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					directory enquiries
Directory enquiry services enable customers to
locate the telephone number for people or
organisations they are trying to contact. Usually the
name of a person or company and its general
location will be enough to locate a telephone
number, if it is available.
Damovo’s Directory Enquiry service is a low cost,
secure service providing a simple local and national
number search for organisations.
New services
There are a growing number of directory enquiry
services, each with their own pricing structure and
service levels. These services offer multiple, different
features and charge in different ways, which can
make keeping track of call costs rather complicated.
Typical call tariffs are:
• Fixed fee – a charge that is applied as soon as
the call is answered
• Time fee – a charge that is applied based upon
the call length, including any onward connected
call time
• Combination charge – a fixed fee that is applied
as soon as the call is answered, as well as a
time fee (see above)
• Two rate – a fixed fee which includes the cost of
the first minute followed by a time fee charged
for the remainder of the call, including any
onward connected call time
The Damovo service cuts through this complexity
and provides you with a simple, cost-effective
• Completely transparent pricing framework
• No hidden costs
• Report provided to keep you informed about
how your organisation is using the service
• Callers can request two number searches during
each call for a fixed price
• The Damovo 118 334 service is delivered by a
proven platform powered by BT
Feedback from our clients tell us that using other
service providers often resulted in inflated costs as a
result of automatic connection to the requested
number. To prevent this, we have configured the
service to disallow auto-connection, eliminating the
potential of cost escalation, so you can track your
call costs more effectively.

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