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					Academic Excellence
Redhill High School provides an enlightened, stimulating academic environment in which new ideas can be explored. Our teachers are given the freedom to teach creatively beyond the limitations of the formal syllabus. Strategies for thinking and learning are part of the mainstream of teaching. Frequent staff workshops provide exposure to progressive methodology and ideas. Most of our teachers are involved in the Independent Examination Board’s (I.E.B.) Curriculum Development groups or are examiners. In Grades 8 to 9 innovative curricula include Technology, Computer Skills, and Co-operative Learning. In Grades 11 and 12 pupils are prepared for the internationally recognised I.E.B. Senior Certificate Examination which places the emphasis on application of skills rather than rote learning. Continuous assessment is integral to the I.E.B. approach. A significant number of Redhill pupils study eight subjects rather than the stipulated seven. The splendid record of Redhill students at university testifies to the high standard of our education. For over 30 years Redhill has had a 100% matric pass rate, and for many years, 100% of our university aspirants have been successful. Summaries of the past years’ results are available from the school. High School pupils are exposed to a multitude of speakers, presentations, tours, trips, practical exercises and investigative projects. They are also involved in a wide variety of Olympiads, Expositions, Competitions and Festivals. Classes are small, not in excess of 26 pupils per class, usually fewer. Our matriculants range from 70 – 90 per year, allowing for close relationships to develop between teacher, child and parents. We draw on the rich experience and skills of our parent body, as well as the larger community, for assistance in many areas of our work. A comprehensive report is issued at the end of each term and interim reports are issued at half term. Regular meetings between teachers and parents are held and a weekly newsletter – The High Flyer – informs pupils and parents of school policies and activities. The academic support and extension offered to our pupils is varied and extensive. A summary is available from the Headmaster’s Secretary. Our campus has been extended and improved over the past years. It includes three Computer Centres (as well as networked computers in most classrooms), modern, spacious science and biology laboratories, an auditorium, art and design studios, a forum for outdoor drama and a media centre.

Sports Focus
In Grades 8 to 10 every pupil is required to play a minimum of one sport per season. In Grades 11 and 12 pupils must be involved in at least one extra-curricular activity per season (sporting or cultural). Sports offered are: cricket, swimming, tennis, rugby, hockey (field and 8-a-side), netball (and action netball), athletics (field and track), basketball, equestrian disciplines, aerobics, dance and soccer. Each pupil is encouraged to achieve to his or her potential and is coached by experts. We compete against schools far larger in numbers than ourselves and a number of pupils have gained provincial colours. Our emphasis is not on winning at all costs, but on enjoyment, all-round growth and sportsmanship.

Redhill School. 20 Summit Road, Morningside, Sandton. Website: Redhill Pre-Preparatory Redhill Preparatory Redhill High Tel: +27 11 883 3443 Tel: +27 11 783 6903 Tel: +27 11 783 4707 Fax: +27 11 883 4037 Fax: +27 11 883 9651 Fax: +27 11 883 9652 Our mission is to be a world-class, South African learning community, building leaders for their time.

Cultural Activities
Redhill is recognised as a centre of cultural excellence. There are several opportunities for participation in drama and our public speakers have achieved splendid results and debating is offered at junior and senior levels. The teaching of piano, violin, guitar, woodwind, marimbas and singing is offered on campus. Various clubs and societies are organised each year, depending on the interests of the pupils. Over the past few years these have included: Computer Club, Photography Club, newsletter and magazine teams, Graphic Design and Art Club, Chess Club, S.C.A. and S.J.A.

Uniquely Caring
Our tutor system allows each pupil to choose a member of staff as his/her tutor. The tutor assists the pupil with any matter relating to schoolwork, sport and social relationships. Staff are able to assist our qualified counsellor in providing pastoral care and guidance. A matric ‘buddy’ system is also in place to assist new pupils. The matric leadership group (supported by senior teachers) runs a four-day orientation programme (including a camp) for Grade 8s. We do not tolerate initiation or bullying of any kind. Many overseas tours have been arranged over the past years. These include cycle tours, language department and history tours to France, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, England, Austria, Vietnam, Ireland and Wales. Regular ‘safaris’ are offered within Southern Africa. These have hiked or travelled through such areas as Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, the Wild Coast, the Drakensberg Mountains, the Otter Trail, Lapalala Wilderness, the Pilanesberg and Cape Town. A recent addition is our overseas sport tours: Rugby and hockey to Argentina, netball to Malaysia, and cricket and tennis to the UK. Redhill aims to awaken and encourage a sense of social awareness and community spirit. The High School has a vibrant Interact Club, run by senior students; a Social Awareness Committee, run by a matric committee, and a wide range of Outreach activities. In the belief that every child has something to offer and should never feel demotivated or left out, we reject the prefect system as both limiting and limited. Instead, every matriculant assumes responsibility and is rewarded in terms of meeting that responsibility. The matrics play a vital and active role in establishing and implementing school policy, and they organise and serve on a variety of portfolios. Our matric executive system has been in place for many years and leading Independent schools are now following our lead.

Admission Policy
Redhill is a multi-cultural, co-educational and multi-faith school. Many pupils enter in Grade 8 and many come from our Preparatory School. An entrance examination is written in early March by Grade 7 pupils. During the same week parents and pupils can attend our Open Day. Where vacancies occur higher in the school, places are allocated on the basis of the child’s latest school report and an interview with the Headmaster. Where classes are full, parents may wish to place their child’s name on our waiting list. A nominal administration fee is charged for this facility.

Further Information
The following documents provide further information about the High School: • Discipline with Dignity - a Redhill approach. • Academic Support and Extension in the High School. • The Essence of Education at Redhill. • The Redhill Code. • New Pupil’s Handbook. • “The Redhillian” - our annual yearbook. • “High Flyer” - our weekly newsletter. • School fees and application forms.

Our mission is to be a world-class, South African learning community, building leaders for their time.

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