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									Jeremy Collins Christina Grandinetti Professor B. Ozdogan Mercy College

Internet Business Systems INBS 550 y


Tried of sleeping on the coach for forgetting that special date?

• • •

Want to spark up the romance in your relationship on that special date in advance?
Having a hard time getting quality bank for your buck? Do you want a second chance to make a romantic first impression? Romance Club” aims to help love get its groove back during these hard economic times.

•, Inc. is a New York corporation and online services retailer, owned and operated by Jeremy Collins and Christina Graninetti • On-Line retailer located in New York Upper East Side • Specializing in a variety of romantic products and services ranging from anniversary cards and flowers to pre-packaged romantic gifts to custom personalized gifts

• Referred to as throughout the website • We noticed that many mom and pop specialty shops were struggling to attract new customers and weren't in the position to integrate IBS into their current business models
• aims to help love get its groove back during these hard economic times. website takes advantage of Internet Business Systems and local mom and pop stores in NYC

• Despite economic slowdown clubs and bars are still doing well • is a site that serves men and women 21+

• New York already has a large alternative lifestyle community and that target market is still not fully tapped • The separation and divorce rate is extremely high and many times all it takes is a little effort to keep the sparks going • Men / Women would provide with their special date. They would be asked to provide specific information on personal / couples preferences of romantic gift items. They would also be able to view a selected pre-established list of gift items to choose from. This information as well as other account/contact information would go into a database.

• Once a month and each month leading up to the customers “special date”, they will receive an email reminding them of the date, along with the options to choose from a pre-establish list of products or if they would like a “custom product” based on their personal preferences.

Products & Services: Romantic Occasions: Congratulations, Get Well, I’m Sorry, Just Because, Love & Romance, New Baby, Sympathy, Thank You, Engagement/Weddings Pre-packaged Specials: seasonal/holidays, cakes & cookies, chocolates & candies, fruit baskets, gift baskets, wine & cheese, wine, Champaign
Flowers & Plants: carnations, daisies, lilies, mixed bouquets, orchids, roses, tulips, bonsai, blubs, roses, specialty types

• We want to provide the client with extreme customer service, usability and

a sense of personalization and satisfaction that will produce a steadily growing customer retention level based upon a high level of customer loyalty

• In these hard times, we would like to generate the feeling of love in the air. We are trying to establish a service that helps our clients remember those precious little moments that are sometimes over looked in life, bigger and better. •For many people remembering dates that are special for them or their partners can be difficult with life’s daily grind. Many times we keep putting off going to a store to purchase a gift and can end up on that day with something less then you originally wanted to get

• If you look at today’s pop culture you have the Internet and web based social networks and television shows based on dating and love. We would like to capitalize on this environment. •Utilizing a database driven website and marketing campaign we decided to test the waters with a direct marketing strategy. We aim to integrate traditional and Internet based marketing techniques such as IDM

• Life Time Value model will be used to help calculate and predict future success over the lifetime of the customer and our company. RFM Analysis will be used to help maintain customer loyalty, pin point customer segment and reduce marketing costs

• Increase brand awareness

• Personalization of customer/product/company

• Obtain mirror marketing through strategic partnerships • Build and increase sale of product via the Internet
• Increase retention rate every year

• Increase LTV of customer loyalty • Increase size of customer database
• Build a customized dynamic consensual strategic database driven website that allows for real time update of customer specific content

• Establish a customer database that meets at least 40% free sign up of total cards/fliers • Establish a customer database of at least a 20% purchase rate of those 40% that signed up • Establish a customer retention rate of at least 40% after year 1

• Establish a customer retention rate of at least 45% after year 2 • Establish a customer retention rate of at least 60% after year 3

• Establish relationships with at least one mom and pop flower shop in each neighborhood in Manhattan • Establish relationships with eateries in each neighborhood

• Establish a search engine marketing campaign to increase traffic to website • Establish relationships with bars/clubs in each neighborhood

• understands the positive effect romance can have on a relationship of all levels. • understands Internet business systems technologies and tools. will leverage this to get a better understanding of the customers being served, their needs, and to best communicate to them.
• understand that integrating traditional business practices with Internet business practices is an evolving process. It will require hands on attention to multiple aspects of the business and fixed and variable intervals throughout the year

