; Water Softeners Water Softner Equipment High Pressure
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Water Softeners Water Softner Equipment High Pressure


Water Softeners Water Softner Equipment High Pressure

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									Water Softeners Water Softner Equipment

Which comes in two models Product name: Description:

High Pressure
Water Softener Equipment – A softener is an apparatus the converts hard water (water with high mineral content of magnesium and calcium) into softer, more usable water for your home. Water softeners contain a resin that absorbs the calcium and magnesium and in that way removes those minerals from the water. When the resin is saturated, it is regenerated by adding a brine (rock salt) solution to the system.


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Saves you money – It will lesson the risk of damage to appliances that result from scale build up. Pipe scaling – Softened water will keep pipes free of scale and in so doing prevent lack-of-flow problems. Geyser scaling – Hard water can damage the element causing it to burn out. It will also take longer to heat and will increase your electricity bill. Kettle scaling – Scale can break off and contaminate your drinking water. Bath rings – A water softener will substantially reduce bath rings that are difficult to remove. Shower nozzles – Shower nozzles will not become clogged up. When bathing in hard water, your hair is coated with lime scale which makes it hard, dull and fragile. Hard water delays the restoration of the acid coating that protects the scalp. This could lead to dandruff and eczema. When bathing in hard water, scale ions cause dry skin. With H2O water softeners your skin will feel softer and smoother which reduces the need for skin moisturizer. You will use less soap to achieve the same wash when bathing or showering. You can save up to 60% of your shampoo! Similarly less detergent will be consumed for laundry, thereby saving money and the environment.

M2010 Capacity (grains per recharge) Resin Volume (litres) Min Operating Pressure (kPa) Max Operating Pressure (kPa) Brine Tank Volume (litres) 30 000 30 150 800 160

M2012 45 000 45 150 800 160

Regeneration Time (minutes/hours) Salt Requirement Per Regeneration (Kgs) Water Waste Volume (litres/min) Max Flow Rate (litres/min)

80 min 5 35 35

80 min 8 40 40

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