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Resume MONCHUSI PJ , Adv 2518 Tholo Street Ikageng Potchefstroom 2531 Cell: +27 (0)82 722 6835 Tel: +27 (0)18 299 1934/74 Fax: (+27) (0)18 299 1923 E-mail: Pogiso. or EDUCATION Vista University (now, University of Johannesburg B Iuris , 1996 Private Bag X6001 Potchefstroom 2520

Potchefstroom University (North West University, Potchefstroom campus) Baccalaureus Legum (LLB), 1998 North West University, Potchefstroom campus Master of Laws (LLM), Current ADMISSION

Transvaal Provincial Division, 2000 Admitted to Practice as Advocate of the High Court of South Africa

EMPLOYMENT Senior Lecturer: Law Faculty, North West University (Potchefstroom campus), 1999 to date. Part-time Senior Lecturer, Pretoria University, 2000 to date. Part-time Senior Lecturer: University of the North (now University of Limpopo), 2000 to 2003. Practising Advocate, 2000 to date. Consultancy, Institutional Technical Support and Dispute Resolution, 1996 to date. LEGAL EXPERIENCE 2000 to date: Practice as an Advocate: Responsibilities included: providing legal advice and support, obtain brief to represent clients in courts and assist organisations and individuals to draw legal representations. 2001-2004: Director: Contranet (a company specializing in labour law, labour relations and alternative dispute resolution and conflict management). Responsibilities included: Mediation, conflict prevention, managing and resolving conflict and providing advisory services and support.

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Pogiso Monchusi

2000-2006: Presiding Officer: Development Appeal Tribunal, North West Province. Responsibilities included: Hearing appeals from the Development tribunals in the North West Province, Reviewing administrative actions (decisions) taken by both public and private bodies impacting on development and land. 2000-2004: Director: Africa Transformation Network (a company specializing in transformation interventions and solutions). Responsibilities included: capacity building, training and skills development programs, project management, research, land and environmental laws, change and transformation advice, policy analysis, research and implementation strategies and strategic workshops, Human Resource Development, etc. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT 1999 to date: Research Team Member, Faculty of Law and Collaborative Research with other Universities. Responsibilities included: Conducting research on diverse legal matters affecting our country and neighbouring states. 2001-2003: Project support, Economic development through technical support to communities, Department for International Development (DfID) Responsibilities included: Seconded to Madikwe Initiative to provide technical support to the communities adjacent to Madikwe Game Reserve, Field Management of Project and After-care. 2000-2006: Project Management, Technical Support and Advisor: Barolong Boo Modiboa, Potchefstroom, The project was funded by the Department of Land Affairs and the Law Faculty, North West University (Potchefstroom campus) Responsibilities included: Managing the training programme, developing the training solutions and curricula and facilitating workshops, provided technical support and legal advice on a whole range of issues related to Nature Conservation, Eco-Tourism and its opportunities, Landuse management. 2001-2004: Director: Mafisa (a company specializing in tourism research, planning and training development). Responsibilities included: Field manager and providing technical support and legal services for Madikwe Initiative. 2005: North West Parks and Tourism Board Workshop: Responsibilities included: facilitated the workshop on both the Communal Rights Act and the Trad Leadership and Governance Framework: Interpretation and Analysis. 1999-2002: Trainer and legal practitioner, Department of Land Affairs, North West Responsibilities included: Formation and registration of Legal Entities and provision of legal support to the registered legal entities. 2001-2005: Friend of the Makuleke, Mpumalanga and Trans-Boundary Eco-tourism

Faculty of Law, North West University (Potchefstroom campus)

