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					18 August 2006 TO ALL OWNERS Baronetcy Estate Home Owners Association Plattekloof Weg Plattekloof IV 7550 Dear Sir / Madam, BARONETCY ESTATE HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION – CIRCULAR NO.1 We write as the Managing Agent for Baronetcy Estate Home Owners Association and act on the instruction of the Trustees.

As per point 6.3 of the Constitution, a Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Treasurer have been elected. • • • Mr. B. Petersen was elected as Chairman. Mr. A. Leask was elected as Vice Chairman. Mrs. J. Kotze was elected as Treasurer.

The following portfolios were allocated to the Committee Members: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Financial Estate Manager Security Contravention of Conduct Rules Building Guidelines & Regulations Architectural Committee - Mrs. J. Kotze - Mr. G. Bruwer - Mr. L. O’Neil - Mr. A. Leask - Mr. H. Campbell - Mr. W. Louw / Mr. H. Campbell / Mr. B. Petersen

Contact Details: • • • • • • • Barry Petersen Andre Leask Jacqueline Kotze Gerrit Bruwer Lindsey O’Neil Wilhelm Louw Hilton Campbell - - - 082 692 5423 - - - -


The emblem on the front page is the finalised version for Baronetcy Estate.

The temporary security access cards are at the security house on the Estate ready for collection. Please bring identification to present to the security guard.

The Committee has resolved that in order to maintain a high standard of presentation, NO estate agent for sale boards are allowed on the Estate. Kindly inform all estate agents with the mandate to sell your property of the above. All boards are to be removed before 31st August 2006. Failure to adhere to the above, the boards will be removed for you, and can be collected at the promotion container below the Estate. Herewith attached, Annexure A, please find an example of the permitted board which is to be manufactured, at your own cost, if your ERF is for sale. Contractor’s Contact Details: Peg Manufacturer: Sticker Manufacturer: Brenda Tel. No.: 021 876 4479 Pierre – Pure Form Advertising Tel. No.: 021 883 3696 Email:


An information board will be erected at the entrance gate which is to be manufactured from anodised aluminium with black vinyl lettering. The board will display the contact details of estate agents with the mandate to sell. Unfortunately there is a space restriction. Kindly forward the name and contact details of the estate agent with a mandate to sell at the Estate, to the Managing Agent.

It has been brought to our attention that Owners are commencing with building construction without applying for approval in writing to the Home Owners Association. We request that the following procedure is strictly adhered to: 1. Apply to Arthur Quinton Architect for the approval of the building plans. 2. Deposit a R20, 000 refundable builders deposit into the bank account of the Home Owners Association. 3. Complete the attached documents, Annexure B, and forward to the office of the Managing Agent. 4. Apply to the Home Owners Association for the approval of the building 2

plans. Failure to adhere to the above procedure, the Home Owners Association may reserve the right to prohibit any contractors from entering the Estate. Those who have applied, we thank you.

It is the owner’s responsibility to arrange any required municipal refuse bin. Kindly contact the local Municipality to arrange the above.

Due to bad weather, the landscaping completion date has been postponed. The new proposed date is September 2006. Prior to the completion of the landscaping and hand over to the Home Owners Association, the roads will be cleaned by the Developer.

Please note municipal accounts are being forwarded to the Estate directly. Kindly collect at the security house, and rectify your postal address accordingly. Yours faithfully, ADELE LUBBE PORTFOLIO MANAGER TRAFALGAR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Tel: 021 853 7808 Fax: 021 853 7809 Email: BANK DETAILS: NAME: BANKERS: ACCOUNT NO.: BRANCH CODE: REFERENCE: TRAFALGAR STANDARD BANK 2707 39 335 020 909 9977* G/L 3229 ERF *****




