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October, 2005 Dear Parents, It seems redundant each year to report to you that we had a wonderful school opening but, once again, things could not have gone more smoothly! The cooperation between parents, students and staff is truly amazing. The result is a focus on learning and achievement by our students each and every day. This school year there are many new changes to improve the efficiency and communication between the school and home. As you might have already encountered, the school has a new phone system that makes communication easier and more direct between parents and staff. You now have the availability to leave voice messages for any staff member which is actually delivered to the person’s email account. Through the fund raising efforts of our Home and School Association, a new roadside sign was installed to communicate the upcoming school events. Also, we will be changing the appearance and content of our school website to allow easier access to the site and provide information you need to become more fully knowledgeable about school events and progress. We hope you enjoy the first issue of the Rolling Hills Times. This important publication highlights our students’ literary accomplishments as published writers. This is just one of the many school activities focusing on students to become active participants in “real life” occupations. This year promises to be an exciting year for all students through the close working relationship of our dedicated staff and hard working Home and School Association. We hope your family takes full advantage of all planned school, evening, and weekend events! If you should have any questions about any aspect of your son’s or daughter’s schooling, feel free to contact the teacher concerned or me. We welcome your inquiries.

J. Craig Ogelby Principal From the Principal’s Desk


From the Principal’s Desk


Dear Parents, The school year has just started but so much has been accomplished already! The Home & School Association committee chairpersons and volunteers have been busy doing some great things for the school and our children. We are very excited about the recent addition of a Rock Wall in the gym. The classes started using it the first week of October, and the kids are really enjoying it. We can all feel pride and satisfaction about this purchase. An exciting event is coming on February 11th. At 7pm in the gym at Council Rock High SchoolSouth, the Harlem Wizards (like the Harlem Globetrotters) will be playing a team of teachers from Rolling Hills, Hillcrest, Churchville and Holland Elementary. More information will come home soon. Mark your calendar now! The following pages will give you a peak into the work of our many committees. Thank you to Lori Beil in her role as editor. There is always room for you in the Home & School Association! Please consider joining a committee and sharing your ideas with us. Don’t forget to attend the Home & School meetings, generally held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30 (check the Rolling Hills website and the monthly Home and School News for exact dates). Our next meeting is on Wednesday, November 9th. We hope to see you there. If you ever have any questions or comments, let me know! Denise Brooks, President (215-860-1261 or

ACME/GENUARDI TAPES: (Chairpersons: Renee Fahey and Debbie Brockman) Keep saving and sending in your Acme receipts, even the small orders add up to benefit our school. Also, register your Genuardi club card at Even if you have registered in prior years, the process needs to be renewed each school year. The Rolling Hills ID is 6609859. These are very easy ways to support our school. (Please note, the rebate program at SuperFresh has been discontinued.) BAKE SALE (Chairpersons: Cathy Geiger and Ellyn Schwartz) We were happy to participate with the teachers in holding our first bake sales of the year to benefit the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Fund. We raised nearly $200 thanks to the contribution of baked goods from our teachers and all the generosity of our students! Due to the wonderful response from last year, we have decided to have monthly bake sales throughout the school year to raise money for the Home and School Association. We look forward to another successful year! BIRTHDAY BOOK PROGRAM (Chairperson: Mandy Rothstein) The Birthday Book Program allows parents to donate a book in their child’s name to the school library. A birthday greeting will be sent home with your child with a registration form to be returned to the school librarian if you choose to participate. Your child will be contacted to select a newly purchased book. That book will contain a special bookplate that will be inscribed with the date of his/her birthday and the child’s name. Your child will be offered the first opportunity to sign out the book. If your child does not see a book they like, the librarian can order any book the child wishes. Children with summer birthdays will receive their birthday greetings between January and May. Keep your eyes open for your child’s birthday greeting.

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CAMP FAIR (Chairperson: Fran Epstein) The Camp Fair will be held on Sunday, January 29, 2006. (Don’t worry, it’s not a football Sunday!  ) If you know any camp owners or would like a certain camp represented that day, please let me know. CANDY SALE (Chairpersons: Kathy Caffey and Mary Adams) I would like to thank everyone for placing orders for the QSP candy and gift wrap sale. The pick-up date for merchandise is November 11, 2005 from 3:00pm -6:00pm in the gym at Rolling Hills. EMERGENCY PHONE CHAIN (Chairperson: MJ Schaffer) The Emergency Phone Chain had a successful trial run the weekend of October 8th and 9th. Hopefully it will be a storm-free winter and that will be the first and last time the chain is used! If you did not originally sign up, and would like to be added to the Emergency Phone Chain, please call me at 215579-4164. FATHER/DAUGHTER SOCIAL (Chairpersons: Kathy Caffey and Mary Claire Brodsky) Our first committee meeting was held earlier this month. If you are still interested, it's not too late to join. Call Kathy (215-579-1958) or Maryclaire (215-860-0253). Mark your calendar now for this fun event: Friday, January 20th (snow date January 27th). FATHER/SON SOCIAL (Chairpersons: Jackie Tomaro and Gina Yarnall) We are beginning to plan our Father/Son Social event for this school year. Feedback from last year indicates that we might want to try a different activity. You will soon receive a survey with some new ideas. Once you make your selection, the majority of votes will determine our activity for this year. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jackie Tomaro at 215-579-4890 or Gina Yarnall at 215-579-4931.

FLEX PROGRAM (Chairperson: Lisa Procz and Jackie Tomaro) Bon Jour and Hola! The FLEX (Foreign Language Experience) program kicked off a new session on October 7th. Both French and Spanish classes are being taught by Bucks County Community College instructors, right in our school, on Friday mornings from 8:05 - 8:50. Registered students attend classes once a week for 22 weeks. If there are any questions about the FLEX program, please contact Lisa (215-860-7634) or Jackie (215-579-4890). GENERAL MILLS BOX TOPS (Chairperson: Debbie Paikoff) As the volunteer coordinator for Box Tops for education, I'd like to give you an update on our progress. Thanks to supporters like you, we've raised $1,078.94 as of July 31, 2005 for the past school year. The 04/05 year ends on October 31, 2005 where I hope to add $800.00 more worth of box tops to that total, so send them in! One of the easiest ways to add to Box Tops is to join the Box Tops for Education Booster Club. Sign up at and see the benefits you and our school will receive. -See our school's Box Tops earnings -Get chances to win bonus Box Tops -Print money-saving coupons -Shop online and earn cash for our school -Stay up-to-date with Box tops newsletters In addition, if you apply for a Box Tops Visa card, 1% of all your purchases are earned for our school! Apply today at or call 1800-650-0235

HALLOWEEN PARTY (Chairpersons: Lisa Kotsopoulos and Mandy Rothstein) Monday, October 31st is the date! After the annual school-wide parade, the children will have parties in their classrooms. We will be supplying them with all their yummy treats! It is such a fun day! Thank you in advance to all our volunteers. We could not do it without you!

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HOLIDAY SHOP (Chairperson: Teri Berk) The Holiday Shop is coming to Rolling Hills!! This year’s shopping days will be November 29, 30 and December 1st. There will be plenty of Christmas and Hanukkah gifts for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers and friends. You may also find a gift for your favorite pet, so start making your list and get ready to shop!! We are hoping to have the shop open one evening so that parents can come and shop. More information will be coming home soon. Any questions or if you would like to volunteer call me @215-579-8193 or email HOSPITALITY (Chairpersons: Kathy Rue and Linda Kuepper) The Hospitality Committee organized all of the goodies and refreshments for the Back to School Nights held Sept 13th and 14th. Thanks to all the parents who volunteered to supply the snacks and drinks! If we didn't call you for Back to School Night, we will keep you in mind for the other school events needing baked goods (Winter Wonderland, Career Day, etc.). KIDSTUFF COUPON BOOK (Chairperson: Karen Grutza) The KidStuff Book fundraiser is winding down. Thank you to everyone who purchased the book. It’s a great way to save money at places where you already shop. Don’t forget to use the supermarket coupons, which are honored at Genuardi’s and Clemens…that more than pays for the book! There are still copies available. They make great holiday presents. If you would like to purchase one, please call me.

MARCH MADNESS (Chairperson: Teri Berk) This year our March Madness festivities will be held on March 11th. As always, it will be a fun filled day for all. Please plan to attend and volunteer to help! Look for more information as we get closer. MARKET DAY (Chairpersons: Rosalie Falcheck & Mary Claire Brodsky) Well, we are off to a great start with our Market Day program. Only two (2) months into the school year, and we have had over 100 orders and earned over $600.00 for our children. Thanks so much for all your support!!! We don’t have a successful program without all of you! Looking forward to the next two months, we have terrific items for Holiday dinners, as well as our huge November Pie Sale. Look for the flyers to come home soon, and get ready for a treat! This is a great time to give Market Day a try . . . you have nothing to lose (everything is 100% guaranteed), and our children have everything to gain!! Go to to order. MEMBERSHIP (Chairperson: Robin Solis, Vice President) Thank you to everyone who has joined the Home and School Association. All members will receive a copy of the Student Directory in November. Congratulations to Mrs. Peyser and Mrs. Schaffer’s classes! They are the first two classes to achieve 100% Home and School membership and will be rewarded with a pizza party. Mrs. McDonald’s AM class is only one membership away from full participation. Mrs. Schmauk’s class is 2 families away. The following classes are just 3 families away from full participation: Mrs. Morrison, Miss Abush, Mrs Weed, Mrs. Hornberger and Mrs. Ventrola. Please join! Each child directly receives more than $60 worth of benefits from the Home and School each year (just look at our budget and add up all the things your child receives from Home and School). On top of that are extra special gifts like the new rock wall and sign on Middle Holland Road. That’s a great return on your $10 investment, and the ultimate sign of support. If you have any questions, please call me at 215-579-6113.

LANDSCAPING (Chairperson: Marlene Quigley) We are currently awaiting a proposal from a landscaping company to address preventative weed issues around the school. We’ll be continuing with a fall clean up and will then look to plan a volunteer day in the spring for clean up and additional planting.

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MOTHER / DAUGHTER SOCIAL (Chairperson: Gina Yarnall) The annual Rolling Hills Mother & Daughter Luncheon is scheduled for Sunday, March 26, 2006. The committee will be looking for volunteers to begin planning this fun day. A volunteer memo will be going home sometime before the holidays. Look for updates and further information to follow.

MOTHER / SON SOCIAL (Chairperson: Thea Wegimont) Moms and boys had a great time at Brunswick Zone a few weeks ago. Bowling and laser tag games were a lot of fun! PHOTOGRAPHER/HISTORIAN (Chairperson: Donna Payerle) As the Photographer/Historian, I try to photographically document the major events of the school year. As I take photos, they are framed in photo boards and hung up in the lobby, outside the front office, where everyone who enters our school can see them. So keep watching the boards and you just might see your smiling face! The many photos taken during the 2004-2005 school year have been compiled into photo albums and they were presented to the Home & School at the October meeting. These albums will be in the teacher’s lounge and everyone is encouraged to take a look! Just a reminder, the 6th grade rooftop photo is scheduled to be shot on November 2nd. PRETZELS (Chairpersons: Paula Barson and Debbie Garttmeyer) Don't forget that pretzels are on sale every Wednesday. Pretzels cost 40 cents each and are delivered to each classroom where children will have an opportunity to purchase them. Please feel free to buy several. They make a great after school snack for everyone in the family. Thanks for your support we're off to great start.

PROGRAMS (Chairperson: Lisa Kotsopoulos, Vice President) After our October meeting, Mr. Norman Provost spoke to us about Pennsylvania’s Tap 529 Guaranteed Savings program. I hope those parents that attended found him informative. I am currently working on having one of our parents speak to us about cardiac care/awareness in February. Also, I’m hopeful for a presentation on “Kids Don’t Come With Manuals.” You won’t want to miss them! As always, I am interested in talking with anyone who may have new topic ideas or know someone who would be interested in speaking after a meeting. RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE (Chairperson: Debbie Marino) A big thank you goes out to everyone who donated blood at the annual Red Cross Blood Drive held on October 24th. By donating an hour, you helped save a life! RED RIBBON CAMPAIGN (Chairperson: Kathy Caffey) Red Ribbon Week was this week. Please support drug awareness and prevention by wearing your red Ribbon throughout the week. SCHOOL BOARD REPORT (Denise Brooks) In June, the School Board passed a $169 million budget, representing a 1.14 mill increase, and is $6,000,000 more than the 2004-2005 budget. This increase translated to a $50 tax increase for the average assessed home. The budget includes the addition of two new elementary guidance counselors, a dean of students for each of the high schools, and an additional teacher for the Sloan (alternative) school. It also includes over $1,000,000 to cover the continuation of the district’s computer lease program. This budged tax increase was the lowest reported increase of all Bucks County schools. The School Board also approved a CRESPA agreement for period 7/2005 to 6/2009. This is the contract that covers all support staff (teacher assistants, office staff, recess/cafeteria aides, etc.) Approval of the new contract came 3 months before official expiration of existing contract. The new contract carries a net cost increase of 10% over the