• provides customers with a range of quality

romantic cards/baskets/items. These products come in pre-packaged themes and customized themes. A customer can always make a special order, which requires communication with company representatives to set up
• Price – low overhead, spread fix costs over year on per customer basis, competitive prices are seen in the discounts received after purchase/sign-up

• Selection – Standard pre-packaged, custom pre-packaged and special order • Customer Service – superior customer service is always needed to build and maintain market share through acquisition and retention of targeted customers. Maintenance of database information, response emails and 1800 number a few hours a day

• Seek out new opening establishments that meet our current

marketing mix/strategy

• Expand our B2C, B2B and B2B2C relationships by rolling out to the five boroughs • Expand offerings through our expanded B2B relationships

• 1800 Flowers, FTD, American Greeting, Hallmark Cards

• The flower/greeting cards business is extremely concentrated. Our competitors may have substantially greater financial, technical or marketing resources, a greater customer base, stronger name recognition and lower cost of funds then we do or our partners.

• Our competitors and our affiliate competitors may also have longstanding relationships with certain customers to which it may offer products that we do not provide, putting us at a competitive disadvantage. However, our target market, value propositions and overall strategy may allow us to:

• Adapt to changes in customer requirements or consumer preferences

more quickly
• Take advantage of acquisitions and other opportunities more readily

• Devote greater resources to the marketing and sale of its products • Adopt more aggressive pricing policies
• Ability to introduce new and innovative online services to our customers • Build solid relationships with local stores of quality products/services and build upon their customer relationships • We do not have to worry about inventory levels due to the lack of tangible goods stored, ordered or manufactured

• Our competitors also rely to a significant extent on foreign manufacturers

and suppliers for various products they distribute to customers as well as a portion of their current operations are conducted and located abroad. • All of our affiliate suppliers and manufacturers products/services are produced here in America, with the majority producing their merchandise right here in the tri-state area. Due to this our competitors might face the following:

• Political instability, labor shortages
• Imposition of new legislation and customs’ regulations relating to imports that may limit the quantity and/or increase the cost of goods which may be imported into the United States

• Currency and foreign exchange risks
• Potential delays or disruptions in transportation as well as potential border delay

• Floral: Especially in these hard economic times, we have seen lower sales

and lower gross profit margins during the holiday shopping period due to increased promotional activity • Gift Baskets: Companies have increased their revenue due to acquiring other specialty companies. These acquisitions lead to a decline in gross margin due to the lower margins associated with the acquired company • Home and Gifts: Revenues over the past couple of years have decreased, reflecting the significant weakness in the overall home sector. Many companies have thus enhanced their product sourcing and shipping initiatives to help off-set rising promotional costs and weakness in home sector which helped increase gross profit margins slightly

• IT: Companies have revamped there IT infrastructure by consolidating

hosting sites and rationalizing maintenance and support applications to reduce costs while maintaining performance and availability • Marketing: Companies have reduced marketing costs by scaling appropriately to consumer demand conditions and redeploying spending to achieve enhanced ROI and LTV

• Online Imagining: Companies have recently acquired photo sharing/publishing businesses to gain a foothold in online photo sharing space for customers to create unique products and services • Overall: Companies expect economic conditions for customer will still be challenging. They expect revenues for the full upcoming fiscal year will be down approximately 5 to 10 percent compared with the previous year. They have also planned to increase utilization of outsource service providers to reduce fixed facility and labor cost has five distinct groups of customers • Couples, Singles, Romantic Interests, Family & Friends, Alternative Lifestyles
These groups will fall into the following larger categories:
Generation Y: Single, Ethnically diverse, experiencing growth in spending power, career oriented with disposable income for themselves and their extracurricular activities
Generation X: Well-educated, single/married and raising children, just purchased first home, climbing the corporate, blue collar or entrepreneurial ladders Affluent: Married/divorced, college educated, income over six figures, large saving accounts, and represents more women, minorities and alternative lifestyles then previous years before

Baby Boomers: Married with children, grandparents, college educated, homeowners, seeks a quality of living, near retirement or retired, looking to increase their pensions

• Purchase gifts for loved ones regularly

• Appreciates the invaluable intrinsic emotions involved in the reactions by the receiving party to the gift giver • Has the money to spend without blinking an eye and/or doesn’t mind dipping into the budget to purchase a gift for a loved one

