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									retailing and the environment
The activist is not the man who says the river is dirty. The activist is the man who cleans up the river. ~ Ross Perot, US presidential candidate in 1992, businessman and 76th richest man in America.


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part of Arbour Week celebrations. To ensure the sustainability of the initiative, each household that receives a tree will also receive basic training about the need for trees, as well as composting, mulching and watering. “Arbour Week reminds us that we have to be more aware of our impact on the world around us. For Woolworths, this project is one of many greening projects to follow,” says Justin Smith, Woolworths Good business journey manager. In addition, Woolworths donated 1 000 trees to schools in Limpopo and the Western Cape. The trees were sourced from Woolworths Trust EduPlant school nurseries, which contribute to income generation for the schools. Planting will be overseen by Food and Trees for Africa, a non-profit organisation that works on environmental issues. says, “By reducing the number of plastic bags our customers use, increasing the availability and affordability of reusable bags and providing recycling solutions, we think we can eliminate plastic waste equivalent to 9 billion plastic bags per year from our existing stores alone. If we can encourage customers to change their behaviour, just one bag at a time, we believe real progress can be made towards our goal of creating zero waste.” Walmart’s comprehensive bag reduction strategy is being developed in partnership with EDF (Environmental Defense Fund and could have far-reaching environmental benefits. It is estimated that around 60-80% of all marine debris is plastic. Reducing plastic bags could also reduce government expenditures. For example, California spends around $25m (±R203,25b) per year to discard plastic bags into landfills. Walmart’s efforts could also reduce energy consumption by approximately 678 000 barrels of oil per year and also reduce CO2 emissions by 290 000 metric tons per year, which is equivalent to taking more than 53 000 passenger vehicles off the road annually. As part of the goal to reduce plastic bag waste, Walmart stores in Mexico and the US will be introducing more affordable reusable bags. The initiative involves a three-pronged strategy of reduce, reuse and recycle, as well as training cashiers to include more items per bag. So far, plastic bag reduction initiatives have taken place at Walmart stores in North America,

Woolworths Good business journey continues
Woolworths is partnering with emerging entrepreneurs to produce its range of reusable fabric shopping bags, which, says Craig Ludwig, divisional director of General Merchandise at Woolworths, “is in line with the principles of our Good business journey. Woolworths is committed to identifying opportunities for suppliers to grow with the business and supports emerging suppliers with training that covers best practice in technical and business management skills, organisational development and financing where possible.” The main supplier of reusable bags to Woolworths is currently Isikhwama, based in Maitland, Cape Town. The company was established to produce bags for Woolworths and employs semi-skilled and unskilled people, some of who were previously out of work. The company produces over one million bags a year for Woolworths and employs seventy people. Woolworths' second supplier of reusable bags is the Greater Uitenhage Sewing Co-operative in Uitenhage, which has been supplying bags to Woolworths since September 2005. The company consists of three informal community sewing groups and employs 27 full-time machinists and seasonal employees that produce 260 000 reusable bags for Woolworths each year. Woolworths also recently donated 4 309 indigenous trees to a low income housing project in the Western Cape, as

Walmart aims to reduce its plastic bag shopping waste
Walmart has committed to reduce its global plastic shopping bag waste by an average of 33% per store by 2013, which is expected to eliminate more than 135 million pounds of plastic waste globally. To reach this goal, Walmart will reduce the number of bags given out by its stores by encouraging the use of reusable bags and by giving its customers the opportunity to continue recycling plastic shopping bags. Matt Kistler, senior vice president for sustainability at Walmart Stores Inc.,



Argentina, Brazil, Japan and China, as well as at Walmart’s Asda stores in Europe. Meanwhile, Walmart has developed a packaging scorecard to reduce packaging in its supply chain by 5% by 2013. Buyers for Walmart in the US have been using the online scorecard since 1 February 2008 to make more informed purchasing decisions. Suppliers can also use the scorecard to measure how their packaging helps Walmart achieve its goal of being supplied 100% by renewable energy, create zero waste and sell sustainable products.

Game launches globe swop campaign

Glass recycling mascot needs a name
The Glass Recycling Company has developed a new character that will become the face of the organisation and as part of the launch, has issued a call for entries to the public to submit ideas for a name for the icon. While the company facilitates the recovery of waste glass for recycling, it does not recycle the glass itself. However, it has a mandate to promote the glass recycling message. For more information, visit

Spar distribution goes solar
The Spar Regional Distribution Centre in Cape Town has installed three solar water heaters on its roof, to heat the water for staff showers and basins, as well as the canteen. The building covers about 50 000m2 and has a 20m high roof. Access was gained using a cherry picker that had to be extended to its full length to get the Solahart solar water heaters up to the roof. The three solar water heaters have a hot water capacity of 780 litres and will assist the Spar Distribution Centre to achieve the 10% consumption reduction that Eskom requires.

Game Stores has launched an initiative with Eskom that offers energy-conscious shoppers an opportunity to swap their standard light bulbs for power-saving globes at minimal cost. Any customer that brings an incandescent light bulb to a Game store from 18 September will receive a R17 discount voucher for a 15W Eurolux/ Eskom/Game branded CFL energy-saving globe, which means they will effectively pay R5 for the new one. Eskom has a door-to-door and retail exchange programme that enables the public to take part in this energy-saving initiative that will assist homes and businesses in reducing their own electricity consumption. There is a limit of 10 globes per customer and the campaign will continue at each Game store until stocks run out. Customers will also need to present proof of ID for auditing purposes.

Woolworths launches environment-friendly products
Woolworths has launched a new range of household cleaning and personal care products that are made with plant-based, biodegradable ingredients and contain no petrochemicals, no animal ingredients and no artificial colours. Called Earth Friendly,

the range has at present more than 60 products that have been benchmarked against the world’s top environmentally friendly and conventional branded chemical products. The range is endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty and makes use of recyclable bottles that are themselves made from at least 30% recycled materials. Julian Novak, head of Woolworths Foods, says there is a perception among South African consumers that green does not equal clean. “Our technologists and suppliers have been working hard and we are confident that our new Earth Friendly range will go a long way towards countering that perception.” The household cleaning range includes anti-bacterial bathroom cleaners, toilet cleaners, window cleaners, kitchen surface cleaners, multi-purpose cleaners, carpet cleaner, oven cleaner, floor cleaner, dishwashing liquid, carpet freshener, furniture polish, stain removers and cleaners for marble, granite and stainless steel. There are also spray-on cleaners, cleaning wipes and wipes with cedar oil, lavender oil and sweet basil for wood furniture, as well as two ultra-concentrated, pH-neutral, two-in-one laundry detergents made with soy fabric conditioner and a chamomile and lavender-fragranced detergent for baby laundry. The personal care range has hand and body washes, hand wipes, foaming facial cleansers, body lotions, body butters and hand creams, plus various baby products such as bath wash, powder, lotion, barrier cream and massage oil. The range also includes products for teens. Earth Friendly launched on 29 September in 120 Woolworths stores nationwide.


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