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					DIRECTORY OF SERVICES Air-conditioning The air conditioning unit in your suite is operated by a hand held remote control. Please ensure your host/ess demonstrates the operation of the unit. A setting of 22°C or less is required for cooling and 23°C or more for heating. This machine reverses cycle to change its function and this process will take a few minutes. You are best advised to use the automatic setting as per enclosed instruction. This will keep your suite at 22°C (75°F). When the generators at the end of the train are switched for servicing, there is a momentary break in power and this is sufficient to turn your machine off. Press the start button and the unit will continue on its last setting. Bar Fridges and Tea Drawers There are bar fridges and tea drawers beneath the table in your suite. host/ess to fill them with your preference if not already included. Please ask your

Bathrooms Every suite has a bathroom en suite. The showers have a water-mixing tap; it is advisable to open to the cold-water side a little before the hot water when wanting to shower, as the hot water can be very hot. Bathroom Amenities A complete amenity bag is available in your cupboard. Please ask your host/ess for any replacement amenities that might be required. Children Please be sensitive to the adult nature and atmosphere of the train by keeping your children respectful and quiet. May we suggest that you give them an early dinner at 18h30 so that you may enjoy the relaxed and elegant atmosphere of the dining cars. The hostesses are available to look after the children by prior arrangement. Credit Cards and Currency Although Rovos Rail prices are all inclusive it is recommended that passengers have a small amount of Rands for on-board or off-train purchases. We do accept all major credit cards. Dietary Requirements We will do our best to cater for special dietary requirements such as vegetarians, vegans, diabetics etc., provided a detailed request has been made at the time of your reservation. If a special request has not been made, the chefs will endeavour to prepare suitable meals with the ingredients available on board. We regret however that we are unable to provide meals requiring strict religious observance in the preparation. Dress Code During the day, the dress is casual and comfortable. More formal attire is worn in the evening on the “Pride of Africa”. Collar & tie is a minimum requirement, please. Dressing Gown We provide a one-size-fits-all gown plus slippers for each guest. Should you wish to purchase a gown please enquire at the Gift Shop. 1

Electrical Current The electricity on the train is as follows: 220V AC 50Hz. The plugs are 3 point round pronged wall plugs. International adaptors are available – please ask your host/ess. There are 2 pin 110V plugs built in to the hairdryer. Excursions Please note that off-train excursions cannot be guaranteed and will only be undertaken if time and circumstances permit. We do our best to fulfil our obligations, but it goes without saying that with many locomotive changes and other logistical permutations it is not uncommon to be delayed in Africa. It is advisable you to wear a hat and sunglasses and to use a high SPF block when exposed to the sun. If you are going on a game drive please dress warmly for an early morning game drive and please be advised that as an evening drive progresses the weather can cool down considerably so please also ensure that you take warm clothing. Rain capes will be available if required. Fire Extinguisher There is a fire extinguisher in your suite or at the end of the passage. Please be quick to apply it if a fire should break out. If it cannot be controlled, please advise staff immediately. The train will be brought to a halt for the required action. Do not jump from a moving train. Please refer to the safety section of this folder. First Aid Please contact the deputy train manager. Gift Shop There is a small gift shop on board and at our station premises at Capital Park in Pretoria. Due to the varying exchange rates, the use of credit cards is preferred. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Diners Club. The shop is situated in the centre lounge car and is open between meals. The host/ess on duty has a basic first aid kit and personal essentials (toothbrushes, razors, etc.). He/she will also fulfil any administrative requirements and check your onward arrangements. Gratuities There is an envelope addressed to the Train Manager which may, at your discretion, be used for gratuities for which I thank you in advance. Please do not leave these in your suite but be so kind as to hand directly to the Train Manager. Guest Comments Thank you for choosing Rovos Rail. Please help me evaluate our success in meeting your expectations by completing the comment sheet in your itinerary pack. You will find an envelope addressed to me in your itinerary pack which may be used for the comment sheet. Hairdryer Plug in hairdryers, in addition to your bathroom unit, are available on board. Please ask your host/ess. Housekeeping Your suite is cleaned daily and there is a nightly turn down service. Should you require extra fresh towels, amenities etc please contact your host/ess. Ice Two small ice trays are placed in the freezer section of your fridge. Extra ice is available on request. Please ask your host/ess. Laundry There is a LIMITED laundry service on board comprising of household washers, dryers and steam irons. The turn around is 48 hours so the staff are not able to handle a week’s worth of washing. Please complete the relevant laundry or pressing document and advise your host/ess if your clothing needs specialist attention. Please note that while we are providing a complimentary service we cannot be held responsible for items which may be damaged or lost in the process. 2