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Pogiso Monchusi

Responsibilities included: Providing profession services in collaboration with other service providers to various projects related to eco-tourism in the region. 2001: Trainer and facilitator, German Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), Richtersveld Communities, Northern Cape Community-based Natural Resources Management. Communal Land Use managing Community Development. Responsibilities included: Facilitated the workshops on Local Economic Development. 2001: Local Economic Development researcher and facilitator, Gauteng Tourism Authority, Gauteng Tourism and Entrepreneurial Strategy. Responsibilities included: Conducted research capacity for the Presidential Urban Renewal of Alexandra. 1999: Facilitator and Trainer, Witbank Municipality, Mpumalanga Development Law. Responsibilities included: Trained councillors and officials about development law and land use administration. 1999: Trainer, South African Council of Churches (SACC), North West, Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Free State Responsibilities included: Human Rights education and social security law. 2000-2001: Trainer and facilitator, Australian Aid development program for municipalities, AusAid Municipalities' capacity-building programme. Responsibilities included: Capacity-building program for developmental municipalities on Law, Development and Leadership. 2000-2002: Specialist Advisor, Municipal Advice Centre Responsibilities included: Capacity-building program for developmental municipalities on Law, Development and Leadership. 2001: Trainer and facilitator, Traditional leaders, Old Mutual and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Limpopo Province Responsibilities included: Trained traditional leaders on Land, Environment and Water Laws. 2000-2001: Trainer, facilitator and technical support, NWP Housing Board, North West Responsibilities included: Training officials from the North West Provincial Housing Board, municipalities' councillors and officials on Housing policies, legislation and implementation strategies and project management. 2000: Trainer and facilitator, Department of Justice Responsibilities included: Trained top provincial management corps, magistrates and public prosecutors on pieces of legislation impacting on the SA Judicial System and organised Criminal Justice Outreach programs for communities in the province (North West). 2000-2002: Commission group/syndicate representative, SA Judicial Commission

Faculty of Law, North West University (Potchefstroom campus)

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Pogiso Monchusi

Responsibilities included: Actively involved in the deliberations and workshops convened by the SA Judicial Commission by inviting inputs from Traditional Leaders about establishment of tribal courts and determining their judicial functions and in the review of the Law of Succession. 2000-2001: Researcher, mediator and facilitator, NWP Government, Amplats and Royal Bafokeng Responsibilities included: Was part of the team that conducted the socio-economic research and mediation to ensure stability in and around Amplats mines in Rustenburg, which was a project funded by the North West Provincial Government, Anglo-Plats Mines and the Royal Bafokeng Administration. 1999: Volunteer, Friends of South Africa, Netherlands Briefing Netherlands’s academics and business leaders about SA. Responsibilities included: As part of the Potchefstroom and Leiden Universities' exchange programme I was selected to address Dutch academics and business leaders that were going to South Africa for a number of engagements 1999: International Election Observer, America's and Africa's Chamber of Commerce, Gabon International election observer for Gabonaise Presidential Elections. Responsibilities included: Was an international Presidential Election observer in Gabon. 2002: National Secretariat for Safety and Liaison, Durban. Responsibilities included facilitating and advising the national and provincial secretariats on either the review of the current Police Act, the White Paper on Safety and Security and related legislation. 2002-2006: Trainer and facilitator, Centre for Environmental Management for foreign, national and provincial governments and municipalities and private sector, Land Use Planning and Management, Water; Water Services and Environment Legislations and Dense Settlements capacity-building programmes. Responsibilities included: Capacity-building programs for officials of governments and municipalities, engineers, city planners, environmentalists and development practitioners on Land Uses, Water and Environmental Legislations and Settlement Densities. 2003: Part of a team of law specialists reviewing North West Provincial Legislation Responsibilities: Interpreting, analysing, researching case law and recommending either amendment or repeal of some pieces of legislation. 2003 to date: Advisor, technical and/ or legal support and facilitator, North West Land Transport/ Taxi Registration processes for taxi associations. Responsibilities included: Advised individual taxi owners and taxi association on transport legislations and related regulations, provided them with technical support in their engagements with various stakeholders and facilitated a merger between to taxi associations. 2004: Project Management and facilitator, North West Provincial Community Police Boards and Community Police For and SAPS Responsibilities included: Managing the training programme, developing the training solutions and curricula and facilitating the workshop.

