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					NEWSLETTER NO 14 of 2008

Dear All May I start by welcoming you all back from your various holiday trips. I know of trips to the UK, Bali, Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles and Spain. And I‛m sure there were plenty of others. Many of you I know also opted for Plett and/or Hermanus. I‛m sure you all had a fabulous time with your families and I am equally sure that you were really exited to get back from holiday and go back to the thing we all love most – our jobs!!! I hope you were able to spend quality time with your sons – an almost forgotten commodity in this crazy rat-race of a world. But one that you neglect at your peril. Wasn‛t it good to squeeze a win against the All Blacks into our holiday and I did so enjoy beating England at cricket – especially after they had us under such pressure at Lord‛s. And what a Wimbledon final that was – what a pity that the “wrong” person won the match!! And so we begin another crazy term. Bishops Classic Pops demands our immediate attention as it happens as early as next week in the City Hall. Founders will attend on the Tuesday evening 5 August. For those new to Bishops this happens every two to three years and is a musical extravaganza showcasing Bishops music with items from singing to piano, to strings to brass to the National Anthem Psalm 150, etc – a really spectacular evening which you should try to get to. It always makes one proud to belong to Bishops when you see what a school such as ours can produce. Then there is a talk by Catherine Boome (Selborne‛s wife and a nutritionist) and Grant Coote (CEO of Royal) on the menus served in the boarding houses by Royal Sechaba. This is on Thursday evening at 7pm for Founders and all parents are encouraged to attend. You should have received earlier notification about this from Brad Strauss so that this is just a reminder. Lots of housematches – rugby, hockey, squash and soccer. The matric dance, gr 11 conference, Villager 7‛s and of course the three big derby rugby fixtures to come over the next three Saturdays with ‘Bosch on Saturday 16 August at home. And then I nearly forgot……..MOCK MATRIC!!! Isn‛t that this term??? I‛ll have to check!!!! What a pity that Bishops and Paarl Gym have been in the headlines for the “wrong” reasons since Saturday. As usual it is probably appropriate not to believe every word you read in the articles!! The headmasters of the two schools (and several other senior members of both staffs) met today to discuss the way forward and I‛m sure the outcome will be communicated to the Bishops family as soon as this is possible. If you have been in Outer Mongolia, the U16A match was called off with 15 minutes to go because of some unpleasant incidents on and off the field – hence the “abandoned” result. At the final whistle Bishops were trailing 0-21.


· BIRTHDAYS We have had two BIG birthdays over the last few days with Casimir van der Byl and Alex Arjes turning 18 on 27 July and 24 July respectively. Didier de Villiers had his 15th birthday on 25 July and Brian Magai his 14th toady 29 July. Ephraem Macha celebrates his 16th on 31 July. Congratulations to them all. · SPORT The results of our first round of fixtures are listed below. It was not a happy day for Bishops against Paarl Gym with only the U14B managing to come away with a win. Our 1st XV had the honour of playing the curtain-raiser to the WP/Boland Absa Currie Cup fixture and so forfeited their home ground advantage. They certainly pushed a massive Paarl Gym team hard and at one stage trailed just 10-11 before losing 10-21 to the unbeaten Paarl Gym team. It was good to see Zach Brake back in the team and giving his SA Schools and Wallaby U18 prop a run for his money – particularly in the first half. Equally exciting was seeing Nick Koster earn his first WP cap as a replacement with about 20 minutes to go in the main game with the whole of Bishops there to see him do it. He certainly didn‛t look out of place at all and set up a try for Ross Skeate towards the end of the game with a nice half break and a well-timed pass. 
1st  2nd  3rd  4th  5th  6th  7th  8th  Paarl Gym  lost 21­10  Paarl Gym  lost 3­26  Paarl Gym  lost 0­48  Paarl Gym  lost 7­31  Paarl Gym  lost 0­23  Paarl Gym  lost 12­15  Paarl Gym  lost 10­17  Paarl Gym  lost 0­37 

