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									Crystal Therapy
Calcite With copper

How can crystals be used in healing?

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Amplify & transform energy
Perfect form Your vibrations Your feelings Your hopes Your desires Get amplified You are a crystal

Why choose a crystal?
• For remembering dreams • To create a harmonious atmosphere (treatment or counselling rooms) • Protection from negative energy fields • Help to focus, keep alert • Confidence booster, self esteem • Creativity, music, poems, writing, art • Agony aunt • Healing • For programming a special job for you

Si04 tetrahedron

Basic unit of crystal 3 tetrahedrons


Channels allow Metal ions

Quartz Family
• • • • • • • • • Macrocrystalline Smokey quartz Amethyst Aventurine Citrine Rose quartz Ametrine Milky quartz Tiger’s eye • • • • • • • Microcrystalline Chalcedony Jasper Agate Carnelian Chrysophase Onyx

Quartz and fieldspar Crystals
Earth’s crust has 12% quartz

Piece of granite rock Under great temperature and pressure The earth’s molten magma cools into crystals

Uses of quartz
• • • • Coloured quartz for jewelry Concrete uses quartz sand and gravel Glass, ceramics, chemical apparatus Oscillator in electric circuits, watches, computer chips, ultrasonic devices • Quartz healing crystal therapy

Smokey quartz
Grounding stone Protector Face our own shadow Good for addictions Root chakra Absorbs negativity from TVs computers

Cleaning & Dedication
• • • • • • • • Remove past energies and vibrations You can wash it under a tap, or sea or rain Place it in a salt bath Leave it in the sun or moonlight Bury it in the earth I dedicate this crystal to the highest good Never use a crystal for harm Extreme negative karma

Amethyst & Bacchus

Highest vibration frequency

Amethyst – Calms mind, meditation, good for headache, detox
Cure of addiction, repels negativity, third eye

Programming a crystal
• • • • • • • • Formulate your intent, what you want it for I program this crystal to ..(repeat regularly) Hold in hands and breathe into it Imbue with power, hang it on neck Help me be more grounded? Help me to drink less or to attract money? This attracts the right partner for me! Boost my self esteem, less shy, assertive

Aventurine Heart chakra Clean out negative emotion Allows for reflection

Crystal Aura
• • • • • • • • Crystals have their own vibrations These can mix and blend with your aura Don’t keep in pocket with ‘dirty’ change Light a candle focus on stone Attune to its energy, picture it in minds eye Be in harmony, be open to intuition Use affirmations I attract love growing each day that passes

Energizing stone Solar Plexus Mental ability, decision making Meetings, choices Associated with abundance In Feng Shui

• • • • • • • • Often used with crystal balls, attune to it Ask questions, be open to guidance Be conscious of insight and seek clarity What hidden factors affect the outcome? Ask for guidance of what lies behind ….. Please show how to resolve …….. What would be a good course of action? Let your intuition, gut feeling come out

Cat’s eye

Tiger’s eye
Grounding to earth Helps to have values Rich earthy stone Purifies indulgence Concentration Energy is focused

Crystal shapes
• • • • • • • • Geode, cave like interior full of energy Cluster, for enhancing rooms, feng shui Single point, focuses energy, acupuncture Fat end draws energy in, point gives out Wand, focuses on healing or ritual work Phantom, crystal within, growth evolution Palm, calming, confidence boosting Tumble stones for any job you want

Ametrine Mix of citrine & amethyst For stress & chronic disease

Choosing a crystal
• • • • • • • • The crystal advertises itself to you It calls you, your eye lights upon it It may feel sticky or magnetic to your hand It may feel warm or seem to pulse or glow Intuition, gut feeling, you just ‘know’ Can you ‘hear’ it call to you, a name? Use a dowsing pendulum Hold it in your hand and close your eyes

Milky quartz
High proportion of gas or water bubbles Softer more female energy than pure quartz

Working a ritual
• • • • • • • • Prepare scene, bathe, clean clothes Music, candles, incense, special cloth Alter with Buddha, flowers, rice, fruit A ritual is sacred, respect its power Regular repetition makes them potent Place crystals in ring or in pattern With intent invoke spirits, make affirmation ‘I send your love and light into the world’

Rose quartz

Strong gentle energy for the heart Fears, phobias, heals vulnerability

Meditation and Dreaming
• • • • • • • • Peaceful, relaxed, focus on crystal Out-breath tension flows out onto crystal In-breath feel cleansed energy come back Let crystal speak to you, feel its qualities Place under pillow to help you dream Protects against nightmares Helps to connect with sub conscious mind Access hidden knowledge, the right path

Quartz layed down in coloured bands Alleviates stress, ‘worry beads’ Relieves anxiety & tension Keeps you grounded

Healing Crystals
• • • • • • • • Can heal buildings, places, pets, plants Can reach underlying cause of disease Tackle the root emotional, mental, spiritual Our body full of water vibrational pattern Crystals realign the pattern by resonance Brings our aura back into alignment Wands on meridian points or chakras Can remove geopathic stress, e.m. smog

