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How to Configure Outlook 2003

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					How to Configure Outlook 2003
With the Oracle Outlook Connector

Requirements Software  Microsoft Windows Microsoft Office 2003 SP2 or later  Oracle Outlook Connector v10. Network  An active internet service connection

About the Oracle Outlook Connector
Please review the readme file for more information. The Oracle Outlook Connector may later be referred to as connector.

From time to time, Oracle may update the installer and any related documents to reflect changes. The latest version may be available at

Contact UC Merced’s IT Help Desk
In many cases, UC Merced will make available descriptions and instructions for using the connector. Contact the IT Help Desk at (209) 228-4357 or via email ( .

Step 1 – Uninstalling the Oracle Outlook Connector Note: This step assumes the Oracle Outlook Connector has an older version installed 1. Click on the Start button 2. Click on Settings 3. Click on Control Panel 4. Double-click on Add or Remove Software (see figure 1) Figure 1

5. Click on Remove 6. Click Yes on the following prompt (see figure 2) a. This may take a few minutes Figure 2

In progress

7. Click on the X to close the Add or Remove window Step 2 – Installing the Oracle Outlook Connector Note: This step assumes the file is downloaded and the user has Administrative Privileges 1. Locate the file and double-click the installer a. Default: con_outlook_1012_07.exe 2. Click Run 3. Click Next 4. Type in your User Name a. Can be set to: IT 5. Type in your Organization (see figure 1) a. Can be set to: UC Merced Figure 1

6. Click Next 7. Keep defaults and click Next (see figure 2) Figure 2

8. Keep defaults and click Next (see figure 3) Figure 3

9. Click Install a. This may take a few minutes

10. Keep defaults and click Finish a. This will start the Configuration Wizard

Step 3 Configuring the Oracle Outlook Connector Note: This assumes step 1 and 2 are complete. 1. Click Next at the Welcome splash page 2. Click New 3. Type: UC Merced Email (uid), where uid is the User’s UCMNetID (see figure 1) a. For more information on ID, please contact the IT Help Desk (209) CATHELP or Figure 1

4. Click Next 5. Configure the connector, where uid is the User’s UCMNetID (see figure 2) a. Server Name: b. Incoming Server Name (IMAP): c. Outgoing Server Name (SMTP): Figure 2

6. Click on the More Settings… button 7. Click on the IMAP4 tab (see figure 3) Figure 3

8. Click on the Advanced button

9. Select “The server requires a secure connection (SSL)” a. This will automatically change the server port to 993 10. Click OK 11. Click the SMTP tab 12. Type in Reply Address and Organization (see figure 4) a. Reply Address: b. Organization: UC Merced

Figure 4

13. Click Apply 14. Click on Startup tab 15. Click “Enable Offline Use” (see figure 5) Figure 5

16. Click on Other tab 17. Reduce the “Check for new entries every:” to 1 minute 18. Deselect “Check for slow or latent network conditions” (see figure 6) Figure 6

19. Click OK 20. Click Next 21. Click Finish Congratulations! You’ve reach the end of this document. If you have any questions, please contact the IT Helpdesk (209) CAT-HELP or via email at

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