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									99 Ideas On The Wall

James Earl “Jimmy” Rector Vice President Promotion Columbia Nashville

Killer Sales Ideas!
Greg Burns Director of Integrated Media CBS Radio Phoenix, Arizona

Ken Boesen Program Director WKIS Miami

Marketing and Promotion
Lisa Juillerat Marketing Director Cumulus Indy- WFMS

#99 [Station calls] Rolling Billboard
•With radio marketing budgets being cut, we must get creative with alternative marketing solutions, and continue to generate revenue for our radio properties. •A true alternative to traditional marketing by partnering with a local transportation company [trucking, moving company, etc] to create an outstanding marketing opportunity for both the radio station and client. •A high profile [station] and [trucking company] co-branded tractor trailer rig that will make it‟s way around the valley appearing at the hottest country concerts and station events. •This high impact „rolling billboard‟ will be the center piece of promotion at all marquee station events and concerts. •This unique and exclusive program will associate [trucking company] to the legendary [call letters] radio station, nationally renowned country stars and premiere events in the marketplace.

# 98 Good Guy Of The Month
• Listeners submit applications by mail or on-line of their friends and family that have conducted “good” deeds. You select one winner that meets the guidelines set forth in the rules, and announce and feature that person on-air, on the website and give them a $100 gift certificate from the sponsor. The person who submitted the entry also receives a gift certificate or prize from the title sponsor and both receive a GOOD GUYS t-shirt.

#97 Big Ol‟ 18-Wheeler trade deal with a truck driving school
• • Run some of their ads. Paint up one or some of their trucks with your logo.

#96 [Station Calls] Summer Guide
Summertime in [city] is the time of year where consumers are in search of fun things to do - especially affluent adults with disposable income. [station] has developed a unique Summertime program that is sure to attract this very consumer group by offering them exciting ideas and opportunities to cool-off through fun Summertime activities and vacation destinations. •A 15-week program that integrates online, on-air and on-site promotional components •Program Dates: Memorial Day – Labor Day •It‟s the ultimate online guide to Summer in [state]! •Valley-wide fun-seekers will go online to [station website] and click on the “Summer Guide 2007” graphic on the homepage. •They will be taken to the “Summer Guide 2007” splash page where they will get a comprehensive listing of exciting things to do and places to go this summer – including your travel discounts and special offers!

•As an Official Summer Guide Sponsor tens of thousands of consumers will be driven to your business!

#95 Stealth contesting
• At concerts, with the venues approval, we pass out a clear plastic laminate with a logoed lanyard and we customize the insert with a concert specific theme on one side and a stealth contest to listen at a specific time, for a specific song played by that artist, the next day, to win cash! They are great souvenirs, marketing for the station and a listen to win contest onair that doesn‟t need any on-air promos.

#94 Free Lunch
-Introduce a new burger at “one” area Wendy‟s or McDonalds. -Give away “free lunch” to the first 1000 people that show up at noon. -Put a grand prize ($1000) in one lunch. -Don‟t announce “which” Wendy‟s it is until 11:30AM

#93 Interactive Survey
• The [station] Listeners Club is made up of listeners who have joined the loyal listener clubs giving you permission to send them [station] emails. These listeners rely on your station for fun promotions, interesting, factoids and relevant lifestyle information. This passionate community also creates a unique marketing opportunity for our valuable clients.

• [station] can help your company create a customdesigned survey to generate qualified leads for your business. At the completion of the survey, you will have access to contact [station] Listener Club members who have expressed an interest in your business by participating in your survey.

#92 Community Parade Participation
Pass out logoed signs with verbiage such as “I am a WFMS fan” with instructions to hold up the sign throughout the parade to win cash and prizes. Have spotters award envelopes with the prizes.

#91 Low Dough Show
• • $5 tickets to see an up-ncoming artist. Sell them 100 at a time at clients. Clients pay for the “ticket sale” appearance.


#90 Ho Ho Hoedown!
Looking for a clever name for your next Christmas time concert? How about Ho Ho Hoedown?

#89 Pre-planned concert / community activation plan
• So many concerts, so many monotonous details. Develop a plan with a check list for every venue like who to get approval for parking at the venue, at certain parking lots, where you have approval to hang banners, put your tables, get your activity or premium approved, etc….Then whoever is on site from time to time, it looks consistent and you don‟t miss any little details that may get away from you that your competitor can take over if they get on-site before you, or if they call to set up their activity before you.

