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24 October to 22 November

On 23 or 24 October we move into the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Some of the Libra indecision still shows here for our ScorpioLibra Cusp people Scorpios are ruled by both Pluto and Mars. Pluto helps them to transform, get rid of their obsessions, mostly sex,

alcohol and drugs and move to higher spiritual level and Mars supplies their high energy levels, to be able to cope with their mission. They are one of the Water signs, together with Pisces and Cancer and are highly emotional. Scorpio people’s keyword is willpower. In climbing the corporate ladder they will normally wipe clean as the climb, to get what they want. Watch out Scorpio, as with all in the Universe, what you hate most, can also be within – you “sting” very easily. They are very secretive, very deep and often misunderstood by others because of this. They can often be classified as stubborn, complex, demanding, jealous, suspicious, vindictive and inflexible; but they are also our deep emotional, sensitive, protective, determined, courageous, resourceful and charming people. They love their privacy and are, when working positively, very honest and loyal. Scorpios have a very strong

constitution, but can be their own worst enemy by drinking, drug taking or smoking in excess. Good career choices would be surgeon, soldier, police, spy, lawyer and scientist. Body parts to be treated with great care are genitals, kidney and bladder. Healing gems are topaz – promotes peace and soothes pain; garnet – balances natural energy; opal – blood disorders and reproduction organs; beryl – helps with laziness; agate – general protection; citrine – help digestion and aids mental function and malachite – helps release negative energy. So dear Scorpio, you have a variety to chose from.!!! Good luck!!! Erika Kritzinger Fountain Healing Centre 076 186 8670

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