total Annual KWHs
  Equivalent Rate Class         Allowed in Phase I        have Switched                  Still Available
Secondary Voltage               3,400,000,000                     0                    3,400,000,000
> 500 KW
Primary Voltage                 2,600,000,000                     0                    2,600,000,000
> 500 KW
Large commercial & industrial customers will be switched on a first-come, first-served basis until the
established limits are reached. Each account switched is counted based on the annual usage of each account.
What’s Changed

       • No eligible list
       • No volunteering
       • No lottery
       • Unmetered services
       • No partial load
       • No off cycle switches
 CSP Registration With
Dominion Virginia Power
From the Beginning…

• Licensed by the Virginia State
  Corporation Commission
• CSP Registration Process with
  Dominion Virginia Power
   Registration Resources

• Dominion Virginia Power Website
• Supplier Relations Account Managers
  – Walter Baker
  – Mary Edwards
   Registration Forms

• Forms
   – CSP Registration
   – Trading Partner Set-Up Form
   – TPC Checklist
   – Security Administrator Form
   – Rate Ready Form (Required for Rate
     Ready Billing)
 Supplier Agreements & Fees

• Agreements
  – CSP Agreement
  – Trading Partner Agreement
  – Transmission Agreements
     • ARTO (
• Registration Fee
  – $286.00
  Contacting Us...
• Supplier Relations Account Managers
  – Walter Baker
  – Mary Edwards
• Telephone & Fax
  – Office: 804-771-3585 or 804-771-6407
  – Fax: 804-771-8063 or 804-771-4964
• E-Mail
EDI Testing Overview

                 Randy Huffer
• The Virginia Electronic Data Transfer Working Group
  (VAEDT) has revised the “VA Plan” to reflect Open Access
  requirements for data exchange.
• SCC’s Final Rules charge VAEDT with development of
  supporting EDI standards
• VA Plan and EDI Transaction Sets located at
• Participants in Virginia must comply with the Virginia Plan and
  transaction sets.

• Completion of State Licensing Requirements

• Completion of DVP Registration Process

• Completion of EDI Testing (Mutual Certification)
     Prerequisites for Fall 2001 Batch

• Apply for Open Access License by October 24.
• Return the Registration Form, EDI Set-Up Form and
  Checklist by COB on October 24.
• Attend October 24 2:00 Kickoff Conference Call.
• Complete Test Connectivity by COB October 26.
• CSP can test only one billing option.

The following Non-EDI transactions are used by DVP:
 – Mass List (VAEDT format)
 – Synchronization List
 – Historical Interval Data (proprietary format)

   DVP posts these files to its supplier secure webpages

• DVP provides its EDI Set -Up information in an FAQ. See EDI
  - General section of FAQ’s on DVP’s website.
• To participate in Fall 2001 Batch, CSP must submit EDI Set-Up
  Form by COB on October 24 and complete connectivity test by
  COB on October 26.
• CSP will forward simple EDI814 Enrollment transaction to
  DVP. CSP may send Frame 1 as their connectivity file. DVP
  will return EDI997 to CSP.
         EDI Testing (Certification)

• Enrollment and Billing transactions will be tested in the same batch.
• DVP will generally allow up to six CSP’s in a batch.
• Fall 2001Testing period runs October 29 to November 29.
• Fall 2001 Batch Kickoff Conference Call at 2:00 on October 24.
  Participation is mandatory.
• Daily 2:00 Conference Calls begin October 29. Participation is
  mandatory. Toll free number and pass code will be provided.
 EDI Testing Frequency

• DVP will conduct EDI Testing on a quarterly basis.

• 2002 EDI Testing Schedule posted on DVP website.
      Test Plans

• CSP’s must obtain customer name and LDC account
  number from test Mass List on DVP’s supplier website.
• DVP uses thirteen Test Plan accounts.
• 1 - 5 apply to all billing options.
• 6 - 9 apply to Rate Ready CSP’s
• 10 - 13 apply to Bill Ready CSP’s.
      Full Test versus “Retest”

• CSP’s who served customers in DVP’s pilot have an
  abbreviated “retest”:
  Bill Ready - only Test Plans 12 and 13.
  Rate Ready - only Test Plans 6 and 9.
• All other CSP’s have the “full” test, based on billing
     DVP’s Checklist

• DVP does not send 814HU response when 867HU is sent
  to CSP.
• DVP does not send response for 814 Change Requests.
• DVP provides Historical Interval Data in proprietary