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Market Research Student Spending


									Market Research Student Spending
Market Research Student Spending - Colorado Market Research Services has
presented some interesting information on market research student spending.
Indeed, a growing area of study in the area of marketing trends is market
research student spending.

What has been revealed via market research student spending is the fact that
students - and we speak of college students generally - spend a significantly
disproportionate amount of their income on entertainment related expenses. The
disposable income in the hands of younger men and women has grown
significantly in recent years.

In point of fact, market research student spending has revealed that students
spend nearly five times the amount of money on alcohol than they do on books,
school supplies and all other costs associated with college - save tuition
expenses. (Of course, a significant portion of the advertising budgets for alcohol
producers is spent on advertising pieces designed to attract college aged
students to their products.)

Market research student spending also reveals that students - male and female
alike - spend a significant amount of money on clothing. Their clothing spending
makes the college aged student a particular target of the clothing industry.

Market research student spending also reveals that students actually are inclined
to pay an excessive amount of money for cars. They spend a good deal on cars
than they actually can afford when considering their overall budgets and
disposable incomes.

Market research student spending will continue to be a primary interest of market
research companies, advertising agencies and various businesses. The college
aged student will continue to be main target of advertisers the world over. No one
expects this trend to alter any time in the near future. In fact, more and more
advertising dollars are expected to be spent on attracting more and more people
in their late teens and early twenties to buying a huge selection of consumer

Whenever we think of college students, we get a picture of a ruffled, harried
person, living in a dorm, trying to manage work and studies, always strapped for
cash and dreaming of the good life. However, according to a recent Market
research student spending survey conducted - a majority of the students are
adults over 25, living off campus and with paid jobs. A small percentage said they
get money regularly from home.

As they are one of the largest groups of consumers Market research student
spending survey is not one to be disregarded or taken lightly. This is a survey
that is instrumental in showing the purchasing power of the students. The study
conducted by Harris Interactive takes various angles, comparisons and tabulates
them to get an accurate percentage. Studies are conducted twice a year and
across a wide variety and cross section of students including part time and full
time students, resident and non-resident students, what kind of degree they are
studying for, type of school they go to etc.

Market research student spending survey shows that demographically there are
more women than men in the college campuses with a ratio of 8.7 million women
to 6.6 million male students. The other sub divisions are 4-year degree students,
2-year degree students, part timers and full timers. With the next bit of statistics
we can now understand how students seem to spend all their life partying and
being on holiday.

Market research student spending survey show that the students have an
average of 11.3 hours of free time, with 1.7 hours of class, 1.6 hours studying,
2.6 working hours and the rest in sleeping leaving them with almost 12 hours of
non stop fun. So how do they spend that time, well studies show that most of the
students surf the Internet and a large percentage do so daily while most surf a
few times a week. TV watching, reading magazines, listening to the radio were
some of the other activities. Hanging out with friends was also a well-loved
activity by many students. Shopping, is the all time favorite of any young person,
students certainly have a lot of time to spend browsing through shops.

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