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Go NoN-surGIcaL – The possIbILITIes are eNdLess B even out a discoloured skin tone B smooth wrinkles and lines B Lift brows and lids without a snip B Make lips full and sexy again B Zap redness and broken veins B Give skin a fresh and dewy look

result for both lip and nose to mouth lines is a fresh and rested look.” don’t worry about getting a trout pout that won’t reduce, restylane is safe and non-permanent. recoverY tIme? there may be a little redness and swelling when it’s just been done, but that calms after two days. Fillers last for four months the first time, six to eight months subsequently. cost: Between r2 000 and r4 000 and you get your own needle and syringe. Renew Clinic, 17 Eaton Road, Bryanston. Call (011) 514 0800, www.renewclinics. or e-mail


My skin is okay, but deep crow’s feet around my eyes are getting me down. I don’t want injections as I dread the frozen look.
A Our experts reckon the latest thermage procedure is the one to go for. it’s a great treatment for crow’s feet because it’s proven to tighten, contour and totally rejuvenate your skin and improve the visible lines on your face. the thermaCool system uses radiofrequency technology to stimulate new collagen production, so your skin will look bright and healthy. it’s completely safe, so you can work on your entire face and get some wonderful results. Does It hurt? the procedure is simple and, depending on the size of the area being treated, it can take as little as 20 minutes. the benefit is that the recovery time is short, so you can get on with your normal daily routine. A single treatment produces results for most patients, but for those who take longer to respond to treatments, improvements will appear gradually from two to six months. cost: A series of treatments starts from r9 000, depending on how many sessions you have. For more information, call (011) 483 8001 or visit for a list of practitioners in your area.


My skin looks tired and sagging. I’ve heard that vitamin injections can brighten and plump skin up. What do I ask for?
A You must mean Mesotherapy – hot in France where they use the technique for all kinds of treatments (injecting the dermis layer under the skin with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids), but still making its name here as a “Mesolift” treatment. it offers rejuvenation for the face – vitamins, antioxidants and minerals tailored to your skin can plump, tighten and rehydrate. A similar technique (with different ingredients) is used for cellulite reduction and firming up bingo wings, as it improves skin elasticity. hoW mANY INjectIoNs? the “mesolift” is usually performed in an initial series of two to four treatments spaced a week apart. recoverY tIme? none! Just have it and go. unlike fillers, there’s no time limit on it, so when you feel you need another treatment you can go ahead. with Mesolift treatments, results are maintained twice a year with touch-up sessions. A big positive is that it’s done so close to the surface you can barely feel it at all. cost: the cost per treatment is r1 000 for face, and when the neck is treated too, it’s r1 500. Melrose Aesthetic Centre, 2nd Floor, Centre for Medical Excellence, 18 The High Street, Melrose Arch. Call (011) 214 9940, Also try the Vivacite Medical Spa, Annlin, Pretoria. Call (012) 543 9712.

Forget nip and tuck – try no-surgery
Before you even contemplate the scalpel, there’s a whole raft of techniques to give you a fresher, younger look. Our experts find the right one for you
It’s no secret that you love those salon pampering treatments to bits, but now you’re wanting more. You’re longing for a firmer outline, a lot more brightness, eyes wide opened and those lines eased away. Do you need a lift? Probably not yet and maybe not for a long time, as nosurgery techniques become more sophisticated and recovery time almost vanishes. We know you want to try them because you’ve been e-mailing us your questions. Now’s the time for some answers.

When one isn’t enough
Non-surgical treatments are exciting and definitely do the job, but it’s often a combination of treatments that really takes years off you. buddy Niemann at renew clinics is very keen on mixing treatments to give you a really fresh new look. “for the ultimate in a non-surgical facelift, use a rejuvenation treatment to remove signs of sun damage, followed by a firming treatment to tighten lax and sagging skin,” reckons buddy. the results are sensational and can be successfully combined with botox and fillers to reduce your wrinkles and restore volume to the face and lips. buddy adds, “these noninvasive options are quick and can be performed in a lunch hour. We’re so excited about the fact that we are now able to successfully rejuvenate the neck, décolletage and hands, which, we feel, are particular areas of concern to women in south Africa.” >>
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and feathery, injecting a little bit along the vermillion border of the lips will be enough to smooth them out. More noticeable upward lines need micro-injections of tiny amounts in each line. A little filler injected at the corners of the mouth gives you a smiley rather than down-turned look too. Does It hurt? Anaesthetic cream helps reduce it to uncomfortable rather than painful. Our tester didn’t flinch at all and the results were superb. WorrIeD About overfIll? “My best advice,” says Cornelius niemann from renew Clinics, “is less is more. the ideal