#88 Brainstorm
• • “What‟s important to the listener” At the beginning of every week

#87 And the Winner is…
Generate revenue surrounding the coveted CMA‟s! Create a sponsorship package that involves driving traffic to your sponsor locations. During the months of September, October and early November, direct your station listeners to your clients location(s) to pick up your station bumper sticker.

On the back of each sticker create mail in entry form that will automatically enter them to win the grand prize, a VIP trip to the CMA‟s!
One winner will be chosen from all entries collected and each sponsor will also receive one trip to the CMA‟s!

#86 Fund Raisers
• Have you ever scrambled when a natural disaster hits to secure a promotion to raise money? Have a plan in place and review that plan with the players such as the venue, Red Cross, a bank to collect and/or to count money, and cost of supplies or elements needed at the beginning of each year. This way you are ready when a disaster hits.

#85 Make your office into a bar
• • • • One day a month 4:30 Put up hot pepper lights Invite the whole staff.

#84 Vidcast
Your clients can be exposed to thousands of consumers through revolutionary video casting from [station]. Point, Click and Watch! It‟s that simple. [station] online delivery of video on-demand provides your listeners with rich content and compelling reasons to visit our website, and even more reason to use your clients products and/or services. Imagine being able to creatively deliver a unique message to thousands of consumers positioned in a way that allows you to provide consumers with: – – – – Helpful Hints Top 10 Ways to… How-to clinics Step by step instructional

On air you will drive consumers to your station website to learn more about your clients products and services through the VidCast.

#83 Friends and Neighbors
• A year around program due to its success of reaching non-profit community events all around town, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This selfcontained program is complete with weekly promos, calendar on the website, an interview with the station host on Friday mornings during the morning show on where they will be that weekend, 2 vehicles (a station F&N karaoke vehicle and a sponsor vehicle that we drive around all the stops for the client‟s branding), an hour stop at the event and the co-title‟s collateral and branded premiums. The F&N coordinator also works as the host and has unbelievable passion for the program.

#82 At Home Listening
• • Work from home once a quarter Spend the day listening to the radio.

#81 Holiday Savings Guide
Forget the malls and deck the halls with [station] Holiday Savings Guide. The Holiday Savings Guide is a comprehensive guide of holiday gift ideas, discounts, special offers and coupons exclusively available to [station] listeners.

This exciting Holiday Savings Guide will allow the consumer to browse unique gift ideas and receive special discounts from our sponsors, driving consumers to your business to shop during the busy holiday season.
Develop sponsorship packages for local and on-line retailers for placement in the guide.

#80 Courtesy Tip
When leaving a voicemail message = State your name and then your phone number first and SLOW! Instead of waiting till the end of the message.

#79 Hire a “Free DJ”
• This person will be a station talent who‟s job it is to go play free or really cheap parties in zip codes that matter to us.

#78 Hot Air Balloon
•Partner with a local Hot Air Balloon Company to create a high profile [station] co-branded marketing solution. •The [station/sponsor] make it‟s way around the valley appearing high above the hottest country concerts and [station] events. • This high impact „airborne billboard‟ is the center piece of promotion at all marquee [station] events and concerts. • This unique and exclusive program associate‟s your clients brand to [station], nationally renowned country stars and premiere events in the marketplace.

#77 Live Like….
• Kenny Chesney, a NASCAR driver, etc. Artist and Lifestyle. We conduct 2-3 of these on-air promotions a year which can be a great 2-3 week promotion when you need to fill some promotional time on your yearly calendar. On-air qualifiers win that artist‟s CD or tickets to a race with an entry to the grand prize. A sponsor “presents” the on-air element and receives a last chance to register remote. Grand prize: Artist Themed, ex., Keith Urban, a trip to Australia. A race car driver, VIP experience to an Indy car or NASCAR race complete with a lap around the track and to be in the pits with the winner.

#76 Contract for time
• in EVERY meeting.

