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									Ship procedure for all Skippers
1. 2. 3. Departure times: All Skippers to be on board no later than 11.30 for all cruises. Parking – see attached frequently asked questions. (it is better to get someone to drop you off) Embarkation procedure Arrive at N-Shed Passenger terminal, Durban Harbour before 11am. Go to information counter and ask for JEN. Tell her you are a skipper and she will assist you in getting your cruise ticket. You must pay her your R15O registration fee, prior to boarding. c) Take your ticket and passport and have it stamped out by the Immigration officials. d) Take ticket and passport – board the ship and go to reception (Premier Deck). Tell them you are a skipper and they will give you your cruise card –the ship uses a cashless system. Everything gets billed on your cruise card – see attached frequently asked questions. e) Go to your cabin – the number will be shown on your ticket. f) After you have settled in, register your cruise card by either registering your credit card or paying a cash deposit. (approximately R300) g) Breakfast and lunch are served on the Buffet deck (Pool Deck) and we eat with the passengers. h) Dinner is served in the Staff dining room between 20h00 and 21h00.Closed shoes must be worn. Johnny will inform you where this is. i) Skippers meeting at 4pm at the Blue Riband Jazz Bar on Pool Deck. a) b) Dress code: During the day: Shorts, slops, t shirts – don’t forget costumes!! Evening: Smart Casual – no t-shirts or slops. Trousers / Denims allowed with collar shirt and closed shoes. c) Tropical Night: (evening after landing) Shorts and bright shirt or t-shirt!! THIS IS PARTY NIGHT!! (if you are still alive) d) Formal Night - (not on weekend cruises) Suit or ‘Jacket and Tie.’ a) b) What to bring: Cap, sunglasses, suntan lotion, small cooler bag (6 pack), clothing as stated, toiletries. All towels supplied by the ship.on the day black shorts and blue shirt, if you want to order your own shirt phone me Jen o83 7847213 and I will order for you R130 shirt and 80 for cap. What is expected of you: Exemplary behavior – we are part of the staff and we have to behave accordingly. You are always under scrutiny from the officers on board this ship. Your behavior is of utmost importance to the whole team. Your actions are deemed to be the actions of all the skippers. ALL FORMS OF DRUGS ARE FORBIDDEN! EXCESSIVE CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL IS FORBIDDEN. You may not walk around with a drink in your hand. Buy from the bar and move away. You may NOT sit at the bar and drink. You may NOT buy from the crew bar and take your drinks to the top decks. Do NOT invade the crew bar en mass and occupy all the seats. The crew bar is the ONLY area of entertainment for the other crew and they have priority there.




NO cabin parties. Remember, you have a passenger cabin and must respect the privacy of the passengers. KEEP THE VOLUME DOWN. Do not occupy the prime seats during any shows. They are for paying passengers. YOU MUST PAY YOUR BAR BILL THE NIGHT BEFORE THE SHIP ARRIVES BACK IN DURBAN. NO EXCEPTIONS. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED OF THE VESSEL UNTIL YOU HAVE PAID! When you pay, remind them that you are staff, as you do get a discount, but not from the crew bar as the prices are already discounted. STAY OUT OF THE LIMELIGHT AND STAY OUT OF TROUBLE. Be part of the Team. 7. What do you have to do: Zodiac Guidelines: MEET AT 4PM IN THE BLUE RIBAND JAZZ BAR ON POOL DECK FOR A BRIEFING BY THE HEAD SKIPPER. Straight afterwards Skippers will proceed to the boats on Continental deck, for boat allocation and preparation. IT SOUNDS COMPLICATED BUT IT'S NOT PREPARATION: Ensure that all your fuel tanks are full. Turn the ignition keys on and swing the motors – quickly and off!!! Ensure that you have: Pump Fuel Funnel Bungs Lifejackets Mooring Ropes You will be shown passenger loading and offloading methods. Lifejackets are compulsory for passengers. You will be shown how to do hook offs and hook ups for the boats. On the day of the landing, you will be on deck at 06h00. Take a hat/cap, suntan lotion and a bottle of water. You will be wearing the skippers blue shirt with black or dark shorts. Your shirt must be on at all times whilst operating the boat or in the vicinity of the ship. On being given the “go up” signal, when back on deck, your priority is to immediately work with the team and refuel all the boats – NOT just your own. Refueling is mandatory straight after your boat is on deck. Motors must be flushed. Time allowing, boats must be washed down and cleaned. If it’s not possible, a time will be set for the following morning. Records are kept of each boats fuel/oil consumption, so remember yours. Report any problems with the motors or boats, no matter how small. WORK AS A TEAM. Once the boats are refueled, washed and tied down, your job is finished. 8. Back in Durban: The ship normally arrives back in Durban at 8am. You will get your passport back. Don’t forget to have it stamped in by the Immigration officials. AND YOU ARE FREE TO GO!! HOPE YOU HAD A GOOD TIME AND JOIN US AGAIN!!


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