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4 years of the contract, and includes changes in medical benefits and increase in co-pays. A new Director of Special Services, Charles Lambert, was hired. In the past this was a cabinet level position that was combined with Human Resources. There were inefficiencies reported with the job combined in those two functions, the two jobs have been separated. Dave Bollinger remains in charge of Human Resources. A revision to the graduation requirements has been made for the first time in many years. Changes will go into effect beginning with the 2006-2007 school years, as it will take a year to get the programming and course information set up. Changes reflect a reduction in the health/physical education requirements, and an increase in electives. Being debated at the time of this writing was how to implement these changes. While earlier discussions indicated that the changes would go into effect for all high school students with the next school year, it is now being discussed to make the change for the classes of 2010 (this year’s 8th grade) and beyond. More information on this topic will be reported in the next Rolling Hills Times. The employment contract with Bob Winters extended for an additional year. Last year he served as Acting Assistant Superintendent. This year he will be Acting Director of School Services. Holly Schrum, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, who had previously decided to retire at the end of last year, will remain for an additional year as Acting Director or Curriculum and Instruction. Mark Klein is looking to permanently hire two people to fill these temporary employment situations, and in doing so, may re-align and reorganize the Administrative Level. Standard & Poor’s cited Council Rock as one of 47 school districts in Pennsylvania scoring above state averages in proficiency in math and reading. (Central Bucks was the only other Bucks County district so noted.) The Council Rock High School -North renovation was completed after 5 years. On October 22nd, a rededication ceremony took place.
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In September, Philadelphia Magazine rated high schools in the NJ, PA and DE region. Council Rock High School-North was rated #10 and South was rated #16. Mark Klein initiated a district-wide initiative called “CR Cares,” in response to the devastation brought with Hurricane Katrina. All schools in the district held a variety of fundraising efforts throughout the month of September, for the American Red Cross. Though a goal of $100,000 was set, the actual amount raised exceeded $150,000. SCHOOL SPIRIT (Chairpersons: Donna Payerle and Lisa Kotspoulos) As you know, we are selling FLANNEL PANTS! They are navy blue & gold plaid with a Rolling Hills logo. They are available in youth small, medium & large and adult small, medium, large, extra-large & double extra-large. We have sample sizes available. They would make great holiday gifts. Just call let us know and we can arrange a special delivery. SELECT CHORUS PERFORMANCE (Chairperson: Paula Barson) Plan to spend a fun family day at the Philadelphia Phantoms on Sunday, March 5. The special treat is that the 5th/6th Grade Select Chorus will be performing in front of the 10,0000-seat arena. It’s a lot of fun and a great way to cheer our school. More information will come home soon. SIXTH GRADE EVENTS (Chairpersons: Paula Barson and Wendy Friedman) We had our first committee meeting and plans are underway! There will be many fun and memorable activities for the 6th grade this year, including special parties, trips and of course, graduation. STUDENT DIRECTORY (Chairperson: Lisa Kotsopoulos) The Student Directory is coming along smoothly. It will be sent home to all the families that have joined the Home & School Association. Keep your eye out for this year’s book in early November.


TEACHER APPRECIATION (Chairperson: Teri Berk) This year’s teacher appreciation luncheon will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 22nd. The teachers and staff will be enjoying a delicious Italian buffet, as just a small way to show them how thankful we are for all they do for our children. If you would like to cook a dish or donate an item please call Teri Berk @ 215579-8193 or WELCOMING COMMITTEE (Chairperson: Cindy Cook) I would like to welcome the 50+ new families to our school. I hope that the transition has been a smooth one. Thank you to everyone who signed up to be a buddy family to help the transition for the new families. It is never too late for the new families to sign up for a buddy family or to call me at 215-968-5397 to answer any questions that you may have. YEARBOOK (Chairperson: Maureen Ricco This year Renee Fahey and Donna Payerle have joined the Rolling Hills Yearbook. We will soon be out at recess and around at different school events taking pictures. There is plenty to do and it is never too early to get started. Look for a flyer in February requesting a baby picture from all sixth graders, and sometime in March we will be taking yearbook orders.

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Mrs. Marian Heffren
What are the goals of art education? The arts help children better understand themselves, others, and the changing world we live in. Research has pointed to increases in student creativity, critical thinking skills, and expression when children participate in quality art experiences. Your child encounters new ways of solving problems, observing, exploring media, and communicating ideas in art class. Students are defining and analyzing famous works of art, reflecting on symbols and their meanings, and exploring their own originality. All this thinking in one class period per week! Help your child be prepared for fun art experiences. Make sure he or she gets enough sleep, eats breakfast, and wears clothing appropriate for painting. Your child‟s art may not return home immediately. Often, work is hung on display in the art room, library or hall, or may be collected for a portfolio or special exhibit. Remember to ask your child what was learned in class. Display and be proud of your son‟s or daughter‟s original achievements, and encourage them to express themselves, especially since their art work will not look as sophisticated as that of a junior or senior high student. Together we make a solid foundation for your child in creative thinking and communication skills
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Mr. Hambleton
PHYSICAL EDUCATION Our school year has started off very fast! The 4th, 5th and 6th graders are just finishing off a unit on soccer. They worked on skills dealing with passing, dribbling, and shooting. We played games of 6 vs 6 giving everyone many chances to touch the ball. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students began the year by playing a series of tagging games. These type of games give students a chance to get use to the “ gym rules” and learning to move in space. Finally, our wonderful Home and School Association has spent the last six months planning, purchasing and hiring a group to build a rock wall in the gym for our students. The wall is eight feet high and twenty four feet long. There are five colors of rocks. It poses many challenges. To experience the excitement and determination and to watch students taking chances is an educational dream! An ever living thank you to Denise Brooks, Robin Solis, Lisa Kotsopoulos, Gina Yarnall, Kathy Caffey, and Joy Johnson; our Home and School Association.


Mrs. Warf We had a great start to the year in music classes. We sang many patriotic songs in class during September to prepare for Constitution Day on September 23rd. Favorites include “You‟re a Grand Old Flag”, “God Bless America”, ”Yankee Doodle”, “Yankee Doodle Dandy” and “God Bless the U.S.A.”. We learned a new song for this special occasion called “The Preamble” from Schoolhouse Rock. The entire school sang several of these songs for a special Constitution Day celebration. I would like to make special mention of the time that we have spent on our national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner”. The National Association for Music Education (MENC) has launched a program called The National Anthem Project: Restoring America’s Voice, a three year effort to reteach Americans “The Star-Spangled Banner”. A recent poll showed that two out of three Americans don‟t know the words to “The Star-Spangled Banner”. The poll also reported that most children learn the national anthem in elementary school. We are working toward 100% participation at Rolling Hills. The Star Spangled Banner By Francis Scott Key September 14, 1812 O say can you see by the dawn’s early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilights’ last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? And the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. O say does that Star - Spangled Banner yet wave O’er the land of the free, and the home of the brave. (More information can be found at

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC - BAND Mrs. Andrea Levin Instrumental Music is off to a great start! Advanced Band students started their lessons the third week in September. By now, Band has started and students are preparing for their Winter Concert. Advanced Band, along with the Advanced Orchestra, will perform in the Winter Concert on Wednesday, December 7. Students should be practicing their weekly book assignment and their band music. All Beginner instrumentalists have started their instruments. Beginning students are learning the basics of their instrument - how to put the instrument together, how to hold it, how to produce a tone and how to identify notes on the music staff. All parents should check to see if their child is practicing on a regular basis. Assignments can be found on the inside cover of the lesson book. Practice

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time should be recorded and a parent should sign or initial their name the night before their child‟s lesson. For all students, practice is important and should be done regularly. It is very hard to progress and improve if your child does not practice new skills on a weekly basis. Please help your child be responsible for their instrument and remind them to bring it on the correct day, along with their music and materials. Playing an instrument can be fun and rewarding, but it is hard work!

Mrs. Barfoot Mrs. Ciotti
During the first week of school the nurses screened all students for height and weight. After vision and hearing screenings are completed parents will be receiving a „Health Report Card‟ for their child. Childhood obesity in the United States is an alarming trend. The number of overweight children ages 6-19 is estimated at 16 percent and is rising according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention. Along with the weight problem, these children are experiencing illnesses like high blood pressure and diabetes that traditionally only affected adults.
Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

School age children continue to need healthy foods and nutritious snacks. Always have your child eat breakfast, even if it has to be on the “run”. Some ideas for a quick, healthy breakfast include fruit, milk, bagel, cheese toast, and cereal. Healthy ideas for lunches include fruit, yogurt, sandwiches, cheese and crackers, and vegetables with dip. Avoid pre-packaged lunches; those are high in sodium and fat. If you don‟t want your child swapping healthy foods for the cookies another child has don‟t completely eliminate treats. But you can make sure those chips are baked instead of fried. Remember research shows NOT eating a nutritious breakfast or lunch could decrease blood sugar levels and affect ability to do work in school. Eating nutritiously will help promote the health of your child. Talk with your child‟s health care provider for more information and guidance if needed.


Problem of the Month: Guess the Profession
Ann, Bobbie, Cathy, and Dave are at their monthly business meeting. Their occupations are author, biologist, chemist, and doctor, but not necessarily in that order. Dave just told the biologist that Cathy was on her way with doughnuts. Ann is sitting across from the doctor and next to the chemist. The doctor was thinking the Bobbie was a goofy name for parents to choose, but didn‟t say anything. What is each person‟s occupation? Stay tuned for RHT’s Winter 2006 edition to find out! (Problem #17 from Mind Workout Puzzles by Terry H. Stickels.)

* What’s Happening *
Greetings from the Math Department! We Mrs. Mannella (LaForgia) and Mr. Duncan are glad to be back working with the students of Rolling Hills again this year! Mrs. Mannella is working with grades 4 and 5 for math enrichment, as well as grades 4, 5, and 6 for math support. Mr. Duncan is teaching grade 6 math enrichment. Our schedules have one of us in the building each day of the week. Mrs. Mannella can be found at Rolling Hills on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and Mr. Duncan on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We opened up our year with some exciting picture logic puzzles! We are continuing to fine-tune our skills in the problem-solving strategy of logical reasoning/deduction (test your logic below in “Guess the Profession”). Through various problem-solving scenarios, students are solving problems in class (individually and as a team) and justifying their reasoning behind their solutions. It‟s truly a brain-workout!! We have also taken a practice Olympiad to gear up for the upcoming Math Olympiad competitions, starting in November! During our in-class “Math Congress” students are able to strengthen their mathematical communication skills by teaching their particular strategies to the class. The Mathematicians of B-4 are working hard and strengthening their minds every day!! As we continue on this path, we are looking forward to an exciting year full of challenging and successful math moments with the students at Rolling Hills Elementary!

Mathematics Technology Highlight
Exciting news from the Math Specialists! A number of our own Council Rock School District Math Specialists will be presenting at this year’s annual NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Conference in St. Louis this spring. One of the highlights will be the CRSD Math Specialist Website: Untangling the Math Web at 0Pages/INDEX.HTM or, simply visit select Goodnoe Elementary, and click on Math Moments. This site contains links that can be used as resources for math activities and assessments. In addition, student activities that promote mathematical thinking and practice are offered at a variety of websites. The primary and intermediate student websites are organized by the categories for the PSSA (The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment). Please take the time to visit the site and enjoy all that it has to offer! Wishing you millions of MATH MOMENTS! We would be pleased to hear how you are using this site! Share your ideas! Contact: Anna M. Mannella

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Miss O’Hara Mrs. Ulrick Many exciting events will be taking place in the Library this year. 1. The annual Jabberwocky Book Fair will take place October 24-28. The late night this year will be Tuesday October 25th from 4:00-7:00. 2. Visiting Authors for this year will be Frank Murphy and Jennifer Armstrong.  In addition to writing books, Mr. Murphy is a sixth grade teacher at Holland Elementary. He will be visiting third and fourth grade students to discuss the writing process. All students will be able to purchase autographed books in honor of the visit. Jennifer Armstrong will visit students in grade 4-6 on March 28, 2006. Mrs. Armstrong is an award winner for her non-fiction book Shipwrecked. Please check out her website at We are still negotiating the author for grades K-3, if all goes well the students will be singing poetry by the end of the year.

3. Reading Olympic books are available for fifth and sixth grade readers. The competition will be held on April 27, 2006. Information will be forthcoming about the competition location.

Mrs. Goodwin



Traveling back in time, the students in Mrs. Goodwin‟s 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes held a reenactment as to what occurred during the Constitutional Convention held in Philadelphia in the year 1787. Here they role-played what transpired as The Great Compromise unraveled. In addition, students in grades 3-6 learned about the Five Freedoms of the first amendment of the Bill of Rights. One of our many activities had students peruse the newspaper to find articles which exemplified each of the freedoms. Their presentations complete with visuals and skits showed the students‟ understandings of the five freedoms. The second grade class is involved in their first unit of study, Oceanography. Here each child is using various problemsolving and decision-making strategies throughout their first long-term activity. Each student has researched an ocean zone to find marine life which is indigenous to that zone. The end result is a beautiful ocean mural which is on display in our classroom.

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Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. Schmauk Our kindergarten year is off to a great start. The children are making new friends and we‟re becoming one big happy, kindergarten family. Our classrooms are full of laughter and smiles every day! What a fantastic group of kids! In Language Arts, we‟ve been learning the letters of the alphabet. For each letter, we learn how it‟s printed, how it sounds, how to find it in authentic writing, and how to put it into words. We‟ve also been working on our Houghton Mifflin themes. We‟ve covered All About Me and Color is Everywhere. We‟ve begun to introduce some of the Kindergarten sight words. Each child is expected to know our 27 Kindergarten sight words by the end of the year. Here are all 27 words: I a can with big to in this have up on me go for my at all and like see are am it the you is said some fun ways to practice your sight words:  Make a fish game with your words  Practice your words in shaving cream on the shower wall  Write your words with sidewalk chalk outside  Sprinkle salt or sugar onto a big platter, write your words in it  Read your words to an aunt, uncle, grandparent, etc. on the phone  Type your words on the computer (bring it in to school for your teacher to see)  Make a memory game with your sight words  Spell your words in something fun. M&Ms, raisins, Skittles, etc. In Math, the Kindergarten students have been learning to think mathematically. We‟re working on calendar skills and number sense. We‟ll be moving into a unit on understanding simple and complex patterns next.

