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					The Virus
Sven Olaf Potstada p February 9, 2006

1 Marvin - little lamb 1


Marvin - little lamb

Once upon a time, there was a little lamb. Its name was Marvin and he was a smart little lamb. He had beautiful white wool on his otherwise white body - and he made sure that noone took the wool from him. Especially not those mean “two-legs”. Whenever they came and forced everybody of his family and friends into their stall - he ran into the forrest and hid behind the trees. Noone had ever taken his wool from him and noone ever would. The thing Marvin liked most, apart from his wool, protecting his inner core, was to play with his friends and do all the little-lamb-things, that little lambs do. He was always very happy, smiling and nothing could change his mood. But lately it was different. Marvin had not smiled much. For quite some time now, his friends thought that something was terribly wrong. “What’s wrong, Marvin?” the other little lambs used to ask - but Marvin did not know. “I wish I knew so I could fix it” he always replied. “I wish I knew” - sigh It had been raining hard the last few days, and life had been generally miserable - but the sun was coming through the clouds again - tickling Marvin’s little-lamb-nose. hatchi!! marvin looked up into the sky - his eyes still dazzled by the sun - he took in every little bit of warmth he could. His eyes open wider slowly. WOW - what a beautiful rainbow, strong and bright in colour, drawing a bow from here to the far lands on the other side of sheep-world.



February 9, 2006

Isn’t there a treasure at the end of a rainbow? marvin thought - Yes dear, at the end of the rainbow there will be your treasure - a voice sounded up from the group of trees. How did you. . . ? - Never mind me, said the old owl. Her feathers were white as snow, her eyes big as marbles and her voice was clear, determined and solid as a rock. You have been feeling sad lately haven’t you? Well yes. . . It is a virus u are carrying in you - Marvin was in shock - Oh don’t worry it is not goinf to kill you. At the end of the rainbow you will find the cure. Go, go to the end of the rainbow and you will find happyness once again. Marvin didn’t quite know what to think of the owl’s advice - but what else was there to do? He surely did not want to feel sad and miserable anymore. And so he did not think for long before starting to run off, to find the end of the rainbow - to find his happyness. Across fields as wide as the horizon he ran, over hill and mountains so high they touched the sky. He swam through rivers as wide as the ovean and across deserts more hostile to him than anything you could imagine. But he was not quite getting anywhere. What am I to do to get to the end of the rainbow before it disappears? Marvin though to himself - and then he had an idea. Yes, I will just climb onto the rainbow and slide down to its end :-) Marvin smiled - he liked his plan. He found a mountain large enough to take him close to the rainbow. Standing on top, Marvin took a long starting and jumped. — flying through the air, the world far and deep below him. He landed on the rainbow and immediately, and without hesitation started to slide downwards. - the ride got faster and faster - oh oh wow wooooaaaaaaahhhhhhh The trees and grass was become clearer and bigger in his vision with every second. DUNK!! Outch, said Marvin, that hurt. “Are you — OK?” - a shy, curious voice from behind him said. Marvin turned around, but noone was there. Well, yes, said Marvin, still trying to see who he was talking to. Are you Marvin, the one with the virus, sent by the owl?? asked the voice - his heart started beating faster - What is going on with me, Marvin thought to himself, and when he focused on the trees again - there it was - the creature that uttered these words to him. It was a little lamb like Marvin, well somewhat at least, for its wool was as white as snow but its skin was dark as ebony. Lilly is it you? — I have been waiting for you - Marvin. Marvin thought it was quite a cute, even beautiful voice, the words started singin in his head. Lilly looked like a dream, dark brown eyes, a slender but feminine body, and a grace to her stature that took his breath away. Looking into her eyes, Marvin saw a fire burning inside lilly. What are those flames in your eyes, Marvin asked, a little fear swining in his voice - Oh that - that is the fire of happiness - the cure to your virus, Lilly private 2/3 February 9, 2006

replied. So you are going to make me happy again? Marvin was astonished — Well are you not feeling better already? And yes, it was true – Marvin felt happy again, without even being aware of it, his mood had brightened in Lilly’s presence - it was amazing. . . You are happy because you have found the fire burning inside your heart - the fire you set alight within me when we last saw each other - a small eternity ago. With those words she slowly moved towards Marvin, her lips closing in on his - As their lips touched, there was a fireworks of emotions going on within Marvin, he was overwhelmed – overwhelmed but happy.



February 9, 2006

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