Energizing stone Motivates joy blessings Brings ideas to fruition Heals jealousy & envy

Gem Elixirs
• • • • • • • Water takes on crystal’s vibrational pattern Red stones to jizz up, blue stones to calm Place gems in mineral water 12hrs Add brandy or vodka to fix vibrations Resonates, realigns subtle energies Drink, massage on skin or spray into room Put in pet’s drinking water

Lapis Lazuli
Spiritual awakening Opens mind to divine Enhances inner vision Creativity of throat chakra

Feng Shui
Citrine Abundance Tourmaline Ancestors Apatite Learning Knowledge Agate Fame Quartz Health & Balance Amber Career Rose quartz relationships Lapis lazuli Creativity Children Malacite Helpful friends


The Chakras
7 Clear quartz 6 Amethyst Sodalite 5 Lapis lazuli Turquoise 4 Rose quartz Emerald 3 Citrine 2 Amber Carnelian 1 Jasper Obsidian Smokey quartz


Psychic Protection
• • • • • • • • Our aura is attacked by negative energy Common if you deal with people a lot How can we tell? Irritable, lose temper, drained, nightmares Too easily influenced, clairsentience Copying or living your life through others Pain in neck, solar plexus, wrists Bumping into people

Apache tears
A type of Glass like Obsidian Good grounding And protector

Protecting Stones
• • • • • • • • Amulets, talismans Sick building, electromagnetic pollution Psychic Drainers Ill wishes, curses, negative thoughts Protect & shield negative energies Homes, noisy neighbours, crystal grids Aventurine, labradorite, black tourmaline Smokey quartz, obsidian, apache tears

Circulation & joints Physical strength Balance, courage

Grounding & Earthing
• • • • • • • Awareness of being in physical body Brings balance & stability Acceptance we are here to fulfil a purpose Brings strength A bridge between spirit and matter Acceptance of restrictions of our life Needed to give and receive healing

Black tourmaline Great grounding stone And psychic protector Good to place on computer

• • • • • • • • Dizziness, daydreaming, away with fairies Feeling of being spaced out Nausea, palpitations, twitchy eyes Weight problems Noise & light sensitive Forgetful, clumsy, falling asleep, static Good ideas but never manifestation Communication problems

Grounding stone of 1st chakra Makes you feel positive Helps you out of your shell

How to become more grounded
• • • • • • • • Jasper, bloodstone, haematite, tigers eye Carnelian, garnet, amber, smoky quartz Obsidian, black tourmaline Eat healthy balanced organic foods Drink lots of water – 2Litres/day Walking in forests, countryside, seaside Tai chi, yoga, gardening, manual work Get close to animals and plants

Blue lace agate Calming influence Worry beads
Fear of expressing What we think and feel

Crushed celstite Spirtual connection Contact with angels

Working with crystals
• • • • • • • It’s the person that does the work The crystal amplifies thoughts & feelings If you are angry, a crystal makes it worse You need to have a spiritual approach Respect – crystals are living beings They are part of the earth organism Force follows thought, daily visualisation

Life giving energy of sun Honey balm on solar plexus

Establish a friendship
• • • • • • • Ask for its name Carry it about with you Sleep with it Wash it regularly Bathe it in moonlight Rub it, hold it, speak to it At some point it may leave you

Mother earth stone Goddess of full moon Strengthen intuition Psychic perception Get in touch with female side

Crystal myths
• • • • • • • • Crystals don’t store or give out energy Birthstones were invented by Victorians Crystals don’t have to be perfect Cloudy chipped beaten battered still works Size doesn’t matter A crystal internal = perfect energy balance Each person has unique relation to crystal Specific crystals not for specific disease

Third eye stone Spiritual awareness Lowers blood pressure Helps sleep

The Crystal Mirror
• • • • • • Mirror the portion we are out of touch with We have personal power to heal, be whole Resonance is the process which responds Aura and crystal energy fields interact Some part of you resonates with crystal Choose them yourself, you feel drawn in

Balances immune system Teeth Patience endurance Works on depression Soothes inflammation

Placebo effect
• • • • • • • 60% patients recover taking sugar pills No scientific evidence that crystals work Still plenty of recorded crystal healings Human mind has power to heal body Unconscious process to facilitate healing A blockage, a repression is energetic The crystal tool amplifies healing intent

Aquamarine Water of sea Soothing calm tranquil peace Washes away anxiety Clears pollution Cooling cleansing stone

• • • • • • • • 2 objects vibrate in harmony Like attracts like, like resonates with like Each has unique soul resonance pattern You are attracted to certain crystals They resonate with similar pattern They mirror our energetic make up ‘Crystal cook books’ often don’t work Every crystal & every person are different

Soothing healing balancer Like coral good for a child Absorbs fear that holds you back Elixir for muscles & bones

Good for bones Love & awareness

Great for public speaking Singing, being creative Throat chakra Rheumatism, arthritis

Boji stones
Healing energy To balance aura Balance meridians Apply boji to pain area

male Boji certificate female

Rutile quartz
Threads of Titanium Strengthens aura

Aluminium Silicate Meditation Chakra balancer

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