ANNEXURE B BARONETCY ESTATE HOME OWNERS ASSOCIATION REGULATIONS GOVERNING BUILDING CONTRACTOR ACTIVITY AND CODE OF CONDUCT EFFECTIVE: 1 DECEMBER 2005 THIS DOCUMENT MUST FORM PART OF ANY BUILDING CONTRACT. IT MUST BE SIGNED BY OWNERS'/REPRESENTATIVES AND MAIN CONTRACTORS AND A COPY LODGED WITH THE HOA BEFORE ANY BUILDING ACTIVITY MAY COMMENCE. CLAUSE 1 – DEPOSIT Prior to any building approval the Home owners Association requires that a deposit of R20,000.00 has to be paid at the Managing Agent's office, which will be invested in an interest bearing Trust account for the benefit of the depositor (R500.00 per minor alteration). The deposit will be used to defray expenses incurred in repairing damage to adjacent off-site property caused in the building process and any other damage referred to in clause 15. On completion of building and related activities the owner must, prior to occupation, apply for a final inspection, jointly executed by a representative of the Baronetcy Building and Architectural Review Committee (BARC). Once a completion certificate is issued by above committee the owner can apply for the release of the balance of the deposit together with accumulated interest less the scrutiny fee of Arthur Quinton Architects. The scrutiny fee is to be R400.00, while Arthur Quinton Architects is present onsite at their development at Kleinmeer. CLAUSE 2 – WORKING HOURS Contractors are permitted on the Estate only from 07h00 to 18h00 on weekdays and from 07h00 to 15h00 on Saturdays. No contractor activity is permitted on the Estate on Sundays and Public Holidays. CLAUSE 3 – ENTRY AND EXIT All main contractors must obtain an access permit from the HOA, which will be issued by the Estate Manager / Managing Agent. Builders and their workers may enter or leave the Estate by vehicle only – workers on foot will not be permitted entry to the Estate. Drivers of vehicles are responsible and accountable for the activities and behaviour of all occupants of the vehicle. Any worker ignoring this rule will be denied access to Baronetcy estate immediately. It is the responsibility of the builder to ensure the good behaviour of his personnel during their presence on the premises.


All personnel have to be taken in by the builder / sub-contractor to the work site. It is the responsibility of the builder / owner to ensure that no unauthorized person is present on his construction site. CLAUSE 4 – MAIN ARCHITECTS/DESIGNERS/CONTRACTOR BOARD Before building activities commence, one main architect's / designer's / contractor board must be erected on site in accordance with the attached specifications. Please note maximum size specifications and that the minimum information is the ERF number and the name of the contractor / project manager and contact telephone number. The boards are not to be erected on the verge landscaping. No sub-contractor boards are allowed. The architect's /designer's / contractor's main contractor board must be removed upon completion of construction. CLAUSE 5 – ENCROACHMENT Unless written permission to encroach onto adjacent site(s) has been obtained on the prescribed form (attached) from the adjacent site owner(s) and lodged with the HOA: 1. a simple three stand wire fence must be erected on all the site boundaries other than the road boundary before building activities commence 2. building activities, builders' and sub-contractors' employees, delivery personnel and as far as practically possible their vehicles, must not encroach onto adjacent sites. Permission to encroach onto common areas must be obtained from the HOA. In the absence of such permission, the relevant site boundaries must be fenced. Permission will be granted in exceptional circumstances only. Owners and contractors should note that where verge landscaping has already been completed, only limited off-street storage and site access will be available. Arrangements must be made via the HOA to remove plant material where possible or to protect it during construction. The HOA reserves the right to replace plant material at the owner's expense should material be irrevocably damaged. CLAUSE 6 – TOILET FACILITIES Before ANY activities commence, an adequate toilet, properly tied down, (see Clause 20 below) must be erected within the site boundaries in a position which will be screened from view from the street when the building reaches eaves height. If this is not possible a suitable screen must be erected. The colour of the toilet must be acceptable. Corrugated iron structures must be painted dark green. Anyone found not using the toilet will be ushered off the Estate. CLAUSE 7 – STORAGE FACILITIES If a store is placed on site it must be acceptable, adequate, and secure, properly tired down (see Clause 20 below) and placed within the site boundaries. If a corrugated iron or similar structure is used, it must be painted 6

