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									012: Man’s Greatest Adventure
- Dr. Desre Coertze

You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour. Now you must go back and tell people that this is the hour. The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves. Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for. The Hopi Elders Since the Beginning, from a point of Light, a Plan was set in place to unfold: the creation of a physical and non-physical universe through which the Light could experience. Nine different levels of Universal Intelligence were created, unfolding in galaxies, suns, moons, and planets. The ultimate creation in the universe was to be Man – the only part of Creation through which the Light could fully experience Itself. Over millions of years, man existed on Earth mastered by the laws of physicality and ego, all the while moving further and further away from the Source and forgetting his true nature. Part of the original plan of Creation was for the Light to return to Source, to once again recognize the God-within, to look beyond the illusion of separation and finally integrate. Two attempts failed. Lemuria 100,000 BC and Atlantis 25 000 BC. The nature of the Light being Love – a third attempt was granted. Another attempt in finding our way home – the year 2012. This third attempt, referred to as the Ascension, the Shift of All Ages, is already un folding and will reach a final turning point on the 21 December 2012. In a quest to understand the Ascension, the premise is to understand The Beginning and the process that brought the human race to where it is today – ascending into the fourth and fifth dimension. Understanding the Beginning of ALL THAT IS, the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning without end, a Point of Light is constituted to describe the nature of God. The process of Creation being the fragmentation of the One into nine different dimensions of Consciousness or Universal Intelligence. An illusion of separateness was created through the fragmentation and brought about a

forgetfulness of being One. From this point of separation, the fragmented One will need to create, from It’s own devine nature, the remembrance to unite again and through that return to the Source. Over a period of time, Earth, nature, animals and humans were created through a process of applied power and imagination. Moving from the ninth dimension (light) to the eighth dimension (organizational field of light) to the seventh (sound) to the sixth(geometric forms) to the fifth dimension (enlightenment) to the fourth dimension(collective mind), the third dimension (ego and fear) to the two lower dimensions that manifested Mother Earth (the core and telluric world) and physical life. The process of the Shift – The Ascension – is the shift from the third dimension (earth, man, ego and fear) into a higher level of existence the fourth dimension (collective mind – seeing ourselves as One) through to the fifth dimension (enlightenment ). Existing in the fifth dimension man will have access to the higher dimensions six to nine and be God while in physical body. This Event of All Ages is about taking the whole of the physical world and moving it back up the Ladder of Creation/ Tree of Life, or back into the higher dimensions. It is a quantum event that affects the whole physical Universe. When matter ascends it’s base energy level jumps – it vibrates faster and becomes less dense. The Ascension is simply an energetic event. It is a universal event. All life on Earth, the planet itself, the solar system and all things in the Universe will all transcend the boundaries of the universe. Defragmenting – finding it’s way back to the Source. Humanity and Planet Earth is currently going through a huge change or shift in consciousness and reality perception . Modern day climate experts and geographical scientists present overwhelming material and evidence that deals primarily with geographical processes that may lead to vast changes in the geography of the globe (recent tsunamis, Katrina, increased volcanic eruptions and weather changes) culminating in a cataclysmic pole shift. Time is collapsing. For thousands of years the Schumann Resonance of pulse (heartbeat) of earth has been 7.83 cycles per second. Since 1980 this resonance has been slowly rising. It is now only 12 cycles per second. Indicating that time is speeding up. If time, being the line between having a thought and manifesting it , is speeding up, indications are that the human race and Earth are no longer limited to the unresponsiveness of the physicality of the lower three dimensions. At this time in the history on Earth and the Universe we create with less effort and have the opportunity to achieve more in lesser time. We have the opportunity to change our reality in a shorter span of time. Whether we come from fear and ego or from the heart . We are creating our reality with less effort.

Edgar Cayce predicted that the changes will be immense in terms of physical changes on Earth, but that the major changes will be spiritual. Not in the form of organized religion, but in awareness, attitude and care for others. Studying the Mayan Calendar’s 13 Baktun cycles brings understanding of creation on Earth from 3113 BC until 2012 AD. According to the main Calendar a great movement of transformation awaits us as we arrive in 2012. This calendar, the most accurate on the planet (it has never erred) predicts that by 2012 we will go beyond tecnology as we know it today. We will have gone beyond time and money. We will have entered the fifth dimension (enlightenment) after passing through fourth dimension (collective mind – seeing and experiencing ourselves as One with everything.) Reaching the fifth dimension – enlightenment, indicates man to a quire the ability to experience himself as a integrated being. One with himself and everything that exists in his reality. This leap in consciousness is brought about by integrating the soul , body, mind and emotion. As the Bigger plan unfolded man was created as the only part of Creation through which the Source could experience Itself completely in physicality. Man’s chakra system being the only multidimensional manifestation device through which divine energy is manifested in matter. For millions of years man has manifested from the lower three of the seven main charkas. Mainly focused on physical survival (root chakra) and predominantly functioning and creating a world and reality from fear (sacral chakra and solar plexus). Moving into the fourth dimension indicates a shift from living from fear (solar plexus) to living from the heart (heart chakra). The heart forming a bridge between the lower three chakras and the higher chakras (six to nine). In order to live from the heart man is challenged to face his fears and integrate his darker side. In the process we are learning to live from a point of power and not fear. In effect the Ascension is about a change in perception. Changing the way we look at things will change the things we look at. By changing the way we look at God/Source/The Universal Mind and our role in it as co – creators – we are busy creating a new world, a better world for all of us. The process of change indicates simultaneous awakening and activating on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. On a physical level we get to know, accept and love all about ourselves, both the lighter and darker sides. Follow a healthy diet, regular exercise, spend time in nature, sleep enough and drink plenty of water. Emotionally we are revisiting all anger, processing it. Forgiving ourselves and others. We allow our emotions to be the indicators as to where we are and how we are. Always returning to a point of gratitude. We accept that we create our own world and take responsibility for it.

Mentally we are changing the way we look at God/Source, Creation and ourselves. We accept that everything is energy. That God is energy. Creation is simply the fragmentation of the Source which created an illusion of separation. Fear supports the illusion of separateness. In order to ascend we have to walk through our fears and start living from the heart. Through healing and transforming ourselves, we transform the world. On a spiritual level the soul needs to be nurtured through meditation, prayer, journaling , manifestation of our desires, creativity, chakra and kundalini activation. As beings of light we have all chosen to play an enormous variety of challenging roles in order to help the whole planet and the rest of the physical universe to ascend. We are all participating in one way or another whether we are aware of it or not. We have been preparing for eons of time to co – create a new reality on Earth during this cosmic event. Through our various life experiences we have developed unique skills, training, understanding and wisdom that no one else possesses in exactly the same way. It is important that we all go within to the deepest recesses of our hearts as we fulfill the mission we volunteered to do on earth prior to the Shift of All Ages. It is time to remember who we are and why we are here. We are the one’s we have been waiting for.

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