• 69% Female – 85% Male

• Alternative lifestyle partners • VIP patrons and socialites • Ages 25 to 55 • Household income of $ 50,000 +

1) Before: Donald is a 33 year old and single. He is a successful CEO at a hedge fund in Manhattan, making well over $500,000. His life is always in the office and works really hard, sometimes going in on Saturdays and Sundays. He works out in the early morning with a personal trainer and then heads to the office by 7 am. He is often required to entertain and dine with his clients to establish a good relationship with the company and himself. After work he entertains through happy hour events, dinners and late night lounges. He meets many women and has many close women friends. He also has two sisters and his mother and two grandmothers that are still alive. He really enjoys taking care of the important women in his life, but he often is in the DOGHOUSE due to working so much and forgetting. Most of the women in his family have birthdays in same months and Donald is usually feeling guilty that he has forgotten their birthdays. His parent’s anniversary is April Fool’s Day and he seems to ALWAYS forget. Even the women he is very close too, whom he sees almost everyday, he forgets their special day. At this point he sends them a ridiculously priced gift in hopes they will forgive him. He will go weeks without talking to his sister’s before they call and tell him they understand.

1) After: Donald is out with some clients at a restaurant near his office. They have to wait for a table so they go to the bar for some cocktails. They sit at a bar table and notice a flyer. He ponders over it, cracks a joke to his co-workers and clients and then secretly slips the flyer into his pocket. The minute he gets home he researches the and to his surprise he becomes a member. He is psyched and envisions finally his mother, sisters and girl friends not being mad at him for forgetting. He has created an account that will allow him to send cards and flowers to all his favorite girl friends, a wine and chocolate basket to his female family members and a super deluxe basket to his parents for their anniversary. He is so excited he just keeps adding new contacts so he doesn’t leave anyone out. Next week is his older sisters 30th birthday so he goes above and beyond. Saturday night at the birthday party his sister runs up to him and thanks him so much for the champagne and flowers and tells him it made her day for him to remember this special day. Donald is so happy and hopes to make all the ladies happy with him

2) Before: Audrina is a widow with young children, ages 5 and 8. She is a principal at the elementary school in town and waitresses on the weekends. She is also training for her first marathon at the Jersey Shore next month. She lost her husband a few years ago in the line of duty and has been overwhelmed and working really hard the last two years. Her hours at the school usually range from 7:30am and then she is able to leave around 5:30pm. This leaves her with little time in the evening. She has to pick up her oldest daughter at day care and then drop her off at her mother’s where her son is also. She changes and leaves the children there so she can go and do a long run, yoga and on the other nights she is in weekly meetings or takes the children home with her. At this time her children are fed by her mother, unless it is a night she does not have any obligations so she will cook and serve dinner to the children. It is now close to 9 and the children need to get home and complete schoolwork and take baths. She baths the younger one, frees up the bathroom for her oldest and puts the baby down with a story. She then goes into her daughter’s room and talks about her day and catches up. She falls asleep and Audrina is able to go downstairs to start laundry and cleaning from the day and whatever has piled up. She realizes it is her brother’s birthday and she has forgotten, not to mention he is in South Korea, for the US Arm, which means they are a day ahead and she has really forgotten.

2) After:
Audrina is out running errands, while her mother watches the children for a few hours on Sunday morning. She walks into Walgreens to get her daughter’s allergy medicine and noticed a flyer for the Romance Club. She stuffs it into her purse and thinks, “Ha, Romance.” Little does she know that it is a club for all individuals, friendly and romantic! She gets home with the kids and they have a little time to breathe and rest before Audrina starts dinner. She goes into her purse to get her mobile and notices the Romance Club flyer. She immediately rushes to the computer to see what all the jazz is about this club. To her surprise, she notices this is the greatest club to join, especially for individuals like Audrina. She instantly becomes a member and inputs all her family and friends information to the calendar of events for the rest of the year. She is so excited, especially since the anniversary of her husband’s death is nearing and she is able to send her in-laws a card and some flowers, and never has to remember to do it a few days prior. The anniversary come and goes and his parents call and send her a beautiful thank-you card that includes a business card and a 10% discount to get an item at the Romance Club for the mother’s day coming up in May.