#75 Floating Web Ad (Automotive)
•Featuring your clients make/model of car or product as it floats across the screen upon the launch of your home page. • Dealership or logo placed on the vehicle or product • Rotating floating web banner on your station website that scoots across the page and back • Include link or click through to the client website •Include a spot bank of streaming commercials

#74 Park Here Garage Sale Signs
• • • • • • • Listeners stick these two sided signs in the grass. Coroplast w/ a stake. Distribute at a remote or a certain location. Park Here signs have the words “PARK HERE,” a dollar sign with a blank and of course, your logo. Used for houses around race track and entertainment venues. Garage Sale signs have a space for the address and time. Listeners reuse these every year.

# 73 Get tie-dye T-shirts.

This is absolutely unexpected from a country radio station They‟re cool and really stand out.

# 72 Add a Mobile Jumbo-Tron to your next event!
This unique opportunity will offer you the opportunity to showcase current video products to thousands of country music fans on the [station] Jumbo-Tron at your next exciting event or concert There are several mobile jumbo-tron companies available to work with. We have worked with Large Screen Displays Inc. The hard cost for their services are about $5000 for an all day event. This larger than life video screen will feature the videos of all of the premiere country releases and commercials from your sponsors. Current music video product will rotate evenly throughout the event, putting your artists in the forefront of this exciting event. Sponsors would include: •Record labels who have video product that they need to expose to the consumer. •Any local client that wants to get their message in front of thousands of music fans!

#71 Office Tip
Spend 10 minutes at the end of each day for a week, a month, to clean out email and old hard copy files.

# 70 Keep a notebook in your car
• You never know when you‟ll get a great idea.

# 69 On Location Pre- Concert Tailgate Party
Reach „a lot‟ of your listeners by renting out a parking lot adjacent to a your market‟s large scale concert venue and bring your station „on-location for a „preconcert‟ tailgate party. Create sponsorship packages for your clients in many different categories.

Create a festival-like atmosphere complete with food vendors, sponsor displays and demo‟s. Complete the event by bringing in local artists to perform as a preconcert warm. Get the concert headliner to come in for autographs and meet & greets.

# 68 Business Lunch Events
• Visit pre-determined office complexes from 11am-1pm during lunch to brand your station. • You provide the big tent, table, chairs, free hamburgers on the grill which attract a crowd and builds ambience, station vehicle, raffle prizes, jock to host, and music. • The key to get clients to sponsor the five stop series is to provide a table area at the sides of the tent that the line forms through to receive lunch. • There are no on-air promos because it‟s not open to the public. • Thank you‟s with logos are on the website and the office complex promotes with elevator posters, signage in the lobby, email to its tenants, and have used to promote their health fairs and blood drives by having us their on the same day.

#67 FlatBed Friday
• Do the morning show from the back of a flatbed truck on Friday mornings. Bring LOTS of prizes.


#66 Meet the Beetles
Work directly with your local Volkswagen dealer(s) to create a unique promotion that offers consumers the opportunity to win one of four different VW Beetles wrapped in the likenesses of the famous Beatles.
– John, Paul, George and Ringo!

Creatively package in a number revenue generating opportunities as the Beetles make their way around your town at station events, client locations, etc.

# 65 Sales Packages
• Sales Packages, like remotes for concert tickets, always cost in (or trade) a pair of lower pavilion, or lower level seats for the client. Might just be their hot button to close an account executives sale.


#64 Drive-Thru job fair

Sell to any and all recruiters/employers. Their materials go into bags that we distribute all day one day at “drive thru remotes”

#63 [Station]- Gram
• Put a „sweet‟ spin on Valentines Day while driving traffic to your client location(s) • [station] Gram‟s are „gift-wrapped‟ at your location and played back on air by the [station] on-air personalities • Station listeners will be invited to your clients location to record a special audio Valentines Day dedication for their loved one. • Audio dedications will be „delivered‟ to [station] listeners on the air during our special Valentines Day weekend (Feb 9-10)

# 62 Cheap Premium and Idea for an Interactive Area at Festivals

Kid‟s Area, coloring pages w/ station logo and crayons. Cost effective premium in event bags for non-profits that request 100‟s of children type premium for their non-profit event.

#61 Rename the radio station
• “Toby Country 99.9” all day in honor of a station visit or new album.

