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No : ...... /HR/TA Date : .... / ..... / 200.... This Lease contract is signed on in Binh Duong province, Vietnam. BETWEEN: : Branch of Ham Rong Corperation Thien An Services & Trading Center

SIDE A (The Lessor) -

Represented by: Position: Address: 88/10 Dong Nhi ward, Lai Thieu town, Thuan An, District, Binh Duong province. Tel: 0650.760491 Fax: 0650.760689 Account number : Account number :

Hereinafter referred as The Lessor. AND: SIDE B (The Lessee): - Represented by: - Position: - Tel: Fax: - Address: - Account Number: - Tax Code: Hereinafter referred as The Lessee BOTH SIDES HAVE AGREED TO SIGN A CONTRACT FOR LEASING: Article 1: Requirements for leasing: 1. Purpose of using : the leased premises shall be used for living. 2. - The apartment number : 203 - The square of the leased premises : 70 m2 . - It includes: 01 livingroom, 02 bedroom, 01 kitchen, 02 restrooms, 02 balconies . The Lessor (side A) provides the following furnitures and equipments for The Lessee (side B) to use: 1) Livingroom: 1/ 01 sofa set. 2/ 01 dinning table+ 2 chairs. 3/ 01 telephone. 4/ 01 TV table +01 Television (cable TV). 5/ 01 air conditioners. 6/ 01 ceiling fan. 2) Two Bedrooms: 1/ 02 beds + 02 mattresses + 02 draps + 02 cotton blankets + 02 pillows + 02 embracing pillows. 2/ 02 bed sideboards.
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3/ 02 wardrobes. 4/ 02 air conditioners. 5/ Light systems. 3) Kitchen: 1/ 01 refridgerator. 2/ 01 washing machine. 3/ 01 gas cooker . 4) Two Restrooms: 1/ 01 Water cooler – heater. -The leased premises, electricity, water supply systems, furnitures and equipments will be transferred to The Lessee in their good, brand-new conditions. 3. Duration of the lease from .... / .... / 200.... to ..... / ....../ 200.... 4. The rent is ............ USD/month ( ......................................... ) - not including 10% VAT - not including charges for using electricity, water supply, telephone, cable service charge. These charges shall be paid by the Lessee according to the consumption.  Electricity price : .................. VND/KW(not including 10% VAT).  Water price : ....................... VND/m3 (not including 10% VAT). - ADSL = .................... USD / month (if used). Article 2: Payment methods: 1. The rent shall be paid in cash or by bank transfer. 2. The Lessee will pay a for 12 months’ rent fee when check in. Total amount is ............. USD (................................... US dollar). Article 3: Responsibilities of the Lessor ( Side A ) : 1.To give the furnitures and equipments for The Lessee on the date of validity of the lease contract. 2. To ensure The Lessee’s rights to occupy the leased premises fully and separately. To ensure security and safety 24/24. 3.To repair in time all the damages related to the construction structure of the leased premises or equipments provided by The Lessor after being informed in paper by The Lessee. 4.To guide The Lessee to abide by correctly the temporary residence registration stipulation. Article 4: Responsibilities of The Lessee (Side B) : 1. The rent shall be paid within the required time. 2. Only use the apartment for living. The Lessee has no rights to change the structures as well as transfer the apartment to others. 3. Do not store the forbidden things inside the apartment or play gamble or take drugs or prostitutes. 4. To comply with the regulation of the residence area about keeping hygiene, environment, security and order. 5. To inform The Lessor in case The Lessee wants to take a partner, a friend, etc. to the apartment to stay overnight so that The Lessor will have to register his/her residence at the local police station. 6. When the contract is expired, if the furnitures or equipments are damaged, The Lessee has to compensate to The Lessor depending on the damage conditions as agreed. Article 5: General provision:
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1. Both sides are committed to implement fully and correctly the signed contract. In case, one side wants to end the contract before its term, this side must inform the other side at least 1 month 2. All changes and additions to this lease contract must be agreed by both sides. In case, there is any dispute, the matter will be settled through negotiation. If solution is not found, the matter will be referred to The Court and its settlement will be the final one. 3. This lease contract is made in 4 copies (including two Vietnamese copies and two English copies) with equal validity, each side keeps 2 copies. THE LESSOR ( Side A) (Signature and seal) THE LESSEE (Side B ) (Signature and seal)

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