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Waterproof Clothing
A lightweight comfortable waterproof material with stretch qualities which aids
comfort during wear.

 • CE EN343 approved
 • 100% waterproof
 • A degree of air permeability
 • High frequency welded seams
 • Virtually noiseless

 • Zip & press-stud fastening
 • Unrestricted movement of arms
 • 36” length
 • Large pockets with velcro fastening
 • Zip to top of collar
 • Studded cuffs
 • Fold away hood in collar

 • Elasticated waist and studded bottoms

 • Adjustable elastic braces
 • Studded bottoms

       CODE                  DESCRIPTION                 SIZE           PRICE     ELKA Xtreme Protection
      CLOHFJS                                            Small         £38.50
                                                                                  Heavyweight PVC/Polyester fabric developed for long days in extreme weather.
     CLOHFJM                 Flexothane Jacket         Medium          £38.50
      CLOHFJL                     Green                  Large         £38.50     XTREME PROPERTIES:
                                                                                  • PVC/Polyester 600g
     CLOHFJXL                                         Extra Large      £38.50
                                                                                  • 100% waterproof
     CLOHFTS                                             Small         £19.20     • Welded seams
     CLOHFTM                                           Medium          £19.20     • Olive Green
                         Flexothane Overtrouser
     CLOHFTL                     Green                   Large         £19.20     XTREME JACKET
     CLOHFTXL                                         Extra Large      £19.20     • Press buttons
                                                                                  • Hood
     CLOHFBBS                                            Small         £24.20
    CLOHFBBM             Flexothane Bib & Brace        Medium          £24.20     XTREME BIB & BRACE
     CLOHFBBL                    Green                   Large         £24.20     • Inside pocket
                                                                                  • Efficient ‘fix-lock’
    CLOHFBBXL                                         Extra Large      £24.20

ELKA Waders
Waders, short boots,
double welded, inner front
pocket, fix-lock buckles.

•   PVC/polyester 600g
•   Repair outfit

                                                                                         CODE               DESCRIPTION                 SIZE          PRICE
                                                                                       CLOEOJS                                          Small        £29.90
                                                                                       CLOEOJM                                        Medium         £29.90
                                                                                                             XTREME Jacket
                                                                                       CLOEOJL                                         Large         £29.90
                                                                                                              Olive Green
                                                                                       CLOEOJXL                                      Extra Large     £29.90
                                                                                      CLOEOJXXL                                     X Extra Large    £29.90
                                                                                      CLOEOBBS                                          Small        £28.35
       CODE                  DESCRIPTION                 SIZE           PRICE         CLOEOBBM                                        Medium         £28.35
                                                                                                          XTREME Bib & Brace
     CLOEOW*                                            5 - 12         £28.80         CLOEOBBL                                         Large         £28.35
                                                                                                             Olive Green
    CLOEOW130                                             13           £38.25         CLOEOBBXL                                      Extra Large     £28.35
                               Olive Green
     CLOEOW**                                           14 - 15        £61.60        CLOEOBBXXL                                     X Extra Large    £28.38

M1                                                                                                      CLOTHING & FOOTWEAR Waterproofs
                                                                                                               CLOTHING & FOOTWEAR Waterproofs

Waterproof Clothing
ELKA High Visibility EN 471                                                        ELKA Breathable Suit
The High Visibility Jacket meets the EN 471 requirements as regards visibility.    New product designed to let your skin breathe.
This rainwear is suitable for all weather conditions during daytime or at night.   Perfectly combines comfort with maximum durability.

