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					YOGA & Cultural tour to BALI
W/ Yoga Teacher Jeff and Bali expert Jim Cramer

10 Days Sept 29th to Oct 8th 2007

Awaken your senses as you join us on this magical journey to Bali. What the Balinese call Tri-Sakti is still very alive. It is the sacred space of the soul merged with the essence of high Hinduism (Siwa) and Buddhism, deeply flavored with animism and ancestral worship. Join Yoga Teacher Jeff and Bali expert Jim and the Balinese people for a retreat where the "holding this sacred space" is a way of life. $2350 per person includes
8 Nights Hotel Daily Breakfast Daily Yoga w/Jeff Tours w/Jim and Friends Balinese Temple Sash and Sarong Bali Dance Performance Welcome Massage 3 Dinners Wayang Kulit Performance

Yogi Jeff is a big advocate of living a healthy lifestyle—thru nutrition, yoga, meditation, and movement. This trip will combine cultural exchange, fitness, yoga, wanderlust, and spiritual enrichment. We will be traveling with Bali expert Jim Omi Cramer who lived in Bali for 10 years and has been visiting for 30 years. Jim is the author of the guidebook, Bali - Impressions of Paradise, Suggested Itineraries Around the Island. Inspired by the culture of Bali, he speaks the language and has a degree in Cultural Anthropology focusing upon the dance and music of Bali. Jim has performed Balinese Topeng (mask dance) in the temples of Bali and in the USA. We will visit temples, attend Balinese dance and Wayang Kulit Performances, take walks thru Bali villages, and attend cooking class And experience Bali thru Jim’s eyes. He will provide an authentic experience in Bali that takes you from the surface to the very Heart of Bali. Jim Cramer 707- 566- 8078 or email Web site: or Jeff 585-787-7877
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