Faculty of Law, North West University (Potchefstroom campus)

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Pogiso Monchusi

2004: Traditional governance and customary law: Southern African Perspectives, International conference. Responsibilities included: Papers delivered during the conference dealt with the following issues: Session 1: Legal pluralism, traditional governance and the challenge of the democratic constitutional order; Traditional administration of justice; Ascertaining customary law: prerequisite of good governance in traditional authority, Legal philosophy, African philosophy and African jurisprudence and Research, training and teaching of customary law. 2005 & 2006: JOHANNESBURG METROPOLITAN MUNICIPALITY: Responsibilities included: project development and facilitated the workshops on Public Environmental Health by-laws and legislation: Interpretation and Analysis. 2006 & 2007: Premier of the North West Province Responsibilities included: Research, Investigations, Interpretation and Analysis of legislation. MEMBERSHIP ASSOCIATION  United Nations Association-South Africa;  Development Society of Southern Africa;  Law Teachers Society of Southern Africa;  Land Reform Research Focus Area;  International Environmental Law Association;  Southern African Resource Bank for Democracy and Human Rights;  Member of the International Bar Association;

SPECIALIST FIELDS Advisor and Researcher on Law and Policy, Research, Investigations, Governance, Training and Development, Leadership; Project Management; Institutional Technical Support and Dispute Resolution LANGUAGES & DEGREE OF PROFICIENCY LANGUAGE English Sesotho Setswana Afrikaans Sepedi Isizulu SPEAK Good Good Good Good Fair Fair READ Good Good Good Good Good Good WRITE Good Good Good Good Fair Fair

PUBLICATIONS/ PAPERS Transformation and political challenges for developmental municipalities, Nowerloga Summit, Rustenburg; 1998.
Faculty of Law, North West University (Potchefstroom campus)

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Pogiso Monchusi

Right to development, North West Council of Churches, Potchefstroom; 1999. Does the law in SA promote nature conservation?, Southern Africa’s Law Teachers’ Association; Durban. 2000. Social justice, equality and development in the eradication of poverty, International Conference, Amsterdam- Netherlands; 2001. Ethical Perspective about Administrative Justice in SA, Swanepoel Lecture, Potchefstroom School of Law; 2001. Implementing the Law relating to Local Economic Development in the Struggle against Poverty, Constitution and Law IV, Potchefstroom; 2001. Legal entities utilized as vehicles for sustainable development, Madikwe, 2001. Co-authored A Practical Guide to Implementing Municipal Systems (In terms of the Municipal Systems Act), for developmental municipalities in South Africa, 2001. Community Participation in the Environmental Impact Assessment processes, World Summit on Sustainable Development, September 2002. Building Public Confidence in the Security Forces Through Civilian Oversight in a Democracy, Swanepoel Lecture for Academics, Law Faculty, North West University (Potchefstroom campus), 2004. Discourse for developmental local governance: land-use planning and development, LLM Research Dissertation, Law Faculty, North West University (Potchefstroom campus), 2006. Commission appointed by the North West Premier to investigate the traditional leadership dispute, Batlhako Boo Matutut Ba Ga Mabe, 2006. Commission appointed by the North West Premier to investigate the problems surrounding the regency of the Bakwena Ba Mogopa Traditional Community, 2007. Traditional Leadership Handbook compiled for the Cabinet of SA, 2006. REFEREES 1. Madoda Zibi, Professor, Tel. +27 (0)18 299 2757, Cell. +27 (0)83 628 6181 2. Stephen de La Harpe, Advocate, Tel. +27 (0)18 299 1941, Mobile +27 (0)83 406 0843. 3. Thabo Mofamere, Doctor, Tel. +27 (0)18 299 7911, Mobile +27 (0)82 856 1053

Faculty of Law, North West University (Potchefstroom campus)

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Pogiso Monchusi

“I, Pogiso Monchusi, declare that: i) ii) the information provided in this CV is accurate; and I am available to participate and to contribute to the best of my ability in the position in which I will be appointed for the period of the appointment.”


Date: 15th August 2007

Faculty of Law, North West University (Potchefstroom campus)

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