Magazines, Maps and Games There are maps and itineraries in your suite denoting times of meals, arrivals, etc. We do endeavour to maintain an accurate schedule (logistical gymnastics most times). If the maps supplied are not comprehensive enough you may purchase a detailed road map from the gift shop. There are board games, playing cards, a card table, books and magazines available for your use in the Lounge and Observation Cars whilst on board the train. Meals Breakfast will be served between 07h00 and 10h00. Lunch will be served at 13h00. A formal dinner will be served at 19h30. All meals are served at one sitting only in the dining cars. Lunch and dinner are heralded by a gong. All meals will be served at the above times unless otherwise stated in your timetable. Mobile phones, Laptops and Electronic Devices The reception is poor while the train is moving, but does improve when we are stationary or near main roads. Please note that the use of mobile telephones, laptop computers and other electronic devices is forbidden in all the public areas. You may use your mobile and computer (quietly) in the privacy of your suite. Money Exchange Money might be exchanged by the Gift Shop attendant if currency is available. It is not normally catered for. Passports If passports are required the Gift Shop host/ess will provide the necessary forms to be filled in, and will endeavour to clear the borders without inconveniencing you (endeavour being the operative word). Postage Stamps are available for sale from the Gift Shop. Postcards may be posted in the post box at the entrance to the observation car or at Capital Park Station in Pretoria. Safe An electronic safe is provided in the cupboard in each suite. The safe is set on 4 zeros which may be reset with your own code. Please remember your code and also to leave the safe open at the end of your journey. Security Please close shutters or preferably shutter and window if leaving your suite. If left open the temptation provided for anyone standing on the platform might be too great. Safes are provided in your suite for valuables. Please refer to the safety section of this folder. Service There is a hook outside your door on which to hang the provided red or white tags for room service. If you might need service between 24h00 and 06h00 please ask your host/ess to indicate where she is billeted and what her telephone number is. (They enjoy being woken around 04h00). Please check your guest list for all the telephone numbers. Shoeshine There is a shoe cleaning sponge in the amenity bag for your personal use. Should you wish to have your shoes cleaned by your host/ess please place them in the bag provided in the cupboard. Smoking Smoking is allowed in the privacy of the suites and in the Club Car. Please do not throw flammable items such as cigarette butts off the train, as bush fires in Africa are a constant and dangerous hazard.


Special Occasions We would like to celebrate your special occasion with you. Please advise the train manager of any birthday, anniversary or other event upon boarding the train. Shaving Plugs There are 110V 2 prong plugs for shavers and a 220V 2 pin plug for chargers. Telephone There is an internal telephone system on board enabling calls to the train manager, host/ess, bars, kitchen and lounges. Please familiarize yourself with the relevant telephone numbers on your Guest list. Temperature All the public cars are fitted with gas-filled air-conditioning systems. For the comfort of guests, each suite has an individual air-conditioner with individual temperature controls which range from 18 to 24°C (65 to 77°F). Fresh air intake is simply solved by opening a window! Please close all windows while operating the air-conditioning unit. During cold periods your air-conditioning unit can be set on heat mode. Electric under-blankets are fitted on the bed. The Track The track over which we travel is inconsistently maintained. If you are a light sleeper and wake at night imagining the train is travelling at high speed, be assured it is the state of the track below that is creating that impression. We restrict the train to 60kmph and over the bad sections reduce speed to as little as 20kmph. A sleeping tablet or a wee bit more of your favourite tipple might be appropriate. Earplugs are available on request – not only for the train mind you! The Train The make up of the train (generally) is as follows: Behind the locomotives there is a generator car, staff car, guest sleepers, a non-smoking lounge car, two non-smoking 42 seat dining cars (plenty of space for the maximum of 72 passengers carried) with the kitchen car in between (centre of the train), more guest sleepers, a smokers lounge and the Observation Car at the tail. Please do not remove anything from the Train. The staff are held responsible for their allocated areas and are obliged to report any shortages to the Manager. Time Zones South Africa is ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) as follows all year round Southern hemisphere summer season: 1 October – 1 May: 2 hours ahead. Towels If you wish to have your towels changed please place them in the shower basin. Victoria Falls Journey (from Cape Town) If you are travelling with us from Cape Town to Victoria Falls or vice versa, we do have an overnight stop in Pretoria. You may leave most of your luggage on board if you wish, but this will be at your own risk. We do have to service the train and this entails electricians, plumbers, carpenters and cleaners working through the carriages. Every endeavour will be made however to protect your belongings. Water Water inside the suites has been filtered and chlorinated; it is safe for bathing and brushing teeth only. Please use the bottled water provided in your bar fridge for drinking.

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