dark green. CLAUSE 7.1 – SAND STORAGE Sand heaps must be covered before leaving the premises each day. In addition the heaps must be covered on working days if wind is causing it to be blown away. Loose sand must not be left to spread over the building site and must be regularly heaped. All heaps are to be covered with a suitable tarpaulin or shade cloth which must be adequately secured. Note that builders and/or owners will be held responsible should neighbours be affected by wind blown sand. PLEASE CO-OPERATE FULLY IN THIS REGARD. CLAUSE 8 – DISPOSAL OR RUBBISH Before building operations commence, suitable containers for the ongoing accumulation of litter, plastic bags, cement bags, etc., shall be placed on site. The containers must be securely covered when the site is vacated, and must be emptied and the contents removed from the Estate at appropriate intervals, but in any event, not less frequently than once a week. Burning of rubbish and fires generally are not permitted under any circumstances. CLAUSE 9 – DISPOSAL OF RUBBLE During building operations, rubble must be accumulated in a suitable predesignated area within the boundaries of the site and must be removed from the Estate at appropriate intervals. CLAUSE 10 – DISPOSAL OF FILL During building operations, fill arising from building activities must be accumulated within the boundaries of the site and if not required for landscaping purposes must be removed at appropriate intervals. CLAUSE 11 – DELIVERIES Deliveries from suppliers must be scheduled during working hours only. Delivery vehicles will not be allowed entry after 17h00 on weekdays and not at all on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Vehicles carrying abnormally large or heavy loads may be denied access to certain parts of the Estate. Similarly, abnormally long or articulated vehicles will not be permitted entry for practical reasons. Suitable advance arrangements must be made with suppliers in this regard. Owners and contractors will be liable for damage done by any vehicle associated with activity on their site and recovery of any related costs from owners or drivers of those vehicles will be the responsibility of owners and contractors. Where materials are off-loaded by a supplier and encroach onto the verges or road, these materials must be moved immediately onto the site by the contractor. No material must be allowed to remain on the verges or road and it is the contractor's and owner's responsibility to clean the verges and road of all such materials. The same applies to sand or rubble washed or moved onto the verges or road during building operations. 7

CLAUSE 12 – SPEED LIMITS Only licensed drivers are permitted to drive vehicles on the Estate. The driver of any vehicle considered by an appointed official of the HOA to be exceeding the speed limit of 40km/h will be stopped and warned. A subsequent transgression by the same driver will result in the driver being denied access to the Estate. CLAUSE 13 – NOISE All noise on site must be kept to a minimum. Where objections to excessive noise are lodged by nearby residents the HOA will take appropriate action. CLAUSE 14 – SLEEPING ON SITE Under no circumstances may any employee of a builder, sub-contractor, or security firm reside or sleep on a building site during the period of construction. Anyone found doing so will be evicted from the Estate. CLAUSE 15 – DAMAGE Owners and the contractors shall be responsible for any damage caused by them or their agents on the Estate including, without affecting the generality hereof, damage to kerbs, verges, plants on the sidewalks, common areas, and private property. CLAUSE 16 – PROTECTION OF WILDLIFE Any person found disturbing, harming or destroying any animal, reptile or bird, or setting any traps or snares will be summarily evicted from the Estate and may be prosecuted in terms of Wildlife Protection Legislation. CLAUSE 17 – UNDESIRABLE CONDUCT Should the HOA be dissatisfied with the conduct of any contractor, subcontractor or supplier, the HOA may rectify as deemed necessary and/or suspend building activity until such undesirable conduct is rectified. CLAUSE 18 – SITE SAFETY Owners and contractors are responsible for ensuring that all legislated requirements are complied with. CLAUSE 19 – DEVIATIONS The HOA Building Inspector will monitor all buildings for deviations on an ongoing basis. Where building work deviates from previously approved plans all building work relating to the deviation must cease with immediate effect. Building may not continue while an amending plan is drawn up and submitted which must be accompanied by the appropriate fee. The amended plan must be approved before work commences on the deviation. The Estate Manager and the Managing Agent has been authorized to stop all building work should any such building deviations come to light.


