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									SEBATA WINS ANOTHER TENDER Sebata – a MICROmega company – has just been awarded a tender by the Umzinyathi District Municipality in Dundee, KwaZulu-Natal, to supply, implement and maintain an electronic document management system. The new system, SebataEDMS, is a holistic and integrated solution for electronic record keeping, filing, retrieval, document management and general administration. It allows the user to efficiently manage all records and documents, in both electronic and hardcopy formats. The system is ideally packaged to serve as a tool for building the infrastructure required for “e-Government”, which uses technology to enhance public access to government-held information and promote transparency, accountability and good governance. According to Phakamile Ngaki, Sebata CEO, SebataEDMS is the only system of its kind available to municipalities. “It is the only electronic document management system in South Africa that was purposefully built for municipalities and has South African municipal business processes firmly embedded in it,” Ngaki explains. He points out that the implementation of the system will significantly improve efficiency in the Umzinyathi District Municipality as it can convert all incoming, outgoing and stored records into digital form. “This makes document searching, retrieval, distribution and storage possible at the click of a button,” he says. In comparison, the previous system was dependent on an administrative assistant to manually search for and retrieve documents. “This could sometimes take hours, a day or a week,” he explains, adding that a system of this nature is very critical for many document intensive organisations such as municipalities. The advantage of the system is that it simplifies many municipal document management processes. The system comprises various modules that can manage instructions and items to be considered by committees, with sophisticated security to ensure confidentiality. It can also keep record of uncompleted resolutions, serve as an evaluation tool and keep record of all the resolutions taken. A search function allows the user immediate access to this information. In addition, the filing module ensures that information is kept in an organised, neat and functional filing system which conforms to legislative requirements. Details of all organisational policies and procedures are kept in easily retrievable format, for access by all authorised persons. The customer care segment keeps comprehensive records of customer complaints received, necessary actions and process reports. It is also able to inform complainants, via SMS messages, of progress on the resolution of complaints. Furthermore, SebataEDMS is ideally suited for users working from remote locations – as is the case for many municipal offices across South Africa. These users need to stay in touch and enjoy the same complete functionality as office-based users. The system is currently fully operational at over 28 large and small municipalities in South Africa. It is currently being implemented as part of Sebata’s Enterprise Resource Planning (SebataERP) at CENORED, a regional electricity distributor (RED) covering the central and northern parts of Namibia. Three systems (including CENORED in Namibia) are at the final implementation stage.

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