3) Before: Samantha is dating Terri. They are both powerful women at work and in their community. Samantha is a student working towards her doctorate in neurophysiology and spends most of her time at NYU med school and interns in the late evenings, Friday to Sunday. Her time outside the intern and in class she tries to study and is the library for hours. Her partner, Terri, manages a local coffee shop as well as being a board member of the Long Island Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Services Network. This requires her to organize and head fundraising events and be involved with the network to ensure it is being taken care of and the their voice is being heard. Recently Governor Paterson has spoken out about trying to get same-sex marriage laws in NY, but the bill has many other agendas ahead of it, so Terri is working hard getting letters and case studies together to push the movement forward. BY the time she is home from the coffee in the afternoon and then attends meetings she is exhausted. She goes home calls Samantha says her goodnights and is off. This leaves both little time to check email, communicate with other friends and family, basically enjoying their social life.

3) After: Terri notices someone has brought in flyers about a Romance Club. She briefly looks it over and thinks how happy Samantha would be if she sent her something nice especially on her birthday and anniversary. Samantha has been so busy that even a gift just because would be nice from Terri. She goes on her laptop and immediately joins. She sets up a membership and creates a calendar full of just because cards once a month, that are at sent to the hospital so she is really surprised. She is so excited to have joined the club she wants to let Terri know, but not before she sends her a basket full of candies and some wine to wish her luck on an exam. Terri has been forgetting a lot of her family and friend’s events and celebrations, so she sets their contact info up as well.

• For Donald, the Romance Club has offered him the ability to have the

ladies love him. He is at the age where finding someone special is valuable, so he does not want to upset the wrong girl. Since joining he has been on top of his work, talking to all the ladies in his family and stress-free from his lady friends whose special days have snuck up on him • For Audrina, the Romance club offers a breath of fresh air. She is able to send loved ones gifts, especially over-seas, and if she remembers the night before she does not feel bad anymore. Since joining she is being reminded how thoughtful she has been, even though her schedule has been out of control. • For Terri and Samantha, the Romance Club has given them a way to communicate while their lives are hectic. Terri was so happy to hear the excitement in Samantha’s voice when she got to the hospital and the basket was there. Terri is appreciated more and Samantha is thinking of taking off one of the nights she interns to spend more time with Terri.

Housewives of New York City Busy Stace is a hard working mother of three. She is the CFO at her husband’s importing business, where she sometimes assists with sales. She is a powerful woman, yet kind and loveable. She is a stylish woman who dresses sophisticated and sleek. Recommended: Wine, Cheese, Flower Basket- This basket comes with one of our finest red wines, choice of Merlot, Cabernet, Syrah, Pinot Noir, a selection of three types of cheeses, Brie, Stilton, Taleggio, Goat, Gouda, Cheddars, etc, as well as an assortment of crackers to enjoy the crackers with. A cheese-spreading knife is included with some fresh fruit. The giver can also choose between the Cala Lillies, Roses, and Orchid. $140.95 + tax and shipping

Partner of Same-Sex Lesbian Couple Lynn is an easygoing woman. She is a professor at SUNY in their Environmental Science & Forestry program. She loves nature and enjoys gardening and planting. Lynn and her partner, Jane, go on ventures around the world to learn about different environments, climates and forests. Recommended: Green Thumb Basket: This includes a kit to plant and start your own herb garden. The herbs included are basil, lavender, rosemary, sage and many others. This comes with it all, the seeds, the soil, a watering tin, BIONIC© gardening gloves, which are eco-friendly, aluminum cultivator and trowel, stainless steel pruning shears, bypass pruner and a gardening bag. Included is a gardenia plant. $125.95 + tax and shipping

• is an online retailer that offers not only romantic products and services, but ensures that a customer never forgets those special dates shared with the ones they love. With a quick and simple signup process our customers never have to worry about remembering those important dates. We remember them for you and send out monthly emails to remind you of the coming date and products/services offered. Our services offer our customers ease of retail by never having to physically go to a store. • offers competitive prices, deep discounts and an attractive referral program. We offer an attractive variety of specialty items all in a single virtual store. Our close relationships with local stores allows us to offer fresh high quality products/services at a reduce cost with fast and reliable delivery time.

