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APEC - TPT-WG32 - Motorcycle safety project


									Project: Compendium of Best Practices on Motorcycle and Scooter Safety
Speaker: Joe Motha Economy: Australia

Origin of project
• Project responds to 2007 directive relating to road safety from APEC Transportation Ministers (JMS at TMM5 in Adelaide). • Ministers required continuing efforts to improve road safety, including developing strategies to reduce risks to vulnerable road users. • Project proposal was approved at TPT WG-31 in Peru.

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Tender process
• Project RFP advertised on APEC website. Tenders closed on 22 May 2009. • Tenders evaluated by Australia, New Zealand, Philippines and Thailand. • Successful tenderer was Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q).
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Project details
• Total price of US$99,680.57 • Global Road Safety Partnership contributing US$25,766.11; APEC funding balance. • Project duration approximately 12 months. • Expected commencement in August 2009. • Project is in two stages. • A third stage is envisaged but funding for this stage has not been secured.

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Project stage 1
• Stage 1: Survey of motorcycle and scooter safety issues in APEC economies and barriers to addressing these issues.

• Prepare and issue questionnaire to all economies (government and non-government stakeholders). • Includes gender-disaggregated data and analysis.

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Project stage 1
• Preparation of stage 1 report, drawing out main themes and issues. • To whom should questionnaire be sent? • Please facilitate timely responses using your networks. • Success of project depends on data and information to be collected.

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Project stage 2
• Stage 1 report will provide guidance in developing stage 2 compendium. • Measures relevant to circumstances and needs of APEC economies. • Evidence-based measures, references, examples, photos, diagrams, case studies as far as possible. • Literature review, selecting safety measures for inclusion; indexing and cross-referencing. • Case studies useful - you can help identify these.
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Possible stage 3
• We anticipate that stage 3 will be a workshop to present the results of the project (preceding a TPT WG meeting or in conjunction with other event).

• Only stages 1 and 2 are currently funded; funding for stage 3 will have to be sought from interested parties later.

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Consultation process
• Questionnaire will be sent to all economies. • Project outputs will be provided to all economies for information and comments. • Please provide responses by stipulated dates to help maintain the project timeline.

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How can you help?
• Provide names of organisations/individuals to whom the questionnaire can be sent. • Send your own response to the questionnaire by the stipulated date. • Provide comments/feedback on the outputs sent to you by the stipulated dates. • Encourage other individuals/organisations to participate by sending their responses.

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