PROPERTIES:                                                                        PROPERTIES:
 • PU/Nylon 220g                                                                    • Microfibre jacket
 • 3M Scotchlite�                                                                   • Hidden hood
 • Elasticated sleeve                                                               • Zipper
 • Detachable hood                                                                  • 2 Pockets
 • Zipper                                                                           • Trousers with elasticated legs
 • Hi-Vis Yellow                                                                    • Olive Green

                                                                                           CODE                   DESCRIPTION              SIZE         PRICE
                                                                                        CLOEOMBS                                           Small        £54.95
       CODE                 DESCRIPTION                   SIZE           PRICE         CLOEOMBM                                           Medium        £54.95
      CLOYFJS                                             Small         £32.95          CLOEOMBL                Microfibre Breathable      Large        £54.95
      CLOYFJM              Hi-Vis EN 471 Jacket         Medium          £32.95         CLOEOMBXL                Jacket & Trouser Set     Extra Large    £54.95
      CLOYFJL                      Yellow                 Large         £32.95        CLOEOMBXXL                                        X Extra Large   £54.95
     CLOYFJXL                                          Extra Large      £32.95        CLOEOMBXXXL                                        XXX Large      £54.95

High Visibility Jacket - Lined                                                     ELKA Loose Sleeves
PROPERTIES:                                                                        PROPERTIES:
 • Lined for extra warmth                                                           • PU/Nylon 210g
 • Fluorescent Yellow                                                               • One size

       CODE                 DESCRIPTION                   SIZE           PRICE
                                                                                           CODE                   DESCRIPTION              SIZE         PRICE
     CLOHVJM                                            Medium          £24.95
                                                                                                                    Loose Sleeves
                           Hi-Vis Padded Jacket                                          CLOEOLS                                          One Size      £4.95
      CLOHVJL                                             Large         £24.95                                       Olive Green
     CLOHVJXL                                          Extra Large      £24.95

High Visibility Waistcoat                                                          PVC Spray Suit
•   Hi-vis Yellow                                                                  Lightweight PVC with tear and
•   One size                                                                       abrasion resistance. Resistant to
                                                                                   most acids, alkali, fats, greases, oils
                                                                                   and solvents.

                                                                                   Seams are stitched and welded for
                                                                                   protection and a degree of safety
                                                                                   from noxious substances and

       CODE                 DESCRIPTION                   SIZE           PRICE             CODE                   DESCRIPTION              SIZE         PRICE
       SFY01                 Hi-Vis Waistcoat           One Size         £5.50             SFY02               PVC Spray Suit - Green       S-XL        £13.75

sales: 01772 815080              fax: 01772 815417                  email:              online:

Protective Clothing & Gloves
Face Shield                                 Safety Helmet                               Boiler Suit                                   Disposable Clothing
                                                                                        Best quality, navy blue poly-cotton           Protection against dusts and other
                                                                                        boiler suit with front press-stud             particulates including respirable
                                                                                        fastening.                                    asbestos fibres. Suitable for use when
                                                                                                                                      handling non-toxic chemicals such as
                                                                                        Optional zip front fastening available.       presticides and herbicides.

                                                                                                                                      Elasticated at hood, waist, cuffs and

       CODE                  DESCRIPTION                  SIZE            PRICE
       SFY15                  Face Shield                One Size         £15.80
       SFY09                 Safety Helmet               One Size          £6.54

Clear Goggles                               Ear Defenders

                                                                                               CODE                   DESCRIPTION                     SIZE             PRICE
                                                                                               CLO52                  Boiler Suit - Blue              S-XL             £9.95
                                                                                               SFY16                 Disposable Coverall             S-XXL             £5.45
                                                                                               SFY17               Disposable Overshoes             One Size           £0.99
                                                                                               SFY18                  Disposable Hood               One Size           £0.99

       CODE                  DESCRIPTION                  SIZE            PRICE
       SFY12                 Clear Goggles               One Size          £1.50
                                                                                        Knee Pads                                     Neoprene Apron
       SFY13                 Ear Defenders               One Size          £5.00        •   Heavy Duty                                 •   With three cotton ties
                                                                                        •   Velcro straps - double
Sizes: Small (7); Medium (8); Large (9); X Large (10) - please specify when ordering.