You can help by practicing these words at home. Make it fun! Here are -6-

Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

In Science, we‟ve been working on our 5 Senses Unit and how our senses help us explore the world around us. We‟ll be culminating our Senses with a trip to Solly Brother‟s Farm in Ivyland. As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your child or our Kindergarten program. Together, we‟ll make this year, the best it can be! Mrs. McDonald & Mrs. Schmauk

Mrs. Morrison, Mrs. Weed, Miss Abush and Mrs. Logan First GradeThe first graders have been working hard in school. We‟ve spent a lot of time getting to know each other and learning our school rules and routines. In Math, we‟ve been working on number formation, problem solving, and basic addition. In school we use counters and dice to play Math games. You can help to make Math fun at home by using interesting manipulatives for counting and adding. Try using M&M's, chocolate chips, pennies, Smarties, or raisins.

In Social Studies, we‟ve been learning about making friends and being a good friend. We‟ve also been learning how to resolve conflicts by giving Bugs and Wishes, and meeting at The Talking Table. In Reading, we are working on learning independent reading strategies. Our students are beginning to learn that they can sometimes figure out unknown words if we give them time. We‟ll be teaching your child what to do when they get stuck on a word. They‟ll learn about 10 reading strategies that they can try before asking for help. Please try to not help your child unless he/she asks for help. So many times, when we give the children time, they word-solve on their on, which is exactly what we‟re working toward. We work hard at school to provide the children with a “balanced reading diet.” We‟re careful to include four different types of reading. Try to balance your family‟s reading diet at home too. Here‟s the four ways we encourage you to practice reading at home: Read Aloud - The child listens while someone else reads to him/her. This is so important because it allows us to be models of what good readers look like and sound like. Shared Reading - The child and adult read the book together. This could be turn-taking, echo reading,

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or choral reading. This allows your child to practice imitating a good reader. Guided Reading - An adult guides the child through tricky parts with guiding questions or prompts. Only help when your child appeals for your help. If he/she reads something incorrectly, wait and see if he/she fixes it up without your help. Our goal is a self-regulated reader. Every time your child fixes up an error without our help, he/she is closer to being an independent, self-regulated reader. Independent Reading - Child reads a book alone, silently or out loud. During this type of reading your child may want to reread an old favorite, or a book that you may think is too easy. But, the repetition and familiar text, allows a beginning reader to experiment with reading fluency, allowing the punctuation to guide the reading, and using different voices for characters. Here are some activities that you can try at home to reinforce the reading skills we‟ve been learning at school: • Track with your finger as you read. Encourage you child to do so also. • Play word games with the weekly words, i.e., hangman, the memory game, homemade wordsearches, etc. (Graph paper works great!)
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• •

• •


Discuss or write a new ending for a story. Make sock, finger, or paper bag puppets of book characters. Use them to reenact the stories. Encourage your child to use expression and different voices for each character. Play Word, Go Fish! (Use index cards or large popsicle sticks.) Have your students put words that are giving them trouble, in a mini photo album or on a paper chain so they can be reviewed often. Put a sticker on each one that he/she learns. Try using magnetic letters on the refrigerator to “play” with words.

Whatever you sure that it‟s fun! First grade is looking forward to a great year full of learning, fun, and new friendships! Miss Abush, Mrs. Weed Mrs. Morrison and Miss Logan


Ms. Brosso, Mrs. Parker, Mrs. Ernst and Mrs. McLaren The Rolling Hills second graders are off to a great start! We have been focusing on a Friendship Unit, which has provided us with lots of opportunities to get to know one another through stories and activities. We have enjoyed reading Ira Sleeps Over, Ruby the Copycat, and Watch Out, Ronald Morgan, and each story has helped us to learn the importance of friendship and to accept similarities and differences about each other. We look forward to studying nature in the coming weeks. Our trip to Tyler Park at the end of October will be an enriching and educational experience for everyone! Try one or more of these October activities at home with your family:  Go pumpkin picking  Go on a hayride  Carve a pumpkin  Go for a walk in your neighborhood or Tyler Park  Make applesauce  Make an apple pie  Cook apple cider on the stovetop  Make a Halloween costume  Go apple picking  Jump in a pile of leaves

Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Applegate, Mrs. Long, Mrs. Swenson, and Mrs. Cirone Third grade is off and running . We have spent lots of time getting to know each other by playing cooperative games and community building. All classes are finished Chapter one in Math which was graphing. Celebrating Johnny Appleseed‟s birthday was enjoyed by all. Each class did a variety of activities which revolved around apple tasting. We are so excited to go to the Kimmel Center. We have been listening to Beethoven to get prepared for our visit. We had a docent Dr. Schwartz come to our Pod to talk to us about the element of surprise. We are of course looking forward to Halloween and all the celebrating here and Trick or Treating. Thank you to all of you for all the supplies to help us have such a great start here in third grade. We will see you all very soon at conferences.

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Mrs. Brady, Mrs. Heater, Mrs. Rice Mrs. Zaccaria, and Mrs. Bollenbach
The fourth graders are off to a wonderful start. We have all learned so much about each other through our morning meetings and responsive classroom activities. What a great bunch of kids we have! We are now in full swing with our academics. We have just finished our first chapter in math on graphing and problem solving. The children have learned some helpful strategies to guide them in becoming better problem solvers. We have begun our second chapter on place value and time. It is also a good idea to keep practicing those multiplication and division facts Some classes are doing weather in science while others are studying electricity and magnets. Make sure you ask your children to tell you about their experiments. There will be a test at the end of each unit, and you will have plenty of notice and will receive a study guide to help. Right now in social studies, we have been studying Pennsylvania. Our trip to Churchville nature Center was wonderful! All had a good time and learned so much about the Lenape Indians. It was great to see so many parents learning along with us. The children are engaged in reading and writing every day, through reading and writing workshop. Children are reading and writing independently and are being taught skills for both through mini-lessons and practice. Keep reading at home! Thank you for your support and cooperation with daily homework. The children are doing a good job of handing everything in on time. Remember, the guidelines for 4th grade homework is 40 minutes. If your child is taking too long or having difficulty, please feel free to contact us, so we can work together to solve his/her problem. Home and school working together makes for a wonderful educational experience for all.
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Mrs. Hornberger’s Class
Blue Blue is good, Blue is fun, Blue is liked by everyone. Blue is the sea, blue is the sky, Blue is like green all sky high. Blue like tasting a blueberry slushy on a hot summer day. Blue is water and the sea, blue are birds and the sky. Blue makes people feel good unlike green or red. Blue doesn‟t make people feel blue like people say. Blue makes people feel calm. Blue is the color of aquamarine aqua and sapphire. Blue in Spanish is azul. There are many shades of blue, Like royal blue, sky blue, powder blue and more. There‟s turquoise, ultramarine and green blue. Blue sounds like ocean waves in a shell. When I see blue I think of the ocean and the sky. Vincent Lee

- 10 -

Blue Blue is great, The color you should appreciate. Blue commands respect, makes you think. Even a color of a breath mint. Blue is the color of Blue Raspberry candy. Sick or sad your feeling blue. A big meadow of blue, some of it crashing down on you. Little blue dots gliding in the water. Look up and see an endless world of blue. Flying up high are Blue Jays. Blue makes me clam and fills me up with joy. Neil Kelkar

Black It is the color of darkness. The color scares you in your sleep. It makes you think of masks on Halloween. Black is fear in the air. Black is a rock concert. When I touch black it‟s like I „m hyper and mad. Black taste like beef jerky or black lickerish. Black is silent at the tip of your hair. BLACK Colin Slota

Blue Green Green is the color of the Eagles. Green is the color of my grass. Green is the color of the clothes I wear. Green makes me feel calm when I see it. It is the color of Green Day. If I touched green it would feel like I was touching grass. Green reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Also it reminds of broccoli and asparagus. Green reminds me of fresh baked peas. Also green reminds me of paper and pencils. Green also reminds me of signs and cars. Green also reminds me of shoes and hats. Green reminds me of summer too. Andrew Franks Marie Emery Blue is the fuzzy, silky feeling of a violet. Blue is the fresh blue sky without a cloud. Blue is the color of the sea, that salty taste. Yuck! Blue is the sweet ripe taste of a blueberry. popping them one by one in my mouth. Blue is that perfect taste of the cold water we drink. Blue is a relaxing color that makes you day dream. but most of all, blue is a color in our U.S flag. Blue is tweeting sounds of a blue jay. Today is a relaxing day just because of blue….

Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

- 11 -

Blue Black Blue, blue , blue. Blue is the color of my hat. Blue is the color of the sky. Blue is the color of violets. Blue is the color of a rug. Blue is the color of my shirt. Blue is the color of shorts. Blue is the color of water. Blue is the color of a book cover. Blue is the color of almost everything. Blue is a very well known color, It is one of the most favorite colors ever. Blue is the color of my backpack. Blue is the color of blueberries. Blue is the color of bluebirds. Blue is the color of my jersey. Blue, blue , blue. There is so much to talk about that‟s blue Blue is here blue is there blue is Everywhere I love blue it‟s my favorite color Do you like blue because you should like blue too? Chase Berlin Black are my tap shoes as I make the right sounds. Halloween night as my face skids the ground. Or night as I lay in my bed And with out me knowing my pillow finds my head. A big huge dog as I ride on his back And his ears are black, black, black The taste of black is licorice caressing a tongue. The sound of it is none other than a scream, but only of the winning team. The feel of black is something evil something bad, something creepy, something sad. And yet when I see my black dance shoe all is happy, delight ( I almost turn blue) (my friends tell me so) But when you are in the blackness of night, you feel that someone is watching you. And when you wake up, you find you are tied up in the black laces of your shoe. The unluckiness of a cat with green eyes is walking passed you. The blackness of your mom‟s shirt, when your grandfather dies you feel cursed. Black are the hands of a ticking clock, that measures the time that you spent with him. It measures nothing else because it is black and ever lasting. Natalie Schaffer

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- 12 -

GOLD The glazing color of light, when the sun shines bright. Gold has so many uses like rings and other things. Gold is the color of BIG BARS staked up and down, which gives no one a frown. Gold is the color of an old mans tooth, who used to be a sleuth. Gold is the quiet shining light. Gold is the rich color of sweet Carmel. Dan Berman

GREEN Green is grass, it is the color of frogs, the color of nature, the color of fish and many trees, the color of some shirts some pants. Sometimes people‟s skin is Green, when they paint it like that. Green is the color of some makeup. It is the color of some pens, pencils and paper. It is the color of my eyes. When the mountains are green They are so pretty. Green is a good color you may see in a lot of paintings and candy. Green is green tea it is mint chocolate chip, the color of my favorite gloves and socks. I love the color green Green! Kameron Zimmerman

Green Green is the color of fresh cut grass. Most of the time the ocean is peaceful green. It‟s my mom‟s favorite color. Green is the color of my eyes. Green is the color of my birthstone. Green is very peaceful to me. Green is the color of flower stems. Green is the color of some fettuccini pasta. Green is the color of peas and broccoli. Green is the color of string beans and asparagus. Green is the color of the Eagles, and mint chocolate chip ice cream and green tea. A green slushy would be as cold as Antarctica. Green is the color of a grasshopper going hop, hop, hop. Green is the color of praying mantises sneaking around in the grass. Rachel Perdigao

SILVER The rails I grind the shredding is left behind. The hex nuts are shining silver the street lights are shine at night. When I ride by a nice car the rims shine in my eyes. My eyes are sparkling silver I say it taste like metal. By Joe Ambrose

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- 13 -

Light Blue Yellow Yellow, color of the sun, yucky lemon pie, color of my dandelion, I ride a yellow bus to school everyday. I use a yellow pencil and a yellow highlighter. And when I go home at night, the street lights are the first thing I see. And when I go to bed I look up at the stars. I love to eat yellow bananas! I put yellow honey mustard on my sandwich everyday. And when I go to the pond I watch the brightly colored ducks. Yellow is also the color of the egg I eat. When I think of yellow I fell calm and relaxed. I hear the bees buzzing buzz, buzz, buzz I love to touch a yellow lemon tart so good and delicious Yellow is the best! Kelly Strachan What is the feeling of Light Blue? The feeling of happiness. It reminds me of the morning dew, or the sky when you just wakeup. When ever I think of Light Blue, I think of blue birds singing in my head. When I feel Light Blue I feel the breeze on a winter day. When I see Light Blue I see a clear sea. When I taste Light Blue I taste blue berries. Light Blue Is the shirt we put on when we just want to relax. Light Blue Is the nail polish we put on to feel pretty. Light Blue Is the color that makes us feel calm. Light Blue Is the feeling of your hopes & dreams. Light Blue Is the color that keeps use energetic. Light Blue It is the color of fake snow flakes we make for fun. That‟s Light Blue Things every where you go & you didn‟t even know. If you just take a minute to watch Light Blue, you will see what Light Blue can do for you. Breanna Katsman
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- 14 -

