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					The Green post
Issue 3 Special Edition June / July 2009
7th June 2009

The Launch of the Low Carbon school Projects
15th June 2009, was an event that created a combined effort between Thai Hotel Association Members, the Local Government, the Mayor of koh Samui, and the local schools of Samui, joined forces, hands to create a low carbon school project. A budget of 50,000 baht per school was given, from this money the schools under strict control and regulations can us this money to create more space for recycling, improve their facilities, while working along with their adopted hotels. A grand performance was given at the opening of the low carbon school at The Koh Samui school in Nathorn, a school holding over 1,200 children from kindergarten up to grade 6. A month back frantic action was taken to ensure the school was ready and the support of the Local government went into action the kitchen garden and projects were initiated in line with the Sila Evason, a six senses resort and spa property here on samui. This project was supervised by khun Prapakorn Huntontan ( Nut) through her dedication and the support of her gardening and engineering teams they set about in motion a first on Samui and one of ten projects this year which are on going. A dedicated sub Team of the THA Greens was in action for three months initiating and setting up their projects island wide, the organization and final delivery of this opening went without a hitch over 600 people and children came to launch this very special day. Booths were set up form the 10 schools and Pi Linag hotels to show what goes on in their establishments, children were hard at work in showing hat can be made of recycled items, the costumes for the parade form each school were all made of recycled items, the parade and marching band made this an unforgettable event. The Mayor and his team made a full commitment for Koh Samui, they came in their lime green polo shirts with the green island logo. Each school was given a sign board to initiate this project and each hotel was given a placard.

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A Greener Koh Samui is launched
The Banner that launched a new direction on koh Samui, where the children and schools will begin their push for a Greener samui. All four organizations have committed to be presented under the Green Island project. TAKS, THA, T.A.T and the Local Government all share one direction the future of our children and their children futures to come. Without them we cannot be a Green Island.








The Green post
Members of the THA & President
An auspicious day, the 9 horsemen take centre stage with the President of THA, Khun Ruegnam to receive their awards in recognition of their support of the Low carbon school projects on behalf of their hotels and their staff. Khun Somrod, Bang Talingnam, Khun Brent Four seasons, Khun Martin Centara Grand, Khun Peter Paradise beach, The President khun Ruegnam, Khun John Ens Rocky resort, Khun John Kandaburi resort, Khun David Sila Evason Hideaway. A new beginning and a new chapter on koh Samui. On behalf of all the hotels, We would like to thank you all for the great support in making this day a great event.

The entire Tessban team with the Mayor and GMs

A great picture, the entire team of Mayor Rammanet, the General managers, heads of the 10 schools and teachers. One for all and all for one! Forward we go

The Mayor and the first School
A historic day for the Tessban and THA on Koh Samui, the grandest day yet The Mayor with the team of six senses and the koh Samui school in Nathorn receiving their plaque that will be set on the wall in recognition and contribution to leading the children on a greener foot path on koh Samui. Low Carbon school project is now official and moving forward 15 more schools to go in 2010.

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Issue 3 Special Edition June / July 2009
Paradise Beach resort and Wat Chaeng school, wat Saket school with Baan Taling nam

Four Seasons with wat Samuttharam school, and

Wat Boondarikaram school,

belo w

wat sawang arom school right

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The Green post
Dog Rescue
Koh Samui has a wonderful savior, in Brigitte and her team leading what is now a 10 year old project to safe guard the lives of all cats and dogs on koh samui. Over 450 dogs at both shelters, and 200 cats make this a place to reckon with, 4 tons of food is required each month to feed those hungry cats and dogs. THA and other establishment on koh samui have dog bins in their hotels to save food scraps to add a feast of sorts for the dogs and cats, they are part of the recycling process on koh Samui. With the aid of local doctors they have taken care of thousands of dogs over the years, many have been adopted overseas, a real Florence nightingale of the Animal world. They brought some of their family along to show the kids.

GIDOA, The Green Island Diving Association
Once again out of the water they came and onto the land, like fish out of water and well prepared for a great presentation, the kids loved the display and what can be seen under the waves. Captain nemo and nemo was there himself, GIDOA will push ahead with their program in conjunction with project aware, Green island projects and their own reef and beach awareness programs. Many wonderful things will evolve under the waves very soon from GIDOA a big thanks for the contribution and presentation.

Koh Samui school and six senses

a hat from the team at wat geng

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Issue 3 Special Edition June / July 2009
Old Egg trays and Milk cartons
Its so simple, but we forget the things that matter, when we grew up over 30 years and more how many of us did the science classes or the home economics and outdoor pursuits. Making paper from old egg cartons, mixed with water and a bag of corn starch can result in some very interesting products, add a few dried leaves or herbs, and some food color, you have your own paper shop to sell as wrapping or decorative items. Make the mixture thicker then you come up with a pin board for your wall. don't forget the milk carton hats, 20 minutes to make one, Great to keep the sun at bay, great to teach the kids how to use their hands.

Bean sprouts anyone
The white tub holds over 5kg of fresh bean sprouts, made at Paradise beach resort, a great way to have a fresh product in your own home or hotel, cheap to make and at the price we pay today and the waste we get from purchasing fresh bean sprouts from the market, the next day they have gone soggy and need to be converted to compost. Plenty of home made compost and fertilizers in those bags.