u16A  Paarl Gym  abandoned game  u16B  Paarl Gym  lost 14­43  u16C  Paarl Gym  lost 10­29  u16D  Paarl Gym  lost 0­41  u15A  Paarl Gym  lost 0­29  u15B  Paarl Gym  lost 5­27  u15C  Paarl Gym  lost 0­37  u15D  Paarl Gym  lost 12­54  u15E  Paarl Gym  lost 5­65  u14A  Paarl Gym  lost 0­53  u14B  Paarl Gym  won 12­7  u14C  Paarl Gym  lost 0­29  lost 0­59

u14D  Paarl Gym 


1 XI  Pinelands  2 XI  Pinelands  3 XI  Chesterhouse  4 XI  Eben Donges  16A  Pinelands  16A  Fairmont  16B  Chesterhouse  16C  Pinelands  14A  Pinelands 

won 4­0  won 6­0  won 1­0  won 5­0  won 5­0  won 2­0  lost 1­2  won 3­2  won 11­0 

14B  Mandalay Club  draw 1­1  14C  Pinelands  lost 0­2 

The 1st X1 cricket team had a most successful tour to England. They played 8 matches and won 5 and lost 3. The losses were early in the tour as the team ‘migrated‛ from winter to what the English loosely term summer. They lost to Eton in spite of scoring 293 in a 50-over match!!! That was a bit of a shock to the boys but the pitches were really flat and the outfields like the M25 so that 290 actually wasn‛t such a massive score but our boys hadn‛t worked that out yet and were a bit casual up front….and then it got away. But they did comprehensively trash Millfield – widely regarded as THE cricket academy in England and also beat the South Australian champion school Prince Alfred College (including the Australian U17 captain and two other Australia U17 players too) by 10 wickets. Outstanding performances came from Matt Hawinkels who scored 145 against Eton and 74* against Wellington, Zac Elkin who got 95 against Wellington and a number of other useful 40‛s and 30‛s, James Crowson who bowled his 10 overs for just 15 runs against Wellington and bowled really tight throughout the tour, Nico Loizides who got 90 against Eton and 60 against Charterhouse and around 15 catches/stumpings too, Josh Judd who picked up 4-6 against Sherborne and bowled outstandingly on several occasions, a string of sound performances from Josh Pinn, Kenny Vietri, Craig Rhodes-Harrison and Clinton Hamman who bowled really quickly when he returned from injury midway through the tour. Seb Golding and Dugald Robertson also thoroughly enjoyed their cricket tour to the UK with the Blue Leopards. I know Dugald got at least one fifty opening the batting and Seb started bowling leg-spinners which he was ripping quite nicely I hear.




I‛m sure most of you were at the singing on the last night of last term. Founders certainly did not disgrace themselves - and I know that I would certainly not have placed them last. I thought we showed our usual Founders spirit and I would like to record our thanks to Bruce Baigrie again for his role in putting the evening together and then conducting proceedings on the night. Well done, Bruce. I‛m not sure that anybody can ever compete with the kind of standard set by Gray House who I thought were in a different league to any other houses on the night. · ACADEMICS

The current Founders send-up leader board reads as follows: (qualification is 10 send ups): 27 24 19 17 16 14 13 11 10 · Ramsay Collins Dugald Robertson Alexi Enotiades Brian Magai Chris Cockburn Didier de Villiers, Lebo Morojele, Christo Burger & Ephraem Macha Jason Mills and Myles Potgieter Luke Willetts, Dee Ferrandi and Cameron Arendse Brian Kang EXEATS

As usual this weekend boys may go home on Friday afternoon after lunch provided they fulfill any sporting (or other) commitments they may have on the Saturday morning. As usual, they are due back either on Sunday evening before 9pm or on Monday morning – in time for breakfast which is at 7:15am. Please remind your sons to sign out and sign in so that we (and you) know exactly where every boy is over the weekend.

Floreat Founders GRANT

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