White White is the color of a penguin‟s belly in the light. And white is the most blinding light. White is the color of snowflakes, falling flat on your face. As I lie under the covers I think and think and think what I am going to do tomorrow? Then, I remember I have school tomorrow! It will be distracting with all that white paper, and just looking outside at that white blanket of pure white snow at recess. White is the color of some telephones. Today I ate a lot of white, but, the sugar was to light! I wake up in the night, and it is hard to sleep with all those lights hanging on our house outside. But I have to sleep for it is Christmas Eve! White is the color of all the white things. White is everywhere. Marissa Clopton Blue Blue is the color of the morning sky and the midnight moon. It is also the color of blue berries. Leaves sparkle with blue after it rains. Splish, splash goes the water when it comes off the leaf. If I see blue I think of blue cotton candy. Blue makes me feel good and if I touch blue berries I think of sweetness. Mike Milligan
Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

My Favorite Color Is Red If red was A flavor it would be strawberry or cherry. If red was a feeling It would be a loving feeling. When I really think of red I think about wild red roses. If I reeeeeeeaaaaaallllllyyyyy think about a wild rose I will probably doze. If red were a song it would be love music. If red were a sound it would be like a beautiful Spring day listening to cardinals. Kieran Rush

Pink Pink is the color of my baby cousin‟s clothes. Pink is the color of my friend‟s ballet shoes. Pink are my shoes and pink is my shirt. When I think of pink, I think of bubblegum. When I see pink I think of a girl most of the time. Pink is the color I see in a sunset. Pink is the color of sand in Bermuda. It is also the color of backpacks I see in school. Pink is a fuzzy pillow in my bed. When I think of pink I think of sweet candy Pink is light, it is also dark. Pink is what I painted my nails one day. It is also an eraser used in school Jennifer Laderman

- 15 -

Pink Did you hear about the holiday, the once in a lifetime holiday? Its called Pink Day, imagine the possibilities. Here are some examples of what will happen on this day, Pink water, Pink alligator, Pink volcano, Pink fire hydrant, Pink tears rolling down your face in excitement of this day, Pink stars and stripes on a field of pink, Pink Chocolate, Pink Twix, Heads or tails fairy tales, all Pink. And The Best Thing Is when This Day Occurs It never Ever Ever Ever Ever !!!!!Ends!!!!!!! Thomas Kozior

Pink Pink is the color of A newborn‟s cheeks. Pink is the top of a pencil eraser, the roses on your wedding day are pink, cotton candy at the fair. Pink is the ribbon girls use in their hair. Pink are the walls of a little girl‟s room. Palette slippers are pink When you are embarrassed, you turn pink. Pink is the color of Barbie‟s party dress. Pink is the color of some lady‟s lipstick If you listen closely you can hear beautiful calming music. Pink is the warm fuzzy feeling inside when you are happy. The balloon that is flying away is pink. Pink is the ink in my new pen. Pink is the candy in the candy store. Pink is the color that makes you want More! Pink is the sound a baby makes. Pink is sweet. Pink is kind. Pink is the color in everyone‟s Mind. Carleigh Jones

Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

- 16 -

Pink In pink I can hear the soft music, and the strawberry ice cream I can almost lick. I feel the softness of the color, it feels like a jacket made of fur. Pink is the color of strawberry milk, from the pink cow made of silk. Pink is the flamingo at the zoo, and the pink cow that goes, MOO! Then the pink ice cream I have to share, the pink in it makes me care! I race for the strawberry cow at the barn, that was the last cup of milk DARN! I can smell the pink rose, that I can see when I‟m on my tippy toes! I can draw on paper made of pink, with my favorite pen with pink ink. I like the color pink don‟t you? Well it‟s my pink now, SHOO! Caroline Wismer

Pink Pink is very pretty, it reminds me of a wink. Pink is also the color of a pretty clear sunset. It‟s also the color of flowers sitting in the sun. It also reminds me of love. Pink reminds me of a pretty bird singing, pink is a pretty color for a rose, pink is the color that reminds us of a pretty rainbow in the sky. This color makes me feel happy when I look at it. It also reminds me of my family who loves me very much. If I touched pink I would feel like a rose. If I could taste it, it would taste like a perfect strawberry. Pink is the color of lovelight in your eyes. Melanie Aaron

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- 17 -

Red WHITE What is red? Red is a rose, and the bright red nail polish on my toes. Red is a fire hydrant where dogs go, or the lava in a volcano. Red is also the signature color of love, and the first color in a rainbow above. Red is a jay bird singing, or that fancy new dog collar ringing. Red is the sweet lollipop that‟s cherry, and that smile on a cat that‟s merry. Embarrassment is red on your cheeks, it‟s also an old tomato that reeks. Red is a pencil grip, or the cherry flavored punch as you take a sip. Red is the red sea. Red is any thing you want it to be. Emily Konell White is the sweet vanilla ice cream topped with whipped cream. White is the paper that I write on. White is a tiger that jumps through the clouds. White is God’s angel in heaven. White is a sweet marshmallow to roast at night. White is the whiteboard my teacher writes on. White is the bright moon in the dusk night. White is a good book to read. White is a computer which I made a picture of teeth. White is a telephone which I use to call my friend‟s over. White is a shirt. White is the light from outside. White is the sticky glue that sticks to my hand. Frankie J. Kuepper

Royal Blue Royal blue is the color of a hockey jersey. It is the color of my room. It makes me feel like I‟m going to bloom. Royal blue is the color of the the ocean. It‟s the color of a skateboard tail hitting the ground. Royal blue is happy and romantic. It is the sky. Like my shoe lace, royal blue is the color of victory, like a slap shot from the point. Ryan Ploppert
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- 18 -

BLUE The sky is blue. Blue is the color of the ocean. Blue is the color of the wind on a windy day. Blue is the color of your eyes. Blue is a rain drop that falls on your face. Blueberries are blue, so are balloons and bright colored shoes. There is blue ink, blue is more popular then you think. Blue is the sound of a blue bird singing. Blue is a cold winter‟s night. Blue is what your feeling when your sad. Blue is the color for me and you. Anushka Pinto

Mrs. Peyser‟s Class
What is Yellow? Yellow is the color of the sun. Yellow is the color of feeling fun. Yellow is the brightness up in the light, light sky. Yellow is the color that brings joy to people’s eyes. Yellow is a bright color that shines in the sky. Yellow is a friendly color that will laugh with you, but not at you. Yellow is a color that will be there at all times, Yellow is the color that is a favorite of mine. I love yellow because…. It makes me feel good in my mind, And the color of the sun is kind! By: Ali Shapiro

Black Black is…. Fun to play in at night in the basement. I like to play flashlight tag and scare people at night too, and run around and play tag at night. It tastes like hot fudge on a piece of dark chocolate, at the candy store. And black sounds like silent at night. In October when it is cloudy outside, and damp out, black makes me feel secretive outside and in the house. And if I could touch it, it would be as hard as a brick. It would hurt! And when a genie comes out of his lamp randomly and you could find lots of TV‟s and cars too. Justin Faust
Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

Black Black the color of my room at night. The color of a spider that gives me a fright. Black is my hair, The inside of my when I care, And the sky at night. Black is the color of my costume at Halloween, Black is the background of my dream. Black the color of the white board at class time. Black is the color of the Eagles while they play the patriots By: Matt Fluri

- 19 -

Brown Brown is football And the playoffs. Brown is the season When leaves fall from trees. It’s the season when we say good-bye to bees. Brown is pies, Hot chocolate and turkey. Brown is a day that’s dark and murky. Brown is a dirt road, A mud puddle Or a toad. The dirt where the pitcher stands, A gopher, a marker Or a bookmarker. Brown is my hair, The dead Or A piece of bread It’s a beaver and… The fur on a golden retriever By: Ryan Payerle

BLUE Blue is peaceful, blue is calm It is the bird sitting on a palm. Blue is the ocean, blue is the sky Blue is the sweater on a guy. Blue is a crayon, blue is a marker Blue is the color when it gets darker. Blue is a berry, blue is a ring, Blue is a very beautiful thing. Blue isn’t only water, It can be a pillow too. These things are true blue. By: Zehavit Kabak

BLACK Black is the color when my pop-pop died and left me in the dark. Black is the shadows From the playground in the park, Black is the night, dark and windy, The soul of a witch named Cindy. A double fudge brownie, A bike wheel, a bruise, Black is the color when you refuse. Black is charcoal, And a patio grill, The rain spots on the window sill. Black is a cat, Sharp and sleek, Black is usually hard to seek. By: Nicolette Paraschak

RED Red is the sun bright and brave, Red is the light in a cave, Red is a river that always flows, Red is a new dark red rose, Red is heat with no doubt, Red is a stop sign that means watch out. Red is embarrassment, fear and mad, Red is cheerful when you’re sad. Red is the color of a wood named pine, Red will always be yours and mine. By: Zach Jones

Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

- 20 -

PURPLE What is purple? Purple is the color of a popsicle I eat. Purple is the color of socks on my feet. Purple is the color of plums and grapes It is the color of the expression on my face. Purple is the color of a flower petal Silky and smooth. It is the color of my face when I’m feeling blue Purple is the color For me and you. By: Karishma Pinto

Brown Brown is the color of dirt That sometimes appears on my shirt. It’s the color of a bear and a living room chair. The color of my eyes, The bark on trees, The color of brownies. As a storm is approaching you can sense brown in the air, And all you can do is stand there and stare. Brown is the color of my hair before it turns grey The color of my mood on a really bad day. By: Matt Bentz

GOLD Gold is a cousin of yellow, It looks like lemon Jell-O. It’s good to look at shiny and bright, You can still see it without great height Gold is a crystal, Gold is powered like a pistol. Gold is a certain type of money, Gold is the color of sticky honey. Gold is better than a diamond ring, Gold is the color that pleases a king. Gold can be this, Gold can be that, Gold is the star on a sheriff’s hat. Gold is the greatest color ever made, Gold is the brightness of 5th grade. By: Lenny Besidsky

BLUE Blue is the color of my tears, the color of my greatest fears. Blue is my eyes. Blue may cause a lot of pain If you’re tied up in heavy chains. Blue is water… Here, there, everywhere. Cold and hot are blue too. On any day the wide open sky is as blue as ever. By: Nick Carter

Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

- 21 -

White What is Blue? Blue is the color of some people’s eyes, Or a cool breeze in the ocean. Blue is the color of a new baby boy. Blue is the feeling when I am sad, When I am mad, And when I am glad. Blue is the shadow of snow. Blue is the feeling of a cold winter blow. Blue is the color of a Cold winter snow. Blue is my favorite, can’t you see? Blue is a beautiful color to me! By: Courtney West White is a dove that glides, Or a rabbit in the winter that hides. White is the snow in the winter, Or the breeze in the summer. White is a shooting star blasting by, Or a cloud in the sky. White is a lollipop that you lick, Or the color of my face when I am sick. White is a paper, Or your eye, White is an airplane in the sky. White is a hat on your head, Or a pillow on your bed. White is a shirt, Or a skirt. White is a book that you read, Or a pumpkin seed. White is soap on a sink, Or a thought that you think. White can be anything, That makes you happy. By: Paige DeCaro

PINK Pink is the color of a rose, The color of my cute nose. Pink is a new baby girl The inside of a shell on the beach. Pink is a cooked shrimp, And a pink bell. Pink is a flower, cotton candy. Pink is a crayon and a marker. Pink is the color of pain and anger The color of energy. By: Simona Levchenko

Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

- 22 -

PINK Pink is the color of roses that grow. Pink is the color of my face when I am sick, The popsicle on a stick. Pink is the color of the gum I chew, The color of my face when I meet someone cute and new. Pink is the color of my heart, The color of strawberries in a tart. Pink is the color of the fire works at the shore, The paper I like to write on more and more. Pink is the blanket of a baby girl, The color of a birthday present that is a pink pearl. Pink is the color of my shirt, It also is the color of my skirt. Pink is the color of a ball, The color of the dress I want for my ball. Pink is the color of the evening sky, Pink is soft, pink is bold, Pink is more precious than gold. By: Codie Ryan BLUE Blue is the color of the ocean, The sky and the color of my eyes. Blue is bold, blue is cold, The color of cotton candy, bubblegum and my denim jeans. Blue is the feeling of winter, the bluebird in spring. A teardrop on my cheek, That appears suddenly like a sneak. Blue is pain when I am sad. It is the joy when I am glad. Blue is anger, Blue is fright, When I hear thunder in the night. By: Shelby Gallant

PINK Pink is the color of a rose, A color every human knows. Pink is gorgeous, Younger then red, That’s what my great-grandmother said. Pink comes in many shades, Everyone knows pink never fades. Pink is the color of a nice new hat, It goes this way then goes that. You can hear pink’s sound Right left and all around. A little girl with a ribbon on her head, She just set the new trend. Looking at pink Makes the other colors stink. Pink is the color of flowers ready to bloom. Pink is a boutonnière on a groom By: Sloane Beil

YELLOW Yellow is the color of the sun, The color of joy, And the color of fun. Yellow is a daffodil on a spring day, The color of happiness, And the color of Sunday. The color of a lemon squeezed into lemonade, And the color of the reason we always need shade. Yellow is the light, That I turn on in the night, Yellow is such a beautiful sight! By: Colleen Wismer

Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

- 23 -

Purple What is purple? Purple is beautiful In your garden. A purple ink pen About to hit your paper. Purple is a sweet tasting Jolly Rancher. Round and juicy grapes, The time when the Sun decides to set. Purple is friendship, Happiness, and Excitement . Beautiful jewelry Is purple. Purple is the frosting on a Birthday cake. Purple is love. Feelings you feel When you’re nervous. Purple will always Be purple. By: Natalie Ben-Shimol WHITE White is a new start, An empty mind or a cloud. White is what I see in new places and people. All I see in white Is the light of new beginnings. I see friends with bright faces, Sad eyes or happy eyes. White is what I see in my grandpa’s death. It is the time that ticks by That I love so much. White is what I see in any kind of end. White is the paradise above. It is the world I love Way up above. By: Tyler Corbley
Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

