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					                                                          Medical Abbreviations Glossary

These medical abbreviations are commonly used in hospital, medical, and dental records. There are many others, rarely
used, and some doctors and hospitals create their own. If you cannot locate an abbreviation in this glossary, contact us
for assistance.

A ______________________________                                 alb.            albumin
a               artery, before                                   alc.            alcohol
aa              equal part of each                               alk. phos.      alkaline phosphate
AA              affected area                                    ALL             acute lymphocytic leukemia
AAA             abdominal aortic aneurysm                        ALS             amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
A2              aortic second sound                              ALT             alternating with, alanine aminotransferase
AAL             acute lymphoblastic, leukemia,anterior                           (formerly SGPT)
                axillary line                                    AMA             against medical advice
ab              antibody                                         amb.            ambulating, ambulatory
AB              abortion                                         AMI             acute myocardial infarction
abd             abdomen                                          AML             acute myeloid leukemia
ABG             arterial blood gasses                            amnio           amniocentesis
ABN             abnormal                                         amp.            amputation, ampule
ABP             arterial blood pressure                          ANA             antinuclear antibody
abs             absent                                           anes.           anesthesia
a.c.            before meals (ante sebum)                        ann. fib.       annulus fibrosis
Ac              acute                                            ANS             autonomic nervous system
AC              anterior chamber                                 ant.            anterior
acc             accident                                         ante            before
accom.          accommodation                                    ANUG            acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis
acid phos.      acid phosphate                                   Anxty           anxiety
ACL             anterior cruciate ligament                       A/O             alert and oriented
ACTH            adrenocorticotrophic hormone                     AOB             alcohol on breath
AD              right ear                                        AODM            adult onset diabetes mellitus
add.            abductor or abduction                            AP              ante partum
ADH             antidiruetic hormone                             A&P             auscultation and percussion
ADL             activites of daily living                        A-P             anteroposterior
ad lib          as desired                                       APC             atrial premature contractions
adm.            admission                                        aph             aphasia
AE              above elbow                                      A-P & lat       anteroposterior and lateral
AEA             above elbow amputation                           AP resection    abdominal perineal resection of the rec-
AF              atrial fibrillation, afebrile                                    tum
AFB             acid fast bacilli                                aq.             water
AFO             ankle-foot orthosis                              AR              aortic regurgitation
AFP             alpha fetoprotein                                ARD             acute respiratory distress
A/G             albumin globulin ratio (blood)                   ARDS            adult respiratory distress syndrome
AGA             appropriate gestational age                      ARF             acute respiratory failure, acute rheumatic
AI              aortic insufficiency                                             fever
AIDS            acquired immunodeficiency syndrome               AROM            artificial rupture of membranes
AJ              ankle jerk                                       art             arterial
a.k.            above knee                                       AS              left ear,aortic stenosis
aka             alcoholic ketoacidosis                           ASA             acetylsalicylic acid, aspirin
AKA             above knee amputation                            A.S.A.          American Society of Anesthesiologists

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                                                      Medical Abbreviations Glossary

A.S.A.   1    normal healthy patient                        BiW          twice weekly
A.S.A.   2    patient with mild systemic disease            BJ           biceps reflex
A.S.A.   3    patient with severe systemic disease          bk.          back
A.S.A.   4    patient with incapacitating systemic dis-     BK           below knee
              ease that is constant threat to life          BKA          below knee amputation
ASAP          as soon as possible                           bl cult      blood culture
ASCVD         atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease        bld.         blood
ASD           atrial septal defect                          Bl.T         bleeding time
ASHD          arteriosclerotic heart disease                BM           black male, bone marrow,
at. Flutter   atrial flutter                                             bowel movement
ATN           acute tubular necrosis                        BMR          basal metabolic rate
ATNR          asymmetrical tonic neck reflex                body wt.     body weight
AU            both ears                                     BOMA         otitis media, both ears,
aud.          auditory                                                   acute
Aur. Fib      auricular fibrillation                        BOW          bag of water
A-V           arteriovenous                                 BP           blood pressure
AVF           arteriovenous fistula                         BPD          bronchopulmonary dysplasia
AVR           aortic valve replacement                      BPH          benign prostatic hypertrophy
A&W           alive and well                                BPM          beats per minute
Ax.           axilla, axillary                              Br.          breech presentation
A.Z.          Ascheim-Zondek test                           BR           bedrest, bathroom
                                                            brach.       brachial
B ______________________________                            BrBx.        breast biopsy
B.            bath                                          broncho      bronchoscopy
BA            barium                                        BRP          bathroom privileges
Bab.          Babinski sign                                 BS           blood sugar, bowel sounds
Ba.E          barium enema                                  B.S.         breath sounds
Bas.          basal,basilar                                 BSA          body surface area
baso          basophile                                     BSB          bedside bag
BBB           bundle branch block                           BSC          bedside commode
BBT           basal body temperature                        BSD          bedside drainage
BCA           basal cell atypia                             BSO          bilateral salpingooophorectomy
BCD           basal cell dysplasia                          BST          blood serologic test
BCE           basal cell epithelioma                        BT           bleeding time
BCG           bacillus Calmette-Guerin                      BTL          bilateral tubal ligation
              vaccine (tuberculosis                         BUN          blood urea nitrogen
              vaccine)                                      BW           birth weight
BDC           burn dressing change                          Bx.          biopsy
BE            below elbow, barium enema
BEA           below elbow amputation                        C ______________________________
BFP           biological false positive                     c.           with
Bic.          biceps                                        C            cervical, Caucasian
b.i.d.        twice daily                                   C.           centigrade, Celsius complement
BIH           bilateral inguinal hernia                     CI-XII       1st to 12th cranial nerve
bilat.        Bilateral, bilaterally                        C-1 to C-7   cervical vertebrae
bili          bilirubin                                     Ca           calcium
b.i.n.        twice a night                                 CA           carcinoma, cancer

