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Fall 2005

at Edgewood Flower Farm


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Garden Greetings!
aaaahhhh—AUTUMN! We always look forward to this time of year. The not-too-warm days, crisp morns and cool nights under that gigantic harvest moon! Sitting on the patio next to the fire pit, candles flickering here and there, good book in hand (pages lit by copper torches), still enjoying the lingering blooms, texture and fragrance of the garden— doesn’t get any better than this! We are so fortunate to have four distinct seasons to enjoy! As we transition into this beautiful season of Thanksgiving, we’d like to take a moment to say “Thank You” for your support of the Edgewood Flower Farm. We pledge to continue growing and seeking the highest quality plants, new and exciting introductions and special accessories for your garden and home. Our goal at The Farm is to give you a positive shopping experience that will enhance your precious time in your garden and home. —Donna and Bill O’Ravez, Owners

Our Wonderful and Knowledgeable Staff
Cindy Yohann—Gift Manager/Head Buyer/Display Christina Johnson—Garden Center Manager Judy Sweitzer—Garden Center Assistant Kathleen Allasia—Nursery Manager Corryne DeJong—Perennial Buyer Carol Lelli, Robbie Smith and Judy Robeson—Designers Juan Hernandez—Maintenance/Plant Production Manager Clarence Nelson, Angie Cramer, Clay Barnard, Debra Johnson, Sheri Carter, Bobbie White, Tammi Finnick, Lorraine Barrett, Julie Roland, Becky Briggs, Kelly Warren, Mallory Cumby and Carol Robinson—Sales Associates/Plant Production Charles Schank, Arturo Cortes—Plant Production/Maintenance Andrew Gaines, Elliott Roland and Josef Lowry—Carry Out/ Maintenance

Fall Gift Shop Favorites

O.K., Rance (est. 1775) fresh and pure, triple-milled handmade soaps, along with Le Vainqueur perfume fragrance for men, and Josephine perfume fragrance for women—have FINALLY arrived on the slow boat from Italy! Cozy up to a great cup of tea on these chilly Autumn mornings, infusing your own fresh herbs and flowers from the garden in hot water (our European tempered glass Tea Pot is still Donna’s favorite!), or try one of the zillions of tea offerings from The Republic of Tea Company. Feather your nest! We carry Tyler, Root, and Archipelago Botanical candles, and a few new and unusual ones mixed in. We will be adding more unique home décor and gift items as the seasons unfold.

Bring On the Bulbs!
Bring continuous color to your garden from February to June by planting Spring Bulbs now. Plant them in the ground and add to your permanent containers before planting your plants on top! We carry everything you need—tools, books, bulb food—to achieve success! Check out our colorful glass bulb vases—chill some hyacinths or paperwhites in your refrigerator for 6–8 weeks, then set in the bulb vase with water—and voilà, a few weeks later you’ll enjoy colorful, fragrant blooms indoors. See Coupon inside for special savings!

May Your Autumn Harvest Be Fruitful!

Where acres of garden and home inspiration await you beyond the garden gate!

Fall EFF Accessory Must-Haves
Extend your time outdoors and enjoy the crisp Autumn evenings as you warm yourself by the fire. We offer the California Fire Pit (comes with a grill for cooking and a screen for safety!) and AW’s BIG Fire Bowl (less expensive, but high quality). You’ll love Copper Torches to light your pathways, or just for ambiance around your patios and decks. Hula Hoe is Bill’s favorite to rid your beds of weeds before they go to seed. And you must try deVan Koek’s lightweight Expandable Leaf Bag. It has so many uses! Copper Rain Chains create beautiful downspouts! West County has come out with a new Water-Proof Glove—warm and cozy too! Muck Boots keep you dry and warm in the garden. Edge wood F lower Farm’s own Cover Crop Seed is great for adding organic material to your vegetable garden. Master Nursery Bumper Crop and Black Forest organic mulches—prepare your beds for winter.