RED Red is the color of an explosion, fire and blood. Red is fiery and bright. Like a fire-cracker in the night. Red is an apple, some candy and the sun. Red is the color of the stripes on the flag . Red is a tomato and a rose. Red is the heat on my skin. Red is amazing, it is so bright. By: Bobby Pavlovsky

GOLD Gold is sunlight heating up the cold A noble knight armored in gold. Millions of golden lightning flashes, Thousands of robot bashes. Being happy with no doubts An angry king with many shouts. An old hero my mother once told, America the land of the free and the bold. Hundreds of gold dollars A golden dog’s loud hollers. Gold is the feeling when I am glad, It’s never the feeling when I am sad. Gold is a toy that I love, Gold is the sound of a turtle dove. Gold is not nice nor is it mean Instead, gold is extremely keen. By: Tyler Martin

- 24 -

Green Green is grass under a tree, Also the color of a flea. Green is peace, green is calm Green is the swaying leaves of a palm. Green is apples which are sour Green is the petals on a flower. Green is envy, green is mean Green calls you a big, old bean. Green is the color of a boat, And the lining of a coat. Green is the head of a duck Also the color of gooey muck. Green is frisky on a plain The color of the state of Maine. Green is the army men who are brave Green reminds me of my friend Dave. Green is jealousy in your head And the color of your bed. Green is color on eggs and ham Eaten by someone named Sam I Am. Green is the color of expired pie, Green is in a bottle labeled hair dye. Green is a forest, green is spring Green reminds me of a sound called “bing”. Green is radar on a sub, Also soap in a bathroom tub. Green is ribbons in a girl’s silky hair, And the color of the pants I wear. Green is the world, Green is the nation. Green is in my imagination By: Shawn James

YELLOW Yellow reminds me of play and cheer, In every eye not a single tear. It’s lots of brightness on a hot summer day, Also is happiness in every way. Yellow is a cold glass of lemonade. A ruler to help us learn, A sticky note or sour lemon. The sun when it is to burn. A buzzing bee in a flower bush. The center of a daisy, Corn on the cob fresh from the farm, A ribbon so shiny. Yellow. the truth that must be told. Harmony and peace all day long. Friends and smiles big and bold. A relaxing, sunny song. A sponge to wipe the faces of sad. The inside of a sticky bun. Inspiration everywhere. And the crayon to color in fun! By: Allyson DiRenzi

Blue The color of the sky. The little brother of purple. The color I feel when I feel When I cry. Not being successful when I try. The color I feel when I am hurt. Blue is my hockey shirt. Blue is my favorite color. By: Tyler Eline

Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

- 25 -

Blue Navy blue reminds me of When the military man salutes, The ocean water, Moving waves. The eyes of my mom. Beautiful seas, In wind over water. Dawns are blue, And if you listen closely, You can hear blue. Blue is rain, icy cold. Blueberry water ice With a nice cold chill. Blue is my room were I live, The books I read everyday. Blue is my football jersey That gets filthy and need to be cleaned. Blue is a waterfall, Blue is a tissue box To help you breath. Blue can help you do anything. By: Jon Tomaro

Yellow Yellow is a banana, Dangling from a tree. Yellow is the sun we see. Yellow is a marker in the marker box. Yellow was the feeling When I had the Chicken Pox. Yellow are the kernels of the corn, The blanket I had when I was born. Yellow is the brightest bulb. Yellow can be weary. Yellow is the cartoon that I loved. Yellow never puts me down. Yellow’s great, Yellow’s bold, Yellow is the grandfather of the colors. By: Tyler Rosenblatt

Mrs. Schaffer & Mrs. Roth’s Class
What is Green? By Biana Levchenko Green is the color that reminds me of nature and plants. Green is a wonderful color that is very bright. When you look at green it is a beautiful sight. Green sounds like grasshoppers hopping all around. Green is the color of grass tickling my toes. Green is a fantastic color and very powerful. Green also reminds me of wonderlands and beautiful landscapes. Green is a very warm color in the spring.

Red Red is the color of my eyes when I am in love. Red is hope and faith, Red is a feeling when you are hurt or in pain. Red is a fresh, juicy apple, Waiting to be eaten. Red is the color of your face When you are nervous or happy. Red can be many different things… The color of your shirt, A color in the sunrise. Red is here, there and everywhere. By: Samantha Freedman
Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

- 26 -

What is Blue? By Billy Procz Blue is relaxing. Blue is a blue jay. Blue is the ocean where I go to play. Blue is a blueberry, Blue raspberry too. Navy is a grandfather of Blue. Blue is a rain cloud building up for a heavy rain storm from up high. Blue is the morning sky. Blue sounds like a slow, soft melody of the winter wind rattling the trees. Blue tastes like soft chewy candies

What Is Blue? By Carly Jaspan The sky is blue up high, near the moon In the day after the rain goes away. Blue in the rainbow appears So beautiful. Don‟t feel sad, be glad, Look at the globe, look at the flag. You‟ll see fabulous blue all around you. A little kid‟s eyes are blue, It‟s so bright, Like the sparkles In the stars For you and me to watch in no fright. It gives me warm feelings in my heart, To stay and never go away. Sometimes blue is on your shoe, Or it is on a delicious blueberry. Water is blue as you take a good look, Blue is so pretty, Like a beautiful night.

What is Black? By Stormy Paul What is black? Black is mysterious. Black is the color of the night sky. When you feel air you know you‟re in the dark. It sends creeping shivers down your spine. You don‟t see a shine. In the forest you don‟t see a vine. All you see is black.

Black By Charles Brothman Black is the color That you see in the night sky Before you sleep. Black is the color that somehow Makes you feel good but Still somehow sad. You might not notice that when You‟re outside at night You hear a Wolf howling at the moon. The sky is as black as black licorice. Black is the color that goes best With white. If you haven‟t noticed black is

Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

- 27 -

My favorite color. What is Red? By Christian Crane Red is an apple on a plate on a summer day. Red is the sun during a sunset. It is a soaring robin. Red is a cherry on a cherry tree. Red is the stripes on the flag waving sky high. Red is a rose in a garden. Red makes me happy like kids playing. Red tastes like an apple on a steaming day. Red is a crayon Scribbling on a paper. What is Pink? By Danielle Cook Pink is looking out my window and seeing pink evening sky and feeling wind blowing free. Pink is icing on a birthday cake. Pink makes my hungry tummy shake. Pink is tulips, Easter eggs, and apple blossoms. Pink things filling up the spring. Not bad bruises are a pale pink, Almost as pink as my best friend‟s cheeks. Pink paper makes me feel calm. Pink shirts make me feel really good. Pink is strawberry ice cream in a dish, Some people say it tastes delish. If you could eat it, pink would taste to me, Yummy, crispy, and chewy. Pink makes me think of these: Flowers and butterflies, Soft and smooth, In a calm meadow… …Pink!

What is Red? By Jared Hershman Red is the spice In a taco. It is the heat in fire. Red feels strong Like an ox. Red is the fire hydrant That my dog loves. I think of red when I‟m in bed. Red makes me feel like a true American. Red is the color of a juicy apple. Red is the siren on the fire truck. Red is the key color and The happiness of my life!
Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

What is Silver? By David Adams

Silver is a shimmering crystal In the sun. Silver is a shiny Quarter in your Hand. Silver is sparkly. Silver makes me think “Whoa” when I look at it. Silver is solid. Silver is the second Place metal. - 28 -

What Is Blue? By David Rue Blue is the sea that stretches to the sky. It‟s a part of our patriotic flag. A color honored by all. Blue is like a father to green. Blue is the feather of a bluebird flapping in the wind. It is a color of sadness known by all. Blue is the coldest color of them all. It is the sound of waves washing ashore. Blue is berries and bad events. The feeling of velvet freshly made.

What is Green? By Justin Cartwright Green is trees. Green is leaves. Green smells like peas. Green feels lumpy And taste just like broccoli. Green is paper. Some people‟s hair is green. I like green beans. Green is a ball that is falling. Green is always in the spring. Green sounds like chirping Green is the traffic light. Green is a tie. Green is grass. Green is as fragile as glass. Green is on a cake Green can be a green milkshake Green is everywhere.

What is White? By Kristin Webster White is the color Of angel wings that flutter together. Their halos swirling just enough To make me whirling. White is the color of the clouds in the sky When we‟re having nice weather. I see a white fleece sheet Waving and flapping on the clothes line. I put it on my bed And it feels fine. White tastes like snow And reminds me of a bunny. White feels like a clown that Makes me feel funny. If I touched white it would feel like a kite. White sounds like - 29 -

Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

Someone Breathing on a cold winter night. What is Silver? By Lauren Gross Sliver is a chain with a golden locket. The shine you see in the sand When you‟re at the beach. The mystic moon light with the stars shining so bright On a mid-summer‟s night. The rocket blasting into space. The proud look on her face When she won second place. Sliver is also as shiny as little girl‟s eyes. It tastes sweet and very nice. Almost like you can hear a silver bell chiming. That is silver. What is Orange? By Marie Grutza Orange is a shoe with its laces too. Orange is flames rising up. When it comes to mind I think orange Is gushy or maybe a little queasy. The color of a paper and A crayon too, maybe a balloon animal Will do. Orange is a color of the rainbow. With candy corn filling up My tummy, oh it‟s so yummy. Orange makes me feel smart. It‟s sweet like an orange And bright like a light. Orange is a butterfly flapping Its wings, flying in the Beautiful spring sky. Orange is a wonderful sound With soft bells ringing And little kids jumping In the crunchy leaves. Having fun and playing
Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

Around, I love it, I love it, Orange!!! What is White? By Meredith Salisbury White is a snowman. White is a bunny. White is a piece of paper before you write on it. White is soft like a cotton ball. White has a plain taste just like frozen ice. White is a white crayon in the crayon box. White is a white board after you erase it. White is a piece of chalk on a black board. White is a happy feeling Just like snow days.

What Is Silver? By Michael Chell Silver is as shiny as metal. It is as cold as an iceberg. Silver is as smooth as a baby‟s skin. When you hit this color with another you hear a “clonk.” It is as sharp as a sword. It tastes like a metal spoon. When I think of this color I think of being rich. Silver is as thick as a piece of lumber.

- 30 -

Grass gives me a big open place to Play sports and sports make me excited. What is Yellow? By Michelle Brook Yellow is the morning Just like the sun. Yellow ducklings are in ponds. Popcorn is yellow, Popped to eat. Lemons are yellow So sour to taste. Fireworks are Yellow when they Shoot in the sky. On great summer Days bees are Buzzing at the yellow lemonade. When it is Easter You make yellow Easter eggs to eat By the sunset. At night the yellow Stars shine bright In the dark sky. What is Yellow? By Nevena Trochanova Yellow is the sunshine of the morning sun. Yellow is ducklings swimming gracefully in a pond. Yellow is honey as sweet as can be from the nectar of a honey bee. Yellow is daffodils, and fresh lemonade as it relaxes you as you take a sip. Yellow is pencils writing actively. Yellow stars are lit in the beautiful sky. Yellow is the glow of morning rising. A big bright yellow moon is looking down on you. Yellow makes me think of the glow in a tiger‟s eyes as he prowls about. Yellow makes me think of the brightness in the world. But most of all yellow is a happy feeling that brightens up your day.

What is Green? By Sean Ford Green grass is around trees. Green leaves fly with the breeze. Green grasshoppers hop out of sight in the green grass. Smooth cucumbers are green. And rain makes the green grass grow. The sun dries the rain off the grass. Green cucumbers are hard to break, But they are delicious. Stems have pretty petals. Green makes me happy because the green Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade - 31 -

What Is Red? By Nicole Bilgram Red is the robin that Chirps in the fall. The crackling of the fire that Keeps me warm. In October during Autumn The leaves fall off the trees. Sweet cherries and apples Bloom brightly in the breeze. When the sunset comes the Sky is painted with a Very soft red. The red heat from the Fire makes me want To go to bed. Just when I close My eyes what do I see? A nice little color That‟s called red.

What Is Green? By Thomas Marino Green is the grass that keeps the environment healthy. Green is pickles on a tasty cheeseburger with ketchup. Green is a big iguana chewing on lettuce. Green is a snake eating a bird. Green is the camouflage pants and shirt a soldier wears.

What is Red? By Tyler Caffey Red is fun Like the summer sunset. Red is the mysterious Dark side of pink. Red is the fire bell‟s ring And the robin‟s chirp. Red is the taste of meat. Red is a ruby‟s shine, A fire‟s glow. Red is a Brick, An autumn leaf‟s Crunch. In the red picnic basket, Is what I eat for Lunch.

What is Red? By Samantha Sandler Red is the color of a juicy apple that has fallen from a tree. Red is the color of an eraser on a pencil That can be used by you or me. Red can taste like ketchup That goes on top of delicious fries. Red is the color of the bold stripes on our flag. It is also the color of my brother‟s Jag. Red is a color of a person‟s hair. Red is a color on a traffic light that means stop. You will find The red colored light At the top.
Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

- 32 -

It‟s green! What is Black? by Corey Forman Black is The shadows. Black is The night. Black is the Midnight sky With a tad Of starlight. Black is a cape. Black is a hood. People think Black is dark But it‟s just misunderstood. Black is the sound of drums And of the cymbals. To make a blanket of black You‟ll need more than Just knitting needles. Black feels so empty And yet so full. A moment with Black is never dull. Black tastes like blackberries A bit bittersweet. The feeling of black Sweeps me off my feet. What is Blue? By Monica Bailey Blue is happy as can be. Blue is the sparkling wet sea, Stretching for miles and miles. Blue is sky as smooth as can be. Singing birds and the lonely wind blowing In the trees. Blue is a flower, Petals as soft as a feather pillow. Blue tastes like juicy, plump, Ripe, delicious blueberries That are squished in my mouth. Blue is the color of my eyes That glimmer when I‟m happy And are teary when I‟m sad. Blue is the shiny blue ribbon In my golden hair.