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                                                     Medical Abbreviations Glossary

CABG        coronary artery bypass graft                    CNS             central nervous system
CAD         coronary artery disease                         cnst.           constipation
CAHD        coronary atherosclerotic heart disease          c/o             complains of, complaints
Cal         calorie, calories                               Co2             carbon dioxide
CAPD        continuous ambulatory                           comb.           combine, combination
            peritoneal dialysis                             comm.           communicable
Caps        capsules                                        comp.           compound, compress
car.        carotid                                         conc.           concentrated
card.       cardiac                                         cons.           consultation
Card Cath   cardiac catheterization                         cont.           contractions, continued
CAT         computerized axial                              COPD            chronic obstructive
            tomography                                                      pulmonary disease
cath        catheterization, catheter                       Cor             heart
CB          Cesarean birth                                  CPAP            continuous positive
CBC         complete blood count                                            airway pressure
CBD         common bile duct                                CPC             clinicopathological conference
CBF         cerebral blood flow                             CPD             cephalo-pelvic disproportion
CBG         capillary blood gas                             CPK             creatinine phosphokinase
CBR         complete bed rest                               CPPB            continuous positive
cc.         cubic centimeter                                                pressure breathing
CC          chief complaint                                 CPR             cardiopulmonary resuscitation
CCU         coronary care unit                              CPT             chest physical therapy
CD          cardiac disease,                                CR              closed reduction
            contagious disease                              cran.           cranial
CEA         carcinoembryonic antigen                        CRD             chronic respiratory disease
Cerv.       cervix, cervical                                creat.          creatinine
CF          cardiac failure, cystic fibrosis                CRF             chronic renal failure
CHD         congenital heart disease, coronary heart        C/S, CS         Cesarean section
            disease                                         C&S             culture and sensitivity
Chem.       chemotherapy                                    CSF             cerebrospinal fluid
CHF         congestive heart failure                        C-spine         cervical spine
CHO         carbohydrate                                    CT              computed axial tomography
Chol        cholesterol                                     C-V             cardiovascular
Chr         chronic                                         CVA             cerebrovascular accident, costovertebral
C.I         color index                                                     angle
CI          cardiac insufficiency, cardiac index            CVL             central venous line
CIS         carcinoma in situ                               CVP             central venous pressure
CK          creatinine kinase                               CVS             cardiovascular system
Cl          chlorine, chloride                              Cx              cervix, culture
Clav.       clavicle                                        CxR             chest x-ray
cldy        cloudy                                          Cysto           cystoscopy
CLL         chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Cl.T        clotting time                                   D ______________________________
cm.         centimeter                                      DAP             distal airway pressure
CML         chronic myeloid leukemia                        db.             decibel
CMV         cytomegalovirus                                 DBE             deep breathing exercise
CN          cranial nerve                                   d/c             discontinue

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                                                   Medical Abbreviations Glossary

DC       discharges, discontinue                      DUB          dysfunctional uterine bleeding
D&C      dilation and curettage                       DUI          driving under influence
DD       discharge diagnosis                          D/W          dextrose in water
D/DW     dextrose, distilled water                    Dx           diagnosis
DDx      differential diagnosis
D&E      dilation and evacuation                      E     ______________________________
decr.    decreased                                    e            without
dehyd.   dehydrated                                   EBL          estimated blood loss
Derm.    Dermatology                                  EBV          Epstein-Barr virus
DES      Diethylstilbestrol                           ECF          extended care facility, extracellular fluid
D5RL     5% dextrose and lactated ringers             ECG          electrocardiogram
D5W      5% dextrose and sterile water                ECHO         enterocytopathogenic human orphan virus
DI       diabetes insipidus, diagnostic imaging       E.coli       Escherichia coli
DIAG.    diagnosis                                    ECS          endocervical scrape
diam.    diameter                                     ECT          electroconvulsive
DIC      disseminated intravascular coagulation,      ED           emergency department
         disseminated coagulopathy                    EDC          estimated date of confinement
diff.    differential                                 EDOD         estimated date of delivery
dil.     dilute                                       EEG          electroencephalogram
dim.     diminished                                   EENT         eyes, ears, nose, throat
DIP      distal interphalangeal (joint)               EEX          electrodiagnosis
dis.     disease                                      EGA          estimated gestational age
disch.   discharge                                    EGD          esophago- gastroduodenoscopy
disp.    disposition                                  EKG          electrocardiogram
dist.    distilled, distal                            elev.        elevated
DIU      death in utero                               ELF          elective low forceps
div.     divorced                                     EmBx         endometrial biopsy
DJD      degenerative joint disease                   EMG          electromyogram
DKA      diabetic ketoacidosis                        EMS          endometrial scrape, emergency medical
DLE      disseminated lupus erythematosis                          service
D/L DI   decilter                                     En.          enema
DM       diabetes mellitus, diastolic murmur          ENT          ears, nose, throat
DNA      deoxyribonucleic acid                        Eoc.         eosinophiles
DNKA     did not keep appointment                     EOM          extraocular movement
DOA      dead on arrival                              Epis.        episiotomy
DOB      date of birth                                Epis.LML     left mediolateral episiotomy
DOE      dyspnea on exertion                          Epis. Med.   medial episiotomy
Dors     dorsal                                       Epis. RML    right mediolateral episiotomy
D.P.     dorsal pedia                                 ERCP         endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancre-
DPT      diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus vaccine                    atography
DR       delivery room                                ESR          erythrocyte sedimentation rate
D&R      dilation and radium implant                  EST          electroshock therapy
drsg.    dressing                                     ETIOL.       etiology
D/S      discharge summary                            ETOH         ethanol
DTR      deep tendon reflexes                         EUA          examine under anesthesia
DT’s     delirium tremens                             EVAL         evaluation
DU       duodenal ulcer                               ex.          exercise, example