#60 The World‟s Best Mom
Mothers Day is a very unique holiday and provides very robust opportunities to businesses who wish to take advantage of reaching consumers. Bring your most important clients a very special opportunity to be a part of the programming fabric of your radio station. Beginning in April, hit the airwaves encouraging listeners to log onto the [station website] to become a Listener Club Member and tell [your station] why your Mom is the World‟s Best Mom and she‟ll be qualified to win some incredible prizes from the promotional sponsors secured by the sales department On Friday, leading into Mothers Day weekend, your popular morning show host will randomly select five finalists who will win a “Special Mom Kit,” which includes: – Weekend Hotel Getaway [sponsor] – Relaxing Spa Treatment [sponsor] – Dinner at elegant restaurant [sponsor] – $100 Shopping Spree [sponsor] – Beautiful bouquet of Flowers [sponsor] Following the finalist giveaway, [your morning show] will randomly select the grand prize winner, the World‟s Best Mom will win a diamond pendant necklace from your Grand Prize Sponsor, Create 5 sponsorship packages for the above categories to include an investment, plus prizes.

#59 Playstation promotion
• To prepare pre-teen families thinking about college savings, we partnered with a bank and conducted a registerto-win complete with POS and register to win boxes a all branches to enter for a playstation complete with TV chairs and a $1,000 cash from the bank to start off their college savings fund.

#58 Mystery Money Man
• • Could be anyone. First person to ask them if they‟re the Kiss Country Mystery Money Man wins.

#57 eHAY
• A clever cause-marketing promotion utilizing the popularity of Ebay • eHay is [station‟s] very own on-line auction that features a large collection of items to include Country music memorabilia, collectibles, items you can‟t buy in a store and numerous products/services from local businesses

• Promote your clients businesses by having [station] listeners bid on eHay for one of your products or services
• All proceeds from KMLE‟s eHay will benefit [charity]

#56 Christmas Promotion
• • • • • Just like the Grinch whose heart grew three times bigger, we partnered with a food pantry to grow its food bank during the holidays. Just like the Who‟s in Whoville, Hoosier‟s in need had the opportunity to feast in the holiday season. It was the Don‟t Be a Grinch at Christmas Holiday campaign. A participating grocer sold heart shaped die-cuts right at the check out line for those who chose not to purchase a bag of prepackage groceries. We encouraged listeners with classic lines from Dr. Seuss' famous Christmas story, encouraging listeners not to be Grinches and to remember the children like Cindy Lou whose most basic need was a warm meal.

# 55 Treasure Hunt
• Hide coins or game pieces around the market and give clues at 9:00, 2:00 and 5:00. Each piece is good for a prize or qualifies them for the big prize.


#54 [Station] Artist Calendar
A unique and innovative opportunity to be seen by your target consumers all year long! •Produce a commemorative full-color, 12 month calendar featuring 12 of today‟s hottest country artists. •Professionally photographed and produced, 5000 calendars will proudly be displayed in offices, schools, businesses and homes throughout the Valley. •Utilize Fusion Marketing for this project as they have artist licensing rights, and can handle the entire project. •A menu of sponsorships are available to generate revenue for your station:
– – – Title Sponsor Distribution Sponsor Monthly page sponsor

#53 Cool Ride to School
• A car dealership sponsors and lends you a “cool ride” such as a Hummer or a sports car, or you trade with a limo company to give a weekly winning child a cool ride to school on Fridays. Listeners register their children on-line and win a ride to school from their house, a tshirt, backpack, and a light breakfast for their whole class room. Personality or a savvy promo person serves as the host and brings premiums for the classroom too



# 52 Sneak Peek online
• New Artist CD‟s snippets of new songs posted online.

# 51 [Station Call letters] New Music Station
The [Station] New Music Station is a unique new music display that is located in [city] Best Buy or Wal-Mart stores for a for 4-8 week period. Secure the in-store space with the regional/directors or territory managers of the retailer. Work with labels on upcoming or popular releases to generate revenue for each title space in rack. This exciting program features up to eight new releases from popular [station] artists and is promoted through on-air, on-line and on-site promotional components Include (1) P.O.S. display in each of the stores, strategically placed within the music department of each store.

Station logo

# 50 Random Acts of Kindness
• • Have a promo person go around town the conduct random acts of kindness. Fill expired parking meters with coins and leave a flyer on their windowsill that you saved them from getting a ticket from your station. Pre-pay for someone‟s coffee and bagel at a coffee shop and have the cashier tell them that their order is courtesy of your station Pay for someone‟s dry cleaning and attach a note to their order, etc.