What is Green? By Corey Giampietro Green is the grass. Green is the trees. Green makes you feel safe. It is your banana before it ripens. It‟s the slide you play on, and the snake you see. Green is the book you read and the leaf you find. It‟s the color you love.
Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

- 33 -

Abbott Holdsman

Fall It blows around again. The leaves change colors dramatically from green to bright orange, red and a tender brown. You and your family rush to the store for school supplies when school starts the next day. The air of erasers, pencils, and brand new textbooks greet you at the morning bell. Your mom goes shopping for new school clothes and pretty soon Halloween costumes. Your dad rakes up the leaves into a nice even pile as you wait at the side of the house to jump in noisily as the leaves crunch below you. The pumpkins begin to transform into bright jack-o-lanterns. The candy jumps around in their bowls and bags waiting to be quickly shoved into little hands as kids and parents alike trick-or-treat on Halloween night. As the weather becomes cooler, the beautiful season fades out, but the spirit of fall lies very much alive in the trees of time. Molly Barson

Mrs. Ventrola and Mrs. McCracken’s Class
Everyone has a season they love most of all. It could be the beaches of summer, the brilliant colors of fall leaves, the anticipation of a snowy day in winter, or the fragrant flowers blooming in spring. Whatever your season, read on to find out what the writers of 6-V have to say about their favorite time of year!

Winter Snowballs at a lightning speed, flying at your face and you dive into the white fluffy snow so the enemy misses. Another snowball flies at you. You try to run but the snow is too high and you get hit in the face. Now you are shivering. Afterwards, you go inside and get some nice warm hot chocolate and if you‟re lucky, your mom will make you Rice Krispy treats with melted chocolate on it! Two more things about the winter are playing video games and having no school! I think the best winter holiday is Hanukkah. There are so many reasons why winter is my favorite season of all!
Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

- 34 -

Winter When it becomes winter, we get a lot of snow days and those days are fun. When we have no school, my dog and I will play in the snow. I also like to take a long walk. It is fun to fall in the snow because it is fun for me to get snow all over me. If you bring your sled you will fun. I have lots of hills that you can go down fast. You can go in hot tubs. Winter also means you have Hanukkah. I get a lot of presents for eight nights. Julia Rubin

Winter A season filled with warm blankets and hot chocolate, that‟s my favorite season. But can you guess which one? OK, let me give you a hint, winter!!! I chose winter for my favorite season, because it is so much fun just to be in the snow. My favorite part of winter is to be inside with the warm heat and under the covers. The best is sledding down the huge hills and flying over the jumps and landing face down in the snow. Also, I love having snow ball fights with all my friends, that‟s the point of winter!!! I also love winter because it is winter!!! Jessica Sloss

Winter The scent of candles fill the air, as my family plays games. In the distance, we hear the crackling of a warm and toasty fire. After our family game, my brother and I wrap ourselves in our fuzzy, soft, warm blankets. We sit around the fire and enjoy the taste of hot chocolate in our mouths. My family talks about the next day, the first day of Hanukkah. We all can imagine friends giving and receiving gifts. The happy sight makes us want to smile. We all quietly fall asleep and wait anxiously for the next day. Hannah Brooks

Fall My favorite season is fall. When it‟s not too hot, my friends and I go outside and ride bikes. In the fall, I like to look at all the different colors on leaves and trees. My family has many birthdays and celebrations in fall. During fall we have more parties and it‟s exciting to see my relatives. The parties are huge and fun. We celebrate our holy days and talk. We only do it once a year and the season is fall.

Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

- 35 -

David Agia

chilly snowball splatters all over my face. Soon there are snowballs flying everywhere. It is so much fun! After having a fantastic time in my A Wonderful Winter

After a spring filled with allergies, a summer with sweat dripping down my face, and a fall filled with bitterness and having to rake leaves, it‟s nice to relax and have a peaceful season of winter. Yes! The TV announcer says, “No school for Council Rock District!” In the winter I love to walk around and see the colorful bright Christmas lights trimming the houses covered in a white blanket of snow. I enjoy watching the snowboarders perform their cool tricks and techniques down the steep hill. At night I sit outside on the frosty snow and watch the full bright moon surrounded by a dark midnight sky, while sipping hot cocoa. I see tiny flakes of soft ice speed down from the sky and fall down immediately. After a calm night of watching the snow fall, I put on my warm sweater, slip into my snow pants, put on my warm mittens, place my snow hat on my head, wrap my scarf around my neck, and zip up my jacket. I‟m ready to enjoy a spectacular snow day with all of my friends. I invite my friends over, and we rush to my backyard. We start to build snowmen with a small ball of snow for the head, a medium ball of snow for the body, and a large ball of snow for the bottom. After the hard part, we start to add rocks for the eyes, raisins for the mouth, a carrot for the nose, sticks for the arms, an old scarf to keep it warm, and a black hat for its head. After cooperating with my friends to make a beautiful snowman for an hour, there are two words that makes the whole snow day even more fun…snowball fight! I gather hard pieces of snow and begin to make my fort strong. I start to collect fresh soft piles of snow and form them into snowballs. Suddenly I observe a thick snowball speeding in the air and aiming towards me, when all of a sudden, splat! The
Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

backyard, all of my buddies and I go to the baseball field to sled. They have an enormous hill for the older kids (like me) and a kiddy hill for the younger kids. I sometimes race my friends down the hill, or we just go down the hill with two people in one sled. It‟s really a lot of fun. That was an amazing snow day, but now it‟s time to relax. My sister, my brother, and I sit around a flaming fire in my family room while watching a TV show we all agree on. In the kitchen my mom is cooking tasty warm s‟mores in the oven, my dad is making hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, and my dog is waiting for some kind of food to drop. It‟s nice to be inside during cold winter. The very best part about the winter is the happy holidays. I love to celebrate Hanukkah! There is delicious food, games, my whole family, and wonderful presents that I‟ve always wanted. On each night of Hanukkah we light one candle, and when it‟s the last night of Hanukkah, we blow them out. On Hanukkah we have mashed potatoes, luscious chicken, latkes and applesauce, and other mouthwatering kinds of food. My family and I play a game called dredyl, where you can win chocolates and other kinds of sweet treats. But I especially love to give and receive presents. I usually get clothes, games, and other stuff I‟ve always wanted, wrapped in beautiful wrapping paper with a sparkly bow on top. I love the feeling of Hanukkah because it‟s fun to do something as a family. The sights and the way I feel about winter is why I love it so much. Winter is a wonderful season that brings happiness to me. I look forward to winter every year. Nicole Radlow

- 36 -

Winter No school! No School! This was the first snow day of the year. It was going to be the greatest school day of this year. It was the first day of winter and there was a blizzard outside. This was going to be the best snow day ever. We can have a snowball fight, a football game, hot chocolate, build snow forts, and sled. There are a million things you can do in the snow. Snowplow! We all waited silently to throw snowballs at the plow. Whenever there‟s a plow, we always have to go back to school the next morning, and that‟s not fun. So we threw with every bit of power we had. After that we played football. It‟s so much fun when we get tackled because it feels like a super, soft pillow. When we get up, we see a snow angel where we fell. After that we went to my friend‟s house to build a gigantic snow fort with a slide and with wicked cool tunnels. Drip! Drip! What‟s that? We crawled out of the tunnels and a beam of light shot in my eye. The sun was out, and snow was melting. Dan Hui

Summer In the summer, you can sleep and wake up whenever you want before camp starts. No school means being free of teachers. I am always looking forward to summer camp, especially college league. College league is four different teams competing. The camp is divided into fourths. On July 4TH at my camp, we have first class fireworks. You can have fun with your friends all day. Summer means not getting in trouble at school. Benjamin N. Solis

Fall Fall is the best season because of the warm pumpkin pie and the juicy turkey. Looking at the big owls in the bare trees is fascinating. Watching little kids jumping in big leaf piles and eating candy and carmel apples on Halloween is fun, too. But the very best thing in fall is going back to school. Jimmy Sheedy
Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

- 37 -

In winter I go to bed late because I can sleep longer the next morning. Sometimes in winter my family goes Winter Some days in the winter school is closed. When school is closed I sleep long. When I wake up I have breakfast. After breakfast I watch T.V. Then I put my clothes on and go outside. When I go outside, I go to my friend‟s house and then we both go outside. Outside we have a snowball fight or do something else like make a snowman. Sometimes my friend comes over to my house and we play winter videogames, like snowboarding. In winter there are holidays like Christmas and New Years. Christmas is my favorite holiday. On Christmas, dad sleeps or watches T.V., mom prepares a big dinner, my sister and I stay inside and watch T.V. or do something else. When night comes, we eat dinner and open presents. Also every Christmas, we get a Christmas tree. My dad, my mom, my sister, and I decorate the tree. Also another big holiday in winter is New Years. It‟s when a new year begins, like this New Years is going to be the year 2006. It is wonderful. There are a lot of fireworks and glitter. A lot of people count down the seconds until the New Year comes. People eat and celebrate. That‟s how New Years ends.
Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

skiing in the mountains, and then we come home. Sometimes in winter, we visit my aunt‟s house, or she comes to our house. Winter is wonderful. There is a lot of snow, but it‟s cold and wonderful. So this is how my winter goes. Vitaliy Pryimych

Fall Holidays Kids running around the street yelling “Trick-or-treat!” door to door on Halloween night. Colorful wrappers falling out of overfilled bags. Then as it gets later, ”the monsters, witches, and other creatures” go inside their warm homes to count their candy. The sweet taste of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner. The smell of turkey coming from the kitchen. The sharp feeling on the roof of your mouth when the gravy‟s too hot. The weird feeling of wearing a tie to dinner. The wind blowing in your face. The sound of crunching leaves under your feet, breaking into a million pieces. Playing

- 38 -

football and falling in the leaves. The best holidays are in fall. Derik Insinger

Winter Ring ring. “Hello?” “This is Council Rock School District and tomorrow is a snow day!” “Jessica!” my mom yelled, “No school tomorrow!” “Yeah!!” I screamed. I love winter and the snow is the best part! I love hearing the kids laughing and yelling their heads off! I really love the feeling when you‟re outside and you come in and your finger tips are numb! I also love the feeling of the hot chocolate dripping down my throat. I always look forward to a big mouth watering plate of cookies! Yum yum. Whenever I wake up in the morning in winter, I always look outside to see if it snowed. And to my surprise sometimes there is a white fluffy blanket of snow. I absolutely love the smoky smell of my fireplace when I make s‟mores. I love winter!! Jessica Quigley

Winter I think that I saw snow! My mom ran into my room saying that she got a message from school saying that there is no school. No school! No school! This is the first day of the year that there is no school. I ran downstairs. I asked my mom to make me breakfast. Then I ran back upstairs, washed up, brushed my teeth, got my clothes on and ran back downstairs to eat my breakfast. After I finished eating my breakfast, I got on the phone and called up some of my friends to come over to play outside. We were either going to play football, build snow forts, or have a snowball fight. We decided to have a snowball fight. All of the grass was covered in snow, looking like a white blanket. The touch of the snow feels like you are touching a soft blanket. We had a snowball fight for about thirty minutes, and then we went inside and asked for somebody to make us some hot chocolate. The taste of hot chocolate warmed all of us up. When we were done drinking it, we stayed inside and played for a while. Dan Ufberg

Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

- 39 -

On hot summer days, I love playing on the trampoline with the hose. When I play with my friends I usually ride my bike there. Jordyn Zinman

Winter I love winter for many reasons. I hear kids screaming outside having snowball fights. I smell my mom frying latkes in a pan. I taste the nice, warm, chocolaty hot chocolate riding down my throat. I feel the soft, cozy, blue blanket against me keeping me warm. I love having snow ball fights with my friends and sledding down steep hills. I also love having “no school” days, watching movies, and staying in my p.j.‟s. Rebecca Goldenberg

Winter The taste of hot chocolate on a cold crisp day. The feeling of victory at the end of a snowball fight. Playing snowball fights is what I love. Getting hit with a snowball and acting like you got shot in the chest and falling down. I love going to bed late and sleeping in on snow days! In the afternoon, if there is ice on the driveway, I love sliding on my stomach. Then sledding down hills as fast as lightning! The feeling when I get snow in my boots and gloves just makes me want to go inside and watch TV near the fireplace. Making snow forts is really fun too! Then having Christmas is the best! I love getting presents, but I also like giving presents. Christmas morning is really fun because you get to wake up very early and look at all the presents and then wake your parents up. That is why I love the winter so much! Tim Bruemmer

Summer I love summer because it feels warm and sometimes gets hot. When I hear my van come to my house then I know that I have to go to camp. I love milk on hot days in the morning, also playing kick ball with my friends in the cul-de-sac. The girl‟s team always beats the boy‟s team. Also I like going swimming with my friend Sydney Melton.
Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade

