IPSWICH CHILDREN’S BOOK GROUP


Those present:         Pauline, Sarah, Shirley, Silke, Vanessa, Wendy, Sally, Chloe

1      Apologies
-      Ann and Jayne

2      Minutes of Last Meeting
-      Agreed

3      Chairman’s Report
-      Now received a total of 20 cards and 2 letters from the Book Drop, Pauline has updated the
       Evening Star, ? Jayne had an update slot with BBC Radio Suffolk
-      Pauline will be having a Body Shop party on 20 October in aid of cancer charities

4      Secretary’s Report
-      Newsletters from the usual suspects – ICVS, Bookaid International and SAVO (who’ve
       finally realised we don’t want to be a member!)
-      IAA AGM will be held on 20 October – Sarah to send our apologies
-      Sarah reported back on the Gemini Ghost Tour and after everyone had had their say(!) it was
       agreed she would go back to Gemini to see if they could do a slightly shorter tour for
       younger children
-      Jayne Gould to be our contact for Ip-Art 2006 and Sarah to e-mail Sara            Newman
       our wish list of authors we'd like to be invited to the literary weekend   which runs from
       30 June to 2 July sponsored by Pretty's

5      Treasurer’s Report
-      £1446.64 at the bank, £12.10 in cash
-      Still have to pay for the books sold at Jonathan Stroud event but we made £43.25 on book
       sales at the Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell event and approximately £20 at the Jonathan
       Stroud event

6      Membership Secretary’s Report
-      57 members
-      Lots of packs sent out but not many have been returned

7      Children’s Book Award
-      Struggling for books in the middle age range – Vanessa to have up to £100 to purchase
       additional copies
-      Hay Festival – CBA ceremony on 27/5/06 – 1 adult to take 4 children with an overnight stay
       (possibly camping) – may have to be a member plus their own children

8      Website Update
-      Ongoing

9      Past Events
-      All past events have gone well (Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell on 13 Sept and Jonathan
       Stroud on 6 October)

10     Future Events
-    Justin Somper (author of Vampirates) on 19 October at Broke Hall Primary School – to be
     covered by Jayne and Shirley
-    Ghost Tour in November – see Secretary’s Report above – Sarah to progress

-    Christmas Event – Sarah to phone Cineworld and check times of Chronicles of Narnia on
     Monday 12 December to be followed by a meal at the Chinese restaurant that Wendy and
     Sarah went to after Pilates!

11   2006 Events
-    Vicky James has received a response direct from Gwyneth Rees and Sarah has had contact
     with her publisher’s PR office so its looking good for an event early next year. Event to
     hopefully take place at St Joseph’s and Vicky to project manage
-    Decided to turn down offer of sharing Julia Jarman with Clifford Road Primary on 29
     November – Sarah to let Helen Saunders know

12   Any Other Business
-    Maureen Anderson sent a thank you card for the flowers sent by the committee
-    Ipswich Institute have offered us use of their premises for events – Silke to organise a tour
     for us and see if we can hold the next committee meeting there
-    Sally gave us details of the 6 reading conferences taking place across Suffolk early next year.
     They will run from 1.30pm to 6.30pm in various locations, will be attended by English Co-
     ordinators from 230 primary schools and will finish with an author event. For the events
     being held at Ufford Park, Federation packs to be available to take away
-    Wendy’s having a 40th birthday party on Saturday 10 December at her school – all invited!

13   Next Meeting
-    Silke to e-mail committee with feedback from Ipswich Institute (see AOB above)

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