# 49 Streaming
• Fill your stream‟s unsold stop sets with label produced and provided interviews and music content instead of bonus spots and psa‟s.

# 48 Studio Naming Rights
What do the following names have in common? • TGIFriday‟s Front Row Grill • Cricket Pavilion • NASCAR's Coca-Cola In-Car Camera • Gillette Sports Desk • The Budweiser Stage • Chase Field • US Airways Center • Coors Field • Jobing.com Arena All of these companies believe in effective naming rights strategies. As audiences and media become more fragmented, naming rights as part of a sponsorship package can offer an attractive alternative to stand alone advertising and marketing campaigns and, if exploited correctly, can deliver a high return on investment for the more visionary and committed brand owners. Radio is not just music, it‟s a lifestyle and an image. Your client has the opportunity to be integrated into the very image and fabric of your radio station through a customized studio naming rights package. “Live from the [client/business/brand] –[station] studio!”

#47 Summer Crew
• • Hire College kids to be your eyes and ears of the summer. They go out daily to festivals, fairs, community events, concerts and market your station. Have them support your events on blogs and Facebook.


# 46 CD Release Events
• Label may help you with music if you provide the promotion and sell it to a client. • Station shows up with 50 CD‟s to give to first 50 listeners who show up.

#45 The World‟s Best Dad!
Fathers Day is a very unique holiday and provides very robust opportunities to businesses who wish to take advantage of reaching consumers. At [station], you can bring your most important clients a very special opportunity to be a part of the programming fabric of your radio station. Beginning in June, hit the airwaves encouraging listeners to log onto to your station website to become a Listener Club Member and tell us why their Dad is the World‟s Best Dad and he‟ll be qualified to win some incredible prizes secured by the sales department On Friday, leading into Fathers Day weekend, your popular morning show host will randomly select five finalists who will win a “Father‟s Day Prize Pack” which includes: – BBQ Set – Tools – Golf – $100 Shopping Spree – Vehicle detailing Following our finalist giveaway, your morning show will randomly select the grand prize winner, the World‟s Best Dad will win an Audio / Video Combo prize from your Grand Prize Sponsor. Create 5 sponsorship packages for the above categories to include an investment and prizes.

#44 Drive through Breakfast
-Any venue can kick off their event with a drive thru breakfast sponsored by a non-profit organization. -Your state or county fair. A jock host s and cooks on the grill, coupons or tickets are passed out for admission, and a premium is given to everyone who has your station on with an extra gift if their #1 preset is on your station. -Don‟t promote this.

#43 Roll Call

South Florida (Baltimore, Seattle …etc.) roll call. Each night at 7:00PM, listeners are invited to “check in” on the phone and represent their town.

#42 New Music Showcase
• An exciting online feature on your station website
– Allows music fans to connect with their favorite Country stars


Generate revenue by selling the sponsorship rights to this exciting program
– In Phoenix, a local automotive dealer has purchased the program and has positioned their dealership “Where the Cars are the Stars” Listeners will be encouraged to log onto your station website, click the desired artist to launch the music player which will showcase your clients website surrounding the player


Listeners can Click to listen before they can buy


Your clients brand and message exposed to tens of thousand of Country music fans
– – – Client Logo placement within album artwork, with link to our custom music player that will feature your website Client :15-second commercial airs as a pre-roll to the new music Client name included in all station branded promos

• •

Support with station appearances and giveaway copies of the CD Work directly with label for all content (Paul Williams at Sony BMG)

#41 Hometown Tour
-Morning show visits surrounding county‟s town square the Friday of each week with a live broadcast, local restaurant serves breakfast, guests such as the town mayor and high school administrators and town celebrities are interviewed, facts about the history of the town, and old-fashion games are played. -Or you can visit the towns in the evenings and host the same kind of event with grilling out and music at the town‟s high school football game.

