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					Unit Five Word Formation ( Refer to pages 92-95) Guess the meanings of the words enclosed in brackets: 1.The scientist invented a ( sun-powered) car which is very friendly to the environment. 2.She is a very (short-sighted) girl who can’t consider the interest of the future at all.

3.This dictionary is of great use. I think spending five yuan on it is very (cost-effective.)
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4.Don’t do it until the last moment. You should do it (beforehand). 5.Perhaps she can’t be admitted into a medical university because she is (color-blind). 6.If you are still having a headache, take this ( pain-killer). 7.This is an (ever-green) tree, which liked by many people. 8.You are (absent-minded) again. Please listen to the teacher carefully.
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9.He will come to us to express his (goodwill ) greeting. 10.Mary lost her first job because she was always late to work but she (landed on her feet) and soon had a better job.

11.Darkness is (a hankdance) when we want to dress quickly.
12.Ben studied till the o’clock this morning. Now he is (dead to the world).
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13.Mary’s parents always (make a song and dance) about her coming home late. So we’d better be going soon.
14.He fell through the ice: (it served him right); for he had been warned of the danger. 15.That’s a fine key school. Your children’s educator will be (in good hands) if you send them there.
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16.He left Japan (for good) in World War II.
17.They shall worried about his study but he ( made light of ) his examinations. 18.He took ( French-leave) during the dinner party.

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19.They are (in hot water) this time, let’s give them a hand. 20.-Are you enjoy yourself? (having a ball). - Sure. I’m

Sentence-changing : 1.A large park has been built in our city; we are able to amuse ourselves after work. > The large park built here ____ us ____ a place to enjoy ourselves.
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2.Parents now have to pay a lot of money for their children’s education at college. > It___ parents much money ___ send their children to study at college.
3.The theme park is very big; the visitors have to get round by shuttle. > It is___ a large park ___people who want to get round must ___ shuttles.
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4.The shop sells various dresses at different prices. > The shop sells ___ ___ ___ dresses at different prices.

5.Mr. Johnson can speak more than Chinese. He can also speak Russian. > Mr. Johnson can speak ___ ____ Chinese ___ ____ Russian.

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Sentence-correcting: 1. Many parks have designed to provide entertainment. 2.Admission to a university is by examination only.
3.You can use the most advancing hi-tech to finish the experiment.

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4. You are lucky enough to escape being punished. 5.He takes part in evening school every day when he finished his work. 6. First prepare for a piece of paper then write down what the teacher will say on it. 7.Allow us go to learn English in the theatre hall.
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8.A profit will be offered to information leading to the arrest of the bank robber. 9. I’d like to have this hat. How much do you pay me for it? 10.The doctor applied some medicine and the patient began to come to life himself. Fill in the blanks using the proper words: 1.Please tell me how the traffic accident come____
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2.We hadn’t planned to meet. We meet ___ chance.

3.Without facts, we can’t form a worthwhile opinion for we need to have factual knowledge___ which to base out thinking.
4.When he came ___ life he found himself in a different world.
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5.They are going____ a trip to Europe.
6.Don’t involve other people ___ your trouble. 7.Have you been to the park ___ Walt Disney? 8.If a shop has chairs___ women can park their husbands, women will spend more time in the shop.

Fill in the blanks using the words or expressions of this unit:
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Now you are in a dinosaur theme park. Coming here, you will find a kind of old (1)____ which died out millions of years ago. The dinosaur once lived in the (2)____ . In our park we are happy to show you (3)____ dinosaurs living in the Jurassic. Here the four-storied-building – high grass-eating dinosaurs are kind and like tame animals. You can (4)____ towards them and touch them. But the (5)____ of them are dangerous. The four-legged meat-eating dinosaurs are very cruel.
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The (6)____ jungle here is very thick and full of all kinds of creatures. Please don’t (7)______ some of them and don’t try to give them food. Without any special (8)____ or the leading of the guide, don’t step into the park will (9)____ anyone who comes here and you will (10)_____a lot from it.
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Translate the Chinese English:( Suggested answers)


1. The majority of the people all over the world are peace-loving only a minority wants the war to continue. 2.The fire fighters with strong spirit can’t close to the burning building.

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3.The students doing the chemical experiments have begun to come to life.
4.Dressed in an old army uniform the old man experienced two world wars. 5.The volunteer and translator often takes an active part in all kinds of activities here. 6. Last month we went deep into the jungle. 7.How about riding a roller coaster?
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8.Have you experienced what success means? 9.Only when the merry-going-round stopped did the little girl survived the accident . 10.Do pay attention to doing every combination and every arrangement well. 11.The children look forward to flying through the jungle, don’t they? 12.He often mentions his former teacher to me. 13.Is he an up-to-date photoblogger?
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14.The young man volunteered to act as our guide.
15.How much do you charge for decorating our flat? 16.All of us were greatly amused at Jiang Kun’s cross talk.