CLAUSE 20 – SPECIFICATION FOR SHEET METAL TEMPORARY STRUCTURES 20.1 Sheet metal cladded temporary structures will only be permitted at Baronetcy Estate for use on building sites as storage sheds or to house temporary toilet facilities. 20.2 Each structure must be fitted with a solid door which is fitted with a minimum of two hinges. The door must be lockable from the outside by means of a sliding bolt or hasp and staple in the case of a storage shed and both internally and externally in the case of a temporary toilet. The door to the toilet shall be closed at all times. 20.3 The above structures must be adequately anchored to the ground to withstand storm conditions and the following minimum standards apply: 20.3.1 A post must be provided at each corner which is anchored into the ground at least 600mm deep. 20.3.2 Each side must be framed in timber of minimum thickness 50x75mm. 20.3.3 Each side panel must be bolted to the corner post by means of m.s. Bolts, washers, and lock nuts. 20.3.4 The roof panel must in turn be bolted to the side panels with a minimum of three bolts per elevation and hoop iron straps at the corners. 20.3.5 The sheeting must be fixed to the side panel frames and roof frame by means of approved roofing screws. 20.3.6 The sheets should at all times be lapped in the direction of the prevailing wind. 20.3.7 The entire structure must be anchored by means of two 4x6mm galvanized wire straps running diagonally from the ground over the roof and attached to bolts cast into concrete blocks at least 300x300mm deep. 20.4 The toilet structure must be fitted with a water borne flush toilet and connected directly into the foul sewer system 20.5 The Builder must ensure that adequate supplies of toilet paper are on hand to prevent the use of cement bags or newspaper which will lead to blockage of the system. 20.6 Both the storage and toilet structure must be painted dark green (Dulux Matchmaker 4801-2 or similar) 20.7 No advertising or other notices will be permitted on these structures CLAUSE 21 – CONTRAVENTION OF THE RULES The Home Owners Association reserves the right to rectify any contravention of these regulations summarily at the builder's / owner's cost. Should a builder, his sub-contractor or any of the personnel, ignore all in all three times the above regulations the Home Owners Association will deny the builder and/or his sub-contractor access to Baronetcy Estate or impose a fine.


CLAUSE 22 – UNDERTAKING By their signatures hereto, owners and contractors acknowledge that they understand the content of this document and agree to be bound by its provisions and by those additions and/or amendments to its provisions which may be introduced from time to time. Signed: OWNER* DATE TEL NUMBER ERF NUMBER STREET MAIN CONTRACTOR / PROJECT MANAGER DATE TEL NUMBER NAME OF CONTRACTOR TEL NUMBER ................................................... ................................................... ................................................... ................................................... ...................................................

.............................................. .............................................. .............................................. .............................................. ..............................................

Note: * If the development of sites is being undertaken by appointed representatives of owners, acceptable authority for those representatives to act on owners' behalf must be attached to this document.


BOARD TO BE ERECTED ON SITE In terms of Clause 4 of the Building Contractors Regulations and Code of Conduct, one main contractor's board must be erected on site before building activities commence. Attached is an example of the approved board. Please note that the maximum size is 1 220 x 1 020 mm and that the minimum information required is the site number and the name of the building contractors and a contact telephone number. In the case of an owner / builder, or where the owner acts as the main contractor, the owner's name must be provided. This information is needed so that we can make contact with the appropriate party when necessary. You are reminded that no sub-contractor boards of any kind, including painting, landscaping, interior decoration, etc. are permitted in Baronetcy Estate.



ERF. 23786
50mm black text

New House for Mr & Mrs J. Thomas

18mm maroon text 50mm blue text 12mm green line

JO-JO & PARTNERS TEL: 021 853 1284 CELL: 082 893 8766

24mm maroon text 5mm green line

40mm black text

PLAN PRO (PTY) LTD TEL: 021 854 5976 CELL: 083 549 2981 1020mm

L.SMITH TEL: 021 598 3571 CELL: 082 567 1692

S. TRIMPELMAN TEL: 021 469 8523 CELL: 082 469 2355

S.W. CONSTRUCTION 9PTY0 LTD TEL: 021 856 4983 CELL: 082 469 3357


*Board is beige with a green boarder

* Logo is full colour as per page 8


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