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                                                      Medical Abbreviations Glossary

expir          expiration, expiratory                       FW              fetal weight
Exp. Lap       exploratory laparotomy                       Fx              fracture
ext.           extremities, external
ext. gen.      external genitalia                           G ______________________________
                                                            G               gravida
F    ______________________________                         G.A.            general anesthesia
F              finger, female, Fahrenheit                   GB              gallbladder
FA             fluorescent antibody                         GBS             gallbladder series
F.A.           first aid                                    G.C.            gonococcus
F.B.           foreign body                                 GCS             Glasgow Coma Scale
FBS            fasting blood sugar                          GE              Gastroenterology
FD             fully dilated                                G/E             gastroenteritis
FDA            Food and Drug Administration                 gen, genl.      general
FDP            flexor digitorum profundus                   gest.           gestation
Fe def.        iron deficiency                              GFR             glomerulo filtration rate
FEF            forced expiratory flow                       G.H.            growth hormone
FEKG           fetal electrocardiogram                      G.I.            gastrointestinal
fem.           femoral                                      gluc            glucose
fem. pop.      femoral popliteal                            gm              gram
fet.           fetal                                        Gm+             gram positive
FEV            forced expiratory volume                     Gm-             gram negative
f.f.           force fluid                                  gm.%            grams per 100 c.c.
FFP            fresh frozen plasma                          GMA             grand mal attack
fh             fundal height                                GNC             general nursing care
FH             family history, fetal heart                  GP              General Practitioner, general paralysis
FHR            fetal heart rate                             gr.             grain, grains (dosage)
FHR-UC         fetal heart rate- uterine contraction        Grav.           pregnancy
FHT            fetal heart tones                            gt.             drop
FiO2           faction of inspired oxygen concentration          gait training
fl.            fluids                                       gtts.           drops
flac.          flaccid                                      GSW             gunshot wound
flex.          flexor, flexion                              GTT             glucose tolerance test
fl. oz.        fluid ounce                                  GU              genitourinary
FM             finger movement                              G/W             glucose and water
FPAL           full term premature abortion living          GYN             Gynecology
fract.         fractional
FRC            functional residual capacity                 H ______________________________
FS             finger stick                                 h               hour
FSH            follicle stimulating hormone                 H               hydrogen history, hour, hypodermic
FT             full term                                    H/A             headache
FTD            failure to descend                           HAF             hyperalimentation fluid
FTND           full term normal delivery                    HASCVD          hypertensive arteriosclerotic cardiovascu-
FTT            failure to thrive                                            lar disease
FUB            functional uterine bleeding                  Hb., Hgb        hemoglobin
F/U,F-U,F.U.   follow-up                                    HB              heart block
FUO            fever of unknown origin                      HBP             high blood pressure
FVC            forced vital capacity                        HC              head circumference

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                                                   Medical Abbreviations Glossary