# 40 1000 Song Weekends.
• Play them and position this as a “whole lot of music”

# 39 The [station] Home Makeover
•An exciting on-line sales promotion designed to: – Showcase sponsors‟ products and services to stations audience – Impact the lives of listeners with an unbelievable transformation in their home! •Listeners are encouraged to log onto your station website, then register to become a Listener Club Member. They will then be instructed to click the customized [station] Home Makeover graphic. •Listeners are redirected to a custom splash page that includes a “virtual home,” in which they can take a tour from room-to-room and register to win our sponsors products and services. •Two levels of sponsorship packages:
– – Premiere Service

•Premiere Sponsor Products are showcased in various rooms or areas of the virtual home: There are also 10 service related categories that listeners will also have the opportunity to win from your “Service Sponsors” •There are 20 days of contesting (Monday-Friday/4-weeks) – 10 Days of Premiere Sponsor Giveaways – 10 Days of Service Sponsor Giveaways •Sample script: – “Tune in Monday during the 2pm hour as we giveaway the Bedroom, valued at over $20,000, loaded up with brand new furniture from [client], new closets from [client] and bedding from [client]. Log onto [station website] and register to win now!” •Sponsor giveaways will be showcased in the appropriate corresponding room/area category of the virtual home.

#38 Premiums
• Foam cowboy hats, plastic laminate holders, bobble heads of your jocks, restaurant tip cards, disposable cameras, all with your logo

#37 7:30 Shout Out
• From 7 to 7:30, listeners are invited to call in and say hey to everyone on the air. • Record them, edit them and play em back at 7:30.

#36 Movie Screening Program
Instead giving away all of those movie premiere passes at station remotes, create a sales package! [Station] invites Your Company to be our “EXCLUSIVE Pre-Screening Promotional Partner” for ______ newest release coming to the big screen… •Your station provides the sponsor with a minimum of (200) Admit Two Passes to the special pre-screening given away at their location prior to the event. •Include an on-air schedule and some promotional inventory to drive traffic to their location.

#35 Ticket Blitzes
• • Feature community events or concert tickets. A ticket “BLITZ” is where you have a limited # of pairs of tickets that you give away every 15 minutes. This built in traffic stays around to see if they will be the next winner over the 2hours featuring 8 total winners. 9 if you include the pair you are giving to the client.


#34 OST
• Define your Objectives

• Strategy and • Tactics and share them with
everyone on staff.

#33 E-Living Guide
Work with your web team to create an on-line directory designed to help consumers navigate their way through life. The E-Living Guide is a massive directory filled with information for the active consumer on the move!
– – – – – – – – – Home, Condo and Apartment listings Lenders, banks and mortgage companies Contractors; Home Improvement Credit Report/Score links Storage facilities Insurance Realtors Property Management Home Services

Create affordable sponsorship packages in the above categories to generate digital revenue!

# 32 Ticket Stops
• • Feature community events or concert tickets. A ticket stop is where everyone gets a pair of tickets like to a free station concert event, or a festival or trade show with mass appeal that you are the radio partner on such as a home show or car show.

#31 Mystery Kiss
• Play an artist or anyone making the “Kiss” sound three or four times daily and give clues. First person to call in and identify the kiss wins the prize.


#30 So You Think You‟re A Star
Capitalizing on the popularity of American Idol, and So You Think You Can Dance...We were in search of the best undiscovered talent that the Valley had to offer. CBS Marketing and Mitsubishi Motors gave Phoenix radio listeners the opportunity to fulfill their lifelong dream of becoming a star as we launched a 9-week performance tour in search of singers who best represent the rhythm of each CBS Radio station in Phoenix: KMLE Country, 101.5 JAMZ and 94.5 KOOL FM „So You Think You‟re A Star‟ kept Phoenix entertained to a different beat as singers skilled in Country, Classic Hits and Hip Hop will competed to become the valley‟s next BIG star! „So You Think You‟re A Star‟ Performance Tour will take place at selected highly visible shopping centers around the metro Phoenix. Radio listeners were invited to take a shot at winning giant prizes such as $10,000 cash, recording sessions/contracts, performing as the opening act at station concerts and other incredible „money can‟t buy prizes.‟ Singers performed to a professional karaoke track of song from the respective station playlist. Each performance was professionally recorded, video taped and loaded onto customized splash pages on each station website. Performances were judged by valley radio listeners by logging on watching and voting. The program generated nearly $250,000 for CBS Radio Phoenix. www.soyouthinkyoureastar.com

• Pre-view party for picks – Listeners pick their season‟s favorites along with the NASCAR draft on TV. Have a contest on-site for the women too with NASCAR sponsored items like a Tide soap folding socks and a Home Depot bird feeder making contest to win shopping sprees, spa treatments and trips.


