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					Happy Koi News 3 July 2009

Hello to all subscribers, new subscribers and Koi keepers in general, The Biggest Online Auction of Koi in Africa Edition Part Two! Good to go and bidding is now open… 1. New Koi Book! 2. Big Koi Auction NOW LIVE! 3. In times of recession… Always good to get something for free!

Today’s Happy Koi News 1. New Koi Book! First come first served. We have been given sneak peek access to the newest Koi book emanating from Japan. Almost 400 pages in size it is a translation about questions put to 18 of Japan's most experienced Koi keepers and covers everything. And we do mean everything. This is the link to the book. We are bringing in 5 (five) copies. One copy we are keeping for ourselves. Pricing is simply complex but our working go something like this. 9800 Yen per book @ more or less 11 yen to the rand* (for a safety margin against the horrid volatility we have at the moment and the equally wretched rip off bank charges) plus postage (which from Japan is horrifically expensive – the Japanese postal system being world renowned for being utterly and truly revolting – see below!) plus VAT @ 14%. Postage/shipping will be around 3000 yen a book, which brings it to Yen 12800, which with the exchange rate is R1163. Add VAT of 14% brings us to R1326 and 10% for our trouble = R1459.20. Just on the shipping note – it works out cheaper by flying these books in the same way we do our Koi than using the Japanese postal service. We're not kidding. We can't help feeling we're in the middle of a Ripley's Believe It Or Not moment (which we get every time we ship something from Japan). But if you can explain that one to us – we're nonetheless keen to understand it for ourselves one day!

Note that we might have to pay an import duty depending on the postal system on the day – so this might add a further 20% or so. If this happens we will let you know and knock on your door at the time. At this stage no-one seems to be able to tell us how or why or what duty may or may not be applicable given that it might be classified as a text book. There are precisely four extra copies coming in and that's it. No more no less. First come (as in money in our bank account first) first served. If you are not in the top four and you accidentally pay us we will of course refund you your money. In 2020. Banking details are as follows: Standard Bank Northcliff Branch Code 00 63 05 Current A/C 200 529 676 And then please let us know who you are when you put your cash in so that we can track and trace you. If you have to pay manually via credit card please note we'll be adding 4% to the bill because of the credit card charges. After this offer expires we will not be bringing in more books in the future at this price. The price will be closer to R1800 on any future copies at a rough guess because they will only be brought in on special order and then our bulk shipping prices will not kick in. *If the exchange rate improves in our favour which it looks like it might, we'll credit you with the difference. We're really not going to rip you off over a few rand here and there. 2. Big Koi Auction We're good to go on the auction! We have just on 57 or so Koi up for grabs the largest of which tips the scales at over 70 cm. It is a mixed bag and there is something there for everyone. Every fish must go so don't be shy to insult us with your bids. We have thick skins and remember, it's not where we start that matters on an auction, but where we finish! The auction is now live on Bid or Buy. Log in there – if you have not yet signed up with Bid or Buy click here and do so. You will have to be registered to take part – it's completely free. When on the site type in "happy koi" into the search box to find the Koi. Take your time and go through them all slowly. On the bigger fish that we will not be shipping via air freight owing to their size we have noted this on the auction. These large fish will need to be collected by you – we will box and bag all Koi as per normal and Koi can be collected from the pond directly. We will supply all winning bidders as to when and where they will need to collect their fish but it will be within 72 hours of the close of the auction owing to the circumstances of the auction. The location of the pond is 10 minutes drive away from us in Fairland. We cannot hold fish for anyone so please don't ask!

NB!! If you bid and you cannot collect your fish or accept it at your airport within 72 hours you will lose the Koi and your money. And you will also lose your good name and standing with Happy Koi! So please, for everyone's good relations, do not bid if you are unsure! A handy tip for the auction. Because we have so many Koi we are going to have two closing times – the first at 16:00 and the second at 16:30 on 9 July 2009. However if you are monitoring a few fish as you know the end of the auction can get a little hectic. So write down the fish you have to get a bid in on. Then write down the maximum bid you are prepared to put down on the Koi. Then use an AutoBid on Bid or Buy up to this amount. Your bid will auto increase till it hits your limit at which stage it will stop. But if no-one else wants to bid up the fish you'll pick it up for next to nothing! There are a lot of fish so focus on the few that interest YOU and bid on these. 3.In times of recession… A freebie. What with the electricity costs climbing to what they are and if you're not using a Pedrollo, well then you should get yourself one sooner rather than later we would suggest, Happy Koi once again has something for you free of charge. A while ago we commissioned ATEC Project Management to do a series of sketches for us in 3D of a typical Koi pond design. We used our fibreglass drop in instant Koi pond shell as a basis for the pond, and then we modelled the filtration around it. The idea was to generate a model in 3d that shows in one picture what would take 100 000 words to describe. And so, as we have to come learn rapidly from ATEC's way of doing things – they gave us a detailed 3D model to the point where you can manufacture to spec off the drawing if you are that way inclined. It blew us away and far exceeded anything we've seen anywhere else. We have 3 models developed – a gravity fed pump return system, a pump fed gravity return system and an ultra low energy gravity fed airlift return system which we are in fact using at our shop on our 12kl pond. Basically we are driving the pond water through the filters at around 8kl/hr using an 80W air pump. The models obviously revolve around our systems and of course they're basically off the shelf systems using our filtration models and mathematics behind them. But basically the cost of swimming pools pumps, high pressure filters and throwing electricity at a Koi pond to make it work are numbered. Look, if you have the money and want to waste it on 1970's technology feel free to knock yourselves out…(!) They cost us a pretty bundle to have modelled – when you drill into them you'll see why. As a valued subscriber to the Happy Koi News all you have to do to get your hands on these models is to send us an e-mail asking for them. That's it! 100% free! We'll direct you to the secret location where you can download these models, completely for free along with AutoDesk Design Review which you will need to install to view the models, which is also, yes, free!

Once you have this you can spin the model around, zoom in and out and basically knock yourself out. We'll also give you the annotated versions of the models along with a document explaining all the subtle details you need to know in order to go about building your own Koi pond – or for using as a checklist for the person who is building your Koi pond for you to ensure you are getting the right thing!

Warm regards, The Koi Boys PS. We protect all our member and friends information in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Your email address is not visible to other recipients nor do we pass your information on to any other organisations or companies. You have received this newsletter because you are a valued member, friend, partner or affiliate of Happy Koi. If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter please send an email with the word “Unsubscribe” in the subject line and you will be removed from our database.

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