          CLO04                       CLO43                          CLO41

                                                                                               CODE                   DESCRIPTION                     SIZE             PRICE
                                                                                               SFY23                     Knee Pads                  One Size           £16.65
                                                                                               SFY10                  Neoprene Apron                One Size           £9.65
      PVC Fully Coated                                            PVC Criss-Cross
                              Denim Back Rigger Gloves
      Knit Wrist Gloves                                            Coated Gloves
           £0.84                       £0.84                          £0.90

          CLO50                       CLO44                          CLO45                      CLO48                          CLO42                           CLO46

   Vinyl Disposable Gloves        Lightweight Blue               Heavyweight Black                                      Nitrile Blue Flocklined         Green Latex Palm
                                                                                             Gauntlets 16”
        (pack of 100)             330mm Gloves                    330mm Gloves                                             330mm Gloves                   Grip Gloves
           £4.70                       £0.50                          £2.10                     £5.10                           £1.15                          £1.25

M3                                                                                                      CLOTHING & FOOTWEAR Protective Clothing
                                                                                                        CLOTHING & FOOTWEAR Protective Clothing

Protective Clothing & Respirators
BX002 Buckskinz Work Trousers                                                         Magnum Powered Respiratory Systems
Buckskinz Work Trousers feature full weight (380gsm) Teflon coated 100%               MAGNUM P2
cotton twill fabric and offer a combination of wearer benefits for those working      POWERED SYSTEM
environments where more Cordura� abrasion, water and penetration resistance           Dust and combination dust/nuisance
is required at the knee and front thigh areas.                                        odour filters are available as well as
                                                                                      standard and nuisance odour pre-
The specification includes a twin tunnelled elastic stretch waistband which           filters to prolong the life of the main
operates in harmony with the reinforced webbing stretch belt which is supplied        filter.
with every pair.

The mobile phone pocket is cleverly stitch hinged at the right rear waistband                  The durable and powerful
position and uses a double velcro feature. The side pockets are bellows type with                  Magnum P2 1000
Cordura� lining for extra capacity and strength.                                                    Power Unit provides
                                                                                                    flow rates up to 180           MAG01 Saronex Hood
Colours: Khaki with Navy stictching and Khaki                                                       litres of air per minute
Cordura� or Navy with Grey stitching and Navy                                                       to the chosen head
Cordura�.                                                                                        piece and weighs just 1kg.
Sizes: 30” - 48” waist, leg lengths 31” or 33”

                                                                                      New specification batteries (NimH) are light and have no ‘memory effect’ (does
                                                                                      not need to be fully discharged), The Universal Intelligent Charger only charges
                                                                                      your battery by the amount it actually needs, shortening the charging time.

                                                                                      MAGNUM P3
                                                                                      POWERED SYSTEM
                                                                                      Features audible and visual alarms
                                                                                      for low battery and blocked filter
                                                                                      conditions to provide optimum user
                                                                                      protection combined with maximum
                                                                                      filter use. The sophisticated electronics
                                                                                      contained within the Magnum P3
                                                                                      8500, maintain the power even as
                                                                                      the battery voltage drops, ensuring
                                                                                      a consistent flow until the battery is
       CODE                  DESCRIPTION                 SIZE              PRICE      completely exhausted.
      CLOBTN                 Buckskinz Navy              various         £31.65
                                                                                      Additionally it accepts up to three externally-fitted DIN40 thread P3 dust filters
      CLOBTK                 Buckskinz Khaki             various         £31.65       and pre-filters or gas canisters for use in areas with high levels of diverse
          SFY24                       SFY25                        SFY26

      CUB Face Masks              FFP2S Dust/Mist         FFP3SL Dust/Mist/Metal
   For nuisance dusts only           Respirator           Fume Respirator (Valved)
     £12.00 / box50              £30.00 / box20              £50.00 / box10

           R300                      Crusader                 Filter Canister

                                                                                      MAG10 Lightweight                                          MAG04 Full Face Mask
                                                                                      Tyvek F Hood

