PALM BEACH LANDINGS CONDOMINIUM ASSOCIATION, INC. 2885 Palm Beach Boulevard Fort Myers, FL 33916 239-334-2004 Board of Directors
Jacquelyn Koehler, President Chris Cifatte, Vice President Steve Daria, Secretary Mike Jaffe, Treasurer Jane Deegan, Director

MINUTES FOR BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING JULY 22, 2008 Meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Jackie Koehler, President. Roll call of officers was taken: Jackie Koehler, Chris Cifatte, Jane Deegan, Mike Jaffe and Steve Daria were present. A quorum was established. Also present was Sue Donahue, Manager. Proof of notice was given with the dated agenda was posted on July 18, 2008. A motion was made to waive the reading of the minutes from the June24, 2008 regular board meeting Jackie Koehler and seconded by Chris Cifatte. The motion passed unanimously. A motion was made by Jackie Koehler to approve the minutes as presented from the Board Meeting held June 24, 2008 as presented. The motion was seconded by Chris Cifatte and passed unanimously. The treasurer’s report was given by Manager Sue Donahue (Attachment 1). The manager’s report was submitted. (Attachment 2) OLD BUSINESS: A motion was made by Jackie Koehler to ratify the vote to amend the agenda to include the replacement of the tile in the kitchen that was damaged when the hot water heater leaked. The motion to amend was seconded by Jane Deegan and passed unanimously. A motion was made by Jackie Koehler to ratify the vote to use the ceramic tile that we have for the kitchen area and have Robert install it. The Motion was seconded by Jane Deegan and passed unanimously. A motion was made by Jackie Koehler to ratify the vote to have an addition zone added to the sprinkler system to cover he new palms along the wall. The motion was seconded by Chris Cifatte and passed unanimously. Closet for Chairs: A motion was made by Chris Cifatte to have Robert construct a closet in the rec. room to store the extra chairs in. The closet is to be constructed using sliding doors at a cost of $150.00. The motion was seconded by Jane Deegan and passed unanimously.

New Business: Vote to Retro Fit: The manager was instructed to get an estimate as to the cost of retro fitting the sprinklers in all units. The state is requiring this to be done. We are within the specification set by the state to opt out of this if we choose. Lawn Care: The mow has been in the shop since July 3rd with the need parts on back order. We will try to come up with an alternative way to mow the grass if this should happen again. Legal Fee Expenses: Steve Daria stated that Mr. Barrow owner of unit A102 requested that this be put on the agenda. His concern was that Sue and Jackie are contacting the attorney without the permission of the board. Permission had been granted through a client privilege relationship with the attorney and nothing was done wrongly. Jackie stated that we cannot discuss further specifics, but this latest occurrence with the Barrows calling the police demanding that Sue be arrested is just the latest in what the Board has had to deal with in the last year. The Barrow’s have and continue to make numerous and repetitive demands on the Board and have filed at least one complaint against the Association with the State. As a consequence, we have had to exhaust and in fact exceed our legal budget. We would hope that the need for legal assistance to respond to these complaints, charges and demands will subside, but the Board needs to protect the Association and these expenses are unfortunately necessary in light of the circumstances. Tops of Buildings: A discussion was had about pressure washing the tops of the buildings. The manager stated that she saw two very small areas that have some mold on them and asked that considering the extensive set up that we wait until we need to pressure clean the roof or more of the trim around the building. No action was taken on this item at this time. Entry ways: A discussion was held on the entries about the plants. It was discussed that the landscaping committee is looking into this at this time. No further action was required at this time. Maintenance overview: Steve Daria wanted a report from the manager as to how she felt that Robert, our maintenance person is doing. The manager stated that she felt he is doing very well. He is very good at the outside work with his knowledge of all the Florida plants and he is exceptional in repair work that has and will save us money. He has never been a cleaner and need work in that area. Being a man he is not use to having to clean and what is expected from his is still being defined. Bruce was a cleaner because he had a cleaning service and knew what he was to do but he was not a landscaper. It is hard to find someone who is knowledgeable at both. We will continue to work on the cleaning. No further action was taken on this item. Sofa bed and screening C601: Jackie Koehler offered to donate to the association her sofa bed that she is replacing to replace the one that was removed. The board declined the offer stating that we really do not need one in the rec. room. Jackie Koehler also presented information on roll down screening that she would like to put on her lanai. A motion was made by Chris Cifatte to permit Jackie Koehler to install the screening and to set up an acceptable procedure to permit other owners to do the same with written permission from the Board or an agent there of. The motion was seconded by Jane Deegan and passed with 4 votes of the board. Jackie Koehler abstained from the vote due to the conflict of interest because it was her unit. Owner correspondence: A letter was read from Mrs. Paul Barrow about the manager. Her complaint was on the behavior of the manager on the 4th of July when fire works were being set off on the property. See attached. A response to this letter from Jane Deegan was: I would like to suggest that the board respond to Mrs. Barrow's complaint be drafted to explain that as an owner Ms. Donahue is responsible for insuring that The PBL condo rules, regulation and documents are followed and if either party had

called the police the tenant would have been arrested or at the least been ticketed for breaking the law. As an owner Mrs. Barrow's should appreciate the fact that we have a vigilant manager who may have prevented a violation against the Association or a fire. It was Ms. Donahue's responsibility to stop any tenant or owner form improper or illegal conduct on the property and as the board we support her actions. Jackie Koehler seconded Jane’s comments. The letter stated that they were not setting off fire works but two owners present at the meeting disagreed. One stated that they picked up large rockets out of the field and the other stated that she saw them setting off fire works and not just caps. There was no further owner correspondence at this time. Committee Reports: Jackie Koehler Chairperson of the landscaping committee asked for permission to contact the board on approval for the plan being drawn up by Mr. Scrivener for the property. A landscaping committee meeting will be held to discuss the plan when it is ready. There were no other committee reports at this time. With no further business: A motion was made to adjourn at 8:20 PM by Chris Cifatte. The motion was seconded by Jane Deegan Koehler. The motion carried unanimously. Respectively Submitted: Sueann S. Donahue, Manager For Steve Daria, Secretary

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