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                                     150 Years 150 Books 150 Words
                                                          150 Questions
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          Return entries to ACYL, State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000 or place in the box located in the State Library.

1. According to Alison Lester, what does Clive Eat?                              16. What book won the CBC Book of the Year (Older Readers) award
                                                                                     in 1994?

2. In Frank Hardy’s Power Without Glory, what Melbourne suburb
   was his ‘Carringbush’ based on?                                               17. Is Garry Disher’s Moondyne Kate about a dancing bear, a
                                                                                     bushranger or a lounge-singer?

3. Is David Martin’s Fox on my Door a fantasy book, a picture book
   or an autobiography?                                                          18. What is the name of the sequel to Kate Constable’s The Singer of
                                                                                     All Songs?

4. What sport does Specky Magee love?
                                                                                 19. What mental illness is Richard McLean’s Recovered Not Cured
5. What kind of shop does Mr Volio run in Odo Hirsch’s Think
   Smart, Hazel Green?
                                                                                 20. What is a Girragundji?

6. What book won the Miles Franklin Award in 2003?
                                                                                 21. Whose first novel was Mavis Road Medley?

7. Where was Ned Kelly hanged?
                                                                                 22. What is Alison Goodman allergic to?

8. Which Australian newspaper does the author of Murder in Aisle 9
   regularly write for?                                                          23. Name the Age Book of the Year for 2003.

9. Which Victorian author travelled to Antarctica to research a novel?           24. Name the fourth book in John Marsden’s Tomorrow series.

10. Which writer said: If [a woman] never takes off her high-heeled              25. What country was Peter Temple born in?
    shoes, how will she ever know how far she could walk or how fast
    she could run?
                                                                                 26. Anna Ciddor’s Runestone is based on which kind of mythology?

11. What is the name of the main character in George Johnston’s My
    Brother Jack?                                                                27. The Cardboard Crown is the first in a series of how many books?

12. What country did Archie Fusillo’s parents come to Australia from?            28. What threatens the characters in Ivan Southall’s Hill’s End?

13. What is the Magic Pudding’s name?                                            29. Who wrote Cross My Heart?

14. Who wrote You Take the High Road?                                            30. What is the name of Barry Humphries’ most famous alter-ego?

15. What sort of restaurant is The Punjabi Pappadum, in Robert                   31. Which teams played in the 1970 VFL Grand Final?
    Newton’s book?
32. Who am I? I am the author of about 60 books, which have been          52. Which Melbourne artist created Mr Curly and Vasco Pyjama?
    published in twenty-three different languages. My first book was
    Meet Simon Black. I have won a variety of awards, including four
    Australian Children’s Book of the Year Awards, the Dutch Silver       53. Who plays Murray Whelan in the TV adaptation of Shane
    Pencil and the Carnegie Medal. I turned 83 this year.                     Maloney’s Stiff?

                                                                          54. In what country was Wendy Orr born?
33. Who is Mr Enigmatic, in Jenny Pausacker’s book of the same
                                                                          55. Queen Cat, Carmel and who else get a life in Maureen McCarthy’s
34. What is a ‘min-min’?

                                                                          56. What is Penny Pollard’s favourite animal?
35. Which book by Catherine Bateson won the 2003 Children’s Book
    of the Year Award for Younger Readers?
                                                                          57. Where is Robert Dessaix’s Night Letters set?

36. Who wrote Frankel Mouse?
                                                                          58. In Andy Griffiths’ Just books, what are the names of Andy’s
37. What can Alan Marshall jump?

                                                                          59. What happened to Marina’s face in So Much To Tell You?
38. Name a book by Archimede Fusillo.

                                                                          60. A Foreign Wife is Gillian Bouras’ autobiographical account of her
39. What befalls Graeme in Lee Harding’s Displaced Person?                    life in which country?

40. Who wrote it? I'm high on the hill/ Looking over the bridge/ To the   61. Is Andrew Weldon a chef, a dentist or a cartoonist?
    M.C.G./ And way up on high/ The clock on the silo/ Says eleven
                                                                          62. What Australian journal published Robert Manne’s essay, In
                                                                              Denial: The Stolen Generations and the Right?
41. Which Australian novel was made into a film starring Gregory
    Peck, Fred Astaire and Ava Gardner?
                                                                          63. What decade is Jenny Pausacker’s A Tale of Two Families set in?

