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Natal Mineral and Gem Society

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									Natal Mineral and Gem Society
Clubhouse – Stapleton Road, Pinetown P.O.Box 39167, Queensburgh 4070 TEL: Arthur 031 464 2530 / Lucy
Newsletter February / March 2009 Workshop Hours: All members Adult Members Junior Workshop Sale of Gemstones Tea/coffee/snacks Bring & show

Wednesday 10:00am to 1:00pm Saturday 2:00pm to 5:00 pm Saturday 11:00am to 1:00pm Every Saturday 3:00pm served every Saturday 3:00pm Visitors are most welcome! last Saturday afternoon each month

Dear Members Apologies for having a 2-monthly Newsletter but life was more than upside down due to allsorts of unforeseen events. With the preparation for the Gemboree I sadly slipped up and have not introduced Sheila Shaw to you. Sheila is already very busy with silvermithing and polishing stones. Welcome Sheila and many happy visits to the Club. Earlier this month Mark Hughes joined us and we welcome you to many happy working sessions. GEMBOREE I am saddened to say that the response from our Club Members to the event is still very poor. Please support your Club and the spirit of the Rock Hounds. I attach another Registration Form for your use. Please reply to Imelda, she deals with the registration. Payment to be made into the Club account. Preparations for the Gemboree are well on the way. We made our final visit to the Caravan Park on Saturday, 12 th February and found a well-levelled ground with a good grass cover. A miracle - or just lots of hard work - after the devastation last year! The pools were sparkling and flowering trees everywhere. The children’s play area well maintained, there are open spaces to kick a soccer ball, plenty of opportunity for fishing in the river and well protected from trucks and other vehicles. Guarded beaches to swim can be found at Umtentweni, Sunwich Port and Southport; all within a few kilometres’ drive. Our dinner lapa was cool under the outside heat and I am sure we can look forward to a successful event.

BRIEF REMINDER: Good Friday has only restricted shopping hours Members please have a look at the program in your last Newsletter and get your booking recorded with Imelda. If you have mislaid your Registration Form, please contact Imelda on Cell: +27 82 463 8769 or Ula on 031 301 0940 and leave a clear message on the voicemail. For e-mail Newsletter recipients I attach another Registration Form. After the site inspection we went to a “new mine” in the area and found rocks with a good studding of little garnets. They actually come up very nice with a little polishing

CLUB MESSAGES The Club belongs to all members and we are all responsible for the state and handling of the equipment. We had a few very unpleasant events lately and would like to bring them to everybody’s attention. No fingers pointed but please act more caring and responsible. Working on the grinding wheel you need water. You turn it on AND YOU TURN IT OFF You use the wheel in its full width AND YOU AVOID HOLLOWING IT OUT Working on the flat disk you use water and grit. It was clean when you started AND IS CLEANED AGAIN You use crumpled-up telephone book pages and water UNTIL THE PAPER STAYS CLEAN – NO OIL PLEASE If your water bottle was full REFILL IT AGAIN. Before you leave, just check over all the equipment you used, even if you were not the last one. BRING AND SHOW Sadly our “last Saturday Bring & Show” is getting neglected. Don’t let’s forget the social part of our Club. I am sure we can all find something of interest to show off with. REQUEST Lapidary equipment required: Does anybody have a 4-6 inch Trim Saw for sale? Please contact Rob Morgan on


FORTHCOMING OUTING LIST March, last w/e April, Easter weekend May, last w/e June w/e 16 th July, 1 st w/e July, last w/e August September, long w/e October, last w/e November

Kranskop, Unekite, Calcite, Garnets Gemboree South Coast, nr. Port Shepstone Empangeni, Prenite, Fluorite Jozini, Perlite, Agate, petrified wood, Amethyst Port Shepstone, Calcite Ngubeva, Gypsum Port Shepstone, Calcite Jozini Sevenoaks, polyhedroid quartz Port Shepstone

Please remember that you MUST contact Craig on 082 818 4204 a couple of days beforehand LAST MINUTE CHANGES CAN OCCUR LATEST OUTING Craig’s outing on Sunday, 15 th February to the “Lucky Linton” was initially threatened by rain but they still went ahead and it turned out to be just the lovely cool day for the place and the rain only arrived when the last vehicle left for home. There was a nine-vehicle convoy with 18 adult and 12 junior members. I missed the turn – off and took the convoy to an unusual site of a tree that had grown out of a 30-metre silo. When we arrived at the gold mine it took about 30 minutes to register. A bit chaotic…. We then visited the mine and “Goodman” tried to explain about the mine; he took people on a small tour and showed the junior members how to pan for gold. We then collected tiny quartz crystals around the mine. The juniors also played on the “fufi” slides and swings and fished on the dam. We had a picnic lunch before heading home. We will arrange another trip to the site later in the year, as the feedback was very good.


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