EM production
From scraps of fruit peelings, to pandanus leaf, or just a mixture of left over's, mixed with either brown sugar or molasses and hey presto in 30 to 45 days you have a products. That cleans floors, removes smells, adds vitality ot the gardens and even you if you want to mix with some honey and hot water produces a nice healthy tonic. Keeps well— if we all begin to so in small containers at home we would benefit all over. don't just think, do it! Get EM ining
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The Green post
From garbage to gold and all that glitters
Wonders never sees to excite us what can be made from garbage and still today we throw all these items away under a cloud of ignorance or not wanting to take care. Take heed my friends out there who throw away a fortune someone is collecting and making his fortune, so why don't you start. Coke and sprite cans turned into wind charms, very pleasing for the eye and the environment. No matter how long we keep this it can be re sold for the pot of gold!

Centara Grand Beach Resort.
Take a closer look at these products made from paper and old magazines, hats fit fro a queen, baskets so intricately put together from tiny hands and many an hour listening to the radio or talking away. The baskets are sold for guests at Centara Grand, hand made products from recycled items, that’s the way to go.

Tongsai Bay and their presentations
One of koh samui s most greener hotels, with a healthy attitude towards what must be done to survive for the future. EM inning, herbs and spices gardens, composting, recycling in a large scale, it works take some time and affection towards the task at hand this is where Tongsai bay comes head and shoulders above many in regards to their commitment to the environment and the future of this planet.

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Issue 3 Special Edition June / July 2009
In conjunction with the Samui regatta on 4th June, Bluewater International school set up a major beach clean up on Bangrak beach. Yes once again this beach has been cleaned four times this year, this shows you the amount of garbage we all leave behind. Over 200 participants came along, the yaughties, THA members, local community, school children, samui rescue,

More Em for production, compost and a variety of herbs and spices, again hotels and resorts have set up their small kitchen gardens and from these small gardens and a large quantity of produce produced form small plots. Looks like something out of Dads Army during the war, small plots of gardens where each house grew his own fruits veg and herbs.

Take a look home grown organic vegies
What does it take to grow some garden greens nothing much, just a small plot of land and hey presto, the greens appear. Most of the hotels on Samui have their own garden plots for flowers fruit and veg, and its not a new thing it’s a thing of the past—where we have overlooked what has been done behind. Fresh lettuce, lemon grass sweet and one for the pot, fresh chilies, sweet basil and hot basil, Pandanus leaf— we can add and add to the list.
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The Green post
The Board of the Imperial koh Samui

Imperial Group koh samui moving forward and into the next levels of Recycling with Green leaf and

Koh Samui school and six senses
Re using the coconut palms to cover and shade young seedlings for the gardens another way to reuse, then after they have fully dried they can be chopped up into mulch or put through the machine and mulched to a finer consistency.

EM production at koh samui school
The set up for the EM, effective microorganism, shed at the koh Samui school, under the guidance of the six senses resort and spa her eon koh samui, a well defined location with ample space to produce the EM

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Issue 3 Special Edition June / July 2009
Koh Samui schools pilot garden project
A great initiative form the Six senses, in setting up and producing such a wonderful garden layout in just under a month with the support of khun Paisal from the Tessban And his team. An enclosed nursery, gives you seedlings a chance to grow without interference from the bugs and caterpillars that eat them. This style of netting can be re located in time to other areas if need be.

Borders and Bedding
Various stages of development of garden vegetables and herbs, re using old bamboo poles form a previous project, and mulch and Em to enhance the value of the soil can produce wonderful herbs, veggies.

Water Hyathin
A very versatile water plant, can be used to clean the water, grows at a very alarming rate, can be used to make furniture, mats, hats, dry it out and make food for the pigs. Grows all over the country.

The Green post
The pond at koh samui school
A great effort was made to clean up this wonderful pond with its hanging Banyan tree with roots over 3 meters tall. This ornamental tree must be well over a century old and still growing strong covers most of the pool, great for shade and has a very high nesting population inside.

Students trying their hands out!
One of the demonstrations held at the school, re used egg cartons that are made form paper and chopped up, mixed with water then blended to have a porridge consistency. Color can be added with some corn starch to hold the paper or cardboard still when it dried out. Here you can see the children trying their hand in making a sheet of paper. Dip the frame in the mixture bring it out carefully and hey presto you have the sheet ready to dry. Great for gift wraps and bouquets of flowers, and its all recycled.

Games to be played
Environmental games were played with the students to get them interacting and taking notice of what goes on and what they should be doing for the future. It was well taken by the students—games for all

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Issue 3 Special Edition June / July 2009
4 new shredders on the Island
Wow four new mulchers are on the island, just send a letter to the Tessban and they will lend you one for a while until the next hotel asks for one. You will need a three face plug, well worth mulching your waste, create your own compost for the gardens. Stop sending the garden waste to the tip, re use and recycle.

Tessban and their composting
One form the Local Government and their objectives to create the Green samui concept, here is shown some of their mulched products, displayed in the back are the methods and ways that can be followed great charts to have for any school or business who want to move forward.

The band getting ready for the reception
The school band at Koh Samui school was fabulous great music came form them and a big thank you for the parade they orchestrated for the opening. Keep them in mind for next year. Or any other event you may be working on.

Samui going green all the way


This is what its all about the future, our children and their children for generations to come.

When nature fights back, then you have to take notice, well here is one creature who is doing that right now. A fully armed combat ready squirrel with all the back up he needs. His home is our back yard, so be a ware all of you!

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