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					Stones River Pony Club
Combined Test & Dressage Show MTSU Livestock Indoor Pavilion Murfreesboro, TN November 21-22, 2009 Judge: Lori Hoos Opens October 1, 2009 ends November 11, 2009
Show is organized by Stones River Pony Club; it is open to all participants regardless of Pony Club affiliation.
Note: Opening date is first date entries can be submitted, closing date is when all entries must be postmarked. A ride time schedule will be posted or emailed by November 19, 2009.

Dressage Divisions Saturday November 21, 2009
Dressage Class INTRO A INTRO B Training 1 Training 2 Training 3 Training 4 First Level 1 Walking Horse Dressage Dressage Test 2007 USDF Intro Test A (Walk/Trot) 2007 USDF Intro Test B (Walk/Trot) 2007 USDF Training Level Test 1 2007 USDF Training Level Test 2 2007 USDF Training Level Test 3 2007 USDF Training Level Test 4 2007 USDF First Level Test 1 Test of Choice, must bring test

Combined Test Divisions Sunday November 22, 2009
Division Tadpole Baby Green Beg Novice Novice Training Dressage Test USDF Intro Test B USDF Intro Test B 2006 USEA BN Test B 2006 USEA Novice Test B 2006 USEA Training Test B Stadium Jumping 12” – 18” 18” – 2’ 2’3”- 2’6” 2’6”- 2’11” 2’11”- 3’3”

***New This Year***
Special Musical Freestyle! Perform any movements to music of your choice – may be Pas de Deux and assistance is permitted. This is being added as a “Fun” aspect to our schooling show; all participants will receive a ribbon. Please provide your music if possible with entry.

Entrants for the show will be limited to 60 riders.

Stones River Pony Club
Combined Test and Dressage Show Information November 21-22, 2009 General Information:
• •
Divisions may be combined or split as entries warrant. Dress: Casual; boots, breeches, ASTM approved helmet. Braiding/coats are not required. Medical arm bands required for

all jumping warm ups and phases of competition.
• The same horse may be ridden by more than one competitor provided they do not enter the same division. Dressage tests for CT should be ridden from memory; however a reader is permitted if needed for Tadpole and Baby Green. Rider is responsible for providing the reader. Dressage tests may be read for all tests in Dressage Show. Negative coggins dated within last 12 months required with entry. Coggins must be legible.

• • •

Entry Fees
• Combined Test : $70.00 per division • Dressage Tests: $25.00 • Musical Freestyle: $25.00
SEPARATE MUCK CHECK FOR $30.00 MADE PAYABLE TO SRPC No stalls will be given w/o muck check sent in w/entry. Check will be returned after stalls are inspected by SRPC adult at conclusion of show. Pony Club discount $5.00 per division or class for CURRENT members No refunds after closing date, no exceptions.


• • • • All competition & main warm-up areas are under roof. Concessions on site. All dressage in small arena. Extra Shavings available (one included w/ overnight stall).

Opening Date October 1, 2009

Stones River Pony Club Combined Test and Dressage Show
November 21-22, 2009 MTSU Livestock Center Indoor Arena

Closing Date November 11, 2009

Further information available at Or contact Sharon Rhoades 615-429-7957 Kathy Corley at Send entries to: Sharon Rhoades 4974 Cedar Grove Rd Murfreesboro, TN 37127

Entry Form
Rider Name: ________________________________ Phone _ (____) ___________ Address: ___________________________________________________________ City/State/Zip: ______________________________________________________ Email Address: _______________________________ Rider Age (if junior)


Pony Club Affiliation if applicable _______________________________________ Horse’s name (must match Coggins: mail w/ entry): _________________________ (No Stallions)

Check Combined Test division (s) entered Tadpole □ Baby Green □ BN □ N □ TR □ Check Dressage Class(es) entered Intro A □ Intro B □ Train 1 □ Train 2 □ Train 3 □ Train 4 □ First Level 1 □ Musical Freestyle □ Day Stall Stabling 1st night Stabling 2nd night Trailer in fee per day Pony Club discount $5.00 for CURRENT USPC MEMBERS Total ~ Make checks payable to SRPC

Fee Amount $70.00

Totals $ $

$25.00 each $15.00 $25.00 $15.00 $ 15.00 each -$5.00 each

$ $ $ $ $ $

Stable me next to: _______________________________
SEPARATE MUCK CHECK FOR $30.00 MADE PAYABLE TO SRPC No stalls will be given to participate w/o muck check. Will be returned after stalls are inspected by SRPC adult.
I hereby enter the SRPC CT and Dressage Competition at my own risk and agree to participate under this agreement. It is hereby agreed that the organizing committee, its officials, MTSU Livestock Pavilion and/or its employees , will not be held liable for any loss, accident, injury, illness to horse, rider, owner, attendant, spectator, or any other person , whatsoever. Under Tennessee Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to Tennessee Code Annotated, title 44, chapter 20.

Signature: ___________________________

Date: _______________

(Parent or legal guardian must sign for riders under 18)

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