The deep lines between my eyebrows and my creased eyelids are really getting to me. Would a brow lift be a good idea?
A no! At least not yet. the problem is pretty much a gift for Botox – the sort of thing that it tackles really well. Forget the anti-hype, you don’t have to look frozen if it’s done well. dr Albert niemann, who’s had 14 years’ experience in Botox injections, is devoted to his practice. A few injections at the hairline and the temples will lift the forehead and a single injection in the brow area at the side of the eyes will relieve the hooded effect. For the frown lines between the eyes, a few injections can be done in the forehead and above the bridge of the nose between the brows. Does It hurt? Our tester didn’t feel a thing and loved the results. recoverY tIme? none needed. it lasts six


I’ve had vertical lines above my lips for a while, but now they’ve deepened. Lip creams don’t work – things have gone too far.
A those lines come from a loss of collagen and dermal fillers (restylane, a safe hyaluronic acid gel, is the experts’ filler of choice) are excellent at plumping out lines. A good aesthetician can create a really smooth result. there are a few ways to deal with vertical lines. if they’re short


treat yourself younger

months and kicks in after five to 10 days. cost: Around r60 per Botox unit. Renew Clinic, Umhlanga. Suite 4 – 2nd floor, Umhlanga Centre. Call (031) 561 1277 or visit

My mouth is vanishing – getting thinner and paler. I want my lips to look full with a crisp outline, but I don’t want fillers. help!
A easy. Adri Pretorious is the doyenne of semi-permanent make-up (a kind of tattooing that puts colour and definition into lips or brows) and she works this magic daily. “As we age, lips lose volume and the definition and the natural vermillion border of the lips fades. A natural look can be achieved by a darker, natural colour,” says Adri. She corrects lip symmetry by creating a new contour slightly outside the natural border. this leaves a gap, which is then blended and faded into the lips using a natural colour. this makes the lips look full without that bursting look you sometimes get with fillers. if you’re feeling brave you could then have a filler in the body of the lip, which will give you a natural pout with a soft but defined contour. Does It hurt? there is a mild tingling, but an anaesthetic cream can be applied. recoverY tIme? none needed and, unlike fillers, which you have to re-work every three to six months and pay full price for, this colour lasts much longer. cost: Lip contouring treatments from r1 000. the result is so subtle it’s fantastic! Global Aesthetic Centre at the Mayo Clinic, Constantia Kloof. Call (011) 675 1256 or visit


Getting it right
finding a great aesthetician isn’t easy; it’s worse than finding a great hairdresser and you know how traumatic that is. here’s our starter list: B Ask around. Word of mouth is always the best way, if your friends will let you in on their secret. B feeling comfortable with the clinic or salon is a good rule of thumb. B connect with your aesthetician. Decide what you want to achieve and how you’re going to get there. B Ask lots of questions and have a really in-depth consultation before you embark on any treatment. B see if they’re registered with the Public health Association of south Africa (, then you’ll always have comeback. B Go by the book – check out The Nervous Girl’s Guide to Nip and Tuck by Dr Patrick bowler (harper thorsons, r121; it can be ordered from It features the low-down on 80 non-surgical treatments.

“iPL is like a magic wand. Pulses of light (mostly infrared) are applied to and absorbed by the skin, creating warmth. Veins absorb a lot more light, therefore they become a lot warmer than the healthy surrounding skin tissue and will gradually die and fade away. it works better when the veins are more obvious, as the light picks it up better. it’s also brilliant at smoothing that chicken skin look on your neck and chest that you get from sun damage.” hoW loNG? two to four treatments will lift off discolouration and it lasts as long as you protect your skin and stay out of the sun. Does It hurt? You may feel a slight tingling but no anaesthetics are needed. cost: treatments range from r1 000, depending on what you have done. Prices also vary depending on the salon you visit. Call (012) 343 1762 or visit the Total Care Centre’s website at


My wrinkles are more evident and my skin tone is uneven. I’ve tried scrubs, but they don’t seem to help.
A the answer could be a deep exfoliation. elemis has a fabulous tri-enzyme facial that rejuvenates while it exfoliates and really works wonders on your skin. it’s effective for treating fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars and uneven skin tone. the facial itself is both luxurious and therapeutic, involving the famous Papaya enzyme peel, which exfoliates the skin, followed by three different enzyme applications. elemis recommends three to six treatments at fortnightly intervals for best effects. GooD ADvIce: this is much gentler than a peel. elemis’s tri-enzymes respect the skin’s microflora, resulting in more hydrated skin that has not been stripped by peeling. Does It hurt? no. Once applied it will make skin tingle to show that it’s working. results: immediately visible. Skin feels softer, more hydrated and more even. cost: r550 to r700 per treatment depending on the spa. For a list of Elemis spas and practitioners, call 0861 353 647. w&h

I’m 59 and pretty linefree, but I have fine red veins on my cheeks that I cover with concealer. can I get rid of them?
A Yes. intense Pulsed Light (iPL) is a favourite of practitioner Alicia trenchard.


Are you longing to know more about non-invasive treatments or the newest lifts? or maybe you’ve tried something and it’s changed your looks or your life? our beauty & health editor, tammy orlando, would love to hear from you, so get in touch now by e-mailing her at

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