42. Where are the remains of the White Woman found in Liam
    Davison’s book?                                                       64. What kind of animal did Elyne Mitchell write about?

43. Who illustrated Beverley MacDonald’s Written in Blood?                65. What sport does Johnny play in Michael Hyde’s Tyger Tyger?

44. Which two people wrote The Binna-Binna Man?                           66. Martine Murray wrote a book about a Moose. What was his name?

45. What is the shared fantasy world created by Michael Pryor and         67. Terry Denton’s book, The Wooden Horse is inspired by what
    Paul Collins called?                                                      ancient story?

46. What sort of creature is Old Tom?                                     68. What are the colours on the Eureka flag?

47. What famous Australian baby was the subject of Evil Angels?           69. What is the name of the Little Bush Maid?

48. What is the name of Raimond Gaita’s father?                           70. Which book by Judah Waten explores the immigrant experience?

49. Which Australian family is an artistic dynasty that includes          71. Which war does David Metzenthen’s Boys of Blood and Bone
    painters, sculptors, authors, potters and architects?                     focus on?

50. Name the book from this first line: The Queen looked out over the     72. Who wrote The House that was Eureka?
    Mudfords’ living room and wished everyone a happy Christmas.

                                                                          73. Which Peter Carey novel was made into a film starring Cate
51. What is the main animal featured on the L page of Animalia?               Blanchett and Ralph Fiennes?
74. Which book by Mary Steele won the 1986 Children’s Book of the        93. One of the first dinosaurs discovered in Australia was the
    Year Award for Junior Readers?                                           Atlascopcosaurus. What was it named after?

75. Who wrote The Killing of Mud-Eye?                                    94. What is the name of Elspeth’s cat in Isobelle Carmody’s
                                                                             Obernewtyn Chronicles?

76. What sport is Michael Panckridge’s Chasing the Break about?
                                                                         95. Who am I? Born in 1915, I grew up in Frankston, which is where I
                                                                             set my first and most famous novel, that was made into an ABC
77. What is the name of the girl that Seymour meets in Robin Klein’s         TV serial in 1980. In 1990 and 1991 I published my memoirs,
    Came Back to Show You I Could Fly?                                       titled Marching as to War and Journey into Night.

78. Who hates Alison Ashley?                                             96. Who said it? Everyone looks on me like a black snake.

79. Who wrote The Pearl of Tiger Bay?                                    97. For how long was Malcom Fraser Prime Minister of Australia?

80. What are the chapters named after in Scot Gardner’s Burning          98. Maria Pallotta-Chiarolli wrote a companion book to Boys’ Stuff,
    Eddy?                                                                    this time for girls. What is it called?

81. Where is Jamal in Morris Gleitzman’s Boy Overboard from?             99. Name a book by Chris Wallace-Crabbe.

82. Name a poem by Bruce Dawe.                                           100. What street does Henni Octon live on?

83. What is the name of Justin D’Ath’s latest fantasy novel?             101. Where does Ben travel to in Katherine Scholes’ The Blue

84. What country is When Jays Fly to Barbmo set in?
                                                                         102. What is the name of the sequel to Bernie Monagle’s Hot Hits?

85. Who am I? Born in Wellington, New Zealand, I grew up in a house
    on Canning Street, Carlton. I am the author of several highly        103. In Off the Rails, Tim Cope and Chris Hatherley rode recumbent
    acclaimed books, and am a passionate and dynamic speaker on a           bicycles for 10,000 km. They started in north-west Russia. What
    range of issues, including memory and history, displacement and         was their destination?
    community, the experience of the Jewish diaspora, aboriginal
    issues and the multiplicity of cultures within Australia.
                                                                         104. Who said? Wot’s in a name?- she sez… An' then she sighs, An'
                                                                            clasps 'er little 'ands, an' rolls 'er eyes.
86. What date do the girls go missing in Joan Lindsay’s Picnic at
    Hanging Rock?
                                                                         105. What country was Lucy Sussex born in?

87. Which Australian author, politician and ‘living treasure’ was the
    uncontested winner of Pick-a-Box from 1960 – 1967?                   106. The Day My Bum Went Psycho underwent some surgery when it
                                                                            went to America. What was different about the title?