• Romance Club will be your thoughts when you forget. Sign up now to get a free lifetime membership, access to some exclusive gift and flower baskets. Bringing happiness to loved ones when you cannot is what we wish for. We have strong relationship with exclusive VIP clubs, bars and restaurant in NYC. Our focus on the alternative lifestyle community allows us to reap benefits from an untapped market.

• Integrated Strategic Partnerships with these various stores to provide a one stop shop • Vendors who have local, high quality products and low delivery costs

• Vendors who provide product discounts to for business sent their way. can translate these discounts into our own product/discount offerings to our customers • The ability to use service with confidence

• Free monthly communication via email/txt

• Incentives based loyalty program, discounts sent to both sender and receiver of products and services • Dynamic consensual strategic database driven website that contains high levels of website usability and functionality • Unique benefits for different customer segments – saves time, fulfill personal/emotional needs, convenience for those that otherwise wouldn’t have

• A limited budget to generate awareness of and its products/services offerings
• A limited number of hours a day can be spent in providing a 1800 number with live customer support • Lacks large verity compared to major retailers in a brick and mortar business – we do not contain a large amount small market items • Prices are limited

• Low target market awareness

• Build Integrated Strategic Partnerships with this various stores to provide a one stop shop • The ability to capitalize on an untapped resource, the mom and pop shops and what I like to call, mirror marketing • The ability to build a strong B2B relationship with our distributers/manufacturers (local mom and pop flower/gift shop, wine stores) • The ability to build a strong B2B relationship with our main marketers’ (local bars, clubs, wine shops, restaurants) • The ability to build a B2B2C loyalty based upon our marketers’ customers (We will pay a referral bonus to those who use our services based upon where they find us)

• To capitalize the idea that both men and women have relationship insecurities and try to make it easier for them to show their feelings with confidence

• Attract new users and customers every week by taking advantage of mirror industries that are always generally quite steady in terms of sales (clubs and romantic anniversaries) • The ability to have a marginal decrease spread over fixed costs relative to each customer order as sales increases

• Competition from industry giants like FTD, and American Greeting • The industry is attractive and provides small barriers to entry into the market • Once our idea turns public, will our competition take over our market share by increasing more monies into a similar marketing campaign • Users/Customers would have a negative experience will prevent retention and new acquisitions

We plan to build an Integrated Strategic Partnerships with these various stores. Our existing competition: • Segmented boutique stores in the local neighborhoods that provide specialization of products/services others • Online retailers with an established customer base and brand
• Know branded commercial Store Chains

Types of Segmented Competition: • • • • • • Fruits & Nuts Flowers Candy Card Bed & Bath Online Gift Retailers

Retention Strategy
• Build consensual strategic databases whereby information will be gathered from the customer in order to customize and personalize the Integrated marketing effort • Database information will power our website
• Identify specific customers and customer groups most likely to purchase • Add new features and products on a timed plan to generate renewed product interest

Acquisition Strategy
• Increase product awareness and interest through a IDM campaign
• Add new features and products on a timed plan to generate renewed product interest • Convert users of the site to full paid members through strategic IDM

• Increase rate of conversions from browsers clicks to users to members

 will offer a generous selection of Cards, Flowers, Candies, Liquors, Fruits, plants, gift baskets, pre-packaged goods and Specialty items

 will offer a generous selection of Cards, Flowers, Candies, Liquors, Fruits, plants, gift baskets, pre-packaged goods and Specialty items

 will be charging a set per item fee based on prepackage goods and other based products offered (such as dozen roses, cards, liquors, candy by weight). For all custom orders, a price will be quoted once the customer decides on the specific items they want

Product Positioning:
 will be an all year, 365-day service. Our products/services cater to those individuals looking to find a simple yet extremely meaningful solution to express their feelings to loved ones. Regardless of the occasion has a unique selection of high quality, local products/services.  utilization of a dynamic database driven website, integrated direct marketing campaign and a focused client segmentation gives us competitive advantage in these hard economic times.

 Our thought process is to position our products/services to act as an intrinsic bridge to re-establish and fortify the importance of love in our lives. Although our customers will use monetary funds to purchase our products/services for someone special in their lives the emotional, mental and physical returns they receive will be priceless.

