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					Wheels for God’s Word Wheels for God’s Word & Word on Wheels & Word on Wheels
P.O. Box 6, Parow, 7499, South Africa 20th Edition

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Proclaiming Christ in Botswana and Mozambique
Botswana Pastor Robert Bakwadi extended an invitation to Wheels for God's Word to come and minister in Botswana. Wheels for God's Word was able to accept that invitation and accordingly an evangelism training conference was arranged in Gaborone. Moreover, Pastor Len van Onselen also invited Pastor Raymond Lombard to Lobatse in Botswana. In total, 24 pastors and evangelists were trained in the use of the Heart of Man chart in Gaborone and Lobatse respectively. Due to the fact that Wheels for God’s Word have had two conferences in Botswana previously (in which bicycles were distributed to pastors and evangelists), we only had a request for 8 bicycles at this point in time. Besides the 8 bicycles, the following Christian material was also distributed: 75 Bibles, 150 Heart of Man booklets (in English and Tswana), 30 large Heart of Man charts, and 20 pocket-size Heart of Man charts.

Above: Evangelists receiving bicycles in Lobatse.

Mozambique Pastor Dick Roberts (Missions Director of the Full Gospel Church of God in Southern Africa) asked Pastor Lombard to preside over the yearly graduation ceremony of the Full Gospel Church of God in Mozambique on his behalf. This invitation also provided an opportunity for Wheels for God's Word to arrange an evangelism training conference by invitation of the then secretary general of the Full Gospel Church of God in Mozambique, Pastor Lazaro Muzui. 60 pastors and evangelists and their wives attended the training conference in Maputo.
Most of the pastors and evangelists came from the southern part of Mozambique, although some of them also came from other areas. Bicycles (35) were distributed at the Maputo conference, as well as the following Christian material: 65 Bibles, 40 Large Heart of Man charts, 75 Heart of Man booklets (in Xitswa, Portuguese, and Shangaan), and 40 pocket-size Heart of Man charts. All glory to God for the success of these outreaches!

Above: Pastors and evangelists receiving bicycles and literature in Maputo, Mozambique.

Please pray for missions!

Good News for Madagascar!

Above: Pastors and evangelists receiving bicycles in Belo.

Above: Pastor Mark Duncan standing with some bicycles.

Above: On our way to Sakoamadinika with our special missions river boat.

Above: Evangelism with the Heart of Man chart in Sakoamadinika.

Wheels for God’s Word and Word on Wheels undertook an outreach to Madagascar, in partnership with our good friend Nic Strydom. The outreach consisted of one training conference in Belo, as well as an outreach to Sakoamadinika. At the Belo training conference, 22 pastors and evangelists were trained. The following material was distributed: 100 Bibles, 40 large Heart of Man Charts, 150 pocket-size Heart of Man Charts and 20 bicycles. We thank God for the success of the conference and pray that He will multiply the fruit that is brought forth by the conference, as well as the outreach to Sakoamadinika.

Training Conference in Pemba, Northern Mozambique
Wheels for God’s Word and Word on Wheels conducted an evangalization training conference in Pemba, Mozambique, during April 2008. We thank the Lord for blessing this conference in a special way. We are also very excited about a church building project for Pemba. By the grace of God, we have already been able to purchase a property in Pemba for the construction of a church. At this stage we have one possible donor who would like to contribute to this church building project. There is truly a great need for a church building in this particular village in Pemba. The property that we bought is located in the heart of this village where there is a great need for the presence of the Lord. Please remember this project in Pemba in your prayers.

Above: Pastors and evangelists receiving bicycles in Pemba.

Above: New church property in Pemba.

Hi Raymond, I am back in South Africa after a blessed outreach. I am glad to give you some feedback about the work with the bicycles and Heart of Man charts and pocket-size charts. Since your visit in October 2007, the teams have worked in five different villages. They trained 15 new workers with the Heart of Man chart. 126 homes were visited (with pocket-size charts). The gospel was shared with 212 adults and 179 children. 83 adults gave their life to the Lord. Two open air gatherings were held. At these occasions the Gospel was shared with 1700 people. A new congregation, with 80 members, was established in a village 14 km north of Belo. Jule, the guy on the boat who put out the ropes, is pastoring the congregation on a full-time basis. I have made him available for this purpose. Once again, thank you very much for the input that Wheels for God's Word has made in our ministry. In the last couple of months we have achieved more that in the last three years! May the Lord continue to bless you! Regards and peace to you all! Nic Strydom

Wheels for God’s Word Information
ADDRESS Wheels for God’s Word P.O. Box 6 PAROW 7499 SOUTH AFRICA TELEPHONE / FAX Cell (Rev. Lombard): 083 658 5474 Cell (Marno Retief): 082 751 8416 Fax no.: (27-21) 939 0092 WEBSITE ADDRESS www.wheelsforgod.org.za E-mail: wheelsforgod@gmail.com BANK DETAILS Wheels for God’s Word Bank: Absa Bank (PAROW) Branch code: 502-110 Acc.name: Wheels for God’s Word Acc.no.: 0390 171331 INTERNATIONAL BANK DETAILS Sort Code: 502 11044 Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ Account No.: 0390 171 331

Dear Brother Raymond, Many greetings to you in the lovely name of Jesus Christ, the soon coming King of Kings. I'm glad to report to you that the Heart Charts are doing great work in non born again peoples' lives. Many Moslems have given their lives to Christ after realising that some of those animals [which appear on the Heart Chart] are in their hearts; as I speak some of them have become soul winners. Some of them have started pastoring Churches and others are working as Evangelists. We have been able to plant Churches where we previously did not have and we have been able to enter new districts. More reports concerning the Heart Chart will be coming. Thank you. May the Almighty God bless you. Yoked together in His Service, Pastor Joseph Kagarama

How to help
A complete package (consisting of a bicycle, Heart of Man chart and other Christian literature) costs R700. By donating R60 per month for a year you will sponsor one such package for a pastor or evangelist working in Africa. If you would like to make a donation to sponsor a pastor(s) or evangelist(s) in Africa with such a package, you can do a deposit into our bank account or send a cheque to the following address: Wheels for God's Word, P.O. Box 6, Parow, 7499, South Africa

Should you wish to support Wheels for God’s Word, by buying a bicycle or a Heart of Man chart, your donation may be deposited into our banking account or posted to our mailing address. Please include your postal address so that we can send you a receipt and also place you on our newsletter mailing list. Alternatively you may fax a copy of your deposit slip.

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