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17.Many films produced in Hong Kong are imaginary. 18.China will become one of the most advanced hi-tech countries. Comprehending / Scanning quickly :

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1. What is the difference between a theme park and an ordinary park?

Differences Ordinary park Activities

Theme parks


rides such as Ferris A variety of things wheel merry-go-round to do and see of a roller coaster Usually not very large Huge places where
visitor often use shuttles to get around

Charges Souvenirs

No restaurants or Restaurants hotel and shops hotels
Charge little or none Sell no souvenirs
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Charge for admission Sell souvenirs in their shops

2.What is the purpose of a theme park? > The purpose of a theme park is to provide entertainment. 3.What activities will be offered to visitors in a sports theme park? > A sports theme park will offer visitors to play or watch. 4.What can visitors buy in a sports them park? > The can buy visitors sports equipment or clothing such as basketball, football, sneakers and so on.
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5.What can visitors see and do in history or culture theme parks? > Visitors can see how our ancestors dressed worked and lived and how special groups of people dress today, what they eat and what their homes look like. They might go for rides on animals, help cook cultural foods or have their pictures taken in the clothing of emperors or of minority people.
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6.What is Disneyland like ? >Disneyland is so different from other parks tha it seemed like a place of fantasy.

7.What can visitors do in Disneyland? > Visitors can enjoy seeing the characters from Disney films, go on exciting rides, visits to castles and get close to life-size cartoon figures. They can also see model villages of life in the past which show how the early settlers in America lived.
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8. What can people do in science theme parks? > People can take an active part in experiments in science theme parks.
Warming up (page 33) There are many kinds of parks in the world. What kinds of parks are in the pictures?

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1. A garden in Suzhou is one of the four most famous gardens in China. ( the Summer Palace, the Humble Administrator’s Garden in Suzhou, the Mountain Resort of Chengde) A garden in Suzhou is a place people have a walk in their spare time to enjoy the beautiful trees flowers, lakes, stones, bridges, pavilions, buildings and relax themselves.
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2.Hyde Park is a famous park in London. It used to be a hunting park for the Royal family in the 18th century. Now it is open to the public and people can enjoy themselves there with all kinds of activities, including horseriding. It’s best known for the speaker’s corner where people can make speeches and express their view points freely. 3.What about World Water park in Canada? It is a park where people can take part in all kinds of activities in water in Canada.
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4.Disneyland is the oldest theme park in the world and the most popular park in the world, too. In Disneyland people can not only enjoy the exciting activities there, but also get close to the life-size cartoon characters like the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Luckily for us, a new Disneyland has been built in Hong Kong. Pre-reading What do you suppose a theme park? > It provides people with a place to amuse themselves and escape their busy lives for a while. It provides entertainments.
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The Language focus (page 33): 1.theme / topic 1). The environment is a popular topic these days. So the theme of your report should be about it. 2). the topic sentence / the theme song 2.amuse / to one’s amusement, find amusement in / 1). Are you amused at(by) his foolish behavior? 2).She amused herself by reading detective stories. ( kill time )
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3. – fun and more than fun 1).The boy is full of fun. 2).Swimming in World Water park in Canada is great fun. 3).fun-loving /in fun / have fun/ make fun of / fun house/ get funny with / funny-looking /

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4. more than 1).When fully grown, a giant panda weighs more than 150 kg. 2).Bamboo is used for more than building. 3).Hibernation is more than sleep. 4).The beauty of Suzhou is more than I can describe. 5).She is more than a little sad. 5…to escape their busy lives.. 1). He was fortunate to escape being killed in the accident. ( a narrow escape)
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2). a fire-escape 6. …share this basic purpose… 1).If you want a share of the pay you should do your share of the work. 2).How many shares of the company do you own? 3).Children should be taught to share. 4). I want you to share my joy. 7. .., they find various… / variety 1). China’s Cultural Theme Park offers its visitors a variety of amusement. 2).A variety of magazines have been ordered recently.
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3). The variety of goods on display shows a big leap in the development of high technology. 4). Prices vary with the season. 5). The weather varies from day to day. 8…meet this need.. = satisfy the need of 1).I can’t meet all his needs. 2).meet (find ) ones match
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9. In these parks people sit chatting…..1). Not knowing his E-mail address, I couldn’t send him an E-mail.
2). Hearing the good news, the boy jumped with joy. 3).He sat there reading English weekly. 1).The students often do outdoor exercises, surf the Internet, and play games on the playground.
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10. … with rides, 1).He went for a ride in his car. 2).They rode in the back seat of the bus.
3).This contract is worthless; you have been taken for a ride. ( ride out) / drive, pilot, fly, ride / 4).He rides his bike while his wife drives his car sometimes they ride the bus. 11.They all charge money for admission…. 1). How much did he charge you for repairing the bicycle?
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2).They were charged with murder. / free of charge, in charge of , in(under) the charge of, take charge of / 1).Admission by ticket only. 2).Admission to China’s First Beach costs 5 yuan.
3). apply for admission to a school / gain (obtain)admission to(into)
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12. make a profit not just by ….but also by selling… 1).Not only was everything he had taken away from him, but also his citizenship. 2).Not only did they bring drink but they also brought cards for entertainment.