H&C          hot and cold                               Hyperal.     hyperalimenation
HCG          human chorionic gonadotropin               Hz           hertz (cycles/second)
HCO3         bicarbonate
Hct.         hematocrit                                 I ________________________________
HCVD         hypertensive cardiovascular disease        I            radioactive iodine
h.d.         at bedtime                                 IA           intra-arterially
Hd           head, Hodgkin’s disease                    IABP         intra-aortic balloon pump
HDl          high density lipids                        i.c.         intracutaneous(ly)
HEENT        head, eyes, ears, nose, throat             ICCU         intensive coronary care unit
hern.        hernia                                     ICF          intracellular fluid
Hem          Hematology                                 ICS          intercostal space
Hem Pro      hematology profile                         ICT          insulin coma therapy
Hep. Lock    Heparin lock                               ICU          intensive care unit
HGO          hepatic glucose output                     i.d.         during the day
HH           hard of hearing                            ID           intradermal, identification,
HIDA(scan)   hepatobiliary scan                                      Infectious Disease
HIE          hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy            I&D          incision and drainage
hist.        history, histology                         IDDM         insulin dependent diabetes
HIV          human immunodificiency virus                            mellitus
HKAFO        hip knee ankle foot orthosis               I/E          inspiratory, expiratory
HLA          human leukocyte group A,                   Ig           immunoglobulin
             histocompatibility leukocyte               IGA          immunoglobulin A
             focus                                      IGE          immunoglobulin E
HM           hand movement                              IGG          immunoglobulin gamma
HMD          hyaline membrane disease                                G(Globulin)
HMG          human menopausal                           IGM          immunoglobulin M
             gonadotropin                               IH           infectious hepatitis
HNP          herniated nucleus                          IHD          ischemic heart disease
             pulposus                                   IM           intramuscular,
h/o          history of                                              intramedullary
H.O.         house officer                              IMCU         intermediate medical care
HOB          head of bed                                             unit
horiz.       horizontal                                 imp.         impression
H&P          history and physical                       IMP          inpatient multidimensional
hpf          high power field                                        psych scale
HPI          history of present illness                 IMV          intermittent mandatory
HPL          human placental lactogen                                ventilation
HR           heart rate                                 In.          inches
H.R.S.T.     heat, reddening, swelling,                 Inc. AB      incomplete abortion
             tenderness                                 incr.        increased (ing)
HS           bedtime                                    Inev. AB     inevitable abortion
HSG          hysterosalpingography                      inf          infusion, inferior
H2O          water                                      inj          injured, injection
H2O2         hydrogen peroxide                          INR          coagulant response time
Ht           height, heart                              inspir       inspiration, inspiratory
HVD          hypertensive vascular disease              int.         internal
Hx           history                                    INTHC        intrathecally

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                                                    Medical Abbreviations Glossary

IO         inferior oblique                                KUB             kidney, ureter, bladder
I&O        intake and output                                               (x-rays)
IOP        intraocular pressure                            KVO             keep vein open
IP         intraperitoneal
IPJ        interphalangeal joint                           L      ______________________________
IPPB       intermittent positive                           L               left, liver, liter, lower, light, lumbar
           pressure breathing                              L2,L3           second, third lumbar vertebrae
IQ         intelligence quota                              LA              left antrum
IRDS       idiopathic respiratory                          lab.            laboratory
           distress syndrome                               lac.            laceration
irreg.     Irregular                                       lacr.           lacrimal
IS         intercostal space                               lact.           lactic
IST        insulin shock therapy                           LAD             left anterior descending coronary artery
ITP        idiopathic thrombocytopenic                     L&D             labor and delivery
           purpura                                         LAE             left atrial enlargement
I,U., IU   International Unit                              lam.            laminectomy
IUC        intrauterine catheter                           lap.            laparotomy
IUCP       intrauterine contraceptive                      lat.            lateral
           device                                          LAVH            laparoscopic assisted vaginal
IUD        intrauterine device                                             hysterectomy
IUFD       intrauterine fetal death                        lax             laxative
IUGR       intrauterine growth retardation                 lb.             pound
IUP        intrauterine pregnancy                          LB              large bowel
IUTP       intrauterine term pregnancy                     LBBB            left bundle branch block
IV         intravenous(ly)                                 LBP             lower back pain
IVC        inferior vena cava,                             LBW             low birth weight
           intravenous cholangiogram                       LCA             left coronary artery
IVD        intervertebral disc                             L.D.            lethal dose
IVP        intravenous pyelogram                           LDH             lactic dehydrogenase
IVPB       intravenous piggy back                          LDL             low density lipids
IVU        intravenous urogram                             LE              lupus erythematosus
                                                           L.E.            lower extremities
J ________________________________                         leuc.           leukocytes
J          joint                                           LF              low forceps, low flap
J-P        Jackson Pratt drain                             LFA             left frontoanterior
JRA        juvenile rheumatoid arthritis                   LFD             low forceps delivery
jt.        joint                                           LFP             left frontoposterior
JVP        jugular venous pulse                            LFT             left frontotransverse, liver function test
                                                           lg              large, leg
K ______________________________                           LGA             large for gestational age
K          potassium, kidney                               LGV             lymphogranuloma
KC1        potassium chloride                                              venereum
Kcal.      Kilocalorie, calorie                            LH              luteinizing hormone
Kg., kg.   kilogram                                        LHT             left hypertrophia
KJ, K-J    knee jerk                                       LICS            left intercostal space
KK         knee kick                                       lig.            ligament
17 KS      17 keto steroids                                LIH             left inguinal hernia

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                                                 Medical Abbreviations Glossary

