; Tips on Budgeting
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Tips on Budgeting


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									                                                                                      Resource Series

                            Budgeting Tips
       Good-bye Kraft dinner and bologna! Some tips to help stretch those dollars!!

                                       Grocery Shopping                                Other Shopping
                                            Plan menus                                 Buy used books
                                   Buy smaller amounts in bulk                     Shop consignment stores
                                 Don’t shop when you are hungry               Ask yourself “do I really need this?”
                               Shop once a week or every two weeks                         Shop sales
                                Substitute beans and grains for meat
         Tip #1                   Check weekly flyers for specials

If you enjoy eating out, clip coupons. Take advantage of restaurants that offer “all you can eat” buffets, “two for one”
specials and don’t be ashamed to ask for a “doggy bag” for your leftovers. Check the Student Saver Card available at the
Student Union (Building 193) for more details and discounts.

Jobs for Extra Income                                                                     Other Saving/Earning
House cleaning                                           Tip #2                                          Ideas
Babysitting                                                                                           Arrange car pools
Newspaper delivery                                                                           Cheap night at the movies
Restaurant work                                                                                              Video Store
Selling crafts                          Go to the Campus Career Centre,                      Trade clothes with friends
Telephone sales                         B310, R109. You may be eligible for a                        Have a garage sale
Tutoring                                Work Op position on campus or you               Walk or cycle for transportation
Yard maintenance                        can check the job postings on file for        Community kitchens for food prep
                                        off-campus work.                                 Instead of gifts, give your time
                                                                                                          Use the library

                           Keep an eye on your bank account. Make sure that your bank is providing you with the
       Tip #3              services that you need. Many financial institutions have special plans designed for
How much will my education cost and where will the money come from?
Step 1: How Much Will It Cost?
Returning to school involves both direct and indirect costs. Direct costs are
those incurred specifically to attend school, while indirect costs are the living
expenses that continue whether you are working or going to school. Let’s
calculate your costs.

 Direct Costs                                      Indirect Costs (Multiply the amount by the # of
                                                   months of the program)
                                Column A                                        Column B

 Application Fees              ___________         Rent/Mortgage      __________x____=_______
 Tuition Fees                  ___________         Insurance          __________x____=_______
 Lab Fees                      ___________         Utilities          __________x____=_______
 Student Fees                  ___________         Hook-up Charges    __________x____=_______
 Campus Parking                ___________         Food               __________x____=_______
 Field Trips/Practicum         ___________         Transportation     __________x____=_______
 Examination Fees              ___________         Clothing           __________x____=_______
 Books/Texts                   ___________         Recreation         __________x____=_______
 School Supplies               ___________         Dental/Medical     __________x____=_______

 SUB-TOTAL                    $ ___________        SUB-TOTAL                   $ _______________

 TOTAL OF ALL EXPENSES (Column A + B):                                         $ _______________

                         Apply for as many scholarships and bursaries as you can. Besides
     Tip #4              Malaspina University-College awards, check out community
                         organizations, union affiliations or your parents’ places of employment
                         for possible

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