Sophos Anti-Virus Installation Instructions

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					                Sophos Anti-Virus Installation Instructions
Before installing Sophos on your computer, first you will need to uninstall any other anti-virus
protection you may currently have installed on your machine. To do this, go to Start, Settings,
and Control Panel. Next, double-click Add/Remove Programs and then uninstall any current
anti-virus software you may have installed (Inoculate, Norton, McAfee, etc.). Be sure to uninstall
ALL components of your anti-virus software, aka Live Update, Live Registration, Symantec, etc.
( If other anti-virus scanners are not uninstalled first, and Sophos is installed along side another
anti-virus program your computer will not function properly. ) You will now have to REBOOT
your machine.

After uninstalling any existing anti-virus software and rebooting, you are now ready to install
Sophos Anti-Virus.

To access the installation files, click “START” (XP) or the “Windows Button” (Vista), and in the
“Run” window (XP) or the “Start Search” box (Vista), type \\Sophos

Enter your domain username and password if requested (ex: For Algernon Sydney; Username
“hsc\sydneya” and the password you use for e-mail).

Next open the folder labeled “InterChk”.

Then double-click on the shortcut labeled “Install Sophos Win XP – Vista” to begin the
The “Setup” window will open, and you will only need to click “OK” to continue.

The “Setup” window will disappear, and it may look as if nothing is happening, but the Sophos
installer is running in the background. The “Sophos AutoUpdate” window will display after up
to 1 minute later.
After the installer is complete, the “Sophos Endpoint Security” window will display advising that
your computer needs to be restarted. Click “Restart Now”, and your computer will restart.

Sophos Anti-Virus is now installed, and the purple Sophos Anti-virus shield icon will appear
with the taskbar tray icons.

To manually scan your computer for viruses, right-click on the Sophos shield in the taskbar tray
and select “Open Sophos Anti-Virus.”
Now click “Scan my computer” to begin the virus scan.

                If you have any questions about Sophos Anti-Virus, contact the
                    Hampden-Sydney College Computing Center Helpdesk
                                      7911 (on campus)
                                   223-6373 (off campus)