liq.     liquid                                        LVH        left ventricular hypertrophy
LKS      liver, kidneys, spleen                        L&W        living and well
LL       lower lid                                     LWCT       Lee-White Clotting Time,
LLE      left lower extremity                                     coagulation time
LLG      left lateral gaze                             Lymphs     lymphocytes
LLL      left lower lobe                               lytes      electrolytes
LLQ      left lower quadrant
LMA      left mentoanterior                            M ______________________________
LMD      family doctor                                 m.         minim
l/min    liter per minute                              m,M        married, male, mother murmur, meter,
LML      left mediolateral                                        mass, molar
LMP      left mentoposterior, last menstrual period    MA         mental age
LMT      left mentotransverse                          macro.     macrocytic, macroscopic
L.N.     lymph node                                    MAP        mean arterial pressure
LNMP     last normal menstrual period                  max.       maximum, maxillary
LOA      left occiput anterior                         MBC        maximum breathing
L.O.C.   loss of consciousness,                                   capacity
         level of consciousness,                       mcg.       microgram
         laxative of choice                            MCH        mean corpuscular
LOM      left otitis media                                        hemoglobin
LOP      left occipital posterior                      MCHC       mean corpuscular
LOS      length of stay                                           hemoglobin concentration
LOT      left occiput anterior                         MCL        midclavicular line
LP       lumbar puncture, light perception             MCP        metacarpophalangeal joint
lpf      low power field                               MCV        mean corpuscular volume
LPN      licensed practical nurse                      MD         muscular dystrophy
LR       labor room, lateral rectus,                   MDI        metered dose inhaler
         light reflex                                  Mdnt.      midnight
LRQ      lower right quadrant                          ME         middle ear, medical examiner
Ls.      loose                                         MEC        medical emergency clinic
L.S.     lumbosacral                                   Med.       medicine
LSA      lateral sacrum anterior                       MEq./L     milliequivalents per liter
LSB      left sternal border                           Mets.      metastasis
LSCS     lower segment Cesarean                        mg.        milligram
         section                                       Mg.        magnesium
LSK      liver, spleen, kidneys                        MG         myasthenia gravis
LSO      left salpingo-oophorectomy                    mg/dl      milligrams per deciliter
LSP      left sacrum posterior                         mg.%       milligrams per 100 cc
LST      left sacrum transverse                        m.g.r.     murmurs, gallops, or rubs
Lt.      left, light                                   MH         marital history
LTCS     low transverse Cesarean section               Ml         myocardial infarction, mitral insufficiency
LUE      left upper extremity                          micro      microcytic, microscopic
LUL      left upper lobe                               MICU       medical intensive care unit
LUQ      left upper quadrant                           min        minute
LV       left ventricle                                Mitr.I     mitral insufficiency
LVEDP    left ventricular end diastolic pressure       ml.        milliliter
LVF      left ventricular failure                      MLF        medial longitudinal fasciculus

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                                                    Medical Abbreviations Glossary

mm      millimeter                                      NG               nasogastric tube
mm.     muscles                                         NI               no insurance
MM      mucous membrane                                 NIC              neonatal intensive care
MMPI    Minnesota Multiphasic Personality               NICU             neonatal intensive care unit
        Inventory                                       NIDDM            noninsulin dependent diabetes mellitus
Mn.     manganese, midnight                             NKA              no known allergies
mod     moderate                                        NM               neuromuscular
MOM     milk of magnesia                                NMR              nuclear magnetic resonance
mono.   monocyte                                        noct.            nocturnal
MP      metacarpophalangea, metacarpopha-               NOS              not otherwise specified
        langeal                                         NP               neuropsychiatric
MPA     malpractice attorney                            N.P.             Neuropsychiatry
MR      medial rectus, mental                           NPH              NPH insulin (Neutral Protamine Zinc)
        retardation, mitral regurgitation               NPN              nonprotein nitrogen
MRI     magnetic resonance imaging                      NPO              nothing by mouth
MRM     modified radical                                Ns.              nerves
        mastectomy                                      N.S.             nervous system
ms      mitral stenosis                                 NSA              no significant abnormality
Ms      murmurs                                         NSAID            nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory drug
MS      mitral stenosis, multiple sclerosis, mor-       NSD              normal spontaneous delivery
        phine sulfate                                   NSR              normal sinus rhythm
MSL     midsternal line                                 NST              non-stress test
mss     massage                                         N&V              nausea and vomiting
MT      metacarpophalangeal (joint)                     NS               Neurosurgery
M.T.    muscles and tendons                             NSVD             normal spontaneous vaginal delivery
MVA     motor vehicle accident                          NTG              nitroglycerine
MVP     mitral valve prolapse                           NTP              normal temperature and pressure
MVR     mitral valve replacement                        nullip           never gave birth
MW      maximum voluntary ventilation                   NVD              nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
                                                        N&W              normal and well
N ______________________________                        NWB              non-weight bearing
n.      nerve                                           NYD              not yet diagnosed
N2      nitrogen
N2O     nitrous oxide (anesthetic)                      O ______________________________
Na      sodium                                          o                none, without
NaCl    sodium chloride                                 O                oral
NAD     no apparent distress                            O2               oxygen
nb      note well                                       O2 cap.          oxygen capacity
NB      newborn                                         O2 sat.          oxygen saturation
NBM     nothing by mouth                                OA               osteoarthritis
NBS     normal bowel sounds, normal breath              OB, OBG          Obstetrics
        sounds                                          OB/GYN           Obstetrics and Gynecology
NED     no evidence of disease                          Obs              observation
neg.    negative                                        OBS              organic brain syndrome
NER     no evidence of recurrence                       OCC.             occipital, occasional
NERD    no evidence of recurrent disease                OD               right eye
Neur.   Neurology                                       O/E              on examination

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                                                    Medical Abbreviations Glossary