                                                                                             CODE                               DESCRIPTION                     PRICE
                                                                                        MAGM231000CB         Magnum P2 1000 Power Unit, Battery & Charger      £242.00
     SFY06 - R300 Half              3M Crusader
                                                           ABEKP3 Filter Canister
        Face Mask                  Full Face Mask                                       MAGM238500CB         Magnum P3 8500 Power Unit, Battery & Charger      £430.00
                                                         Organic & Inorganic Gases,
                                                          Solvents, Ammonia, Acid          MAGM23FF                       MAG04 Full Face Mask                 £165.00
      SFY05 - Organic            Filter canister sold
                                                            Gases & Particulates
     SFY04 - Inorganic          separately - see right                                     MAG23LHF                 MAG10 Lightweight Tyvek F Hood             £55.00
     SFY06 - £14.78             EPDM - £112.96                £17.80 / each                                   MAG01 Saronex Rigid Polycarbonate Visor with
                                                                                          MAG23RVSN                                                            £120.00
                                                                                                                           Tyvek F Hood
      SFY05 - £6.95             Silicone - £124.50            £53.55 / box3
      SFY04 - £7.95

sales: 01772 815080             fax: 01772 815417              email:               online:

Safety Boots                                              BUCKLER
                                                                                        Buckler Goodyear Welted Double Insole Safety Footwear.
                                                                                        Buckler Safety Boots are specially designed and constructed to excel in
                                                                                        demanding outdoor working conditions. Plus they’re backed by their unique
Goodyear Welted Steel Toe & Midsole                                                     Body and Sole Together Forever, Guarantee.

B750 SMWP BUCKSTOP                                                                  Workit Antelope Steel Toe & Midsole
•   Dark Brown Buckstop Leather                                                     WKA50AO ANTELOPE
•   Steel Toe Cap & Midsole
•   Waterproof                                                                      •    Sports style lace boot
•   K2 Sole                                                                         •    Autumn Oak Leather
•   EN ISO 20345-1 SB/HRO/WRU                                                       •    Ortholite Insole
                                                                                    •    EN ISO 20345-1
Full Sizes: 4-12                                                                         SB/P/A/HRO

                                                                                    Full Sizes: 6-12

     CODE          DESCRIPTION             COLOUR                  PRICE
    CLBSM110        B750 SM WP             Dark Brown         £54.95 NO VAT

B601 SM WP                                                                                 CODE          DESCRIPTION            COLOUR                PRICE
                                                                                        CLBWK120           WKA50AO             Autumn Oak        £46.50 NO VAT

•   Chocolate Oil Leather
•   Rigger style boot with Rugged One Piece Back                                    Workit Waterproof Steel Toe & Midsole
•   Steel Toe Cap & Midsole                                                         WK002 WP BS
•   Heat & oil resistant
•   Waterproof                                                                      •    Hiker style lace boot
•   K8 Sole                                                                         •    Dark Brown Leather
•   EN ISO 20345-1 SB/P/HRO                                                         •    Water resistant uppers
                                                                                    •    Antistatic
Full Sizes: 6-12                                                                    •    Heat (300°C) and oil
                                                                                         resistant outsole
                                                                                    •    Comfort Support System
                                                                                    •    EN ISO 20345-1

                                                                                    Full Sizes: 6-12

     CODE          DESCRIPTION             COLOUR                  PRICE
    CLBSP110        B601 SM WP            Chocolate Oil       £59.95 NO VAT

Goodyear Welted Steel Toe                                                                  CODE          DESCRIPTION            COLOUR                PRICE
                                                                                        CLBWK110          WK002 WP BS          Dark Brown        £46.50 NO VAT
                                                                                    Waterproof Insulated Work Jackets
•   Chocolate Oil Leather
    Steel Toe Cap Dealer Boot
    K2 Sole
                                                                                    Hustler Coat
•   EN ISO 20345-1 SB/HRO                                                           •    Tough Oxford weave polyester with fleece lining
                                                                                    •    Multi-pockets including inside phone pocket
Full Sizes: 6-13                                                                    •    Reflective shoulder piping and concealed hood
                                                                                    •    Buckler Brown with Black lining
     CODE          DESCRIPTION             COLOUR                  PRICE            •    All seams taped
    CLBSM120           B1150              Chocolate Oil       £46.50 NO VAT
                                                                                    Sizes: M-XXL
                                K2 Sole
                                Buckler’s famous sole with bonded, lockstitched
                                toe plate. Probably the toughest sole ever fitted
                                to a work boot. The disrupted pattern beats flex
                                splitting while the chamfered edges significantly
                                reduce clogging and trapping.

