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									How to Send/Receive E-mail
With the HTC 3125

Hardware  HTC 3125

Network  An active Cingular data service connection plan Software  This document is under the assumption that the HTC 3125 is pre-configured to send/receive UC Merced e-mail. If this has not been done, please submit your request to the IT Helpdesk (

Additional Product Information

Sending/Receiving E-Mail
1. Open the HTC 3125 cell phone 2. Press the  arrow key until you are at the Windows Mobile 5.0 Home 3. Press the Start button a. Upper left button

4. Press the #2 button on the keypad for Messaging a. This is a shortcut 5. Select the configured UC Merced Email mailbox by pressing the appropriate number a. Default Mailbox is IMAP4 i. May also be called UC Merced, etc b. Default Mailbox number is 4 or later i. This will depend on how many e-mail boxes are configured 6. Press the Menu button a. Upper right button

7. Press the #9 button on the keypad for Send/Receive Congratulations! You are now sending/receiving e-mail. If you have any questions, please feel free to submit your questions, issues, or request to the IT Helpdesk (

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