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									Dear Sir / Madam, Once you’ve chosen your tour, and arranged your travel date / s with us, we then have the pleasure in acknowledging the confirmation of your booking and thank you for choosing African Budget Safaris for your travel arrangements in Africa. African Budget Safaris operates under the legal entity Budget for Africa CC. The following information is a detailed breakdown of our booking process and requirements. Should you have any questions regarding African Budget Safaris’ Terms & Conditions / Booking Procedures, please do not hesitate to contact us on +27 (0) 21 790 1056 (office hours) or +27 (0) 83 234 1679 (after hours) or email us at What happens from here? (The following information will be important for you to read) Step 1 All the relevant booking forms for each supplier will be sent to you, and must be returned to us completed in full. Step 2 You settle your invoice. Step 3 On receipt of your payment, we will pay the appropriate suppliers for your safaris, tours, hotels, car-rentals, excursions etc. Step 4 A detailed e- mail will be send to you containing all the relevant information pertaining to your booking.

Step 1) BOOKING FORMS You may receive several booking forms from various operators involved in your booking. Each of these booking forms must be completed in full and returned to African Budget Safaris. We will in turn send them onwards to the various suppliers. Certain operators do not require you to full out a booking form and any information they may require will be outlined to you via e-mail. Once you have supplied the information we will in turn pass it on to the supplier. Step 2) PAYMENT & DEPOSITS You have confirmed your booking and the quotation of your booking now serves as your invoice! To secure your booking, the majority of our local suppliers require your completed booking form & payment. Some suppliers will even cancel the booking automatically if the payment has not been received. We therefore kindly request you to transfer the following deposit: DEPOSITS REQUIRED PRIOR TO ARRIVAL + 90 days 25 % of the total amount of the booking 90 –46 days 50 % of the total amount of the booking 45 – 32 days 75 % of the total amount of the booking 31 days or less 100 % of the total amount of the booking Thereafter, the balance of payment one month before arrival OR to avoid double bank charges, payment can be made in full.

Please note our banking details:

When paying, kindly instruct your bank to take into consideration, the hidden costs / deductions in order for African Budget Safaris to receive the full amount of the invoice. Deposit slips need to be faxed to +27 (0) 86 607 2107 and must reflect your booking number which will be supplied to you. African Budget Safaris reserves the right to cancel reservations, if the deposit and/or balance payment is not received in due time. The rates mentioned in the invoice are in South African Rand, even though the travel arrangements might be covering other countries where other currencies are used. The rates remain subject to change and African Budget Safaris reserves the right to pass on any increases in rates caused by extreme currency exchange fluctuation, changes in taxes or other! CREDIT CARD FACILITIES Invoices can be paid by credit card. It is important to note that all credit card transactions carry a 5% Administration Fee. If you prefer to confirm your booking by credit card, we would need the following information from the cardholder; ► the cardholder must sign the invoice and fax it to African Budget Safaris. ► the cardholder must sign the letter of authorization (form supplied by African Budget Safaris) and fax it to African Budget Safaris.. Step 3). SUPPLIER PAYMENTS & CANCELLATION POLICY African Budget Safaris will transfer your payment for each of the services we have booked for you. Your reservation is now secured and the local supplier, hotel, car-rental company or other suppliers have no right to cancel your reservations. However, if, for whatever reason YOU need to cancel your booking, African Budget Safaris will try to retrieve your payment from the various suppliers. But, in most situations, it is necessary to charge cancellation fees due to administrative costs and supplier policies. Please ensure that you have suitable insurance policies to cover these charges. (The minimum charge is a ZAR 400 Administration Fee which will apply regardless of the time between the cancellation & the first tour date). We advise you to fax/email us the cancellation without any delay. We will then in turn cancel all your arrangements with each service supplier. Cancellation requests not having been reconfirmed in writing by African Budget Safaris are considered valid bookings.

The final cancellation cost will depend on the time between your cancellation and the date of your first booking. In general, the earlier you cancel the lower the cancellation costs.

INDIVIDUAL CANCELLATION DAYS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL 30 days – 15 days 25 % of the total of the booking 14 days – 8 days 50 % of the total of the booking 7 days or less 100 % of the total of the booking no-show 100 % of the total of the booking

GROUP CANCELLATION DAYS PRIOR TO ARRIVAL + 90 days 25 % of the total amount of the booking 90 –46 days 50 % of the total amount of the booking 45 – 32 days 75 % of the total amount of the booking 31 days or less 100 % of the total amount of the booking

Step 4) TRAVEL DOCUMENTATION To let you enjoy your trip to a maximum, African Budget Safaris will ensure that your travel documentation is clear and informative. This will all be outlined via e-mail. We will include the contact details of each local supplier. Other subject / frequent questions we have received from our clients. LEGAL TRAVEL PAPERS – DRIVERS LICENCES, MEDICAL REQUIREMENTS AND TRAVEL INSURANCE o Travelers are responsible for obtaining valid travel documents (such as passport–driver’s license) and information regarding immigration and custom rules and regulations. o Travelers are advised to consult the local consulate or embassy of the destination country for special requirements. o Travelers must consult their physician for any applicable health considerations and medical requirements. o Travel Insurance is VITAL and must be purchased prior to the start of your travels. African Budget Safaris will not be held liable for any costs or refusal of permission to travel with any of our suppliers should you fail to purchase Travel Insurance that adequately covers the duration of your travels. CAR / MOTORBIKE RENTAL POLICY o We have received numerous queries from clients who were surprised the car rental company requested registration of their credit card details. Please be advised that your car rental payment will be processed directly with our car rental company and not through African Budget Safaris. It is vital that you check the Terms & Conditions outlined on the African Budget Safaris website pertaining to the various costs relating to car hire. (These will include the contract fee, one way delivery fees, extra driver fees, the different excesses relating to Super and Standard Cover Insurance Options in the case of theft and damage, cross border fees and Accident Administration fees.)




SPECIAL REQUESTS o The clients can request special preferences, which African Budget Safaris will note and forward on to its suppliers. However, taking note of these special requests, does not in any way constitute a guarantee by African Budget Safaris or its service suppliers. ACCOMMODATION o In most travel arrangements African Budget Safaris is aiming for a personalized selection of accommodation. o Descriptions of types of accommodations such as Standard, Superior, Deluxe, Suites, Sea-Mountain-etc view, are terms used by the providers of the accommodation and are not an African Budget Safaris classification. o In general, the accommodations can be booked on basis of RO (room only) – BB (bed and breakfast) – DBB (dinner, bed and breakfast) and FB (full board = room and all meals included). Some private game lodge use the term FB for dinner, bed, breakfast / brunch and game drives. YOUR COMMENTS / COMPLAINTS o During the journey you can contact African Budget Safaris if there are any problems or complaints. It is imperative that any complaints be made known to African Budget Safaris without any delay so that appropriate action can be taken. Once a complaint has been received it will be investigated and the relevant findings, solutions or comments will be communicated back to you, the client. African Budget Safaris only acts as an agent for the owners and operators of safari & tour operators, accommodation, transport companies and day excursion operators and can therefore only be held responsible up to a maximum of the purchase price of the service(s) provided. o African Budget Safaris cannot be held responsible for, or be held liable for the consequences of: strikes, war, riots, thefts, pilferage, epidemics, quarantines, weather, acts of nature or other circumstances beyond its control. o African Budget Safaris does appreciate your feedback and comments on services you used during your journey.



If there are any other queries concerning the reservation, payment, cancellation, or traveldocumentation, please contact us for assistance.

Have a pleasant and safe journey!

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