88. Name the 7 ‘un’ books by Paul Jennings
                                                                         107. Who am I? Born in Bacchus Marsh, I started out writing
                                                                            advertising copy. I moved on to writing novels, and have since
                                                                            won many awards, including the Miles Franklin (three times), the
                                                                            Commonwealth Writers Prize (twice), the Age Book of the Year
                                                                            (three times) and the Booker Prize (twice).
89. What is killing Aurora in Helen Barnes’ novel?

90. What is the disaster in Kerry Greenwood’s A Different Sort of        108. In 19th Century Australia, what would you expect to find in a
    Real: a fire, an influenza epidemic or a plague of locusts?             Black Kettle?

91. Hapless Hopeless Horrible is the sequel to which book by Joshua      109. Who wrote The House Tibet?

                                                                         110. Who is the main character in The Castlemaine Murders?
92. What is the name of the boat Jesse Martin sailed around the world?

                                                                         111. When did the last thylacine die in captivity?
112. In Martine Murray’s The Slightly True Story of Cedar B Hartley,    133. Who am I? I had my first book published when I was 15, and
   what is Cedar’s dog called?                                             haven’t stopped since. I have won the Age Book of the Year
                                                                           award, the Guardian Fiction Prize and a Commonwealth Writer’s
                                                                           prize. In 2000 and 2003 I was named one of the Sydney Morning
113. What kind of creature is Man Shy about?                               Herald’s Young Novelists of the Year.

114. Which Australian writer is responsible for the poems, A Child’s    134. Who played Phoebe in the 1989 film of Bron Nicholls’
   Christmas in Warnambool, To A Howard and Hunting the Snide?             Mullaway?

115. Which mighty Australian river did Mark Twain liken to the          135. Which author was Manuscript Field Officer of the State Library
   Mississippi?                                                            of Victoria from 1970-1982?

116. Who was the third person that travelled with Burke and Wills?      136. In Kirsty Murray’s Market Blues, what happens to Sam when he
                                                                           goes busking?

117. Who illustrated Drac and the Gremlin?
                                                                        137. Which AFL team is Peter Rose’s family associated with?

118. What is the sequel to Paul Collins’ Dragonlinks?
                                                                        138. Which film, starring Ernest Borgnine and Angela Lansbury, was
                                                                           based on an Australian play of the same name?
119. What prestigious UK illustration award did Bob Graham win in
                                                                        139. Who is Don Watson’s Recollections of a Bleeding Heart about?

120. What is the name of the Dog in Adam Ford’s Man Bites Dog?
                                                                        140. What divisive political issue is Peter Mares’ Borderline about?

121. Name a book by Chris Wheat.
                                                                        141. Far Out, Brussel Sprout! Unreal, ……………?

122. What country is Carole Wilkinson’s Dragonkeeper set in?
                                                                        142. Li Cunxin used to be a ballet dancer. What does he do now
                                                                           (apart from writing)?
123. What is the first book in Alan Collins’ A Promised Land trilogy?

                                                                        143. What is The Hanging Wall, in Sara Douglass’ book?
124. Which Australian author was the sub-librarian of the Melbourne
   Public Library in 1873?
                                                                        144. Termites build mounds, spiders build webs. What do beavers
125. In which country is the city of Samarkand?

                                                                        145. What was Matt Zurbo’s first published novel?
126. Who makes the Bamboo Flute in Garry Disher’s novel?

                                                                        146. What was Henry Handel Richardson’s real name?
127. What Victorian country town is St Helena based on in James
   Aldridge’s The True Story of Lilli Stubeck?
                                                                        147. Why did Robyn Annear call her book Bearbrass?

128. Name a book by Margaret Clarke.
                                                                        148. Who played Nora in the 1982 film of Helen Garner’s Monkey
129. In what country was Adib Khan born?

                                                                        149. Who wrote Wolf on the Fold?
130. What sport does the phrase “fifteen love” come from?

                                                                        150. Which book won the Prize for Young Adult Fiction in the 2003
131. Is Al Capsella a boy or a girl?                                       Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards?

132. A Dangerous Girl by Catherine Bateson is what kind of novel:
   Prose, verse or e-text?
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