Product Positioning:
Our product positioning will focus on two factors: High quality products/ services and low overhead/inventory costs.  High quality of products and services: is marketing to the VIP customer in the heart and in the pocket. Our customers are willing to spend 125 to 200 a pop on showing signs of their affection. However these same customers will not sacrifice quality in their products/services. has developed an impressive affiliate list of local gourmet/specially stores. This will allow to offer its customers the highest quality of products in its respective industry. owners and founders are dedicating their services 24/7 to ensure the growth and success of the company. Both owners understand that in order to retain a high level of customer loyalty and referrals, a hands on approach to customer/product service must be taken.

Product Positioning:
 Low overhead and inventory costs: strategy to develop relationships with local mom/pop specialty stores as the main source of product support will help lower costs and reduce the need for large inventory expenses. By strategically pinpointing local stores in various neighbors throughout Manhattan we can reduce overhead costs related to delivery services. The reduction in costs associated with delivery fees and services can be translated to the customer in the overall sales price offered. Custom specialty items might require a third party delivery service arranged by, but these costs will be incurred by the customers in addition to the final sales price of the items purchased. By outsources our product catalog eliminates the need to rent a storage facilitate to house inventory and eliminates the costs associated with inventory upkeep and loss.

 Orders will be placed via our secure website except for specially items which might require a follow phone call to verify due to pricing and special nature of items. The affiliated neighborhood product vendor will handle the distribution of the majority of items by on customer location and product offering. For those specialty orders, shipping will occur from our office by either company runner or USPS express mail.

eMail Marketing:
 Use an integrated combo of express email marketing system offered through, and These services will be used to manage emails sent in/out of customer database

 Monthly mailings  Additional mailing for special promotions

 Goal is to increase customer database by 20% of total responses sent out within the next year

 Emails will include options for registration, membership, referrals to a friend and an opt out option

eMail Newsletter:
 Personalized monthly newsletter will be sent out to users and members in the database with opt-in/opt-out options
 Goal is to turn registered users into buying members with specific targeting

 Send out product/services specials that highlight the various seasons and match customers information

Direct Mail:
 Direct Mail pieces will be sent to customers first class at the beginning of each month
 Remind them of the approaching date  Discounts  Product/Services info  Special Promotions

Referral – Loyalty – Sales Promotion:
 Referral to our B2B partner will be $5 for each first time acquisition we get that mentions they found us through them
 Customers are offered $10 off next purchase and $15 coupon for each person they refer

 Seasonal discounts will be offered depending on customer database and customer preferences
 Free shipping except on special orders then price to be determined

Print Advertising:

 Banner advertising on certain marketing partner sites will commence around the three-month mark. If customer sign up numbers either reached forecast levels or greater, we will pursue banner advertising on Amazon, Google and Yahoo

 We will run ads in the New York Times, Newsday and Newsweek Papers

Search Engine Optimization
 Each page of our websites will contain optimized Meta tags for: keywords, content description, city, state, and zip code

 Each page of our website will contain contextual keywords that match the coded Meta tags

 Header tags will be used on specific text based keywords

 We will optimize every picture by coding “alt” tags with appropriate keywords

Search Engine Optimization
 Title tags will be optimized to reflect page content and keywords

 Create an .xml sitemap that provides links and ranked priority status

 Create an .Html sitemap and linked it to each page

 Create robots.txt page to block the spiders from indexing our CMS

 Using Google & Yahoo Analytics, we will create several keyword campaigns to run depending on the times of the day and bid rate for each keyword. We will create multiple ad placements/banners around our Meta tag keywords to also run on Google and Yahoo search sites

Homepage Sample SEO Coding
 <Title>Welcome to | Flowers, Roses, Gift Baskets, Flower Bouquet, Candies</title>  <Meta name="description" content="Send flowers, roses, balloons, plants, gift baskets candies and gourmet food from, New York City’s #1 online Romance service">  <Meta name="keywords" content="flowers, gift baskets, plants, gourmet foods, birthday gifts, bouquets, anniversary, flower, roses, rose, fresh, candies, tulips, flower delivery service, wine, lily, lilies, daisies, greeting cards, love, romance, get well, holiday, florist, special occasion, Valentines Day, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Easter, orchids, vases, thank you, balloons, sunflowers, tulip, congratulations, daisy, colored daisy, flower arrangement, New York City delivery">