                                K8 Sole
                                The Buckler K8 Sole is the latest in a line of
                                dual element rubber soles that reduce weight
                                without compromising durability and grip. The              CODE          DESCRIPTION            COLOUR                PRICE
                                K8 has the advantage of greatly reducing muck
                                                                                         CLOBHC            Hustler Coat           Brown               £40.95

M5                                                                                                          CLOTHING & FOOTWEAR Safety Boots
                                                                                                CLOTHING & FOOTWEAR Boots & Wellingtons

Non-Safety Boots                                                             Buckbootz Non-Safety
                                                                             Waterproof Boots
Goodyear Welted Non-Safety
B1200                                                                        BBZ 5000 Knee Boot
•   Full cowhide lining                                                      •   Neoprene waterproofing
•   Dark Brown Dusk Everglade Leather                                        •   Chemical Resistant
•   K8 Sole                                                                  •   Abrasion Resistant
                                                                             •   Oil Resistant
Full Sizes: 4-12                                                             •   Dual Density Sole/Rubber Outsole

                                                                             Full Sizes: 6-12

                                                                                  CODE            DESCRIPTION            COLOUR              PRICE
                                                                                 CLBNS120           BBZ 5000            Olive Green          £36.00

     CODE           DESCRIPTION             COLOUR                  PRICE
    CLBNS150            B1200               Dark Brown             £44.95    BBZ 5001 Ankle Boot

B700                                                                         •   Neoprene waterproofing
                                                                             •   Chemical Resistant
                                                                             •   Abrasion Resistant
•   Dark Brown Dusk Everglade Leather                                        •   Oil Resistant
•   K2 Sole                                                                  •   Dual Density Sole/Rubber Outsole

Full Sizes: 4-12                                                             Full Sizes: 6-12

                                                                                  CODE            DESCRIPTION            COLOUR              PRICE
                                                                                 CLBNS122           BBZ 5001            Dark Brown           £32.00

                                                                             BBZ 7000 Lacers
     CODE           DESCRIPTION             COLOUR                  PRICE    •   Thermopolyurethane
                                                                                 Thinsulate Ultra Insulation
    CLBNS140             B700               Dark Brown             £40.95
                                                                             •   Dintex Breathable Waterproof
                                                                             •   Chemical Resistant
                                                                             •   Abrasion Resistant
                                                                             •   Oil Resistant
                                                                             •   Rubber Sole

Ski Jacket                                                                   Full Sizes: 6-12

•   Lightweight, yet extremely strong rip-stop nylon with polyester fleece
    buggy lining
•   Concealed hood
                                                                                  CODE            DESCRIPTION            COLOUR              PRICE
•   Reflective yoke piping
•   Inside telephone pocket                                                      CLBNS128           BBZ 7000            Coffee Brown         £49.95
•   Map pockets with waterproof
•   Velcro cuffs and adjustable                                              Laces                                  Boot Socks
    hem                                                                      •   Buckler Boot Laces                 •     Worsted spun wool with
•   All seams taped                                                          •   55”/140cm long                           Polyamide backing
•   Black with Grey panels                                                                                          •     Cushion loop lining
                                                                                                                    •     Mid calf length
Sizes: M-XXL                                                                                                        •     One size 7-11

                                                                                  CODE            DESCRIPTION            COLOUR              PRICE
                                                                                  CLO21                                    Black              £2.50
                                                                                                    Boot Laces
                                                                                  CLO22                                    Brown              £2.50
     CODE           DESCRIPTION             COLOUR                  PRICE
                                                                                  CLO10                                 Olive Green           £5.00
     CLOBSJ            Ski Jacket              Black               £43.95                           Boot Socks
                                                                                  CLO11                                    Navy               £5.00

sales: 01772 815080                fax: 01772 815417           email:              online:

