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					The Minisite Mindset
I can't claim the thinking behind this theory as my own but when you start thinking this way and using this subtle mindshift , you will instantly realise how easy it can be to achieve your dreams with little stress and small steps. This method fits beautifully with what my friend, Joel Peterson, is offering to teach you with his Mini Site Formula Grab a piece of paper and a pen and this is what you do... 1. List all of your monthly expenses in seperate a column down the left of the page eg Rent, Utilities, Gas, etc 2. Next to each item write the monthly $ cost.If you dont live in the US convert the currency

3. Next to the monthly cost write the daily cost ie monthly divided by 30 see the
spreadsheet below

Now, instead of trying to find a single income to cover $3305 per month, you just need to find 10 little income streams that will generate between $0.67 cents each to a "high" of $23.34 per day. Now, Joel's theory is that one of his mini sreams will generate on average $3 per day. So in total you will need just 37 to cover your monthly expenses. Ok, so 37 is likely initially to take you about a month if you apply his teachings correctly.

That means for 30 days work, just once, you can earn your monthly overheads for years to come !!! Mind blowing isn't it ??? - I think that this is what mlm & networking should be - but aren't

I mean it is so simple, yet we are so indoctrinated to think that we must get a single job to support our family, that we get ourselves into all kinds of trouble. Can you see the enormous potential here ? Send the kids out to do more chores ...just kidding !! Ok, now for the fun bit out what your ideal lifestyle would be and break it down into daily expenses and add that to the spreadsheet . Let's just thumbsuck a figure .. if you were to aim at $10 000 per month it would simply mean 334 little income streams @ $3 per day, which my buddy, Joel, reckons you can create with his money spinners in just 30 mins . But let's be real conservative ...let's say in the beginning that it takes 2 hours per income stream because we are still learning . That is 334 x 2 hrs /4 spare hrs in a day = 167 days of work (call it 6 months ) therafter the income strams churn out the income day in and day out without being babied. AWESOME !!!!!

Now I have to ask you ..if you had a proven tactic to produce this kind of return would you be interested to learn how to do it ? ....and if I could show that the method works the way it is supposed to , live on video, with you looking over my shoulder, would you at least look at it ? If so <<click here>> for all the details . Yes, it is going to cost you a little - yes, it means getting off your butt and taking action - and No, it wont happen without Action and No, Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy don't really exist. See you on the other side

Just little streams - just cents & little $$$ grow & grow & grow Your parents were wrong - money is everywhere just waiting for you to use it

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