#28 Build a Filter
• Determine what‟s important to your listener and knock it out of the park. Radiothon for Kids. Toy Drive. Kid Fair.

• • •

#27 Big Screen-A-Day Super Payday!
A massive Big Screen TV giveaway promotion designed to drive consumers to your clients locations(s) to build excitement centered around the Super Bowl. This promotion is perfect for a bar or casino! Your station and client will give consumers the opportunity to win one of five different big screen TV‟s to watch the Big Game on in style. During the weeks leading up to Super Bowl, qualify listeners by having them register at the client location, such as hosting a daily series of happy hour appearances at, encouraging listeners to come in a register to win one of five Big Screen TV‟s. During these events, you will provide listeners with stations prizes and fun for the evening.

Conduct giveaways at the rate of one per day, live from the client location during the 5weekdays leading up to the Super Bowl.
Promotion includes: – (5) Station Appearances at sponsor location for On-air pre-promotion – Website elements – Your can either hard cost the TV‟s from the sponsorship revenue or trade them out with a local electronics dealers

#26 Ways to activate sponsorships
• When you are a media partner that is out of the norm - Event worker buttons, “Ask Me” with logo. • Concession stand fun bucks from station. • Personality to host a main event on stage like becoming a celebrity chef, or provide decorative or home improvement ideas.

#25 This is A Test
• Consider online music testing – listeners feel like they‟re investing in and participating in your station.

#24 [Morning Show‟s] Mass Wedding
• Have your morning show purchase an on-line ordained minister license to become „official.‟


On Valentines Day, [your morning show] will marry up to [station dial position] couples in this legal non-traditional wedding ceremony at a [sponsor location]
– Casino, Hotel or similar are perfect targets!


The ceremony takes place live on- the-air during the popular morning drive show. The fun-filled morning will include: Live broadcast, artist performance, air personalities & live entertainment and prizes for brides and grooms All participating couples will exchange vows and receive an official wedding certificate signed by the morning show personalities Generate revenue by selling exhibitor booths all related to the wedding industry; Jeweler, flowers, cakes, tuxedo, etc. The event will generally attract local television coverage and other media as well.

• • •

#23 V.I.P. Experience:
• • • Twist on Best Seat in House Red Carpet Treatment Family Photographer

# 22 NASCAR Scratch Offs
• Partner with local casino to give free slot play if listeners scratch off the winner of this week‟s race.

#21 The [Station Calls] Super Fan
Perfect for your next big station concert! The [station] “Super Fan” gives your client the opportunity to interact with a numerous event attendees and allows you to distribute your clients name and information on a printed material that will be used and appreciated by thousands! This popular item is an eye-catching crowd pleaser! Distribute from the station tent or client booth! Work with a promotional company to produce the fans. Include station logo one-side and the client‟s logo on the other.

#20 Booster Buddies
• • • Hold booster seat campaigns in the parking lot of a store. Partner with your local non-profit child safety organization to be on site. The theme is how important it is to have your BOOSTER BUDDY (booster seat) with you when carpooling, or when you are in someone else‟s car. Premium is a rubber kid‟s doll or backpack with your logo. Local artists perform to create a community music feel. Tie in health fair participates…and you have a mini-festival.



#19 Starbucks Coffee Break
• •

They provide coffee and snacks. You provide the contest. Gives you an in with offices.

#18 Reel Deals
This is the perfect program for an automotive client who is trying to generate test drives. Product integration is a key component of this promotion. Create a partnership with a high traffic movie theater and arrange a trade for display space and movie passes. Client and station are on-site with new vehicles on display. We encourage consumers to check out the new vehicles and take a very short questionnaire to receive two free movie tickets.

#17 Red, White and Zoo
• • A July 4th family venue to partner with is the Zoo. Your station provides the musical talent and promotion. The Zoo gives your listeners discount ticket prices for that day.


#16 “You‟ve been snapped cards.
• • Take photos. Hand these cards to listeners that direct them to wkis.com to see their photos.

#15 Ultimate Day at the Races
[Client] and [Station] team up to showcase America‟s number one sport (NASCAR) and give consumers a chance to attend in high style, arriving for their VIP day by helicopter! Consumers are urged through commercials on your station to go to client locations to enter to win the “Ultimate Day at the Races!” The Grand Prize consists of a helicopter ride into and out of the Raceway, VIP passes/tickets and Pit passes, plus driver meet & greet. Station will also host weekday appearances and weekend remote to create even more excitement for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

#14 Drumstick Dash
• To support a local food pantry, why not run Thanksgiving Day and leave the cooking to someone else? Hold a 5K run and walk just to get your metabolism started in the morning complete with Tom the Turkey as the mascot.