EFF Autumn Passion for Plants
Plant these tried-and-true Fall Annuals: Cabbage, Kale, Blue Salvia, Pansies, Violas, Mums, Osteospurmums. Perennials: See our wonderful heucheras and heucherellas in purples, greens, limes, spiced—along with the entire line of Fall Magic Perennials. Late Blooming Perennials: Coreopsis, Phygellius (Cape Fuchsia), Hebes, Agastache, Rudbekia ‘Goldstrum’ (Black-Eyed Susan), Leucanthemum (Shasta Daisy), Echinacea (Coneflower), Helenium, Heathers and Heaths, Japanese Anemone, Asters, Sedums (Autumn Joy, and many more). Grasses: Beautiful seed heads, graceful foliage, Fall color, drought tolerant, shade to sun, tons of varieties! Trees and Shrubs: Fothergilla ‘Mt. Airy’—Fantastic Fall color on small stature plant suitable for sunny, dry locations. Nandina (Heavenly Bamboo)—Great everchanging, evergreen foliage, red Winter berries, many varieties in stock—every garden needs one! Callicarpa (Beautyberry)—Purple/burgundy Fall foliage, fuzzy pink August and September blossoms, striking, brilliant purple winter berries. Full sun/part shade, drought tolerant. Camellia sasanqua—Fall blooming, glossy evergreen leaves, reddish new growth, full shade/part shade, great for espaliered. Viburnums—Birds love the berries of this versatile, evergreen or deciduous shrub. Ilex verticillata ‘Winter Red’ and ‘Winter Gold’—Hollies that provide wonderful berries Autumn and Winter. Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena’, ‘Diane’ and ‘Arnold’s Promise’ —Fall color and fragrant winter bloom. Paperbark Maple—Fall color, peeling bark, very interesting.

Container Gardening is So Practical
Have you taken advantage of our complimentary, year-round container design and planting service? This year, because time seems to move faster the older one gets, Donna decided to plant a lot of roses, perennials and shrubs in winter-proof pots. Some are planted individually in different sizes, shapes and colors of containers, and some are planted in combinations in larger pots with a few seasonal annuals tucked in for a burst of color. This has provided such pleasure, along with saving time! It allows you to redesign areas of your patios, decks, or gardens without digging up and transplanting. You can change your garden spaces just as you would your living room. It also lets you place plants where there is no soil, or the soil is poor. Next spring, the only plants you’ll need to add will be the seasonal annuals, so it saves you TIME and MONEY! Have you checked out our selection of winter-proof containers? Stop by and cherry-pick your plants and pots to your own specifications. Jot down your garden space, size, shape and location—our garden experts will assist you in creating your personal Paradise! Remember, purchase your pot ($25.00 min.), soil and plants to fill it from EFF, and we will design and plant for you, for free! Creative plant combinations are our specialty.


Edgewood Flower Farm Special Coupon

Any bulb purchase of $25.00 or more!
One coupon per customer. Offer valid through November 30, 2005

Bulb Special! $5.00 OFF


The Vine | Edgewood Flower Farm | Fall 2005

F A L L
■ Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your summer labor! ■ Sept. 11th–18th TENT SALE: 70% OFF ALL ITEMS and PLANTS! ■ Dead-head annual and perennial spent flowers. ■ Cover tomatoes and peppers to enhance heat and extend ripening. ■ Pull out spent annuals and replace with Fall color and texture—pansies, blue salvia, cabbage and kale, mums, Fall-blooming perennials, Fall Magic perennials and grasses, heucheras, etc. ■ Reduce watering to trees and shrubs. ■ Mid Sept. thru Oct. is THE BEST TIME TO PLANT TREES, SHRUBS AND PERENNIALS! The gentle rains, cool air, and warm soil are the ideal conditions for root establishment in new plantings and transplantings.


O - D O

■ Fri. Nov. 11th, 9AM–8PM & Sat. Nov. 12th, 9AM–6PM, Annual Christmas Gift and Décor Open House (Fall Nursery sale continues). All both days, 15% off EVERYTHING, door prizes, special music, treats! ■ Thursday, November 24th,THANKSGIVING DAY! We are so thankful for family, friends, customers, and the privilege to live in this great nation of freedom and bounty. We pray for our President, leaders and servicemen and women as they work and sacrifice for us.