OH        occupational history                             PBI               protein bound iodine
17 OH     17 hydroxy steroid                               p/c., p.c.        after meals
OHD       organic heart disease                            PCL               posterior cruciate ligament
oint.     ointment                                         PCO2              carbon dioxide concentration
O.M.      otitis media                                     PCV               packed cell volume (of blood)
OMS       organic mental syndrome                          PD                pupillary distance, peritoneal dialysis
OOB       out of bed                                       PDA               patent ductus arteriosus
Op.       operation                                        pdr.              powder
OPC       outpatient clinic                                PDR               Physician’s Desk Reference
OPD       outpatient department                            PDN               private duty nurse
Ophth.    Ophthalmology                                    PE                physical examination, pulmonary
OR        operating room, open reduction                                     embolism
OR-IF     open reduction with internal fixation            Ped.              Pediatrics
ORT       operating room technician                        PEEP              positive end expiratory pressure
Ortho.    Orthopaedic Surgery                              PEG               pneumoencephalogram
os        opening, mouth, bone                             PEN               Penicillin
OS        left eye                                         PERRLA            pupils equal, round, reactive to light and
ot.       ear                                                                accommodation (normal)
Oto       Otolaryngology                                   PET               positron emission tomography
OTC       over-the-counter (pharmaceuticals)               PF                push fluids
O.T.      occupational therapy, old tuberculin             PFC               persistent fetal circulation
OU        both eyes                                        PFT               pulmonary function test
OV        office visit                                     pH                hydrogen ion concentration
oz.       ounce                                            PH                past history
                                                           pharm             pharmacy
P ______________________________                           PHYS.             physical, physiology
P         after, phosphorus pulse                          PI                present illness, pulmonary insufficiency
P2        pulmonic second heart sound                      PICA              posterior inferior coronary artery
PA        physician’s assistant                            PICU              pulmonary intensive care unit
P-A       posteroanterior                                  PID               pelvic inflammatory disease
p&a       percussion and auscultation                      PIP               proximal interphalangeal
PAC       premature atrial, auricular contraction          Pit.              Pitocin
PaCO2     arterial carbon dioxide tension pressure         PKU               phenylkentonuria
PACU      post anesthesia care unit                        Plac.             placenta
PAF       paroxysmal atrial fibrillation                   plts.             platelets
palp.     palpate, palpated, palpable                      PM                petit mal
PaO2      alveolar oxygen pressure                         P.M.              afternoon, post-mortem
Pap       Papanicolaou test (pap smear)                    PMH               past medical history
Para      prior births, paraplegic                         PMN               polymorphonuclear (leukocytes)
PARU      post anesthesia recovery unit                    PM&R              Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
PAS       pulmonary artery systolic pressure               PN                poorly nourished, practical nurse
PAT       pregnancy at term, paroxysm atrial tachy-        P&N               Psychiatry and Neurology
          cardia                                           PNC               prenatal clinic, premature nodal contrac-
Path.     Pathology                                                          tion
PA view   posterioranterior view on x-ray                  PND               paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea, post nasal
Pb        lead                                                               drip
PB        peripheral blood                                 pneu.             pneumo, pneumonia

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                                                             Medical Abbreviations Glossary

PNI             peripheral nerve injury                             PT               physical therapy
PNX             pneumothorax                                        P.T.             physical therapy, posterior tibial artery
p.o.            by mouth                                                             pulse
PO2             oxygen pressure (or tension)                        PTA              prior to admission, percutaneous translu-
POC             product of conception                                                minal angioplasty
p.o.d.          postoperative day                                   PTB              patellar tendon bearing
polys           polymorphonuclear                                   PTCA             percutaneous transvenous coronary
                leukocytes                                                           angioplasty (balloon angioplasty)
POMR            problem oriented medical record                     PU               pregnancy urine
poplit.         popliteal                                           PUD              peptic ulcer disease
pos.            positive                                            PUPPP            pruritic urticarial papules & plaques of
post.           posterior                                                            pregnancy
POSTOP.         postoperative                                       PV               plasma volume, peripheral vascular
pot. or potass. potassium                                           PVC              premature ventricular
pp              post partum, post prandial                                           contraction
PPBS            post prandial blood sugar                           PVD              peripheral vascular disease
PPD             purified protein derivative                         PVR              pulmonary vascular resistance
PPF             protein plasma fractional                           PVT              previous trouble
PPH             post partum hemorrhage                              PWB%             partial weight bearing with
ppm             parts per million                                                    percent
PPPG            post prandial plasma glucose                        Px, PX           physical examination
p.r.            per rectum
PR              Proctology                                          Q ______________________________
PRBC            packed red blood cells                              q                every
PRE             progressive resistive exercise                      q.d.             every day
prem            premature                                           q.h.             every hour
pre-op          preoperative                                        q2H              every two hours
prep.           prepare for                                         q4H              every four hours
primip.         first pregnancy                                     q.i.d.           four times a day
p.r.m.          according to circumstances                          q.i.w.           four times a week
p.r.n., PRN     as often as necessary                               q.l.             as much as desired
prod.           productive                                          qn, q.n.         every night
Prog.           prognosis                                           q.n.s., QNS      quantity not sufficient
PROM            passive range of motion, premature rup-             q.o.d.           every other day
                ture of membranes                                   q.o.n.           every other night
pron.           pronator, pronation                                 q.p.             as much as you please
pros.           prostate, prostatic                                 q.q., Q.Q.       each, every
prosth.         prosthesis                                          q.q.h.           every four hours
prot.           protein, Protestant                                 q.s.             quantity, sufficient
pro.time        prothrombin time                                    qt.              quart
PS              pulmonary stenosis, psychotic, Plastic              qts.             drops
                Surgery                                             quad.            quadriplegic
PSH             past surgical history                               quant.           quantitative or quantity
psi             pounds per square inch                              q.v.             as much as you wish
PSMA            progressive spinal muscular atrophy                 q.w.             every week
Psych.          Psychiatry
pt., Pt.        patient

