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The Blue Train


The Blue Train

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									The Blue Train Indaba leaflet May 2007 THE BLUE TRAIN - AN UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE

Take a trip on The Blue Train and explore South Africa’s beautiful landscapes from the comfort and luxury of Africa’s ‘Blue Jewel’, one of South Africa’s best known tourism icons. A compelling combination of luxury train travel, world-class service and fine dining against a magnificent ever-changing backdrop makes The Blue Train the experience of a lifetime. In 2006, The Blue Train celebrated its 60th anniversary, marking 60 years of providing the ultimate in luxury train travel for The Blue Train’s many international and local guests. The Blue Train won platinum awards for its wine lists in the Diners Club International Winelist of the Year Awards, in 2005 and 2006. It also offers guests the finest that modern technology and superior craftsmanship can provide in a beautifully decorated environment. In addition, The Blue Train’s professionally-trained personnel are on call for guests in each suite 24 hours a day.

Cape Town departure times The Blue Train’s departure and arrival times in Cape Town and Pretoria are now the same, with departures from Pretoria and Cape Town stations at 08h50 and arrivals at 12h20. These new, uniform times, effective from 01 January 2007, mean that guests arrive in Pretoria from Cape Town a little earlier, providing extra time to explore Gauteng or more time for catching connecting flights or charters. All in all, this results in an even more leisurely experience.

The second train set returns! From 1st October 2007, The Blue Train will be doubling up on the amount of trips it can offer, thanks to the return of the second train set following repairs and refurbishments.

With the extra train set back in service, The Blue Train will bring even more exclusive adventure to its guests. Tailor-made charter trips provide guests with the luxury of their own private five-star hotel on wheels, in which to enjoy company incentives and functions, and celebrate special occasions such as weddings and birthdays, or even just a trip to a five-star game reserve or championship golf course.

Email us! The Blue Train team can now be reached on The Blue Train’s own email server and, as a result, all have new email addresses. The new address follows this format:, for example:

Email any general queries or feedback to

For further information… For more information on The Blue Train’s exciting packages and to read the booking conditions for all advance reservations, please visit or contact The Blue Train reservation office in Pretoria on 012-334-8459 or Cape Town 021-449-2672.


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