- 40 -

Fall I fill with delight as I watch the leaves fall spinning to the ground. Apple cider fills the room as I drink, making jack-o-lanterns, scooping out the mess, smelling the sweet scent of pumpkin. Walking through the corn stalks, huddling with my friends, touching the corn stalks, finding our way in the dark. Fall has begun. Laughter, festivals, jumping in leaves… music to my ears. Costumes, hayrides, Halloween. Bats, black cats, goblins ghouls. Haunting sounds in the night. Spooky faces gives you fright. Witches, wizards, devils. Nightmares whirling in your head. Don‟t scream. It‟s fun and guess what. Fall is here and it will always be until the breeze turns bitter cold. Caity MacNeill

Summer After a long school year, it‟s good to relax and have a lot of fun with summer. Summer is the time of year where all you have to do is have fun. With no school work for the whole summer, you can play with your friends everyday, go outside, go on vacation, and lots more. You can also go to the pool everyday, have water fights, go to water parks, and amusement parks. There‟s no homework, no tests, no quizzes, no writing, no reading, and you can talk anytime you want without getting in trouble. Everyday is a great day to be alive with no worries. I spend my summer going to camp, playing with my friends, and playing sports, it is amazing. You don‟t have to do any work in camp but play and have a great time. On weekends, I usually go to the beach, Atlantic City or Ocean City. It‟s the best. You can skimboard, surf, boogeyboard, and so much more. Summer is the best time of the year. It‟s nonstop excitement! Dana Perkiss

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- 41 -

winter is Hanukkah. I like spinning the driedel and getting lots of presents! At dusk, I roast s‟mores. That is fun to do. Lastly, my favorite season is Winter, it‟s the BEST! Zachary Friedman A Summer in Bethany Beach After a long night of Edgewater ice cream and Armand‟s pizza in Bethany Beach, I wake up late and turn over to see the beautiful ocean. I can hear the waves peacefully crashing on the shore. Then, I silently slip on my polka dot bathing suit and prepare to go the beach. As I open the sun tan lotion bottle, I can smell the strong aroma of Coppertone SPF 50 sun block. I can feel the chill run down my spine as I put sun screen on my back. After a time, which seems like forever, my family finally wakes up. They begin to get ready. About thirty minutes later, we arrive at the beach. It‟s a beautiful day! After we go in the ocean and the pool, its lunch time! We set up our chairs and sandwiches. Joyfully we eat. I can taste the sand that has fallen into my turkey sandwich. As the day goes on, I let the warmth of the sun soak into my body and I quietly and peacefully drift to sleep, still laying on the warm sand of Bethany Beach, my sign of summer. Rebecca Langbein

Winter I love winter! There is a ton of things you can do!! You can sled, make a snow man, snow angels, snow forts, and have snowball fights!!! One thing I don‟t like about winter is frost bite and how cold it is!!! Whenever I get too cold, I go inside and have hot chocolate! I love to have hot chocolate with marshmallows in front of the fire place! Then when I am all warmed up, sometimes I go back outside again in the cold, cold air!!!! I love to make snowman!!! I think it is so much fun! I usually make a big one, then a little one!! And I give the big one a big carrot for a nose, and the little one a little carrot for a nose!! I really love winter!! It is so much fun!! Meghan Brown Winter Snowballs getting thrown at you, like a basketball really hard at your face. You fall down and now it feels like your face is freezing. That is what it‟s like in the winter, snowball fights! Building snow forts is fun because then if your enemy throws a snowball at you, then it will probably hit your fort and miss you! After the snowball fights, I go inside and have some hot chocolate with some chips. It tastes good, believe me! After I eat I go back outside and play with my dogs in the snow. They go crazy! Best of all there is NO SCHOOL! The holiday I enjoy the most during the
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Mr. Francis’ Class
Hero‟s come in all shapes and sizes. They may be very close to us, or they may be someone we‟ve never met. Find out who Mr. Francis‟ students feel are their hero‟s. My Hero My mom is my pleasant hero, She loves me very much, She helps me with all my needs and buys me cute stuff, She tells astounding stories and does my hair for me, My mom is very funny and cooks a lot for me, I clean with her and she cleans with me, We enjoy the fun and wish the day won‟t end, My mom is always there for me, She cares and thinks so much about me that she forgets about herself, She is the best mom ever, You should wish for her! By: Samia Ali

My Hero My dad is my hero because he is the one I can look up to. I can always love him. He‟s the one I trust; the guy who I can always play with. The one I can always count on and the one I can always love. He is strong and smart. He always says he loves me and I say it right back. My dad has is the one that has helped me through life, and I love him for that. That is my hero, my dad. By: Zach Cameron

Heroes Many people, many heroes Moms are, dads are Some are funny, some are pretty They are smart, they are careful Can be neat, can be nice They‟re all playful, they‟re all helpful Definitely kind, definitely thoughtful Heroes are excellent, heroes are: A: One of a kind B: Distinguished C: Beautiful D: All of the above and MORE! The answer for me is: D Which makes my parents (heroes) ABSOLUTELY! By: Erin Carlin

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My Parents My Hero is My Dad He was a police officer in Bayonne New Jersey with my uncle. It‟s cool having a brother with you at the police station. He stopped robbers and kidnappers and other people that broke the law. He got a degree for his job, which is in criminal justices. It was always tough saving people from bad things. He helped in crimes, investigations and disasters. He knows me because he is my dad. Married my mom when he was 33, she was 29. If it wasn‟t for him I would not be here and people would have died. That‟s why my dad is my hero. By: Sean Colbeth Parents are the best! Even when they are a pest But most of the time they‟re good… Only when they could…not be my hero! They would do anything for me, Even if I was about to fall out of a tree. They will always be my hero In the dark when I‟m lonely, -in my room – “oh so scary!” They will come in and comfort me, Because they‟re my heroes, now.. And forever. By: Kerri Dougherty

My Heroes are My Parents My heroes are my parents, They have helped me through life, And they will help me until I have a new life, They give me food and shelter, And a bed to sleep in, They send me to school so I can get an education, So I can know about the nation, My parents are my heroes. By: Sean Donapel
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My Hero God is my hero! I love him very much and I know he will always be with me. I feel very safe when I pray to him. I am so blessed to have such a great leader because without him my life would be incomplete. He always comes first! I am so glad I chose God as my savior. I am so happy that I am his child. God is the best hero I could ever have!!!

By: Lizzie Egan - 44 -

By: Dominique Gagnon

My Parents My parents are significant to me, My parents help me face any obstacles I try to accomplish, Shivers go up my spine when they‟re not with me, My parents light up my world, They help me accomplish any goals I put forth, They would do any thing to make me smile, My parents are my heroes! By, Alex Furer

My Hero
His smile is always sunny. His jokes are always funny. He helps me at home, So I‟m never alone, And he calls me honey-bunny. Yep, he sure is the best dad. He cheers me up when I am sad. He supports me 100%, not zero. I am completely sure that he‟s my hero. By: Larisa Golovko

My Hero My sister loves me from day to day I wish I could see her more It makes me sad when she walks out the door But the good overshadows the bad She even loves me when she‟s mad She always knows what to do by saying, I LOVE YOU She has a big smile that makes everything worth while She is the best sister and I really, really miss her
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My Hero My dad is my hero because he‟s my only father. When my bike brakes he can fix it. He also takes me golfing when I want. He‟s the one I turn to when I‟m stuck on homework. He‟s very humorous and makes me laugh all the time! He‟s also nice to the elderly. He‟s a good role model; someone to look up to. He cooks great - 45 -

meals, my 5 star chef. All these things show that my dad is a great hero but the most important one is that he loves me!! BY: Nick Guglielmi

out. Making big decisions in his life that will stay like that for a long time! When he makes bad choices he doesn‟t give up. I admire that! By Daulton Mas

MY DAD My Hero My mom is like a kid, She teaches me what she did, Her voice is sweet as honey, Her hair as soft as a bunny, Her head it has a lid, If she was on sale I wouldn‟t be able to bid, My mom‟s jokes are sometimes funny, My moms face is sunny, My mom is my hero. By: Tim Keiper My Hero Superman is heroic he‟s my hero, you see? He beats up the bad guys, all for you and me And when they‟re defeated, and he is content, he turns back, into mild-mannered Clark Kent. By: Josh Nissim My Dad is very smart His job deals with a business card I think I should play ball with him Even though he is really working hard I think he is # 1 Even when I‟m a pest But all I know is he‟s the best By: Phil Ozar

My Brother My brother is my hero. He is who I look up to. All the changes I‟m about to make, he has already made. He can tell me what to do if I‟m stuck. He is strong, smart and loves me very much! My favorite sport is football, because my brotheruse to play football and I use to watch his games. At the end of one game I saw him make a few errors, but then he came to the sidelines and said, “everybody makes mistakes.” When I have trouble with football, school, and friends he always comes to me with all the answers! I sometimes even manage to help him. He loves me very much, but now he‟s moving Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade - 46 -

My Hero, Lina Do you have a hero? Well I do, her name is Lina. I have a million reasons why, but I‟ll just tell you a few. She‟d give you things without a reason. She‟d be there through heart-break. She‟d never let you down. She doesn‟t care about anything but

people‟s feelings. She‟d drop anything she was doing to talk to you. The one thing is, that she‟s my best friend. You might think I‟m weird to not pick my mom or dad but she is important to me. By: Erin O‟Dai

My Parents They help me when I‟m in need They clean the house and pick the weeds Planning lots of activities They always find time to spend with me They‟re happy, funny, and friendly, too They help me when I don‟t know what to do They‟re caring, smart, and lots of fun From the night all the way until the days begun My parents are always there for me I know I‟ll love them for eternity! By Meghan Pettit

My Hero My parents are my heroes because they always help me. My mom is overprotective, and it is really annoying. I like when my dad is around because I‟m free. They are funny, most of the time. My mom and dad are very smart. My mom works for Cooke Publishing, and my dad is the boss of Sunoco. They work hard. Both my parents are my role models. My dad is never mad, and my mom is only happy when she has a good day at work. They are always friendly to people on the phone, but not always to me and my brother. They‟re caring, especially when they are mad at my brother. My parents are my Heroes!! By: Geoffrey Ricco

My Hero My heroes are my parents. They give me everything. Everything I need and want at least. My parents are so nice. They give me food and water when I need it. My parents also give me cheater to protect me. They also give me clothes to keep me warm. They do everything for me. It‟s great. My mom and dad helped me ride a bike. My mom bought me the bike, helmet, and pads. My dad helped me ride it. Those are my heroes. By: Daniel Pinho
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My Hero!! This poem is for my dad. My dad is my hero My hero is he I love him so very much, and I know he loves me He‟s kind and he‟s thoughtful He‟s fun and he‟s brave You‟ll know what he‟ll pick if it was between love and hate

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He makes me feel at home, when really I‟m not I‟m writing this poem, sitting outside Thinking and remembering of all our good times. By: Jessica Vakrouchev

She loves me so much She is not so tough She will let you outside She will bye you a slip and slide If it wasn‟t for her I wouldn‟t be here So that is why my mom is my hero. By: Taylor Zinman

My Hero, My Monkey Uncle Monkey is good, Uncle Monkey is great, He makes me want to celebrate. He cool and he‟s funny, He‟s got a big tummy. He‟s rough and he‟s tough, He sure knows a lot of stuff. He loves his job as a plumber, When he‟s not around it sure is a bummer. By: Dylan Weisman My hero This is for you mommy!! My mom is my hero My mom is my friend My mom is the place where the heavens began My mom is funny My mom is kind My mom brings a sparkle to my eye My mom has love in her heart My mom has love in her mind She will always be a huge part of my life I will be with her now and forever She will be in my heart And we will always be together!! By: Estelle Yankelevich

Mrs. Seabrook, Mrs. Young and Mrs. McCracken’s Class
In early September, the people of the United States were struck with awe at the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. It‟s difficult to watch or read about such a horrific tragedy without it having an impact on our lives. In the following pieces, our class reflected on the catastrophe caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina By: Zach Aaron About 3 weeks ago one of the strongest hurricanes hit the gulf coast. It was said that Katrina made landfall as a category 5. But reporters say if there was a category 6, that is what it would have been. Some people decided to risk their lives and stay in their houses, while some people went to the Louisiana superdome in downtown New Orleans. A few days later they had to board buses to the Houston astrodome. President Bush said it would take over 100 billion dollars for repairs. 80% of New Orleans was underwater. It will take a long time, probably a lot of months. The water is toxic and people are predicting that there might be a big fire that could end New Orleans. It is the worst hurricane I have ever heard on television. - 48 -

My Mom My mom gives me food She hates when I give her an attitude
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Now we have to hope for the best for the survivors. Just keep donating and the city will go back to normal. For now we will think of New Orleans as a ghost town.

their pets. I love my dog so much, and I could NEVER leave her. They also had to leave their family members! I would be sadder than anything, leaving my family and my pets, especially because they‟re the things I care about the most. The whole world is doing things for New Orleans, and Mississippi, and all the

Hurricane Katrina By: Chelsea Candeub During a day in September 2005, a hurricane by the name of Katrina swept through New Orleans, Louisiana; Mississippi; and a few other states, but not as bad as those two states. How would you feel if a hurricane came and all of a sudden there was a little flood, then little more, then little more, to the point where you‟re homeless? Also, how would you feel if the day before you were happy because it was a nice sunny day and you were enjoying yourself, and then the next day you find yourself on the roof of your house, hoping, praying that help comes for you? I know that I would be scared to death. Those two sad things happened to the New Orleans and Mississippi victims. Currently, Hurricane Katrina survivors are living with family, friends, or wherever they can find shelter. People are helping the people that survived the storm by raising tons of money around the world including my school district, Council Rock. People around the world are helping by not only giving lots of money but also sending food, clothes, and helping them in anyway they can. My Jewish school community helped hurricane victims in one way by filling a whole supply truck full of food donated by people of the community. I feel bad for the people that had to survive Katrina because not only were their houses ruined, but they also had to leave Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade - 49 other places there was destruction. So each day there is more improvement in those states and each day everything gets better and better; soon enough they‟ll be to the point where they can live their normal lives again!