apple cider, door prizes, special music, pumpkins and more! All manner of plants and fall decorations for garden and home. ■ Renew your lawn with Edgewood Flower Farm’s own grass seed! ■ Remember to clip your landscape’s greens, stems, flowers and berries and bring inside for a fresh Autumn Bouqet! ■ Oct. 15–31 Bring in your child(ren) up to age 12 to carve and plant a little pumpkin with a pansy for your fall décor! 10:00AM–4:00PM, Monday thru Friday. Complimentary—but one per child, please! ■ October 17–November 13 ANNUAL WINTER NURSERY CLEARANCE SALE— Every plant in the Nursery on sale, up to 50% OFF!

he sun will not rise or set without my notice and thanks. —Winslow Homer



■ Continue to plant and transplant trees, shrubs and perennials—THE BEST TIME TO PLANT! There will be specials throughout the month— Come in and check back often! ■ Plant your Spring-flowering bulbs now. Check out our great selection in the garden center, and our special bulb savings coupon on page 2. ■ Sat. and Sun., Oct. 1–2: Autumn Celebration and Customer Appreciation Days with 15% off EVERYTHING FARMWIDE! Hot dogs, chips, hot

■ Finish planting Springflowering bulbs. ■ Rake and bag Fall leaves, or add to your compost pile. ■ Prune damaged and broken branches off trees and shrubs. ■ Finish garden clean-up and weeding—leave some seeds on flowers for the birds! ■ Mulch roses. Black Forest Organic Compost is AWESOME! DO NOT prune till early Spring. DO remove spotted leaves and dead wood. ■ Mulch all garden areas 2 to 3 inches deep after weeding to amend the soil and to reduce winter weeds. Again, Black Forest Organic Compost is awesome, as well as Bumper Crop!


■ SAVE THE DATE! POINSETTIA KICK-OFF Sat. & Sun. Dec. 3–4, all day both days, 15% off all poinsettias (grown right here at The Farm!), door prizes, treats, photo ops!

You’re Special!


Especially on Wednesdays . . . Customer Appreciation Day—10% OFF!

15% off the Plant of the Week!
Selected Perennial or Shrub. Check back weekly for plant selection. Offer valid September and October, 2005.

The Vine | Edgewood Flower Farm | Fall 2005


The Vine

Edgewood Flower Farm
2017 Meridian Avenue East Edgewood, WA 98371 Open Daily



Fall 2005

Friday and Saturday, November 11 & 12 Annual Christmas Gift and Décor Open House Saturday and Sunday, December 3 & 4 Edgewood Flower Farm Pointsettia Kick-Off ! See details inside.

Save the Dates!

Grown Right Here at the Farm!
As summer winds down and our gardens tire, we look forward to the restful and warm colors of autumn. Twigs and Sedums come to mind. Red Twig Dogwoods, whose fall color is so lovely, only becomes more beautiful as they lose their leaves to expose their colorful twigs for a winter show. Liking sun to part shade, they will add color and interest throughout the seasons. Cornus stolonifera ‘Kelsi’ is a dwarf red variety reaching only one foot high, Cornus sanguinea ‘Midwinter Fire’ is a larger variety with both red and yellow twig color and Cornus ‘Insanti’, a 5' tall variety, is noted for its intense red twigs. There are also variegated varieties and yellow twig varieties. Check them all out in the nursery this Fall. Design idea: Plant with Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ nearby for a late summer-fall bloom and striking bold foliage. This view will soothe the soul indeed. Enjoy the season. Susan Lee Stroh, Killarney Cove Garden Design Come see our gorgeous Fall Belgium mums, brilliant hues of cabbage and kale, perfect pansies, spooktacular PUMPKINS in orange and white, ornamental corn and gourds. We do it all!

Fall Bouquet Ideas from Your Garden
Make a fresh bouquet each week to bring inside your home using the wonderful colors of sunset with leaves, stems, and flowers found right in your own garden! Stop dead-heading your roses in early September so that the last flush can turn into beautiful rose hips for bouquets or tea. Add Callicarpa Beautyberries, Ilex verticillata ‘Winter Gold’ or ‘Winter Red’ berries, Viburnum leaves and berries, or mix in some heuchera leaves, nandina stems with berries, magnolia leaves, mum flowers, or euonymous, emerald and gold. The list is endless!

Discover the nooks and crannies of The Farm!
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