3). This new invention will bring him great profits like a goldmine. 4).Do make a profit and get pleasure by reading. 5).Their suggestion will profit you.
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6).The students do hope to by(from)the teacher’s comments..


(page34). 13. …is based on(upon)… 1). Correct judgment and scientific theory must be based on facts.

2).The TV play is based upon a true story.
14.Its purpose is to involve… / involve with, involve doing, involve in /
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1). The great happiness is to serve the people.
2). Accepting the position your offer involves living in London.

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15. come to life= come to oneself=come to one’s sense 1). /come to a conclusion /~ a decision/~a stop /~an end/ / come to a fortune/ 2). come into fashion / come into effect / ~view/ ~power /~leaf / 3). come into being

16. our pictures taken in the clothing… 1). Have you heard the song sung in the Guangdong dialect?
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2).The pictures taken in uniform were found. 17.minority / majority 1).The minority of the damage is easy to repair. 2).The minority of the students are from China. 3).Only a minority is lazy. 18.The park is named after… the famous maker….. 1).This island was named after its discoverer.

2).I know all the students in my class by name. 3). He wrote under(in) the name of Mark Twain.
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4).She named Jack as (for) our monitor. 5).Taiwan belongs to our motherland, the People’s Republic of China. 6).As is known to us all, the freezing temperature, freezing point is the temperature at which water freezes under ordinary pressure. 19. a place of fantasy =fantasyland 1).These young men want to live a world of fantasy. 2). Fancy meeting you here. 20. to get close to life-size cartoon figures.
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1).He lives near(close to) the factory. 2). He is close to his father. 1).He is the first student to come here. 2). This pen is smooth to write with. 21.take… part in= participate / play a (the) role (part) in / 1).Everyone must do his part. 2).Did you take any part in the discussion? 22. experiments 1). We can learn by experiment that oil and water can’t mix.
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2). do/ make/ perform/ conduct/ carry out > an experiment 23. go on imaginary trip to……. / have / make /take …. trip to 1).She worried for imaginary fears that she would be fired. 2).All characters in this TV play are imaginary.

24. used advanced computer techniques. 1).Now our China is an advancing country but it will become advanced country technologically. 2).We should make full preparation in advance.
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3). the advanced education / the advanced mathematics / the advanced studies / (page 35) 1.Now write a summary of the… 1).Have a summary of the discussion. 2).Give him a summary reply. 2. a careful test to try out an idea. / try on / try a trick on sb. /try out/ 1). Please try on the coat. 2).Try out the computer. 3).The boss tried me out to see if I am fit for the job. 4).Try out this new crop on a large area.
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3. Alternative / choice 1). That’s the only alternative. 2). Choice of the end covers choice of the means. 3).We have no choice (=alternative) but to study hard. (page 36) 1. making large amounts of money / make(earn) money / 1). We make money to live but not live to make money. 2).A large amount of time is spent playing video games.
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( Moderation is the important thing. Playing video games helps kids to important skills like decision-making and hand –eye co-ordination ) 3).There is large amounts of information.

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A: only modify uncountable nouns: a (good) supply, much, a good(great) deal of, supplies of B: only modify countable nouns: many(of the), a great( large, big) number of , great(large/big) numbers, scores of, dozens of / But: 1).Many a novel has been stolen. 2).We have a quantity of ( or: quantities of) flour (books). 3).Quantities of food has been wasted. 4).A great quantity of flowers was placed on the dead boy’s body.
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C. modify both countable nouns and uncountable nouns: plenty of , a mass of, masses of, a lot of, lots of, a quantity of , a variety of, varieties of 5). A mass of treasure was robbed. 6).A mass of toiling masses have been awoke. (page 38) 1. deep into space 1). Don’t study deep into night. 2).Still water runs deep. 2. jungle / forest / woods 1). There are jungles in South America. 2).We should have cut away the jungle brush.
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3. .for a break = for a rest 1). They have studied for 4 hours without a break. 2).We set out at break of day.

4. face to face / face-to -face / 1). The communicate face to face with each other.

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2). We had a face-to-face argument fight. / side by side / shoulder to shoulder/ run neck and neck / arm in arm /--/hand in hand / one by one / step by step / back to back / heart to heart/ 5. up-to- date / up to date 1). This is an upto-date model. 2). The model is up to date. 6.hands-on on 1). The Chinese live on rice. 2). I live on my wages.
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