Hurricane Katrina By: Thomas Boone On a sad September day in 2005 something no one will forget happened. It was Hurricane Katrina. New Orleans was flooded and people who once called that great city home were left with a lake of memories. New Orleans wasn‟t the only city that was hit. Most of the gulf coast was hit and devastation swept through the United States. The gulf coast was hit and hit very hard. I feel that Hurricane Katrina was a devastating storm that destroyed the whole Gulf Coast. I feel bad for all the people that once lived in those beautiful cities. We are very lucky to live in this wonderful area and away from the devastation. I think that next

time there is a storm like Katrina we should attempt to get every one out of there.

Hurricane Katrina By: Cara Cardinale I feel really bad for the people that were left stranded because of Hurricane Katrina. I hope we will be able to save them all. Also I hope they save all of the animals because lots of people just left them to die. The people are getting all the help we can give them but not the animals. The local animal shelters are doing their best but they need money and supplies. They can‟t import food for the animals and are running low. Rolling Hills is doing a lot to help the victims (animals and people) of Hurricane Katrina. Many people and kids are donating money or having fund raisers. We are doing the best we can. Also I am going to do a fund raiser for the animal shelters down there. I hope all the victims know we are trying to help. Hurricane Katrina By: Carly Bulik I remember when it happened. I really only thought it was just one of those small hurricanes that just made it rain a little more then usual, but when I woke up the next morning all of the houses were destroyed. Just imagine if you were praying to be alive and when you wake up you‟re floating at the top of your house, yelling for help. Council Rock is helping by giving money to them. This has been a Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade - 50 -

devastating experience for us and the other people in Mississippi and where the hurricane hit. It‟s bad for us because we have had to watch it on TV (almost every channel that you turn to). But it was extremely terrible to the people where it hit because they lost many of their family members and even maybe their own lives. Hurricane Katrina By: Rachel Dawicki I am helping the people in the New Orleans by giving them money and by doing the Hurricane Katrina relief walk at my school. I am also doing the refuels. My mom donated $75.00, and my brother and I have donated a lot of money too. I‟m trying my best to make the people in New Orleans. I feel very sad because of the people that had their homes destroyed by the hurricane. I‟m also grateful because I still have my home and most of my family. I feel really bad for the people in New Orleans that had to give their kids away to people, not knowing if they are going to see them again. Also I feel bad for them because people have died who are dear to someone. Someone also may have had a family member trapped and then died. That is why I feel bad for them and why I am grateful. I think that a lot of people should help the people in New Orleans. That is why I think that I am helping the people in the Gulf. That is also why I am very grateful for all the stuff I have and that I have most of my family members. That is why I feel very bad for the people in New Orleans.

I feel so bad that some people lost their homes, pets, and especially their families. Therefore, Council Rock School District collected a lot of money to help in whatever way they could for the Hurricane Katrina victims.

Hurricane Katrina By: Brian Donnelly Hurricane Katrina was DESTRUCTIVE! It ruined many houses, trees, animals, but more importantly it ruined many people‟s lives. It ruined these things in New Orleans, Louisiana; Mississippi; and Alabama. From what I heard kids in those states are going to be head back from school in the beginning of November. It is a shame that all of this happened. In the last month or so I have been contributing money to help people whose house or themselves have been damaged by Hurricane Katrina along with many others. Some famous people have given money, like George W. Bush, the NBA (National Basketball Association), the NFL (National Football Association), and also Terrell Owens (yes selfish T.O.), who sold his NFL Super Bowl ring! So what have you done to contribute?

Hurricane Katrina By: Shannon Rose Fahey In September hot rays shone from the bright yellow sun. In New Orleans every one was having fun. What they didn‟t know was that come September something big would come across the shore. Hurricane Katrina was focused on New Orleans. It was a category 5 and people had to flea. Those who didn‟t were forced upon roof tops with no food or water. At that time they knew their fun in the sun was done. Now when I look back I realize that I am blessed with my family, my house, and my warm bed to sleep in at night - not a cold roof top. So join Council Rock‟s quest to make a difference.

Hurricane Katrina By: Ali Murphy On September 12, 2005, a terrible thing happened: Hurricane Katrina. Millions of people were killed and millions are missing. It hit the gulf coast and the New Orleans got hit the worst. People were on the tops of there houses. They got out of the attic or the top of their roofs with an ax. They were all hoping that someone would come and save them.

Hurricane Katrina By: Vincenzo Fevola I feel sorry for the people who live where Hurricane Katrina happened. I am sad that they lived near the Gulf and were surrounded by water because they were flooded out. The levees did not do their job.
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I will make a lot of donations so that I can help the homeless shelter. This is a very bad thing and I hope that it never happen again. The sun had been shining in August, 2005. People were outside having so much fun! Two weeks later they were on the roof saying “Help me! Help me!”. We are very lucky to not live near an ocean so that we can‟t get hit with that bad of a storm. Hurricane Katrina By: Michael Fluri I am grateful that I have the things I have because those who survived Hurricane Katrina have nothing left. My family and I have a coffee can that we put money in for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Our goal is $100. We currently have approximately $50 dollars. When we reach $100 we will send it to the Hurricane Katrina fund. I have donated about $15 with the support of my family. If I could I would go down there and help but there isn‟t much I can do. So I am just going to donate money every day to my family‟s money fund so I can technically help them. If I was in Hurricane Katrina I would do my best to survive and hope for others. I don‟t know what is happening: first a tsunami hit Florida, then came Hurricane Dennis, and now Hurricane Katrina. What ever is happening I know I want to help. We might be next. Another powerful storm just might hit us. Pennsylvania might be in danger so I want to try and make sure my home is safe in case a disaster like this occurs. If it does happen I want to make sure my family, friends, animals/pets, and myself are safe. I hope you think so too, so help hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina By: Justin Flor Hurricane Katrina came into the New Orleans and destroyed everything. Houses were flooded, roofs were torn off. The Astro Dome‟s roof came off for the New Orleans Saints. People did not want to leave their homes. There was contaminated water from gas leaks and oil spills. People had to make a hole through their roofs to get out and look for help. People left pets at home and the pets had to get out into the water and look for help. People have raised over 100,000 dollars. The soldiers going down to New Orleans to help the people that are still alive. People need help in shelters looking for water and people in shelters are dying cause of hunger. The soldiers are trying to rebuild the dams higher and higher so the water can‟t get in, but it keeps on raining and the dams keep on getting knocked down. Everybody‟s searching for food and water. People are breaking into stores looking for food and water. People need shelter. Imagine you or I being in New Orleans. I feel so bad.

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In September of 2005 something very horrible occurred: Hurricane Katrina. It injured many people and killed a lot too. New Orleans and many other cities were hit. It hit New Orleans the hardest and that‟s what everybody is talking about. But it wasn‟t the only place hit by the storm. Sure, New Orleans was hit the hardest, but it still wasn‟t the only place hit and we should pay attention to the other places hit as well. Hurricane Katrina By: Hope Giordano Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst hurricanes in 2005. Streets were flooded up to 20 feet and the water turned toxic with chemicals. Hurricane Katrina picked up houses and tossed them like they were toys. People got lifted up by rescue men. The houses got demolished. The gas prices have shot up so high because of the hurricane. Most gas stations are outrageous. The Council Rock School District is doing so much to help this situation. The Council Rock School District has raised 151,400 dollars. We have tried to do so much for Hurricane Katrina. Another thing that our school has done for Hurricane Katrina is a walk so that we could raise even more money. In conclusion I think that Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst storms, but people have tried to help this situation. This is very important for people to realize that next time there‟s a hurricane you should get out of there and leave!

I feel really bad for all those people in the southern states. Right now I think I‟m lucky to have all the things I have. It must be hard, now, to live down there because they have no clean water and almost no food. Plus they don‟t have anywhere to stay and sleep. I hope everything gets better in a few months.

Hurricane Katrina By: Rachel Paikoff Hurricane Katrina was an awful hurricane. People were left homeless and some died. The hurricane hit Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. These beautiful states were ruined. Houses were ripped apart and schools were damaged to the ground. This hurricane was a horrible tragedy, which will always be a memory. I am grateful that I have a home and food to eat. I have so many great things in my life, which kids right now don‟t have. My family donated money to the Red Cross, the humane society, and to my school fund raisers. I feel like the Red Cross is helping

Hurricane Katrina By: Will Kotsopoulos

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- 53 -

the people so much. For example, they are giving the people food, money, and shelter. We gave money to the humane society because these animals need food and shelter. It‟s so sad! How would you feel if you were a dog trapped in your home with nowhere to go? Hurricane Katrina destroyed many parts of the U.S., but it will not stop people from pulling back together.

United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, China, and many others put their differences aside to supply the U.S with food, fresh water, etc. During this storm my uncle‟s family took cover in a cinderblock church in Gulfport. As they waited out the storm, a huge tree fell on top of a house, damaging and tearing off half of the roof. My father went down to Mississippi with my uncle to help the victims of the tragedy. The sights he saw were awful: destroyed houses and misplaced boats. The most amazing thing he saw was that in front of every house, ruined or perfect, there was an American flag.

Hurricane Katrina By: Vladislav Paley I feel bad for Louisiana, Mississippi, and all the other states that were hit by Katrina. I think Gorge W. Bush should have acted quicker instead of relaxing in Texas. Schools even acted quicker than Bush by raising money for the victims of the Hurricane Katrina. Our district alone raised almost two hundred thousand dollars for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Now Rita hit and scared George Bush and then he started to act. If I were Bush I would have acted as soon as I heard about Hurricane Katrina. First I would stop the war and lower gas prices.

Helping the Victims of Hurricane Katrina By: Jordyn Palm No one knew that it was going to be mighty strong. Thousands of people lost loved ones, food, shelter, and caring pets. Katrina affected us all! We all are giving money, food, and continuing to educate children as we all help to rebuild homes, schools, and stores. We all are helping lives but the hurricane will always be remembered by all the victims and helpers. Katrina is history, but we all are to help by rebuilding a community in need. We are heroes! Hurricane Katrina By: Dmitry Proshlyakov In September 2005, something horrible happened in New Orleans. It was Hurricane Katrina! It injured and killed a scary amount of people, leaving New Orleans a dump. We are really lucky to be in Bucks County, because there still are people in New Orleans stuck with no

Hurricane Katrina By: Sean Quinn Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005. It caused a 20-25 storm surge, loss of power and shelter, many deaths, and winds gusts up to 190 mph. This catastrophe touched the hearts of millions as many rushed to the aid of the victims of the storm. The Red Cross, Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade - 54 -

shelter and food that are waiting to be rescued. We are lucky to have the stuff that we have because after the hurricane the people that lived there were left poor and homeless. Another thing that we are lucky to have is our family. A lot of people died leaving children with only memories. I think we should be grateful of what we have because people in New Orleans pray and hope to have what we have.

Some people suffered their lives to save dogs and little babies. It‟s going to take months, maybe years, for them to get back on their feet. I saw a 40 year old holding a new born baby dead in the toxic water, and other survivors in this little boat with a lot of people. I wish the hurricane did not happen in the beautiful New Orleans, Mississippi, and Port Author. One thing that Hurricane Katrina did is she made the gas prices soar. Hurricane Katrina By: Brandon Yett My feelings about Hurricane Katrina are that it really impacted the people in New Orleans. It‟s sad that the people became homeless, sick, and have difficulty getting medicines. In the news I heard and saw hundreds and hundreds of houses, cars, streets, schools, and hospitals that were destroyed. I felt upset when I heard that some people stole from stores and houses. The devastation was horrible for everyone. I felt bad for the children because many of them do not have anywhere to live. On the news on television I saw some children and adults on rooftops trying to be rescued. Some couldn‟t find their families. I felt the worst for the children because I put myself in their place and felt upset. I wonder what I would have done in their place looking for my family. The loss of jobs for the adults must be horrible because now they have no way to support their family and pay taxes. They could have been at their job for many years, but now have lost their friends. Even though the people of New Orleans lost a lot, they can feel happy to know that Council Rock School District children and families put their money together and raised over $151,000. My

Hurricane Katrina By: Katie Rodgers It feel good to say that I am helping out victims of Katrina. In school and in church we have been giving money to the victims. We‟re making bags for them - we go out and buy what we think they need. Some of the things we are getting for them are clothes, food, flash lights, and toys for the little kids. We get to write letters to them too. So far we all have made 10 bags per person and there are at least 40 people at my church. We have sent 10 diaper bags too for the babes. In the diaper bags there are formula, clothes, and blankets. My friends and I get to gather things like food from family and friends.

Hurricane Katrina Strikes! By: Hanna Vaysberg Oh my gosh! Do you know what happened in New Orleans? It‟s such a disaster for so many people. A lot of people lost their houses and their expensive cars. Maybe I feel your pain, maybe I don‟t, but I lost someone in that Hurricane too. She was one of my best friends. She was very young that day she lost everything, and I felt really sad because I had one less friend on my list. Featuring Fifth and Sixth Grade - 55 -

synagogue sent a big truckload of food, medicine, and supplies that will help the people of New Orleans. Philadelphia and other cities and states have given the people places to stay. I even read that some people let victims share their homes. It was a terrible hurricane, but a lot of people helped out and I am glad about that.

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