Top Upper Right:
 Sign-in / Register Link

 Shopping Cart

 My account section

 Order tracking

 Customer service

 FAQ’s

Global Navigation: Tiered Categories in Each
 Home  Romantic Occasions: Congratulations, Get Well, I’m Sorry, Just Because, Love & Romance, New Baby, Sympathy, Thank You, Engagement/Weddings
 Pre-packaged Specials: seasonal/holidays, cakes & cookies, chocolates & candies, fruit baskets, gift baskets, wine & cheese

 Flowers & Plants: carnations, daisies, lilies, mixed bouquets, orchids, roses, tulips, bonsai, blubs, orchid, rose
 About Us: Company Overview  Contact Us: phone (800 number) email, address PO box, affiliate programs, merchandise vendor inquiries, discount rewards

Bottom Page Navigation:
 Home

 About Us

 Customer Service

 Contact Us

 Affiliate Program

 Private Policy

 Site Map

Other Features:
 The website will show images of various cards, candies, flowers, plants, gifts baskets
 A dynamic drop down menu to choose different search options for flowers, candies, plants, cards, and pre-packaged items and price  Links to our Affiliates sites and highlighted specialized products & services  Shopping cart: customers can add/delete and save items to their cart. Customer will see detailed descriptions. OS commerce will be used to enhance our Content Management

 Customer will be able to fill in responses to personalized survey questionnaire when they signup regarding their likes, dislikes, special persons name, their special date, contact info. They can update this information at anytime

Payment Options:
 All major credit cards will be accepted including PayPal services (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover).

Customer Service:
 Customers can send us an email

 Customers can call our 1800-number during the available times. For the first six months and/or depending on traffic, we will provide a limited schedule of 4 hours a day (10 am to 2 pm)

 Customers can read our customer service / FAQ page to find some standard answers to our policies and services

 has developed its own in house affiliate network of mom/pop gourmet specialty stores to provide the base of its product/service line. However, it still needed to find a way to compete with the larger and more establish retail chains by providing a greater selection of high quality products. understands that true profits and success do not lie in large one time monetary figures alone. Establishing a loyal base of returning customers and referrals new customer would be the deciding factor in company success and provide the bases for a competitive advantage against the blue chip companies. Establishing a business relationship within the network was one of the weapons will use.
 The rationale behind this strategy is two-fold. First and foremost will open doors and provide access to a wide verity of brand name product/services that our customers recognize, connect with and use everyday. believes the network will provide a strong product/service source in terms of custom specialty items offered.  Secondly is not banking on the sales made from the product/service of the affiliates companies connected with the network to provide them with a profit windfall. In fact figures they will just break-even with the products/service sold via network. Instead is banking on customer satisfaction with the overall services offered to its customers as well as the increased marketing coverage.
 The thought process here is that if a customer chooses a product from a affiliate and comes away very satisfied then they will continue to do business with and the following purchases would yield a healthy profit overtime. is utilizing the network as another form of bait.

 A customer may not recognize some of the gourmet products/services offered but our research shows that if we can provide them with a satisfied first time experience it is more likely they will shop with us again and be more adventurous in their product/service selection thereafter. charges a sign up fee of $4,000. There is a month service charge equal to 4% (not exceeding $1000) of sales from affiliate products sold via

 IDM Registration for  5 weeks prior……………………………Business Card Handout  4 weeks prior…………………………….Initial Direct Mail  3.5 weeks………………………………….Email Branding  2.5 weeks………………………………….Promotional Email  1 week prior……………………………..Briefing Package  3 days and 24 hours prior………...Confirmation Call #1 #2  1 week after purchase……………...Follow Up Email  Emails will be sent out once a month, except for holiday months then two emails will be sent depending on specific holiday and dates it falls on. will not use catalogs and will use only limited print advertising due to costs. All of users will be computer based into order to take full advantage of our products and service. Direct mail will be an essential part of our marketing plan. Our direct mailing campaigns growth rte will be determined by our user database. Telemarketing will be used for follow up phone calls after orders have been place and received. Our SEO campaign will be monitored daily and adjusted as needed based up data received.

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