Wellingtons                                                                         Dunlop Acifort Wellingtons
                                                                                    ACIFORT HEAVY DUTY
                                                                                    Tough alternative to discontinued
Lomond Wellingtons                                                                  Warwick style.
made from 100% virgin PVC with synthetic lining manufactured on a good               • PVC Nitrile Rubber Boot
Wellington last. These boots are comfortable and offer excellent value for money.    • Easy-clean Crepe Sole
                                                                                     • Resistant to alkaline
Full Sizes: Children 10-2                                                              fertilisers, acids and
Full Sizes: Juniors 3-5                                                                detergents
Full Sizes: Mens 6-12
Full Sizes: Ladies 6-8                                                              ACIFORT RIBBED SAFETY
                                                                                    A full knee Safety Wellington, steel toe
Colours: Green, Blue available on request                                           cap, CE EN345 approved. PVC uppers
                                                                                    with a green PVC nitrile rubber sole

                                                                                    Full Sizes: 6-12

                                                                                          CODE            DESCRIPTION           COLOUR             PRICE
                                                                                        CLHWN124         Acifort Heavy Duty        Black           £12.95
                                                                                        CLHWS110            Acifort Safety         Black        £18.50 NO VAT

                                                                                    Pro Tough Full Safety Wellington
                                                                                    •    High grade PVC upper
                                                                                    •    Nitrile rubber sole unit
                                                                                    •    Steel toecap for extra protection
                                                                                    •    EN Standard 345-1SB.P.E

                                                                                    Full Sizes: 6-12

      CODE             DESCRIPTION            COLOUR                PRICE
   CLHWN140          Lomond Childs J11-12       Green          £5.70 NO VAT
   CLHWN142           Lomond Childs J1-2        Green          £5.70 NO VAT
   CLHWN144           Lomond Juniors 3-5        Green          £7.25 NO VAT
   CLHWN146           Lomond Ladies 6-8         Green               £8.35
   CLHWN148           Lomond Mens 6-12          Green               £8.35

Argyll Wellingtons                                                                        CODE            DESCRIPTION           COLOUR             PRICE
FULL KNEE                                                                               CLHWS120             Pro Tough             Black        £18.50 NO VAT
Works as hard as you do in the
country. Cushioned insole for all-day
comfort. Seamless Latex construction.
                                                                                    Hunter Original Field Boot Wellington
Guaranteed leak-proof. Rot-resistant
                                                                                    •    Legendary Hunter fit and comfort
lining. Reinforced toecap and heel.
                                                                                    •    Orthopaedic last, cushioned
Cleated rubber outsole and heel for
high levels of grip.
                                                                                    •    Unique latex dipped construction
                                                                                         - strong but flexible
Full Sizes: 5-15
                                                                                    •    Woven nylon lining
                                                                                    •    Traditional calendered outsole

                                                                                    Full Sizes: 6-12

                                                                                    Huntress Ladies Field Boot Wellington
As the Argyll Full Knee except a unique                                             •    Cushioned footbed for maximum
slimmer fit which is also slightly lighter                                               comfort
yet no less tough.                                                                  •    Wider fitting orthopaedic last
                                                                                    •    Unique latex dipped construction
Full Sizes: 3-8                                                                          - strong but flexible
                                                                                    •    Woven nylon lining
                                                                                    •    Traditional calendered outsole

                                                                                    Full Sizes: 3-8

                                                                                          CODE            DESCRIPTION           COLOUR             PRICE
                                                                                        CLHWN130                               Original Green      £41.70
                                                                                                           Hunter Original
      CODE           DESCRIPTION             COLOUR                PRICE                CLHWN131                                   Navy            £41.70
   CLHWN110           Argyll Full Knee         Black               £28.50               CLHWN133                                   Navy            £37.45
                                                                                                           Huntress Ladies
   CLHWN116            Argyll Ladies           Black               £28.00               CLHWN132                               Original Green      £37.45