#13 Toy Mountain.
• Invite listeners to help you build a MOUNTAIN OF TOYS so NO children have to go without this Christmas.

#12 The Ultimate Hook Up!
Work with an auto dealer and a boat dealer to giveaway „The Ultimate Hook Up‟- A Brand New Truck with a Brand New Boat hooked up to the bumper. Generate revenue from register to win appearances and signage/logo placement. Additional sponsor could include audio, window tint, accessories and tires/wheels.

#11 Great Family Giveaways
• • • • • • Crayola Museum Philadelphia, PA Space Center, Houston Hershey Park, PA Legoland, California International Spy Museum, D.C American Girl, Chicago.

#10 O‟Clock Twang Town Time Machine.
• Each day at 10AM feature a classic song introduced by the talent with a little information about the song and the artist or even the year.

#9 HD Radio-A-Day Giveaway
As a way of generating awareness for HD Radio, create HD Radio Awareness Month!

“March is HD Radio Awareness Month!”
Your station will offer listeners the opportunity to join the HD Radio revolution! Station Air-Personalities will get listeners „fully equipped‟ by awarding an HD Radio, every weekday during the entire month and your client has an exclusive invitation to be a part of the excitement as the official sponsor of this remarkable promotion. Support with promos, on-line components, in-store register-towin signage and station appearances.

#8 Promotion Manual
• • • Features everything there is to know about the processes and forms of our department that includes every station in our cluster. It is a great training tool for new promo department hires and serves as a resource for sellers. This 35 page “book” includes remote checklists, an emergency media plan, station line up and programming features, terminology specific to our stations and the industry, contact phone numbers, interactive elements and on-air contests and weekly sponsorships serve as a template to the sellers. It‟s nice to say to sellers who catch you in the hallway while your running o a meeting, “That would make a great morning show prize or sponsor. The value of that on-air feature and the number of prizes you need are in the promo manual which can be used to write your proposal.”



#7 Find a milestone and own it.
• • Anniversary of a show. Anniversary of the radio station.

#6 Get Mugged from [station]
Work with a promotional company to design a cool station coffee mug. Sell the main sponsorship to a coffee brand, retailer or coffee shop. Support with station appearances to include mug and coffee giveaways. You could also make the mugs exclusively available at the clients location.

#5 Rewards on-line Showcases:
Four times a year we feature interactive showcases through our station‟s REWARDS program on-line. We feature four prizes but only REWARD one to the grand prize winner and they get to choose. – The Great American Road Trip - Winner selected gets to choose from four great mid-west American cities, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago for a family trip for four. – Mother‟s Day Showcase – Winner selected gets to choose from a designer purse filled with gift cards, a piece of jewelry, a trip for two, or housecleaning service for a year. – Dad‟s Dream Deck – Father‟s Day Promotion – Partnered with a bank to encourage small home loans for the summer to upgrade such components as your deck or home remodeling. Grand prize winner wins a deck complete with a built in grill from a builder. – Holiday Rewards – Direct listeners to your website to win gifts from clients with the main prize of a $5,000 shopping spree from the mall. Website features retail client‟s ads, sales and downloadable coupons.

#4 Loan your texting shortcode
• To a big community event so bounce backs come to you and you grow your text database.

#3 The [Station] Green Room
With the growing awareness of companies green initiatives and philosophies, create your stations‟ Green Room, and sell the naming rights to one of the many companies who fall into this category. Build in on-line components to include a „Team Green‟ feature, videos of artist interviews etc. “Watch Brad Paisley’s interview and performance from the [sponsor] Green Room at [your website].

#2 Virtual Job Fair
• Clients participate in an on-line job fair. • This is an on-line product to encourage clients to support your recruitment advertising goals of your station. • Every company needs good employees and clients can advertise with you and get a “booth” on your site to promote their openings to a market of listeners that may or “may not” be looking for a change.

#1 Build passion inside the station.
• • Find an artist you love Distribute their music among the entire station staff.

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