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The arrival of two new players in the local print market is set to make an impression. By Mark Norris

The Print Café Just-in-time
The Print Café is a new addition to the ranks of the printing industr y in Johannesburg. Formed as a sister company to Kanitone, The Print Café takes advantage of the 20 years of experience of managing director Karin Wise-Jar vis and her husband and partner Tony. The new company also includes their daughter Varushka. The move into print was made due to the changing conditions in the printing industry where repro is becoming more and more part of the print process through the adoption of technologies like computer-toplate. In order to better service their customer base, Karin and Tony decided to offer a one-stop service through Kanitone and The Print Café. The service already includes, or at least will include, everything from photographic services throughgraphic design, proofing and plate output to printing. In the future, even certain finishing may be included in the inhouse services. Over the years Kanitone has not been afraid to lead the way, as is evidenced by the fact that it was the first company in Johannesburg to install an Agfa Sherpa 24 for proofing purposes. Now, The Print Café is also leading the field with the first installation of a four-colour Shinohara 66 press from Printfix. This move was made despite the fact that Shinohara was an almost unknown entity in the local market. Said Karin Wise-Jarvis, ‘We had a very good look at all of our options and the Shinohara is such a modern, cutting-edge press that we decided this was the press for us. It has everything we wanted and the pricing and deal were just right for us. It was a very comfortable deal for us.’ Other factors which sealed the decision in favour of the Shinohara were the association between Shinohara and Fuji, and the experience that Kanitone had with Fuji equipment. Also, Printfix’s reputation
Back: Varushka WiseJarvis of The Print Café and Trevor Moore Printfix press engineer. Front: Stuart Fox, sales manager for Shinohara at Printfix, and Karin Wise-Jarvis, managing director of The Print Café.

in the market for good quality and reliable service was a deciding factor. Said Wise-Jarvis, ‘Service is a big issue because you need reliable back-up support and we spoke to a lot of people about Printfix and we did not hear any negative comments about its reputation. I have never been someone who was afraid of taking a chance and we have very often been first with things, but this is not a decision which we took lightly and I am sure we will not be disappointed.’ Shinohara presses have already achieved a fair degree of success in the local market with three presses totalling six units being installed in the past six months since Printfix was awarded the agency. The first two presses were each single-colours and have been installed at AD Print in Bloemfontein and the Spadereen Kerk in Boksburg. Said sales manager Stuart Fox, ‘We brought the four-colour press into the market specifically for the Print Expo which was due to take place in June. However, we ran a series of open-houses at which we demonstrated the press in conjunction with First Graphics with plates output on a Creo Lotem 400V

platesetter. The interest the press attracted was quite spectacular and we have subsequently been called on to quote for a number of other press orders. Karin Wise-Jarvis opted for the fourcolour A2 press because of the opportunities that this format and configuration of press offered. The decision for a fourcolour press was based on the requirement to serve demanding and time-sensitive customers. She added, ‘Speed, quality and reliability are of the essence because our clients require top quality and fast turnaround times.’ When looking at format size, WiseJarvis investigated the market and where the greatest volume of work was to be found. The result was that she saw a need amongst her existing clients for highquality work in the A2 market. In addition the greatest volume of new work was in the A2 market and this meant a true A2 press was the only viable route to take for The Print Café. Wise-Jarvis added, ‘We spoke to many people who had been in repro and went into print and the guys who have gone the A2 route have been incredibly successful
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It became clear that in order to be successful, you have to be competitive and the A2 market is the most popular and is going to give the greatest return on investment.’ The Shinohara 66 press is a solidly-built press as was evidenced during the openhouse when, as a gimmick, a R5 coin was stood on the delivery of the press to show the lack of vibration. Print quality is important and therefore, the press features a seven o’clock cylinder layout with bearerto-bearer contact in order to prevent marking during sheet transfer. The Register Mark and Image Area Measurement Device automatically measure and record registration and image area data allowing rapid set-up of the ink-key apertures, as well as vertical, horizontal and diagonal register. The press can also be optionally fitted with a CIP3 Station and software for the automatic setting of ink keys directly from the prepress data. Other optional features include an automatic ink roller cleaning system, automatic blanket washing system, semiautomatic plate changing system and a pre-register system. All of these devices are designed to increase productivity and reduce makeready times. After-sales support and service of the

utmost importance in the modern print market and this is where Printfix has the advantage, the company is dedicated to the provision of press engineering services. The entire company is based on the experience of press engineers from Dave Gordon, managing director, right throughout. Printfix employs 14 full time engineers and is constantly involved in training new apprentices. To meet the requirements of Shinohara customers, Printfix has already sent two engineers to Japan for training with another two going in October of this year. These engineers will ensure that all the customers in the local market are given the best service, as and when it is required. While the aim at The Print Café is to remain small, there is one more acquisition which is underway, the installation of a computer-to-plate system in order to allow for the greatest degree of productivity, as well as being able to take advantage of the best quality and putting the experience gained in repro to the best possible use. While the system has not yet been installed, the order has been signed, making CTP a reality at The Print Café. Once the system is upand-running, The Print Café will be able to take advantage of the time savings and the

accuracy of CIP3 data. The aim at both Kanitone and The Print Café is to ensure that growth is kept to the minimum in order to ensure that customers are always able to benefit from the hands-on approach of the management team, something which Karin is proud of and which she attributes much of the success of the company to over the years. With effect from 1 September The Print Café and its new Shinohara press have been addressing the just-in-time needs of many of Kanitone’s existing clients, as well as a host of new customers. For those who are curious about the new company and the Shinohara 66 press give them a ring and enjoy a cappuccino while you see the latest technology in action.

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Printfix has announced that it has just received an order for a Shinohara 75 five-colour from Trevor Raath, managing director of Hot Dot Print in Randburg. Hot Dot, a long-established and respected printer, has also recognised the cost effectiveness and potential of the Shinohara technology.

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