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									                          Stamp Act
                           by Haven

     Greville knew that his country needed        . In 1765 they

faces huge debts. These debts were the result of the French

and Indian war.

     Greenville was wondering can or how will Britain raise

more         . Grenville's plan seemed easy, tax the people. The

money raised from taxing the people would be used for

defending the colonies.

     Britain's      agreed with the idea of a      . Many

members of the parliament agreed to      , them, the taxing

seemed fair because the American colonists benefited from the

protection of Britain solders.

     The British agreed that the colonists should help pay the

cost of the army. So they decided when the colonists bought an
item they had to buy a stamp to show they paid the         . Once

this news got to the colonists they protested. The colonists did

not think they should have to pay Britain.

     A young lawyer named Henry was one of the first to give a

speech against the Stamp Act. He became famous for his speech

and his bravery. His speech was about how the Stamp Act was

not fair and that Britain should not get to          them. His

speech was inspiring to other colonists so they started to

protest too.

     So they fought for their right! It was not easy, they had to

          for a long time. The colonist had to pay       on food

and water. They needed stuff to live on, such as           and

     .   . This was known as the Stamp Act.

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