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Acceptance Test Test Script Sheet Template - PDF by nty0


									                           DEPARTMENT of
                           ENERGY and RESOURCES

                                                       Test Script
 Test Script No.:
 Process Name/Code:                <e.g. New Registration>

<Describe here the steps (test cases) to be followed to complete one business process (usually as
outlined in the Contract).>

Business Process Steps                                                                                            Test Case ID

<e.g.Enter a new vehicle registration DR 1453                                                                            1.1

Check that all data has been recorded correctly                                                                          1.2

Print a new registration certificate                                                                                     1.3

Run the registration daily control report                                                                            1.4 etc.>

G:\Policy Dev & Management Unit\130 - Project Services\130.019 Website Publishing\PDF Current\To Be PDFed Doc\Knowledge base\Acc T\Template
- Test Script Sheet.doc                              Printed: 16/10/02

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