M7                                                                                                           CLOTHING & FOOTWEAR Wellingtons
A                                   Compression Fittings          A13    Heaters                         K5
Acid Dosing System           A34    Containers                  C5, D8   Heatwave Panels                 K9
Accumulator Vessels           B9    Control Panels                A31    Heldite                        A21
Adhesives                     A3    D                                    Hire Equipment                 L12
Alcon Pumps                  B13    Danish Trolleys                 J7   Hooks (Steel)                    J8
Air Circulation Fans          K4    Diaphragm Pumps               B16    Hoses                          A51
Air Release Valves           A12    Diesel Fuel Pumps              B1    Hose Couplings                 A47
Air Thermostats               K7    Dilutors                      A55    Hose Reels & Trolleys       A53, K1
Anti Algae Cover             A58    Double Check Valve            A29    Hotbox                          K9
Anti Bird Net                  I4   Drainage Pipe                  A2    I
Anti Condensate Film           I1   Drip Irrigation               A39    Imperial PVC Fittings          A18
Anti Drip Valve              A39    E                                    Infrared Heaters                K7
Anti Hot Spot Tape             I6   Ear Defenders                  M3    Injectors                      A55
Apron                         M3    EC Meter                       L9    Insect Screen                    I4
Aquamat                        I2   Engine Pumps                  B10    Irrigation Controllers         A31
Aquatic Hose                 A52    Extending Lance               B15    J
B                                   Eye Protection                 M3    “Jubilee” Type Clips           A48
Bag Sealers                   L6    F                                    Jugs                            L4
Bags                          L6    Face Shield                    M3    K
Ball Valve                   A29    Fans                           K3    Knapsack Sprayers               K2
Barbed Fittings              A25    Felco Secateurs                L1    Knee Pads                       M3
Bark Chips                    G5    Fencing                         I3   Knives                          L2
Barrel Strainer                J8   Fertilisers                    G6    L
Baskets                   C10, F2   Festoon Irrigation            A54    Labels                          L4
Bed Labels                    L4    Field Sprinklers & Stands     A45    Lances (Watering)              A49
Bedding Packs             C15, D2   Filters                       A35    Layflat Hose                   A51
Benches                        J6   Fittings - Brass              A47    Loppers                         L2
Bib & Brace                   M1    Fittings - Galvanised         A22    Low Voltage Cable              A30
Biological Control            H1    Fittings - Hose               A47    M
Boiler Suit                   M3    Fittings - LDPE               A25    Manifold System Fittings       A28
Booster Control Unit          B8    Fittings - MDPE               A13    Marketing Trays             C15, D2
Boots                         M5    Fittings - PVC                 A3    Masks (Respirators)             M4
Bowls                        C11    Fleece                          I3   Max Tapener Tying Machine       L6
Brushes & Brooms              L4    Float Switches                A61    Media Filters                  A36
Budding Knife                 L2    Floating Tank Cover           A58    Micro-perforated Film            I1
Bulldog Grips                  J8   Foot Valve                    A29    Mist & Wean Units              A34
Bunded Tanks                 A60    Fruit Pruner                   L3    Misting                        A38
Butyl Glue                   A58    Fuel Delivery Hose            A51    Mulch Film                       I2
Butyl Liners                 A58    Fuel Storage                  A59    Multistage Boosting Pumps       B8
C                                   G                                    N
Cable                        A30    Galcon Timer Valves           A32    Nelson Controllers             A31
Cable Ties                    L3    Galvanised Metal Fittings     A22    Nelson Sprinklers              A44
Can Strainer                 A52    Gas Hose                      A52    Net Tunnel Covers                I3
Cane Caps                     L4    Gate Valve                    A29    Net Pots                       C11
Capillary Matting              I2   Glass & Fittings                J1   Netafim Drip Irrigation        A41
Carry Trays               C15, D2   Gloves                         M3    Netting                          I3
Chain                          J9   Goggles                        M3    Nozzles                        A50
Chemical Resistant Suit       M2    Grafting Knives                L2    Nylon Monofil Wire               J2
Chemicals                     G8    Greenhouse Fixings              J1   O
Circulation Fans              K4    Ground Cover                    I2   Oil Level Gauge                A59
Cleaning Products             A3    H                                    Oil Tanks                      A59
Clips                         A8    Hand Tools                     L1    Overhead Irrigation            A37
Clothing                      M1    Hanging Baskets               C10
Compost                       G1    Hazard Warning Signs          L11

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