Introducing Transactional Analysis – A Programme of Interpersonal

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					Introducing Transactional Analysis – A Programme of Interpersonal Development
Marguerite Sacco is a Training Organisational Transactional Analyst (OTA). Transactional Analysis (TA) is a psychological model that is useful in communication and leadership skills. The Interpersonal Development Programme (IDP) uses the basics of Transactional Analysis to develop communication and leadership skills in organizations. This course is run in a number of organizations including the South African Air Force. It is a powerful and effective programme with sound underlying principles and theory.

How is Transactional Analysis useful?
Improving communication skills: Moving from Parent to Child types of communication styles in the workplace, to Adult to Adult communication. Personal Growth and development: Moving from Child responses to the world around us, into Adult Autonomy. Leadership Development Leadership through personal power, the one form of power that cannot be taken from us. Diversity Awareness – Cultural Interface Using TA to identify what makes us different, and what makes us the same. Building on our commonalities for greater creativity, tolerance and achievement.

What does the IPD programme cover?
1. Life Positions Move to an “I’m Ok, You’re Ok” life position for improved and more powerful interactions with colleagues, subordinates, bosses and peers. 2. Communication Styles Identifying the Parent, Adult, Child (PAC) communication styles and identify ways to improve communication by choice of appropriate style. 3. Analysing Transactions Recognising ulterior (unspoken) messages in transactions with others and learning how to deal with them for cleaner, more effective communication 4. Drama Triangle Discover the roles of Victim, Rescuer and Persecutor in the Drama Triangle. Recognising when we're caught in a drama triangle, and how to get off it. 5. Diversity in action Learn the psychological structure of prejudice and work in groups to overcome arriers to racial and cultural integration

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The programme uses the principles and theories of Transactional Analysis to teach Communication Styles, Leadership Skills and how to achieve Adult to Adult communication in all walks of life. The programme is facilitated by a registered Practicing Transactional Analyst.

Day one and two: Introduction to Transactional Analysis Identifying your own Life Position Johari’s Window Stroke Theory Day Three and Four Identifying your working Styles Identifying your communication Styles Analysing Transactions The Drama Triangle Day Five and Six Diversity Awareness using the Principles of Transactional Analysis (Please Note: days five and six are optional, but cannot be trained unless the learners have attended days one to four)

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