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                                                   Medical Abbreviations Glossary

R ______________________________                          ROA              right occipital anterior
r., R      right, rectal, roentgen, x-ray                 ROM              range of motion, rupture of membranes,
R.         rub, rectal temperature                                         right otitis media
Ra         radium                                         ROP              right occipital posterior
RA         rheumatoid arthritis, right atrium             ROS              review of systems
rad.       radial                                         ROT              right occipital transverse
RAI        radioactive iodine                             RP               retrograde pyelogram
r.a.m.     rapid alternating movements                    RQ               respiratory quotient
R.A.S.     right arm sitting                              RR               recovery room
RAtx       radiation therapy                              RRE, RR&E        round, regular, and equal
RBBB       right bundle branch block                      RSO              right salpingo-oophorectomy
rbc/RBC    red blood cell, red blood count                RSA              right sacrum anterior
RCA        right coronary artery                          RSD              reflex sympathetic
RCS        reticulum cell sarcoma                                          dystrophy
RCU        respiratory care unit                          RSP              right sacrum posterior
RD         respiratory distress, reaction to degenera-    RSR              regular sinus rhythm
           tion                                           RST              right sacrum transverse
RDS        respiratory distress syndrome                  Rt.              right
RE         reconditioning exercise                        RT               radiation therapy, respiratory therapy
rect.      rectum, rectal (ly), rectus muscle             RTC              return to clinic
reg.       regular                                        RUC              regular uterine contraction
rehab.     rehabilitation                                 RUE              right upper extremity
resp.      respiratory, respirations                      RUL              right upper lobe
RF         rheumatic fever                                RUQ              right upper quadrant
RFA        right frontoanterior                           RV               residual volume
RFP        right frontoposterior                          RVH              right ventricular hypertrophy
RFT        right frontotransverse                         Rx               therapy, prescription
Rh, Rh.    rhesus blood factor
RH         right hyperphoria                              S     ______________________________
RHD        rheumatic heart disease                        s                without
RHF        right heart failure                            S                sensation, sensitive, serum
RHT        right hypertrophia                             Sa.              Saline
RIH        right inguinal hernia                          S&A              sugar and acetone
RLA        Rancho Los Amigo Scale                         SAH              systemic arterial hypertension
R to L&A   react to light and accommodation               SaO2             arterial oxygen saturation
RLE        right lower extremity                          SB               stillborn
RLF        retrolental fibroplasia                        SBE              subacute bacterial endocarditis
RLL        right lower lobe                               SBFT             small bowel follow through (x-ray)
RLQ        right lower quadrant                           SBO              small bowel obstruction
RMA        right mentoanterior                            s.c.             subcutaneous(ly)
RML        right mediolateral,                            SC               sickle cell
           right middle lobe                              SCC              sickle cell crisis
RMP        right mentoposterior                           SCD              sudden cardiac death
RMSF       Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever                   schiz            schizophrenia
RMT        right mentotransverse                          SCU              special care unit
RNA        ribonucleic acid                               sec              second
RO, R/O    rule out                                       sed. rate        erythrocyte sedimentation rate

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                                                         Medical Abbreviations Glossary

sem. ves        seminal vesicles                                stat.,STAT       immediately
Sens.           sensory, sensation                              STD              sexually transmitted disease
sep.            separated                                       stom, st.        stomach
Sept. AB        septic abortion                                 strep.           streptococcus
Serol.          serology, serological test                      S.T.S.           serological test for syphilis
SGA             small for gestational age                       subcut.          subcutaneous           without correction (without glasses)            subling.         sublingual
SGOT,SGO-T      serum glutamic oxalacetic transaminase          sulf.            sulfate
SH              social history, serum hepatitis                 sup.             superior
SI              sacroiliac joint, stroke index                  supin.           supination
sib.            sibling                                         supp             suppository
SICU            surgical intensive care unit                    surg.            surgery, surgical
SIDS            sudden infant death syndrome                    SVC              superior vena cava
skel.           skeletal                                        SVD              spontaneous vaginaldelivery
Sl.             slightly                                        SVR              systemic vascular resistance
SL              under the tongue                                SVT              supra ventricular tachycardia
SLE             systemic lupus erythematosus                    SWD              short wave diathermy
SLR             straight leg raising                            Sx               symptoms
sm              small                                           sys.             system
SMA-14          routine admission chemistry                     syst.            systolic
SNS             sympathetic nervous system
SO              superior oblique                                T ______________________________
SO4             sulfate                                         T3               triodothyronine
S.O.A.P.        subjective, objective assessment plan           T4               total serum thyroxine
SOB             shortness of breath                             TA               tendon Achilles
sod.            sodium                                          T&A              tonsils and adenoids, tonsillectomy and
Sol.            solution                                                         adenoidectomy
sono.           sonogram                                        T&C              type and crossmatch
S.O.S.          repeat once if urgent                           tab.             tablet
sp.             spine, spinal                                   TAB              therapeutic abortion
S/P             status post (previous condition)                TAH              total abdominal hysterectomy          spinal cord                                     T.A.T.           tetanus antitoxin
spec.           specimen                                        TB               tuberculosis
sp.fl.          spinal fluid                                    TBI              total body irradiation
spg.            sponge                                          TBLC             term birth living child           specific gravity                                tbsp.            tablespoon
sp&H            speech and hearing                              TCDB             turn, cough, deep breathe
spin.           spine, spinal                                   TEE              transesophageal echocardiography
spont.          spontaneous                                     temp             temperature
SR              system review, superior rectus muscle,          TENS             transient electric nerve stimulation
                sedimentation rate, stimulus response           TESD             total end systolic diameter
SROM            spontaneous rupture of membranes                T.F.             tuning fork
SS              social service                                  T of F           tetralogy of Fallot
SSE             soap suds enema                                 TGA              transposition great vessels
st              stage (of disease)                              THERAP.          therapy,therapeutic
st.             stomach                                         thor.            thorax, thoracic
Staph, Staph.   staphylococcus                                  THR              total hip replacement

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                                                        Medical Abbreviations Glossary

TI              tricuspid insufficiency                       U/A             urinalysis
TIA             transient ischemic shock, transient           UC              uterine contractions
                ischemic attack                               UCD             usual childhood diseases
t.i.d.          three times a day                             UCG             urinary chorionic gonadotropin
TIP             terminal interphalangeal (joint)              UCHD            usual childhood diseases
TIUP            term intrauterine pregnancy                   UG              upward gaze
t.i.w.          three times per week                          UGI             upper gastrointestinal series (x-rays),
TJ              triceps reflex                                                upper gastrointestinal tract
TKR             total knee replacement                        UL              upper lid
TLC             tender loving care, total lung capacity       uln             ulnar
T.M.            tympanum membrani (ear drum)                  ULQ             upper left quadrant
TMJ             temporomandibular joint                       ung.            ointment
TNI             total nodal irradiation                       unilat.         unilateral
TNM             tumor, nodes, and metastases                  u/o             under observation for, urine output
TO              telephone order                               Ur.             urine
TOA             tubo-ovarian abscess                          URD             upper respiratory disease
to AA           to affected areas                             URI             upper respiratory infection
T, OD           tension, right eye                            Urol.           Urology
TORCH (titer)   toxoplamosis others (hepatitis, beta strep,   URQ             upper right quadrant
                flu, mumps, etc.) rubella, cytomegalovirus    u/s, US         ultrasound
                (CMV), herpes virus II                        USI             urinary stress incontinence
TP              term pregnancy                                USN             ultrasonic nebulizer
TPA             thrombo proteolytic activity                  USP.            United States Pharmacy
TPN             total parenteral nutrition                    USPHA           United States Public Health
TPR             temperature, pulse, respiration                               Administration
tr              trace                                         ut.             uterus, uterine
trach           tracheostomy                                  UTI             urinary tract infection
TS              tricuspid stenosis                            UVL             ultraviolet light
TSH             thyroid stimulating hormone
tsp.            teaspoon                                      V ______________________________
TSS             toxic shock syndrome                          V               vein
T,T.            temperature, thoracic                         VA              visual acuity
TTI             total thromboplastin index                    vag             vagina, vaginal
TTP             thrombotic thrombocytopenia purpura           VC, (vit.cap)   vital capacity
T-Tube          cholangiogram                                 VCS             vasoconstrictor substance
TUR             transurethral resection                       VCU             voiding cystourethrogram
TURB            transurethral resection of the bladder        Vd              void
TURP            transurethral resection of the prostate       VD              venereal disease
TV              tidal volume                                  VDRL            blood test for syphilis
TVH             total vaginal hysterectomy                    vent.           ventilator
TVR             tricuspid valve replacement                   vert.           vertical
Tx              treatment, traction                           VF              visual fields, ventricular fibrillation
                                                              VG              vein graft
                                                              VHD             valvular heart disease
                                                              VI              volume index
U ______________________________                              V.I.            vaginal irrigation
U.              unit                                          Via             by way of

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                                                        Medical Abbreviations Glossary

VIPS          voluntary interruption of pregnancy and        Y ______________________________
              sterilization service                          y.o.        years old
vit.          vitamin                                        yrs.        years
VLDL          very low density lipoproteins
VM            vestibular membrane
VN            visiting nurse
VO            verbal order
VOD           vision right eye
vol           volume
VOS           vision left eye
VP            venous pressure
VPC           ventricular premature contraction
VS, V.S.      vital signs
VSA           vital signs absent
VSD           ventricular septal defect
VSS           vital signs stable
VT, V Tach    ventricular tachycardia
V&T           volume and tension (pulse)
VTX           vertex
Vx.           vertex presentation

W ______________________________
W             widowed, white
W/A           while awake
Wass.         Wasserman
WB            whole blood
wbc, WBC      white blood cells, white blood count
W/C,   wheelchair
WBT           weight bearing to tolerance
WDWN          well developed, well nourished
WE            wide excision
WF            white female
wk            week
WM            white male
w/n           within
WN            well nourished
WNL           within normal limits
WP            whirlpool
wt.           weight
w/u           workup

X ______________________________
x             times
X             exophoria distance
XT            exotrophia distance

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